The Supreme Court issued one ruling that has Donald Trump breathing a sigh of relief

Controversial Supreme Court cases in election years tend to upset the applecart.

One case before the justices could have flipped the 2020 election on its head.

And now the Supreme Court issued one ruling that has Donald Trump breathing a sigh of relief.

On Tuesday, the Supreme Court rejected requests from Democrat State Attorneys General to hear an appeal to a challenge to ObamaCare before the election.

Last year, a District Court judge ruled all of ObamaCare unconstitutional because the 2017 Tax Cut and Jobs Act zeroed out the penalty for the individual mandate.

Republican State Attorneys General argued that since the individual mandate penalty – the thin reed upon which Chief Justice John Roberts relied on to save ObamaCare in 2012 – was now gone, all of ObamaCare should fall.

The Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals ruled the individual mandate was indeed unconstitutional, but it kicked the decision about the rest of the law back to the lower court.

Democrats demanded an expedited appeal before the Supreme Court because they figured if the court struck down ObamaCare the Republicans could be blamed for supposedly taking away health insurance from millions of Americans.

And since Democrats would leverage this for maximum political benefit, the Nancy Pelosi-run House would block any conservative replacement and turn the election into a referendum on health care.

Democrats used lies and fake news about the GOP position on health care and pre-existing conditions to power their 2018 midterm victory and were looking for a replay in 2020.

Even if the Supreme Court ruled in the Democrats favor, the Left could also benefit in 2020.

Democrats would hope one or two conservative justices breaking ranks on this case would depress Donald Trump’s support as some Republicans would figure it doesn’t matter if Republicans hold the White House since supposedly “conservative” Supreme Court Justices continually sell the party out.

It was for all of these reasons that President Trump and his allies were thrilled to see the court not consider this case before the election.

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