The smoking gun signing the Deep State’s death warrant just came from the last person imaginable

The Deep State has been in the midst of a total war against President Trump since the day he took office.

But their power has begun fading away following dozens of setbacks.

And the smoking gun signing their death warrant just came from the last person imaginable.

President Trump is a threat to the established power bases that controlled Washington, D.C. for decades.

No matter who is President, Republican or Democrat, these elites’ anti-American agenda is what truly rules.

But President Trump believes in America first, and his policies continue to help everyday Americans instead of powerful elites.

That’s why the Deep State has been working overtime to stop him.

And their war against Trump began long before he won the presidency.

It all began with the infamous Fusion GPS dossier against President Trump that was funded by money from Hillary Clinton and the Democratic National Committee.

That dossier, filled with completely false claims that were never verified, was used to obtain FISA surveillance warrants against Trump campaign officials.

And those applications were signed off on by former FBI Director James Comey.

But now, even Comey has been forced to acknowledge that he never knew if the dossier was true or false.

Breitbart News reports:

Disgraced former FBI Director James Comey conceded that when it came to details inside the infamous anti-Trump dossier his FBI “didn’t know whether they were true or false.”

Yet in late October 2016, Comey signed the first of three successful FISA applications to obtain warrants to spy on Trump campaign adviser Carter Page. The second and third were renewal applications since a FISA warrant must be renewed every 90 days.

All three applications reportedly cited as key evidence against Page the dossier produced by the controversial Fusion GPS firm which was paid for its anti-Trump work by Hillary Clinton’s 2016 campaign and the Democratic National Committee via the Perkins Coie law firm. The dossier was authored by ex-British spy Christopher Steele.”

This is particularly damning for the Deep State, considering those applications were the main piece of evidence used by former Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein as the basis for forming Mueller’s special counsel investigation into Russian collusion.

As we know now, that investigation was nothing more than an attempt to overthrow President Trump.

And now that it is known that officials in the highest levels of the government knew the information used to start the investigation was fabricated, the Trump administration has a solid case to strike back.


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95 Responses

  1. Tony L Bell says:

    Interesting how the death penalty conversation has now become front and center at the SCOTUS. Could it be that they is anticipation of treason trials forthcoming? One can certainly hope so.

  2. Karl Drumm says:

    It is time to open the jail doors and put ALL the liars in and give them hard labor so they earn their living instead of dreaming up hoaxes in order to destroy a truly elected president.None of them should NEVER be allowed to run for public office.

    • Jim Tierney says:

      I read that Huckabee predicted that President Trump will rename GITMO to COMEY ISLAND to accommodate all the new inhabitants that will finally be residing there. Although I believe it was treason and therefore the penalty is certainly applicable

      • Maxx says:

        There should be only temporary prison time for all of the Deep State actors as they wait for the death sentence that is totally appropriate for treason. What these actors did and are still doing is TREASON. No immunity for anybody cooperating with the investigators.

  3. John Kirkham says:

    H. Clinton started all this that has been going on for two and a half years. Her rigged investigation by Comey. Her pay to play as the Secretary of State. Got $145 million dollars for the Russian uramium deal. How is she going to pay all the countries back that gave her money. I could go on and on, but I won’t. The investigation that is going on now should start with her. Let’s hear how much jail time she gets and then all the others that were involved. START WITH CLINTON…

    • Lee Martinsen says:

      Start with Buhrahk Osama, then move on to Hitlery Rotten Clinton, then get Comey, Lynch, Nasty Pilosi, Mad Maxey Watters, and the rest of the DumbocRATS.

      • Maxx says:

        According to the publication The Epoch Times there are approximately 100 people directly and knowingly involved in the treasonous coup. After that there are hundreds more in the alphabet agencies as civil service employees that need prosecution for assisting the main criminals with their dirty deeds. The only way to punish this kind of ultimate betrayal of America is the death penalty. I know many individuals that would gladly volunteer to carry out the sentences.

