The ratings are in and it was disastrous news for CNN

CNN has lost all credibility.

They gave President Obama a free pass, but stop at nothing to try to undermine President Trump.

Now the ratings are in and the chickens have come home to roost.

CNN’s ratings for May dropped by 25 percent compared to last year.

Fox News had nearly three times as many average total primetime viewers in May (2.38 million) than CNN had (835,000).

If the early numbers from June are any indication, it could get worse for the anti-Trump “news” network.

Breitbart reports:

CNN’s total primetime viewers averaged just 750,000 last week, while total day viewers averaged just 568,000.

Comparatively, last week, Fox News averaged 2.2 million primetime viewers (to CNN’s pathetic 750,000) and 1.3 million total day viewers (to CNN’s laughable 568,000).

MSNBC averaged 1.48 million primetime viewers last week and 832,000 total day viewers.

Compared to this same week last year, CNN’s primetime numbers collapsed by a jaw-dropping -33 percent, while the left-wing channel’s total day numbers fell by -29 percent.

And once again, CNN is the only cable news network suffering from massive audience erosion.

The 2016 election proved that most Americans are distrustful of the legacy media.

But CNN has only doubled down by pushing fake news targeting President Trump and bad mouthing his supporters.

In recent weeks CNN has even stooped so low as to attack First Lady Melania Trump for “going missing” when she was simply recovering from a surgery.

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