The Supreme Court slapped Democrats with a devastating defeat that is bad news for 2022

Democrats thought they had a plan to rig the 2022 elections.

But that scheme just imploded.

And the Supreme Court slapped Democrats with a devastating defeat that is bad news for 2022.

Democrats hoped to game the redistricting process to make up for the fact that Republicans control more state legislatures and can draw more than twice as many Congressional District maps.

But Democrats had an ace up their sleeves.

Democrats would file lawsuits with friendly judges to block Republican maps and win court orders forcing Republican state legislatures to draw maps that make it easier for the Democrats to pick up seats in Congress.

In North Carolina and Ohio, Democrats could pick up as many as seven seats thanks to leftist judges imposing their will over that of the state legislature.

And that’s what happened in Alabama, where Republicans drew a map with seven Congressional Districts favoring the GOP and one district leaning Democrat.

Democrats sued, arguing Republicans packed black voters into one district instead of creating two Democrat-leaning districts by spreading black voters out.

A lower court agreed.

But on Monday, the Supreme Court issued an emergency stay blocking the lower court’s order and leaving the Republican-drawn map in place.

Justice Brett Kavanaugh wrote for the majority, saying the elections were right around the corner and candidates needed to know what district they were running in and that the basic rules of the road needed to be in place.

“Filing deadlines need to be met, but candidates cannot be sure what district they need to file for. Indeed, at this point, some potential candidates do not even know which district they live in. Nor do incumbents know if they now might be running against other incumbents in the upcoming primaries,” Kavanaugh stated. “When an election is close at hand, the rules of the road must be clear and settled.”

Democrats ran off a number of wins in redistricting by using the courts to limit the GOP’s ability to draw favorable maps in North Carolina and Ohio.

In states with so-called “independent commissions,” such as Illinois and New York, Democrats went for the jugular and erased Republican districts to give them a leg up in trying to keep their majority in the House of Representatives.

The Supreme Court stepping in and preserving the Republican-drawn Alabama map was the first sign of pushback against Democrats’ attempts to rig the redistricting process in their favor.

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