The smoking gun signing the Deep State’s death warrant just came from the last person imaginable

The Deep State has been in the midst of a total war against President Trump since the day he took office.

But their power has begun fading away following dozens of setbacks.

And the smoking gun signing their death warrant just came from the last person imaginable.

President Trump is a threat to the established power bases that controlled Washington, D.C. for decades.

No matter who is President, Republican or Democrat, these elites’ anti-American agenda is what truly rules.

But President Trump believes in America first, and his policies continue to help everyday Americans instead of powerful elites.

That’s why the Deep State has been working overtime to stop him.

And their war against Trump began long before he won the presidency.

It all began with the infamous Fusion GPS dossier against President Trump that was funded by money from Hillary Clinton and the Democratic National Committee.

That dossier, filled with completely false claims that were never verified, was used to obtain FISA surveillance warrants against Trump campaign officials.

And those applications were signed off on by former FBI Director James Comey.

But now, even Comey has been forced to acknowledge that he never knew if the dossier was true or false.

Breitbart News reports:

Disgraced former FBI Director James Comey conceded that when it came to details inside the infamous anti-Trump dossier his FBI “didn’t know whether they were true or false.”

Yet in late October 2016, Comey signed the first of three successful FISA applications to obtain warrants to spy on Trump campaign adviser Carter Page. The second and third were renewal applications since a FISA warrant must be renewed every 90 days.

All three applications reportedly cited as key evidence against Page the dossier produced by the controversial Fusion GPS firm which was paid for its anti-Trump work by Hillary Clinton’s 2016 campaign and the Democratic National Committee via the Perkins Coie law firm. The dossier was authored by ex-British spy Christopher Steele.”

This is particularly damning for the Deep State, considering those applications were the main piece of evidence used by former Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein as the basis for forming Mueller’s special counsel investigation into Russian collusion.

As we know now, that investigation was nothing more than an attempt to overthrow President Trump.

And now that it is known that officials in the highest levels of the government knew the information used to start the investigation was fabricated, the Trump administration has a solid case to strike back.

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95 Responses

  1. Carlos Sanchez says:

    All these articles spelling gloom and doom for the Dems only piss me off more and more, as I see them still not held accountable. Trump can’t just take this coup lightly and let it be. If Comey and a few others don’t go to jail, not only will it embolden future Marxists to do more of the same, it will cause many furious Trump voters to stay home in 2020.

  2. Kam says:


    You are SO RIGHT !!!


  3. Lisa says:

    And Comey doesn’t think he did any wrong!?

  4. Mary says:

    I just read an online article under the headlines WHITE HOUSE HAS REPORTEDLY HAS PLAN TO SEND120,000 TROOPS TO THE MIDDLE EAST. Inside I read that Acting Defense Secretary Patrick Shanahan ordered by a group of Administration hardliners led by National Security Advisor John Bolton. Farther in the article you read that reporter isn’t sure if our president has been informed. Get real you stupid people of the media. It is our Commander In Chief who orders these actions not any deep state actors. If it had been 1995 or 2015 the Headlines would have read OUR CAMMANDER IN CHIEF CLINTON or OBAMA ORDER 120,000 TROOPS TO THE MIDDLE EAST. Then in the story they would have praised for being excellent commanders of chiefs WHAT A DISGRACE!

  5. Lisa says:

    I’ve been think I ng the same thing, but I think he will wait till the evidence is out. I’ve been thinking about Flynn, who lost everything, based on a case that wasn’t suppossed to happen in the first place. If I were him and Manaford I would sue them silly. Mueller used them and ruined them just to make a fake investigation look real. Cohen I think turned on Trump, so I don’t know what can be done for him. He became all righteously moral while assisting the snake in the grass.

  6. cliff says:

    put all the crooked bastards in prison.

  7. Lisa says:

    Zofia catch up! The US! Our American FBI used a British spy for all this fake crap, Christopher Steel.!? He was fired but still hired!? He continued to be paid for info our intelligence agencies needed to get Trump!?

  8. Jack Schiht says:

    I doubt that anyone will prosecute anyone in the Obama Clinton Cabal. All talk, no action, no matter who they are. No one has the historical courage to prosecute a former first lady and two former presidents. Ain’t gonna happen. Everyone in the Obama Clinton Cabal is above the law.