    • Jeanni says:

      John Kirkham you are forgetting about Obama, how much of this corruption by Hillary, Comey and all the rest would have happened if not for Obama! You can’t tell me that Obama isn’t in the center of all of this!

  4. Alaska Woman says:

    Deep state this, deep state that …
    When you cannot attch your whine to an identifiable target, you cite a fictional one …

    • Nunyer Binnis says:


      • The Real M says:

        Nunyer Binnis, Plus “Alaska Woman” is a dumbed down stupid a$$ liberal troll!
        Obviously she/it doesn’t have a clue what is and has been going on here on planet earth so, my guess is she has been farther away than Alaska, like on a distant planet in a galaxy far far away!

  5. Carlos Sanchez says:

    All these articles spelling gloom and doom for the Dems only piss me off more and more, as I see them still not held accountable. Trump can’t just take this coup lightly and let it be. If Comey and a few others don’t go to jail, not only will it embolden future Marxists to do more of the same, it will cause many furious Trump voters to stay home in 2020.

    • Tom says:

      Well if they stay home, they will be the fools, and I guess the Democrats will win. But if they go to the polls and vote, and the Republicans win back the Congress and retain control of the Senate, Trump will have an easier time getting the wishes of American citizens accomplished, I personally hope they vote Republican, because I would like things to go smoother in 2020, but if they choose to not vote, then they are saying that they don’t care about our country as much as the Democrats want to destroy the United Srares, like Obama damn near did, when he was in office

  6. Mary says:

    I just read an online article under the headlines WHITE HOUSE HAS REPORTEDLY HAS PLAN TO SEND120,000 TROOPS TO THE MIDDLE EAST. Inside I read that Acting Defense Secretary Patrick Shanahan ordered by a group of Administration hardliners led by National Security Advisor John Bolton. Farther in the article you read that reporter isn’t sure if our president has been informed. Get real you stupid people of the media. It is our Commander In Chief who orders these actions not any deep state actors. If it had been 1995 or 2015 the Headlines would have read OUR CAMMANDER IN CHIEF CLINTON or OBAMA ORDER 120,000 TROOPS TO THE MIDDLE EAST. Then in the story they would have praised for being excellent commanders of chiefs WHAT A DISGRACE!

  7. cliff says:

    put all the crooked bastards in prison.

  8. Earl says:

    The DumboccRAT Mafia needs to be investigated just like the real Mafia was. Then prosecute all those that are guilty, that should take care of a large part of the DumbocRAT Mafia.

  9. Walt says:


  10. Hey Little Jimmy, Bubba’s waiting for you.

  11. Bill says:

    IT is TIME to put the DEEP STATE to SLEEP and PROSECUTE to the fullest extension of the law. YES hanging from nooses.

  12. neo says:

    One can only hope that Dunham will not be like Jeff Sessions….(hype had him as being rough and fair UNTIL he was to investigate Killery and Obozo….then he became a wuss…and done NOTHING for almost two years).

    • The Real M says:

      neo, Don’t believe we have any concerns about John Durham, he is a total different species than Jeff Sessions. Durham did an investigation and got convictions in a MA FBI office. Agents had committed murder and other “stuff”, sorry I don’t have the full details just saw it mentioned in an article, he cleaned that mess up and didn’t blink while he was doing it. He has been involved in many high profile cases and is known to be a bulldog, never stopping until the job was done. That is exactly the kind of prosecutor AG Barr needs. I can’t see it taking Durham too long to do this job once he gets IG Horowitz’s report. He should be able to “pool” all the reports he has and get the job done fairly quickly.
      I hope I am not putting my expectations too high because, some people really need to answer for a lot of crimes and treasonous actions.

      • Jack Schiht says:

        I doubt that anyone will prosecute anyone in the Obama Clinton Cabal. All talk, no action, no matter who they are. No one has the historical courage to prosecute a former first lady and two former presidents. Ain’t gonna happen. Everyone in the Obama Clinton Cabal is above the law.

