The Supreme Court just handed Democrats a massive defeat in this blockbuster case

Democrats have been dreading this day for months.

The Left’s day of reckoning finally arrived.

And the Supreme Court just handed Democrats a massive defeat in this blockbuster case.

By a six to three decision, the Supreme Court struck down a Maine law that banned parents from using taxpayer dollars from a school voucher program to send their children to religious schools.

Center-Left Chief Justice John Roberts wrote in the majority opinion that the Maine law violated the Free Exercise Clause by excluding religious schools.

“Maine’s ‘nonsectarian’ requirement for its otherwise generally available tuition assistance payments violates the Free Exercise Clause of the First Amendment. Regardless of how the benefit and restriction are described, the program operates to identify and exclude otherwise eligible schools on the basis of their religious exercise,” Roberts stated.

The three left-wing Justices dissented, with Sonya Sotomayor making false claims about how this decision destroyed the “wall of separation between church and state.”

“This Court continues to dismantle the wall of separation between church and state that the Framers fought to build,” Justice Sotomayor argued.

The Maine law allowed for parents who live in rural areas with no public schools to use taxpayer money to send their children to a public or private school of their choice.

But the law banned the parents from using the money to pay for tuition at religious schools.

Leftists have long-maintained that “separation of church and state” is some kind of core American Constitutional principle.

The phrase “separation of church and state” doesn’t even appear in the Constitution.

“Separation of church and state” meant preventing amendments to the Constitution that specifically mentioned God and attempted to establish a national religion.

This did not mean faith should play no role in American life or that America was a secular nation.

The Maine law discriminated against religious schools by banning parents from using taxpayer vouchers to send their children to religious institutions.

In this case, the Court did not assert the primacy of religious schools.

Instead, what the Court ruled was that the government can’t discriminate against religious schools and treat them as second-class institutions.

Democrats want to restructure American society so that people of faith can only practice or exercise their religious beliefs for one hour on Sunday.

That world view suffered a big defeat at the Supreme Court.

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