The ratings are in and it was bad news for the NFL

National anthem protests sparked by Colin Kaepernick have tarnished the NFL.

Fans are turning off their TV’s in droves.

And you won’t believe how low the NFL’s latest ratings have sunk.

A handful of teams owners have scrambled to stop more anti-American protests in order to prevent another embarrassing season.

But it looks like it might be too little, too late.

The ratings are in and it was bad news for the NFL.

Deadline Hollywood reports:

Sunday Night Football’s Ratings Hit Season Low As Baltimore Ravens Rip Steelers.

In a 26-14 win on SNF, the Ravens are now 3-1 this season and the Keystone State team is near the bottom of the AFC North. The game in Pittsburgh on Sunday also saw another type of bottoming out in the ratings for the league and the NFL, as the primetime Week 4 matchup drew a 12.3/21 in metered-market results to hit a season low.

The early number is down 10% from the Detroit Lions’ easy win over the New England Patriots last week.

What’s even more surprising was this was a rivalry matchup including one of the league’s premier franchises.

It’s no secret that most of the NFL’s viewers are patriot Americans.

Just consider the types of advertisements shown at commercial breaks.

When these players declared their hatred for President Trump and our men and women in law enforcement, it angered many Americans.

Many fans are boycotting the NFL and switching to college football in response.

Do you plan on watching this season given the disrespectful protests against the American flag?

Please vote in our poll below.


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147 Responses

  1. Mary Otis says:

    Disrespecting our flag speaks volumes about the individual

  2. Barry says:

    Colin kapperdick sucks! Good riddance to his sorry ass. Catch the first boat back to Africa. Take some illegal meskins with you!

  3. Flattop Alpha says:

    Colin who? From what I’ve read about this guy, he wouldn’t be allowed to shake my hand, that is a sign of respect. To earn my respect after this I would shake his hand if he was permanently leaving this country and renouncing his citizenship. That is the respectful thing to do. And to Nike. I burnt mine some time ago. Again, lack of respect. Put the flag on the front of the shoe. Not the back. Earn my respect and my money!

  4. Harold Craft says:

    As a disabled Vietnam Vet (67-68) I did not get drafted, I joined and volunteered to go to Nam. Simply because I love my country, National Anthem , and Flag. I really enjoyed the men I served with,both Black , white, Filipino ,and Chinese. Almost all of them were American Citizens and all were like brothers to me. To the best of my knowledge non served as slaves or disrespected my Country, Flag or the National Anthem. All respected Law Enforcement Officers. All of us fought the enemy soldiers because we loved the freedom we had and wanted our Country to remain free for all future children to be free. The NFL players didn’t make the millions they do now and still showed respect to the regular citizens. The Union got in and ruined it all by starting to raise salaries and letting players do more of what they wanted as the years past and the president of the football league went crazy and let Kapernick disrespect our Country, Flag, and National Anthem and had a fit when he was moved to second string instead of first string that he was not even qualified for. He should have been fired on the spot and told he couldn’t sign with his team or any other team in the nfl, and fired any others immediately that followed suit. Jerry Jones, the owner of the Dallas Cowboys, is the only one of the owners that had the Gonads to tell his team if anyone took a knee they would be benched and fined.I have not watched a nfl game in at least 3 years and don’t miss it at all. No more Nikes or any other thing that sponsors the nfl!!!!!!

  5. N says:

    Get out and vote for the GOP in November to save the country from NAZI Commie Demoncrats liberals!They want to make America into another Venezuela!Obama almost got us there! Now that America is great again because of president Trump let’s keep it that way!

  6. Joe says:

    The NFL can go to HELL! And take Nike with them!

  7. Poppie says:

    I’m told that 75% or more of the NFL players are black, that just tells us we really do have a racial problem going on here, if you get my drift.

  8. Eugene Garner says:

    Not watching the NFL was like when I quit smoking , it was hard for a couple of weeks. Now it doesn’t bother me. When they get hungry they will be back on their knees begging for fans ( not me)

  9. Richard Jordan says:

    Formerly, an avid fan of professional football, I haven’t watched even a single play of NFL televised games in 28 years . . . not since 1990! In that year, Paul Tagliabue, then Commissioner of the NFL decreed that without passing a bill to establish a State Holiday honoring Martin Luther King, Arizona, which had been awarded an upcoming Super Bowl date, was removed from eligibility as a sponsoring city for the previously awarded 1993 game.

    I decided then, without any hesitation, that it was not possible for me to any longer support the NFL. It was obvious to me that either the NFL was either a sports league or a political action/advocacy organization, but it could not be both.