  13. Mary Blair says:

    Every day hard working and retired Americans are tired of the waste full spending of the congress who is holding onto our government’s purse. They put IOU’s in our Society Security fund for whatever they want to spend that money (which comes out of every hard working person in this country) and spent God only knows how much more money of our taxpaying dollars on a witch hunt because HILLARY didn’t win. What a bunch of sore losers (Crybabies) we have running our government . The only person I see that is trying to do right for the citizens in this country is President Trump and I’m not seeing out of any rose color glasses these days I have my 20/20 vision back

    • Tom says:

      Your right, Trump in 20/20. LOL.

    • Pamela says:

      Mary Blair, GREAT comment and I agree with you 100%. I just can’t believe what President Trump has gone through since he was elected POTUS. Unbelievable. That just shows you how WICKED, DESPICABLE, EVIL MINDED IMBECILES AND CROOKED DEMORATS can be and we should want these crooks running our lives and country? OMG!!!! People of our country NEED TO WAKE UP to what is happening to our country NOW. I pray to God that Trumps wins in 2020,

      • Pamela says:

        While I am thinking of it, why can’t President Trump file a lawsuit against Hillary, Obama and the rest of the crooked DEMORAT party for DEFAMATION OF CHARACTER? This man won the PRESIDENCY fair and square and they have done nothing but DEFACED this wonderful, caring man and his family since DAY 1. All he has done is trying to MAGA and stop all the illegals entering our country. It has also costs the American hardworking taxpayers a hell of a lot of money for these needless INVENTED investigations and I think ALL OF US should be getting a little reward (TAX REFUNDS) by the RATS seeing they have a hell of a lot more money than we have. I know that is like shooting for the stars, but is warranted. What do you other Americans think? Why should they get away with this abuse that has costs us money and NOT THEM?

        • Helen says:

          I’ve been thinking the same thing! ????????????
          It’s time to take OUR country back!

        • David Rose says:

          A little humor for you.
          President Trump was out for a walk when he found an albino goose. He took the goose home, fed it, put a red hat on its head, and put it in a cage. The next morning he checked on it and noticed the goose had laid a golden egg. Here are the top ten responses to this story from liberal democrats:
          10) President Trump should be investigated for lying to the American people. He said it’s a goose and we’re pretty sure it’s a duck.
          9) President Trump should not be allowed to keep the goose without the approval of Congress.
          8) President Trump should be impeached because he conspired with Russia to hide the goose from the Democrats.
          7) President Trump is a racist because he only found a white goose.
          6) Donald Trump jr. should be investigated because we think he gave the goose water to drink.
          5) President Trump needs to show ten years of his tax returns so Democrats can investigate where he bought the feed that produced the golden egg.
          4) President Trump should be charged with obstruction of justice. Every time we ask him if it’s a duck, he says, “If it walks like a goose and quacks like a goose it probably has webbed feet”.
          3) President Trump is unAmerican because he put the goose in a cage.
          2) President Trump hates women because he wouldn’t let the goose abort the golden egg.
          1) President Trump is a Nazis because he put a red hat on the goose.

          For more great humor watch your favorite liberal news station, they report stories just as unbelievable and hilarious on a daily basis.

        • Lisa says:

          I’ve been think I ng the same thing, but I think he will wait till the evidence is out. I’ve been thinking about Flynn, who lost everything, based on a case that wasn’t suppossed to happen in the first place. If I were him and Manaford I would sue them silly. Mueller used them and ruined them just to make a fake investigation look real. Cohen I think turned on Trump, so I don’t know what can be done for him. He became all righteously moral while assisting the snake in the grass.

