The Supreme Court handed Donald Trump the victory that had Democrats seeing red

Democrats are trying to use the coronavirus pandemic to sneak through every power grab under the sun.

The Left believes in never letting a crisis go to waste.

But now the Supreme Court handed Donald Trump the victory that had Democrats seeing red.

Democrats tried to extend a mail in voting scheme in Wisconsin for the state’s April 7 primary.

The Governor left the primary date in place but Democrats in Wisconsin tried to extend the period to turn in absentee ballots.

Republicans sued and on Monday the Supreme Court ruled in their favor.

The conservative justices held that only absentee ballots postmarked by primary day would be accepted but that voters could still vote in person.

“The Court’s decision on the narrow question before the Court should not be viewed as expressing an opinion on the broader question of whether to hold the election, or whether other reforms or modifications in election procedures in light of COVID–19 are appropriate. That point cannot be stressed enough,” the majority opinion said.

Democrats were livid over this decision.

The Left hoped using state primaries as a test run for universal mail-in voting would set up the infrastructure across the country for everyone in America voting from home this November.

Democrats know that if the election is conducted entirely by mail there is no way to police voter fraud and big city population centers – where the majority of Democrat voters live – can stuff ballot boxes and deliver victory to Joe Biden.

The Supreme Court’s ruling on Monday will stand as a signal that the courts will not allow Democrats to manipulate a crisis to ram through vote fraud funny business.

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32 Responses

  1. Rose says:

    States must clean up their voting records. How can the voting registration not be nationwide linked to death records which would delete a name at time of death reporting.

  2. Texas Belle says:

    There should be mail-ins only if one is handicapped, ill, or out of the precinct and unable to get to the polls. Otherwise everyone should vote in person with a REQUIRED PICTURE ID. That is the only way to ensure that everyone is who they say they are. Why the question of a picture ID has never been brought before the Supreme Court I can’t imagine but it should be done as soon as possible. Those who say there is little fraud are uninformed; it is rampant.

  3. William Rook says:

    QUESTION Why is this even considered? When the Constitution was written up there id NO PLACE does it say change the style of voting. We the People are to vote! In NO way, shape, or form are those who are NOT citizens have the PRIVILEDGE to vote in OUR elections. When ALL are sworn in it is to be the Holy Bible. ANYONE who refuses, due to faith, race religion, etc.. must NOT be allowed to serve! You give in YOU SELL OUR COUNTRY. Keep our Country following the Constitution, not changing it.

  4. CRW says:

    If the Dimocrats had their way we would be mailing absentee ballots to everyone from the Mexican border to Cape Horn. Save them the trouble of coming here to take over our elections by massive fraud.

  5. Robert Francis Lyle says:

    lets get all the Democrats into one space and expose them to the Wuhan Chinese Covid 19

  6. Denver Burlison says:

    If Pres. Trump is able to establish term limits for Congress America can kiss Ms.
    Peeloosi good-by along with a host of other half brained Demoncraps .

  7. Gary V says:

    OK I am from Wisconsin I had my absentee ballot in 10 days ago. It has been on the news about this weeks ago. If you really cared about voting when how do this. Also which polling centers would be open and the times available. So stop squaking and do your American duty.

  8. JOAN says:


  9. Tim Toroian says:

    I still ask if any Democrat will bet their life regarding voter fraud and which one will volunteer to be shot if we find any since they vehemently insist there is none. If you give illegals driver’s licenses what do you think could happen? And how many of them think a driver’s license gives the vote? There should be a requirement that if you can’t read the ballot in English you can’t vote.

  10. Paul B. says:

    We’ve seen what happen in Ca. elections. Over 1 million votes counted that turned out to be illegitimate . Oddly enough they happened to be democrat. Go figure. Have you ever seen a Republican favored by doing this??

  11. Steven M Walker says:

    Hurry November so we can vote the Dems out and stop this BS

  12. Jim says:

    Funny that the Democrats are so H bent of mail in voting for the upcoming election, where as said the chance of voter fraud, stuffing ballot boxes etc can easily change the direction and vote if the people. While at the same time Members of Congress asked to be allowed to remote vote on subjects in the house, was immediately shot down by Pelosi as she was worried about fraud, not worried about all the representatives crammed into the house chamber , and it being spread rapidly throughout.

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