The smoking gun tying George Soros to the impeachment hoax just dropped

The Left’s only focus going into the 2020 election is impeaching President Trump.

If they don’t impeach him, they will be doomed when the election comes along.

And the smoking gun tying George Soros to this scheme just dropped.

With Adam Schiff’s impeachment report released, proving that Trump did nothing worthy of impeachment, Democrats are moving their efforts to the House Judiciary Committee, led by Rep. Jerry Nadler.

In the first day of hearings, they brought in a series of “experts” on impeachment.

And the counsel Democrats chose to question witnesses turns out to have ties to billionaire Left-wing donor George Soros.

Norm Eisen, who Democrats chose to testify, founded an organization funded in part by Soros.

Eisen was also a leading figure in pushing the Russia collusion, co-authoring an op-ed in The New York Times pushing nonsense to try to add fuel to the fire for the “collusion narrative.”

Breitbart News report:

Norm Eisen, the counsel chosen by Democrats on the House Judiciary Committee to question “expert” witnesses Wednesday at its first impeachment inquiry, founded an organization funded in part by billionaire left-wing financier George Soros.

Eisen founded Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington (CREW) before going on to work for President Barack Obama as the White House “ethics czar,” where he oversaw the opening of visitor logs (though administration officials simply responded by taking meetings with lobbyists offsite).

He was later appointed as U.S. Ambassador to the Czech Republic, and returned to take up a post at the liberal Brookings Institution. He was also a CNN political commentator until this year, and appeared on television frequently to attack the Trump administration.

Open Society Institute was an early funder of CREW, which quickly developed a reputation for left-wing bias. As recently as 2017, the Washington Times noted, Soros’s Open Society Foundations “donated $1.35 million in 2017.”
Eisen bought into the “Russia collusion” hoax, co-authoring a New York Times op-ed in December 2018 in which he referred to “new evidence of collusion with Russia” in the investigation of former Trump lawyer Michael Cohen.

It shouldn’t be a surprise that such an important figure in impeachment has ties to George Soros.

Soros funds much of the anti-Trump resistance, including groups with close ties to terrorist Antifa groups.

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180 Responses

  1. Eileen Trent says:

    The Storm Is Upon Us!!

    WWG 1WGA!!

  2. Culper Ring says:

    It seriously depends upon the details of the scenario. If things would be in total disarray across the whole continent and even the seas, whereby dozens of disparate paranoid factions are slaughtering each other in the streets, forests, plains, deserts, mountains, lakes and waterways, then service personnel would simply want to be with their respective families, because they would generally only be thinking about attacking anybody who trying to attack them. The problem would be exactly that of mass paranoia.

    While it’s not clear if any particular resourceful person in the world is plotting to deliberately create such a situation, the esoteric knowledge of how to do it and how to dampen it has existed for quite some time. Usually only small “third world” nations are ever subjected to it, whereupon they are afterward rebuilt by corporations operating out of first/second world nation who have or had an uneasy relationship, kind of like nearly the whole history of the relationships among England, France and Spain, prior to the formation of NATO.

  3. Culper Ring says:

    The military will enforce what it believes to be the law. Also, troops are not immune to being ever-so-slightly tricked by a conniving chain of command. The brass of every military on earth has clever ways of conditioning and indoctrinating, and in some cases, actually brainwashing or programming, recruits against specific things. The success of many conniving government operations is contingent upon keeping the media in the dark. It is always possible for a powerful-enough government to commission a small unit of combatants or operatives to wipe out a small isolated village and cover it up, and then send that very unit on a mission from which it will not be able to return. The only loose ends would be that of the post office records, census records, phone company records and internet service records, which thankfully we have in the industrialized world, whereas other places, tyranny is way easier to conceal.

