The Supreme Court stepped up and handed Donald Trump the win he has been waiting for

Conservatives flocked to the polls in 2016 to make sure Donald Trump was the one picking Supreme Court justices.

That gamble paid off in a big way.

And that’s because the Supreme Court stepped up and handed Donald Trump the win he has been waiting for.

For the entire length of Trump’s Presidency, Democrats leaned into Obama judges to block the President’s “Make America Great Again” agenda.

But that strategy just crashed and burned.

And that’s all thanks to Neil Gorsuch and Brett Kavanaugh – Donald Trump’s two all-star Supreme Court nominees.

Gorsuch and Kavanaugh just helped deliver Donald Trump a massive win at the border by lifting a temporary injunction against the administration’s new rules banning illegal aliens from applying for asylum in America unless they first apply for asylum in another country first.

Breitbart reports:

The Supreme Court is allowing nationwide enforcement of a new Trump administration rule that prevents most Central American immigrants from seeking asylum in the United States.

The justices’ order late Wednesday temporarily undoes a lower-court ruling that had blocked the new asylum policy in some states along the southern border. The policy is meant to deny asylum to anyone who passes through another country on the way to the U.S. without seeking protection there.

Most people crossing the southern border are Central Americans fleeing violence and poverty. They are largely ineligible under the new rule, as are asylum seekers from Africa, Asia and South America who arrive regularly at the southern border.

The shift reverses decades of U.S. policy. The administration has said that it wants to close the gap between an initial asylum screening that most people pass and a final decision on asylum that most people do not win.

This crucial rule change could prevent hundreds of thousands of illegal aliens from entering the country.

And it is the second big win in recent weeks for the President at the Supreme Court on immigration issues.

Previously, the Court lifted an order blocking the President from using military construction funds to build a border wall.

And it shows the Democrats judicial obstructionism has run up into a wall.

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