The smoking gun to free Roger Stone just dropped and the Deep State is furious

Last week Roger Stone was sentenced to 40 months in prison in what is a travesty of justice.

The Deep State is doing everything they can to make an example out of him.

But a smoking gun to free Roger Stone just dropped, and the Deep State is furious.

Following the failure of Robert Mueller’s investigation into Russia collusion, the Deep State has been out for blood.

And they focused their fury on long-time Trump ally Roger Stone, who many believe to be the man who built Trump up as a political figure.

They forced seven charges on him and arrested him in a pre-dawn raid using more firepower than they used in the raid to kill Osama bin Laden.

And after over a year of deliberation, he was found guilty on all charges, and now faces 40 months in prison.

But all of that could come to an end because of the lead juror in the case, Tomeka Hart.

Hart claimed on her jury questionnaire to be unbiased, stating that she was “not sure” about the Russia investigation or about Stone.

But based on Twitter profile, she had many posts about both the Russia investigation and Stone, where she clearly sides with the Democrats.

She also previously ran for Congress as Democrat, and has many high-profile Democrat friends.

That’s why, in a motion to the court, Stone’s lawyers are requesting a new trial, citing Hart’s bias.

President Trump also weighed in, referring to Hart as an “anti-Trump activist” who “tainted” the jury pool.

If Stone gets a new trial, he may get the chance to face an actual unbiased jury, and possibly get a new judge, considering the one presiding over his case is infamous for harsh sentences on conservative figures.

President Trump has dropped hints that he may give Stone a pardon, but is instead signaling that he wants Stone to have a chance at exoneration.

Just prior to Stone’s sentencing, President Trump posted a video clip of Fox News host Tucker Carlson pushing for a pardon.

“Trump could end this travesty in an instant with a pardon and there are indications tonight that he will do that,” Carlson said in the clip.

“Democrats will become unhinged if Trump pardons Stone, but they’re unhinged anyway,” Carlson added.

So a pardon could very well be handed to Stone before he is ever forced to serve any time in prison.

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  1. Marion L Stephens says:

    Tomeka Hart and Judge Bias , should serve his proposed prison term together !! Make it double !!

  2. Oscar Laprucas says:

    R J Henderson : Go commit suicide you ignorant lefty hack !!!!

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