  9. Lisa says:

    You’re so true because she held contempt for Trump voters before her loss, thinking she would win. After she lost, I feel certain she pushed the envelope about Russian collusion, thinking she could possibly negate Trump’s election and become president herself? Who knows what she thought. She’s a career criminal with no empathy towards Trump voters. The country has been so divided and angry over this election and she just doesn’t care about the effect on the country, or the perpetrators, only caring for herself. Other than Narcissistic, I’m certain there are other mental illnesses and criminal profiles that fit her well.

  10. Frankie Blanchard says:

    Great read!

  11. The Real M says:

    neo, Don’t believe we have any concerns about John Durham, he is a total different species than Jeff Sessions. Durham did an investigation and got convictions in a MA FBI office. Agents had committed murder and other “stuff”, sorry I don’t have the full details just saw it mentioned in an article, he cleaned that mess up and didn’t blink while he was doing it. He has been involved in many high profile cases and is known to be a bulldog, never stopping until the job was done. That is exactly the kind of prosecutor AG Barr needs. I can’t see it taking Durham too long to do this job once he gets IG Horowitz’s report. He should be able to “pool” all the reports he has and get the job done fairly quickly.
    I hope I am not putting my expectations too high because, some people really need to answer for a lot of crimes and treasonous actions.

  12. David Rose says:

    A little humor for you.
    President Trump was out for a walk when he found an albino goose. He took the goose home, fed it, put a red hat on its head, and put it in a cage. The next morning he checked on it and noticed the goose had laid a golden egg. Here are the top ten responses to this story from liberal democrats:
    10) President Trump should be investigated for lying to the American people. He said it’s a goose and we’re pretty sure it’s a duck.
    9) President Trump should not be allowed to keep the goose without the approval of Congress.
    8) President Trump should be impeached because he conspired with Russia to hide the goose from the Democrats.
    7) President Trump is a racist because he only found a white goose.
    6) Donald Trump jr. should be investigated because we think he gave the goose water to drink.
    5) President Trump needs to show ten years of his tax returns so Democrats can investigate where he bought the feed that produced the golden egg.
    4) President Trump should be charged with obstruction of justice. Every time we ask him if it’s a duck, he says, “If it walks like a goose and quacks like a goose it probably has webbed feet”.
    3) President Trump is unAmerican because he put the goose in a cage.
    2) President Trump hates women because he wouldn’t let the goose abort the golden egg.
    1) President Trump is a Nazis because he put a red hat on the goose.

    For more great humor watch your favorite liberal news station, they report stories just as unbelievable and hilarious on a daily basis.

  13. Earl says:

    The DumboccRAT Mafia needs to be investigated just like the real Mafia was. Then prosecute all those that are guilty, that should take care of a large part of the DumbocRAT Mafia.

  14. Helen says:

    I’ve been thinking the same thing! ????????????
    It’s time to take OUR country back!

  15. Walt says:


  16. Hey Little Jimmy, Bubba’s waiting for you.

  17. Oh, Friend, “john” – The “House of Cards”, as you so-call it, has ALREADY, LONG-SINCE FALLEN… Now, we’re dealing with the “HOUSE OF CADS” [TM & (C) 2018 – W.F.B.) — “EXCELSIOR!!”, W.F.B.

  18. Pamela says:

    While I am thinking of it, why can’t President Trump file a lawsuit against Hillary, Obama and the rest of the crooked DEMORAT party for DEFAMATION OF CHARACTER? This man won the PRESIDENCY fair and square and they have done nothing but DEFACED this wonderful, caring man and his family since DAY 1. All he has done is trying to MAGA and stop all the illegals entering our country. It has also costs the American hardworking taxpayers a hell of a lot of money for these needless INVENTED investigations and I think ALL OF US should be getting a little reward (TAX REFUNDS) by the RATS seeing they have a hell of a lot more money than we have. I know that is like shooting for the stars, but is warranted. What do you other Americans think? Why should they get away with this abuse that has costs us money and NOT THEM?

  19. AM says:


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