The ratings are in and it was bad news for the NFL

National anthem protests sparked by Colin Kaepernick have tarnished the NFL.

Fans are turning off their TV’s in droves.

And you won’t believe how low the NFL’s latest ratings have sunk.

A handful of teams owners have scrambled to stop more anti-American protests in order to prevent another embarrassing season.

But it looks like it might be too little, too late.

The ratings are in and it was bad news for the NFL.

Deadline Hollywood reports:

Sunday Night Football’s Ratings Hit Season Low As Baltimore Ravens Rip Steelers.

In a 26-14 win on SNF, the Ravens are now 3-1 this season and the Keystone State team is near the bottom of the AFC North. The game in Pittsburgh on Sunday also saw another type of bottoming out in the ratings for the league and the NFL, as the primetime Week 4 matchup drew a 12.3/21 in metered-market results to hit a season low.

The early number is down 10% from the Detroit Lions’ easy win over the New England Patriots last week.

What’s even more surprising was this was a rivalry matchup including one of the league’s premier franchises.

It’s no secret that most of the NFL’s viewers are patriot Americans.

Just consider the types of advertisements shown at commercial breaks.

When these players declared their hatred for President Trump and our men and women in law enforcement, it angered many Americans.

Many fans are boycotting the NFL and switching to college football in response.

Do you plan on watching this season given the disrespectful protests against the American flag?

Please vote in our poll below.

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147 Responses

  1. Mary Otis says:

    Disrespecting our flag speaks volumes about the individual

  2. Barry says:

    Colin kapperdick sucks! Good riddance to his sorry ass. Catch the first boat back to Africa. Take some illegal meskins with you!

  3. Daniel from TN says:

    According to the U.S. Dept. of Education, 70% of today’s high school seniors graduate totally illiterate; so illiterate they cannot point to their own name on their diploma.
    Some experts believe 70 is a conservative number: They believe the REAL number could be as high as 85%.
    Whether 70% or 85%, this amount cannot be the result of oversight or students “slipping through the cracks.” This high a number can only occur BY DESIGN.

  4. Daniel from TN says:

    It IS hurting the NFL financially. Advertising rates are based on program ratings: As ratings go down, so does the amount the NFL receives from advertisers. In addition, because of the unAmerican activity of the kneelers, some companies have stopped advertising during NFL games altogether.
    I believe players DO have the right to freedom of speech, just like every American does. However, there are others way the players can express themselves besides disrespecting the anthem, the flag, veterans, and law enforcement.

  5. Flattop Alpha says:

    Colin who? From what I’ve read about this guy, he wouldn’t be allowed to shake my hand, that is a sign of respect. To earn my respect after this I would shake his hand if he was permanently leaving this country and renouncing his citizenship. That is the respectful thing to do. And to Nike. I burnt mine some time ago. Again, lack of respect. Put the flag on the front of the shoe. Not the back. Earn my respect and my money!

  6. Harold Craft says:

    As a disabled Vietnam Vet (67-68) I did not get drafted, I joined and volunteered to go to Nam. Simply because I love my country, National Anthem , and Flag. I really enjoyed the men I served with,both Black , white, Filipino ,and Chinese. Almost all of them were American Citizens and all were like brothers to me. To the best of my knowledge non served as slaves or disrespected my Country, Flag or the National Anthem. All respected Law Enforcement Officers. All of us fought the enemy soldiers because we loved the freedom we had and wanted our Country to remain free for all future children to be free. The NFL players didn’t make the millions they do now and still showed respect to the regular citizens. The Union got in and ruined it all by starting to raise salaries and letting players do more of what they wanted as the years past and the president of the football league went crazy and let Kapernick disrespect our Country, Flag, and National Anthem and had a fit when he was moved to second string instead of first string that he was not even qualified for. He should have been fired on the spot and told he couldn’t sign with his team or any other team in the nfl, and fired any others immediately that followed suit. Jerry Jones, the owner of the Dallas Cowboys, is the only one of the owners that had the Gonads to tell his team if anyone took a knee they would be benched and fined.I have not watched a nfl game in at least 3 years and don’t miss it at all. No more Nikes or any other thing that sponsors the nfl!!!!!!

  7. Chris Raynor says:

    One day I hope to see one of the kneelers standing before me asking” Do u want fries with that Suh”

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