    Whether one supported such a holiday honoring MLK or not, the NFL had absolutely NO BUSINESS WHATSOEVER in interfering with the politics of a sovereign American state. As far as I’m concerned, Paul Tagliabue, AND the NFL can stuff professional football up their collective bottom apertures, and I hope it’s extremely painful as they do it.

    • Mikey says:

      It is being shoved up their collective wallets, which hopefully is proving even more painful.

      • Daniel from TN says:

        It IS hurting the NFL financially. Advertising rates are based on program ratings: As ratings go down, so does the amount the NFL receives from advertisers. In addition, because of the unAmerican activity of the kneelers, some companies have stopped advertising during NFL games altogether.
        I believe players DO have the right to freedom of speech, just like every American does. However, there are others way the players can express themselves besides disrespecting the anthem, the flag, veterans, and law enforcement.

    • Harry Meyer says:

      I will never watch the NFL again send these baby’s on a job hunting spree , they have no respect for this country or our veterans. Maby they would be more happy if they were kicked out of this country and sent to Seria or Russia. I think that is where they belong. If they don’t like this country then mby they should leave. They are just trying to keep trouble fired up in this country we don’t need their input Either play ball or join the military I think you babies need a taste of what it means to honor your country.

      • Bama Bill says:

        I worked in two unions, and both showed me how much they lie, cheat, and don’t care one bit about the companies. So since 1970, any “UNION” product I see I do NOT buy. Professional sports is ridiculous, millions a year to play ball? Back then you could buy a draft beer for a dime. Today it’s $6 for a beer or coke at a game! NUTS! All they have done is made a dollar worth a dime. A new Mustang was $3,000 loaded in 1970. Today, over $30,000 base for a V8 Mustang! So another 50 years should be up to $300,000? Wake up, learn to at least know how to do math without a calculator. Today’s 8th grade students can’t read or do math. Test scores for all 50 states were under 50%, California was under 25% passed the tests! I read over 2,500 teachers failed their basic math scores in one state! And they can’t be fired because they are “UNION”!!!
        Wake up parents!

        • Daniel from TN says:

          According to the U.S. Dept. of Education, 70% of today’s high school seniors graduate totally illiterate; so illiterate they cannot point to their own name on their diploma.
          Some experts believe 70 is a conservative number: They believe the REAL number could be as high as 85%.
          Whether 70% or 85%, this amount cannot be the result of oversight or students “slipping through the cracks.” This high a number can only occur BY DESIGN.

  10. Peggie Heller says:

    “Let’s Do It” = NO more NIKI + NO more NFL!

  11. Hans says:

    My wife and I have not watched any NFL games for two years and have no plans to watch any in the future. We watch college football mainly navy, army and air force. Our other passion is hockey boxing and MMA. I will not be purchasing any NFL products.

    • Jan13 says:

      There are 2 college football games I like to see, the Army/ Navy game and Navy/ Notre Dame.
      Use to enjoy a NFL game once in awhile on a Sunday, but proud to say haven’t since the first knee taken.

  12. Mott says:

    LOL NFL, I WILL NOT watch another game nor buy and NFL product (Nike!) I will watch Socker or Golf !

    • EUNICE says:

      I’m with you Mott except for the golf. How come the players only do this protesting during games. I DON’T RECALL SEEING THEM PROTESTING ON THEIR OWN TIME. HOW IMPORTANT CAN THIS ISSUE BE-important enough to ruin your enjoyment of the game-but important enough for them to do on their off time. HMMMM

      • Bama Bill says:

        Because these are “UNION” players, and they do what they are “Told to DO”. You ever work for a union? I did, and if you “Go along” you can’t be fired. Don’t go along, and you are out in the street.
        Unions ran Ford and Chrysler out of building cars in the USA. Now only GM builds cars that meet the “Made in USA” standard. Yes I know, Trump just changed the rules. Unions made it impossible to make a profit with the wages at over $70/hr. for “Union” workers, and Mexico paying about $3/hr. Now you know why all Ford cars are built in Mexico? Mercedes, Toyota, Honda, and Hyundai now build cars in Alabama, a “RIght to Work” state. The car with the most “Made in USA” content is now “TOYOTA”! Made in the USA, by Americans, but not UNION workers.

  13. Old Sarge says:

    As I have said many times, I never was a big football fan. If I watched a game at all it was the Super Bowl. This past few years I just had no desire to watch. I don’t even care who wins.

    Politics does not belong in professional or amateur sporting events. I am not amused by these shameless grandstanding prime-donas. If they want to make a political statement, I am sure the media would gladly give them air time on their networks. Politics has ruined The Oscars, The Emmy’s, the Grammys, the Miss Universe and the Miss America Pageants. Now money and politics is taking its toll on Professional Sports.

