The Supreme Court devastated Joe Biden with one brutal hearing

Democrats knew when Donald Trump nominated three justices to the Supreme Court they were in for some rough days.

They hoped Chief Justice John Roberts’ turn to the Left could temper some of the expected defeats.

But the Supreme Court devastated Joe Biden with one brutal hearing.

On Monday, the Supreme Court heard oral arguments in a case where Americans for Prosperity and the Thomas More Law Center challenged a California law requiring nonprofits and charities to turn their donor lists over to the state.

Their lawyer, Douglass Schaffer, argued that while the state claimed it would keep donor records secret, there were 1,800 instances of California publicizing the names of people that donated to charities and that in this political climate that could be a death sentence or lead to individuals getting fired as woke corporations more fully align themselves with the Democrat Party.

Clarence Thomas agreed with this line of argument.

“In this era,” Thomas began, “there seems to be quite a bit of loose accusations about organizations – for example, an organization that had certain views might be accused of being a white supremacist organization or racist or homophobic.”

Justice Samuel Alito rejected the argument made by lawyers for the state of California that donor information would not be made public.

“The brief filed by the A.C.L.U. and the NAACP Legal Defense Fund says that we should regard your system as a system of de facto public disclosure because there have been such massive confidentiality breaches in California,” Alito added.

The Biden administration’s acting solicitor general failed to persuade the justices to send the case back to a lower court to determine if the two groups suing the state of California provided enough evidence to prove this law violated their First Amendment rights.

Biden and the Democrats want donors to conservative nonprofits made public so their enforcers in the media and corporate America can intimidate Americans into cutting off financial support for right-leaning organizations.

Recently, hackers exposed the names of Americans who donated to the legal defense fund for Kyle Rittenhouse, the teenager who stated he shot two Black Lives Matter rioters in self defense after they attacked him with a skateboard and handgun during a riot in Kenosha, Wisconsin.

A local news outlet showed up at the home of a Utah paramedic that donated $10 to Rittenhouse’s defense fund.

A Virginia Police Department fired an officer for making a $25 donation.

If the Supreme Court strikes down the California law, it will deal a crippling blow to Joe Biden and the Left’s plan to starve conservative organizations of funding by making their donors public and opening them up to harassment and intimidation from the cancel culture outrage mob.

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