The results are in and it was bad news for Democrats like Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez

Democrats hold a slight lead in generic ballot polls to take back the U.S. House, but that could be changing.

A series of key primaries and special elections were held this week.

And the results were bad news for Democrats who are rushing to adopt Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’ socialist platform.

After her stunning upset in the New York CD-14 primary, many Democrats anointed Cortez as the future of their party.

So she was a hot ticket for socialist Democrat primary challengers. Cortez campaigned for four different candidates from Michigan to Hawaii and so far three of the candidates have lost.

The Daily Caller reports:

Cortez held a whirl-wind tour of the U.S., stumping for Abdul El-Sayed for governor of Michigan, Fayrouz Saad in Michigan’s 11th Congressional District, Cori Bush in Missouri’s 1st District, and is backing Congressional candidate Kaniela Ing in Hawaii.

El-Sayed lost his bid for the Democrat nomination for governor to 51.8 percent to 30.5 percent, according to numbers published by the New York Times.

Saad came in fourth in the five-way race, capturing only 18 percent of the vote.

Cori Bush lost her primary to William Lacy Clay, 56.7 percent to 36.9 percent, the Times results show.

Hawaii holds their primary on August 11, so we’ll know if Cortez earns the “golden sombrero” striking out four times in four races.

Democrats who clambered to adopt Cortez’ radical socialist agenda are now rethinking that strategy.

The results show it’s not working in the primary elections – where the radical base tends to vote for more leftist candidates – and it surely won’t work in general elections when the greater populace votes.

Democrats also thought they could flip a special election in Ohio’s CD-12 from red to blue. A poll released just days before the primary showed the Democrat with a one-point lead.

But President Trump held a rally for the Republican candidate, Troy Balderson that put the final nail in the coffin of Democrats’ hopes and dreams.

UPDATE 8/8/18 1:55PM EST: Two additional candidates Ocasio-Cortez endorsed, Rashida Tlaib and James Thompson, won their primaries Tuesday. However, yet another Cortez-backed candidate has lost…

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  1. dave galinet says:

    This women
    is as nut case and has no clue what she is saying and a very hatred and dangerous women needs to out of office get real new york

  2. T-Pac says:

    Just another lib nut crack head . Get a clue fool you r a party of liars. Fact check

  3. Jim says:

    If i was under attack 24 7 i would start bulking and makeing it hard on my accusers. Obstuction carges are a cowards way of saying i am not satisfied because i am wrong.

  4. Els Pol says:

    Trump is not God’s gift !!! HE IS AN EVIL DECEIVER AND RACHEL MADDOW TELLS THE TRUTH. READ THE MUELLER REPORT. THERE WERE 10 CASES OF ;OBSTRUCTION OF JUSTICE’. You Christians are mocking the name of Christ by voting for a pathological liar like Trump.

  5. helene says:

    ewe work very hard to support the American, and the crooks Democrats did nothing ,sit in the congress. don’t support anything build the wall for the safety for Americans, but we paid them to work for us but they work for the enemy and want to raise their salary . He go to ask the Muslim for raise .

  6. debi j. says:

    I’ll bet her spending of her ON THE HILL salary suits her just fine and is off limits to the government. two-faced dummy

  7. Don says:

    Can you say…….”Willlllber”…..because a horse is a horse of coarse

  8. Don says:

    She was probably as bad at bartending also…..her social awareness would keep me out of that bar

  9. Juanito Ibanez says:

    “…with a degree in economics.”

    That was so she could make correct change when her customers paid for the drinks she mixed and served.

  10. Juanito Ibanez says:

    MABA 2020 [Make AOC Barista Again]

  11. Larry says:

    She really should go back to bar tending.

  12. RUTH SYKES says:


  13. PAT says:

    Hey Tom Martin, I’ve thought the same since I first laid eyes on her. Thanks for your comment. LMAO!

  14. Jacqueline Prentiss says:

    She is stupid personified, she looks like a cartoon character????So those who voted for her are more STUPID. Soros had to have funded her campaign. Give her time she will dismiss herself. They boast she is the youngest, well look out (some) of these young folk leave a lot to be esired. This is one ignorant winch, & folk thought they were doing something by voting for her. They did they showed just how dumb they really are.

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