The Supreme Court just smacked down a major Kamala Harris decision

Conservatives finally got the Supreme Court decisions they were waiting for.

Donald Trump’s three appointees helped deliver a conservative majority in one of the biggest cases of the term.

And the Supreme Court just smacked down a major Kamala Harris decision.

When Kamala Harris was Attorney General for the state of California she imposed a rule requiring 501c(4) nonprofits to turn over their donor lists to the state.

These lists would leak and lead to liberal mobs harassing and intimidating conservative donors.

Conservatives argued that was the whole point of the scheme.

Americans for Prosperity and the Thomas More Center sued.

They were even joined by liberal groups such as the ACLU.

And in a 6-3 decision the Supreme Court smacked down the California disclosure rule.

Even liberal Chief Justice John Roberts ruled that Kamala Harris, and the state of California went too far in subjecting donors to potential harassment for their political contributions.

Democrats immediately worried that this ruling put campaign finance disclosure rules on the chopping block.

Liberals celebrate those rules these days because woke mobs can employ cancel culture to get people fired for supporting Donald Trump or threaten to boycott corporations that don’t toe the Democrat Party line.

But anonymous political speech has been a hallmark of American politics dating all the way back to the federalist papers.

And the Supreme Court delivered a First Amendment win that undercut one of the Democrat Party’s core priorities.

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