The smoking gun proving a horrible truth about voter fraud just dropped

Democrats will do anything to win the November election.

That’s why President Trump is so worried about voter fraud.

And the smoking gun proving a horrible truth about voter fraud just dropped.

The November election is shaping up to be a disaster.

Due to the spread of coronavirus, Democrats are demanding a nationwide vote-by-mail system.

Universal vote-by-mail is a system foreign to almost the entire country.

It is also ripe for abuse, which is almost certainly why Democrats want to implement it so badly.

Hundreds of millions of ballots being mailed to virtually every household in America gives Democrats their chance at rigging the election, especially with Democrat areas being more likely to be in urban areas where ballot collection is much easier.

It is already being proven just how unsure the election will be with more mail-in ballots being sent out.

In recent days, over 1,600 ballots from New Jersey were discovered in a “mislabeled” bin, and were added to the tally for the July 7th primary election.

Thankfully, the ballots did not change the outcome of the election, but it is a warning sign for the November election.

This is far from the only shady thing relating ballots that has happened in recent days.

The Michigan Secretary of State is under fire for sending mislabeled ballots to troops serving overseas.

Secretary of State Jocelyn Benson, who is a vocal Joe Biden supporter, nixed Vice President Mike Pence’s name from the ballots, and replaced him with Jeremy Cohen, who is the running mate on the Libertarian ticket for President.

They allege it was an error, and new ballots were sent to replace them.

But this only adds to the mistrust many have for mail-in-voting.

It is shaping up to be the most chaotic election in history, with the results not being known for days, or even weeks after the election.

Pennsylvania’s Supreme Court just ruled in favor of a Democrat Party request to extend the deadline for mail-in-voting to three days after the November election.

So in Pennsylvania, it is a virtual guarantee that the election won’t be over until three days after election night at the earliest.

This is by design, with the Democrats leading the effort.

If they can delay the results long enough, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi could end up becoming President, as she is next in succession behind Trump and Pence.

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