  4. Culper Ring says:

    Actually we can fight the military with pistols, shotguns, carbines and rifles. We just don’t want to fight the particular military of our own nation, and quite frankly, the same military is spiritually and psychologically not all that interested in harming us, and they definitely do not want to use lethal force on us. Besides, who is to say that pistols, shotguns, carbines and rifles are the only things with which are armed? We can build things that would prove to be major inconveniences to invading infantries who intend to capture us or steal from us. When it comes to insurgent infantries trying to stand up against an aggressive navy, an aggressive air force or an aggressive space force, let us not forget that the only attack options available to the aggressive forces are lethal ones or otherwise ones that destroy property that the forces might actually be interested in stealing. Neither they nor their bosses will necessarily get what they want by injuring or slaying civilians. Governments that order too many broad strikes upon too many of the people from whom they depend upon tax revenue or other services will collapse.

  5. Eileen Trent says:

    Charles Thomas

    Remember, Pres. Trump’s first EXECUTIVE ORDER on Dec. 2017?

    That order gives POTUS the legal authority 2 seize assets….of human traffickers…..human rights abuses….

    Do u think maybe, just maybe, POTUS had someone in mind in particular with said Executive Action?!!!

    We know Soros has been funding the illegal invasion from C.A., thru organizations like Open Borders. Seems like that is human trafficking 2 me.

    POTUS is 10 steps ahead of Soros…..who btw is now in Ukraine.

    And We

  6. Eileen Trent says:

    Soros is in Ukraine.

    SEARCH: And We

    TRUMP 2Q2Q

  7. Will Penny says:

    Exactly PLightfoot , our military will be on the side of us true Americans , the ones with the pistols and rifles , are anything else we can get our hands on to fight with . Not the communist liberal Traitors side !!

  8. P Lightfoot says:

    Hoppy if you think our military will turn on Americans you are wrong it is not gonna happen we do have some sorry generals but much more good than bad and they will step in before they let a totalitarian government take over our republic

  9. Valiant Vet says:

    He has a son who inherits his wealth and has the same ideology as ol’ George…..certainly equally as dangerous. Isn’t there some red-blooded American patriot capable of using constitutional means to eliminate George Soros and all the LCD’s who are trying to destroy our country?

  10. Old wolf says:

    It’s pretty obvious who pulls their strings . The left isn’t smart enough to come up with this crap . What makes me laugh is how they keep trying to kick that same old dog Knowing he won’t get up . But they keep kicking that old dog . At least try something new for christ’s sake . Your same old story’s don’t work . I still don’t know how they get people to follow them with this stupid crap . It really sad that people need something like this to belive in . It might be time to look for old George as they did for bin ladin . He has no place in our government And any one that deals with him .