    • Lisa says:

      You’re so true because she held contempt for Trump voters before her loss, thinking she would win. After she lost, I feel certain she pushed the envelope about Russian collusion, thinking she could possibly negate Trump’s election and become president herself? Who knows what she thought. She’s a career criminal with no empathy towards Trump voters. The country has been so divided and angry over this election and she just doesn’t care about the effect on the country, or the perpetrators, only caring for herself. Other than Narcissistic, I’m certain there are other mental illnesses and criminal profiles that fit her well.

  14. Roger says:

    Comey= pompous, self righteous, arrogant, elitist, vile, lying, evil, deceiving, leaker, traitor any many more adjectives I cannot use here!!!!!!!!! Should be prosecuted and if found guilty of treason, HUNG!!!!!!! I have not made any posts at all on this subject so these posts are NOT repetitive!!!!

    • Tom says:

      Comey is a piece of excrediment, and I had no idea they could stack it that high, and every time he opens his mouth, it comes oozing out, and low and behold he never loses any hiegth or girth, he is truly a miracle to behold. LOL

  15. Roger says:

    Comey= pompous, self righteous, arrogant, elitist, vile, lying, evil, deceiving, leaker, traitor any many more adjectives I cannot use here!!!!!!!!! Should be prosecuted and if found guilty of treason, HUNG!!!!!!!

  16. Zofia says:

    Never heard that they investigated who was behind Christopher Steele, the FOREIGN spy after all? The British government? Russians?

    • PatrioTEA says:

      Where have you been?

    • PatrioTEA says:

      Sorry, maybe my bad. Do you mean who gave Hitlery and the DNC the idea and contacts? It maybe goes over Barry’s head to Soros and his direct minion(s.)

    • Lisa says:

      Zofia catch up! The US! Our American FBI used a British spy for all this fake crap, Christopher Steel.!? He was fired but still hired!? He continued to be paid for info our intelligence agencies needed to get Trump!?

  17. BitinDawg says:

    Balderdash! Deep state is the Zio-Matrix of Power. Trump is a deep State Zio-Minion. We are right now on the cusp of another war for Israel. Only this one is unlikely to be so benign.

  18. BMY says:

    People are just sick and tired by all these silly, stupid and partisan investigation. We have that frog eyes stupid moron SCHIFTEE SCHIFT getting on the communist TV HOW HE HAS EVIDENCE OF COLLUSION –Moron had been saying this for the past 2 years. Put up or shut the F–K UP!! He won the election and no fricking Russian helped him. They did help creepy low IQ HILLARY -THE MOST CORRUPT POLITICIAN THAT BELONGS IN THE SAME CAGE WITH MIXIMUS WATERBAGUS, WRINKLE FACE NANCIOS PELOCIOS

  19. Truckman says:

    Obama and hillary both should be investigated along with Comey and the rest of his cohorts

    • The Real M says:

      Truckman, Absolutely! Obama and Hillary are the “head” of the snake! What is slowly being dragged out in the light of day is exactly what she meant the night she lost the election to President Trump when she said, “we are all going to hang”! She also publicly made the statement “if I am going down, everybody is going down”!
      Comey is already TOAST as well as others in the intel community.
      I hope the tentacles lead right to the “head of the snake” and they go down with the rest of the dirty treasonous rats! This kind of disgraceful un-American criminal act must never happen again to a candidate or President of either party!

      #walkAway to the Republican party, we want and need you!

    • PatrioTEA says:

      Well, that is the first poll here or on any conservative website where the response is 100%! But will they make it happen? Hope so, and SOON; but don’t hold your breath.

  20. D.E. says:

    I will believe that the Deep State power group will make our justice system two-tiered rather than one-tiered with the Demon-crats being held accountable when I see it– for they are highly protected. BUT IT CAN’T HAPPEN SOON ENOUGH TO SUIT ME.

