The Supreme Court just gave Donald Trump the victory everyone was waiting for

Liberals were determined to fight Donald Trump’s travel ban all the way to the Supreme Court.

They finally got their wish.

And the nation’s high court handed down the decision every Trump supporter was waiting for.

In Trump v. Hawaii, a 5-4 majority on the Supreme Court upheld Trump’s travel ban executive order.

The court ruled that the order was well legal based on the Immigration and Nationality Act which granted the President the authority to bar entire nationalities of aliens from entering the country.

The outcome of the case based on the merits of the law was never really in doubt.

Liberals cherry picked left-wing judges in the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals in order to win legal victories that the press could use to smear Trump as “lawless.”

But in the end, Trump was vindicated as the Court put principle over politics and upheld the executive order.

Trump celebrated the win on twitter.

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22 Responses

  1. zee says:

    I remember, Nancy. Also what you say re LBGTQXYZRW etc is true. Those folks
    should really just STFU . They ‘make’ themselves V. Easy Targets.

  2. zee says:

    Finally SCOTUS stood by Laws & Respect for the 0FFICE of PRESIDENT.

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