  11. I have been writing post after post about the George Soros influence on the Political and economical fronts of not only the United States but, France, Great Briton, Demark, Belgium, Germany, Hungry, Check Republic and many other smaller nations. He has been operating behind the osmosis of “Do Good Donating man of great means.” He is listed on over several Hundred organizations as a heavy donator. Where upon he holds a strong position of influence. He was once listed on both the DNC and RNC as a heavy donator. However, he stopped his donation to the RNC during the first Obama Presidential Campaign. He donated to both the HRC and the GWB campaigns. He is a strong donator to more than a third of the current members of Congress campaigns for election and re-elections. Contributing more to Democrats and now most RINO Republicans such as Mitt Romney, John McCain, and a handful of others. However, you will find him a very heavy financial supporter to many of the newly elected Democrats and most of the re-elected Democrats not only in Congress but throughout the country. During the 2018 Mid term election campaign George Soros invested $18 Billion to five major Financial Pak organizations that helped the Democrats regain the HOR and Senate. The Democrats did in fact win back control of the HOR however, failing in the senate by a very narrow margin. It was with his money that Romney was running on until Romney wasn’t doing well and stopped listing Soros’ support and asked the President to support him in his campaign. When, the President started to show support for Romney is when he started to gain his successful re-election back into the Senate. Three other Senators were approached and refused Soros support. Soros mode of operation is to buy the politicians. Set their agenda to empower small groups of special interest that welcome his money and there by gaining their votes for his political puppets. Then after they get elected he owns them and eventually destroys that country’s economics and resets it to where he gains financially across the board. He has been successful more with smaller nations then he has with larger or stronger nations. He almost took control over both France and England through this process in each of those cases he incorporated the political help of the Radical Muslim Political Candidates however there own agenda got in the way and was narrowly defeated. Which although it took almost 8 years for France to regain its country back from the Radical Muslim hold of its political and Governing body again. It appears that France is definitely on the road back to Sovereignty from their Radical Progressive movement. Great Briton with their latest election has started their way back but they are still a long way away from being the strong nation they once were. As Parliament still has too many Progressives still serving and the Muslims are fighting hard to take over entire cities and regions. Obama got his start into politics in Chicago at a meeting where he was introduced to two financial political backers one was George Soros. The Clintons and Soros have been close friends for most of their political lives. Soros has been run out of his homeland of Hungry is listed as Enemy number one in many other nations where has tried and failed in his attempts to take over those governments. One of which is Russia. George Soros was the main financial backer which lead to the election of Barack H Obama in both of his campaigns. However, Obama was and still is more dedicated to the spread of, and takeover by Muslims. But the Open Society is championed by George Soros. His Ideology stems from the principles he learned from Adolf Hitler. None of this is conjecture, and if traced back though following the money trails one will find they all lead back to George Soros. A self proclaimed honorary member of the NAZIs of WWII which he agreed to join to save his own life and used his portion the possessions of gold, silver and fine jewelry and artifacts of the Jews he helped collect from during the reign of Hitler’s Third Reich. Yes, Soros is an Hungarian born Jew.This is the guy who has the greatest influence in the change of the Democrat party over the past 30 – 40 years. He does not give up easily. He holds interest in most big businesses across this nation. He owns 187 anti American and anti- capitalism organizations, Such as Antifa, BLM and 185 more. since the 2016 election he has enlisted the assistance of three other billionaires out of Silicon Valley to help in taking over this country through dramatic changes. So this isn’t just a fight over one election or one or two issues it is a fight with domestic enemies of our way of life in this country which the entire Democrat party is now being controlled by. Their goal is to destroy Capitalism, Christianity and Democratic Republics, which We the People are the principle Champions of. If we fall then it is merely a matter of time before the rest of the world will come under “Their Open Society.” rules. Failure is not an option.

  12. Culper Ring says:

    Putin denies such allegations, and strictly speaking the “deep state” sycophants cannot prove otherwise. Supposing they could, …

  13. Margaret Jaeger says:

    I’m beginning to believe Soros is The Anti-Christ spoken of in the Judeo-Christian Bible.,, his works descriptions sound like what the Anti-Christ will do, it’s the way he starts by wanting to take the protector of Israel off the political and geographical map….Any way he can. This old man has been working on this a long time.

  14. Peggy Jaeger says:

    Anne…100% in agreement with your expressed analysis..!!

  15. Margaret Jaeger says:

    Anne…100% in agreement with your expressed analysis..!!

  16. Owen Bart says:

    It’s time for Putin to poison one more of his enemies.

  17. Culper Ring says:

    …Viktor Orbán? Andrzej Duda?

  18. Culper Ring says:

    Does George Soros have the money and power to break Vladimir Putin? He has been trying, but has he come even remotely close to succeeding? What about Benjamin Netanyahu? What about Ali Khamenei?

  19. Fran says:

    AHA, I did not know that. God knows how much He paid that criminal Cabal. He is trying to change the whole fabric of our Country. Trump is very smart to put up the wall otherwise we will have the Wild West.

  20. Anne says:

    George Soros has the money and power to make or break anyone. Democrats live in fear under his money and power. That is why they sound like broken records, they have been broken of the American Spirit by George . like breaking a spirited wild horse, democrats have been broken and saddled with fear all for the ALMIGHTY DOLLAR that they bark about over the rich!!! Yet it is they getting richer while they tell the poor to take conservatives money but not theirs. Communism.

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