The Supreme Court may never be the same after Trump made a game-changing announcement

The Left wants nothing more than to stack the Supreme Court with Justices who will burn the Constitution.

President Donald Trump is doing everything to make sure that never happens.

And the Supreme Court may never be the same after Trump made a game-changing announcement.

If Joe Biden gets into the White House, he will do everything he can to pack the Supreme Court with far-left radicals.

His campaign for President has proven he has sold his soul to the extreme Left, and will do anything to appease them.

This is why it is so important for conservatives to go all-out to make sure Trump gets re-elected.

Because if he isn’t, the country truly could go down in flames.

And President Trump’s latest announcement about the Supreme Court is sure to excite conservatives.

Trump previously released a list of 25 potential Supreme Court nominees in the case of a vacancy.

Many of those names excited conservatives, and infuriated the Left.

But now he has expanded that list, adding twenty more names, which are proving to infuriate the Left even further.

Trump revealed the names from the Diplomatic Reception room of the White House.

The most high profile names on the list are Senators Ted Cruz of Texas, Tom Cotton of Arkansas, and Josh Hawley of Missouri.

He also included Daniel Cameron, who is the Kentucky Attorney General who spoke at the Republican National Convention.

Also on the list, which is bringing heavy praise from pro-life activists is Sarah Pitlyk, an Eastern District of Missouri judge.

Pitlyk is well-known in the pro-life movement after taking a leading role on the defense team for Center for Medical Progress head David Daleiden, who was sued by Planned Parenthood over undercover videos exposing the abortion mill’s sale of organs from aborted babies.

The other names on his new list are:

– Bridget Bade, 9th Circuit Court of Appeals

– Paul Clement, former U.S. solicitor general

– Stuart Kyle Duncan, 5th Circuit judge

– Stephen Engel, assistant attorney general

– Noel Francesco, former solicitor general

– James Ho, 5th Circuit judge

– Gregory Katsas, D.C. Circuit judge

– Barbara Lagoa, 11th Circuit judge

– Christopher Landau, U.S. ambassdor to Mexico

– Carlos Muniz, Florida Supreme Court

– Martha Packold, Northern District of Illinois judge

– Peter Phipps, 3rd Circuit judge

– Allison Jones Rushing, 4th Circuit judge

– Kate Todd, deputy assistant to the president

– Lawrence Van Dyke, 9th Circuit judge

This list is filled with champions of the Constitution, who would serve as Justices who interpret it the way the Founders intended.

You can be sure that none of these names will make it anywhere near Joe Biden’s list of extremists he would appoint.

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