  21. I, for one, along with many people have known for years, that Brennan was a Communist! He proclaimed that himself!! Clapper has lied under Oath, many times!! And we all know now., that Obama was and is “Muslim”!!! With these 3 at the top, only Bad Things would happen for our Country!! They are all “Traitors” & should be hung!! That’s the only way, justice will be done, & our Country will return to a “Constitutional Republic”!!!

    • PatrioTEA says:

      Here, here!

    • paul Sonnier says:

      not hung ,but firing squad.line em up.Use a minigun from the front of the line.A mini gun is an gun that is classified in rounds per second not per minute

    • Lisa says:

      And Comey doesn’t think he did any wrong!?

    • Brenda says:

      I totally agree but if any get anything it will only be a s l ap in the wrist.
      This goes so deep with many facets it boggles the mind.
      However the fact that the corrupt investigators are still in place is pure corruption continuing and they will find some poor fall guys to throw the book at letting the known corrupt walk free or get probated sentences.
      At the very least poser Obama and Hillary Holder Brennen, Pelosi, Schumer deserve the death penalty. But the elites that a dually rule won’t have that as the two served the elites well.
      We have all been played. What remains to be seen is just how bad.

  22. Richard Hullfish Sr. says:

    I think Little Jimmy Comey should start taking CQ10 for more brain power. For a top FBI official he doesn’t know to much. He either doesn’t recall or he’s not familiar with what’s going on inside the FBI. Maybe he should not be so partisan and own up to his miss doings. I think the hole you’ve dug is to deep. Your burying yourself you fool. One lie just constitutes another. The truth will set you free. Maybe?????

    • PatrioTEA says:

      Don’t you know that Comey is the smartest man, like Hitlery is woman, in the world; and he is untouchable. His “highest loyalty” is to himself and the Progressive movement toward a OWG. Soro’s handyman.

  23. Richard Hullfish Sr. says:

    I think Little Jimmy Comey should start taking CQ10 for more brain power. For a top FBI official he doesn’t know to much. He either doesn’t recall or he’s not familiar with what’s going on inside the FBI. Maybe he should not be so partisan and own up to his miss doings. I think the hole you’ve dug is to deep. Your burying yourself you fool. One lie just constitutes another. The truth will set you free. Maybe?????

  24. Tim Cogswell says:

    If the Leftists, Rinos, Swamp Elites and their Media have nothing to hide, they would welcome the investigation to prove they are all clean. No worries… right?

  25. ROSE says:


  26. hondo1046 says:

    I saw this morning that CNN was finally communicating that the Investigators are being investigated, so maybe that is a small step for man and womankind. Attorney General Barr needs to bring all the pieces together and the country needs to see “the rest of the story”. And, our President needs to be supported every step of the way, because the other guys are going to bring everything they can to tarnish AG Barr. Good Luck!!

    • The Real M says:

      hondo1046, Holy Moly, you saw that on CNN? That can only mean one thing, it is as bad as it can get for these treasonous traitors if CNN cannot sweep the trash under the rug any longer! TRAITORS, you had better buckle up, OUR fun is about to begin as we watch you folks get justice applied to your dirty behinds!
      DOJ, “head ’em up, move ’em out, yee haa!

  27. anthony barbuto says:

    all of these “investigations” of Trump and others are just smoke screens. While the nation wonders…” Is….X..(..fill in a name}….guilty or not?”…the politicos continue to NOT work for the people who elected them, the voters, but they work for the lobbyists who PAY THEM. We wasted tens of millions of dollars investigating the Clintons when he first took office about White Water which was some Real estate scandal. We wasted tens of millions of dollars re sexual harassment allegations. Twenty + million dollars were wasted for the Russian-Trump allegation….ENOUGH…We will never convict the Clintons of their law breaking-nor will we ever convict Pelosi or Obama for their thefts of public money by passing laws and writing Executive Orders which only serve a select number of people ( them selves and their cronies….read the book ” throw them all out” an investigation of abuse of power by Obama, Pelosi, Reid and others)……Lets get on with the business of running gov’t Lets try to stop wasteful spending to bring down the national debt which is a disgrace and which eventually break the gov’t. Stop throwing money down the Dept of Defense rabbit hole…we don;t need billion dollar defense systems….we don’t need billion dollar mission buildings ( like we have in Bagdad….why?…what does the gov’t do in that building?), we don’t need more “studies” on how to get to Mars….we don’t need to build a base on the moon when there is nothing there to support life like there is on Mars. If you want to go to Mars…you go to mars…Its easy. Dr Zubrin created the Mars Direct program which can get us there in less than ten years for about $10 billion. Nasa is talking nonsense with their space station around the moon….and taking 20-30 years at a cost of HUNDREDS of billions of $….why?…Just to support the military industrial complex companies who control the gov’t…………repair the infrastructure…support green energy initiatives…end the subsidies for dirty oil…….get on with it…!!!

    • Pat says:

      I SHOUT AMEN!!!!!!!!

    • PatrioTEA says:

      While i agree with some of the things you say, we really need to have justice meted out to those who attempted to over take the country and destroy the Republic. We also need to remain the strongest nation on this planet. And, we need to reach out beyond to prevent others from staking exclusive claim to space beyond our atmosphere, and to force alien contact more on our terms.

  28. Robert Higginbotham says:

    “…that (the) investigation was nothing more than an attempt to overthrow President Trump.” Overthrow as in coup as in treason. Every person involved including those identified in the FBI, DOJ and State as well as certain members of the democrat party in congress, the DNC, and Hillary and her staff are guilty of treason. The list is enough to chock a horse and probably should include a significant part of K-Street also. This is the biggest scandal ever in the history of this country, but it is needed to bring the country back In line with the intentions of our founding fathers and the U.S. Constitution.

  29. Ingrid Griffin says:

    I hope all those Demoncrats and Deep State traitors who tried to stage a coup
    against President will go to jail and it cannot be soon enough.

    • Ben Lopez says:

      Not going to happen.They are well protected.

    • E ~ 4 Ed says:

      Long Term Prison = NO! Because Treason has but only 1 Punishment By Law . . . The only words said are . . .

      1) Ready

      2) Aim

      3) FIRE!

      Every player in the whole ball of wax is 100% punishable by Law.

      No Lethal Injection.

      No Appeals for years.

      A Full Forfiger of Life, Property, Bank Accounts, EVERYTHING is confiscated . . . All of it is by LAW & is not negotiable. . .

      In addition as by law . . . All Executions MUST BE TELEVISED

  30. Carl N Lawson says:

    Coney and the Democrats are such a disgrace to this country they should begin prison for treason. They go on CNN and spread lies and They know They are lies.

  31. catherine says:

    comey will be #1 going to jail!

    • E ~ 4 Ed says:

      NO Prison allowed because TREASON is not just an act against the President it’s an act against ” We The People ” Because We Are The Government. That is just 1 of the things about AMERICA as the Constitutional Republic We are . . .

  32. Linda H says:

    I’m tired of Comey and the rest of the DEMonCrats spewing their pea soup. They all need a good Exercise routine to get the greedy lier demon out of them.

  33. Thomas Wayne Kidd says:

    These evil people will if possible try to kill those who stand against them, I fear. Praying that President Trump is protected good.

    • Jean says:

      I’m praying for President Trump and his faithful cabinet every day They are going to need a lot of prayers and I know a lot of people are praying for them

      • The Real M says:

        Jean, Thank you, they do indeed need prayers from all every day, even when things are going routinely (not that we have seen “routine” yet but, maybe, one day)! 🙂

  34. Robert says:

    Comey is really disgusting. Every loser in Politics go straight to CNN, why? As long as you hate Trump. Any idiot will go on CNN and dozens of other stations to lie, lie, lie. I don’t think he should get a dime for his stupid, liar arse hole. Oh Comy prison et the rest of you traitors, bye, bye!

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