    I haven’t gone to a professional football game in years. If I want to watch them, I prefer to do it in the comforts of my home. At home I can turn them off or not turn them on at all. At home, I don’t have to pay those outrageous prices for tickets along with the outrageous cost of hot dogs, popcorn and drinks.

    • Jeff Tucker says:

      Well stated. Our sentiments as well.
      I may be mistaken, but I think the real losers right now are not the NFL or the teams, but the networks who signed multi-year agreements prior to the kneeling thing. They still have to pay the NFL and teams what the contractual agreements were, and it does not matter if the NFL was to start crapping on the field, they are stuck in contracts. However, most all of those were 5 year deals and this is the last season they have to pay the huge dollars to the NFL. New contracts are probably being renegotiated right now and that is when the NFL and owners will get the big reality check. I bet a $300million, or whatever the number was, contract will be $150 mil, at best. Next year, the NFL will financially suck the big one.

      • Bama Bill says:

        I’m giving up on TV as soon as my Dish contract is up. I remember when TV was only available with an antenna in Toledo, with Detroit and Toledo the only stations, ABC, NBC, and CBS. Sponsors would say up front, “We sponsor this program without commercials for your enjoyment”! Now I record programs on the DVR, and after 5 minutes there is a 3 minutes commercial! At least I can fast forward past the commercials. Thinking about writing a program to edit the programs onto my Mac without the commercials? I’m going back to an antenna where I don’t have to pay. There is not one current program I watch. Most of the ones I watch are at least 20 year old. Some are black and white from the 1950’s! Have to copy all on my DVR over to my computer. With four HDD’s in my MacPro that won’t be a problem?

  14. I did try to have an open mind in hopes that the players would realize another way to protest instead of kneeling into the skulls of our dead soldiers who went into the battle so that even I could sit here and hammer words into a lap-top. It’s even a shame that the players who are not kneeling don’t make issue with the sore kneelers. As an Eagle fan for 51 years, I can’t count the last 3. I denounce and rebuke the defunct stupidbowl last year as Null and Void.
    How about kneeling together when there is a fair catch call during a kick off. Or touch down . Or even during a huddle. This could be done several times a game. But don’t you dare disrespect the lives of the men and women who sacrificed there own existence. Especially the ones who have died and are missing.
    I am afraid we have passed the point of no return for the NFL. What’s just as bad is that I am being deprived of a National Anthem at the beginning of the game. Because I will stand, put my hand on my heart and remove my hat every time. I purposely have tuned in to see if the networks will deprive me as well. It’s a double edged sword for them. I am happy for the few times the Anthem has been aired. And then I tune out. Maybe someone will re-start the U.S.F.L. or not. Go NASCAR.

    • LARRY YAKLICH says:

      I am a disabled USMC vet, if I am unable to get up and stand during OUR NATIONAL ANTHEM, I ask people around me to please help me up and help me keep my balance..THey have always obliged. Although it makes a lot of unpatriotic people look really stupid, and others point at me and give those who don’t respect OUR FLAG a lot of grief!

  15. Ray says:

    I am a Vietnam Veteran and a used to be die hard Buffalo Bills fan….I’m good friends with the Kelly family….I really took it personally when the former San Francisco clown started this thing about not standing for our great FLAG….He got paid 18 million that year and he is getting others to follow him….I wonder if he is aware that most Americans don’t make 1 million in a life time….I saw a lot of guys give it all for the great American Flag while serving with the 1st Marine Division in Nam….They came home with the flag draped over their caskets and many of the great warriors were black….I will not support the NFL or Nike or anything that has to do with kappernick….SEMPER FI….

  16. Mike W says:

    I don’t care if these clowns start wearing red white and blue uniforms and singing ” I’m a Yankee Doodle Dandee” before each game – the only reason they will changes is thier multi million dollar salaries and bonuses are going down in flames. To Hell the the NFL – I’m DONE!

  17. Garey says:

    I agree. No respect. No NFL

  18. Robert says:

    I have not watched the nfl since the second game players kneeled for our National Anthem. Last year I wrote lengthy reasons. I will not waste my time any longer. The blacks make up just over thirteen percent of the population, three percent commit fifty percent of the murder, rape and other violent crimes in this country. US Department of Justice stats. There is far far more black on black crime than white on black. There is far far more black on white crime than white on black crime. Department of Justice stats. Maybe some blacks need to be handled a little rough by police, especially since it seems they can not hear when a policeman tells them to STOP and put their hands up. Do not give me that CRAP story that the black have been neglected. I am a retired grant writer, I know where the overwhelming majority of grant money went. They have housing programs, health programs, educational programs, Entitlement programs,etc., etc. So what exactly are these game playing millionaires protesting. Most of them are college graduates and still can not speak correct English. To hell with the nfl.

    • Tbone188 says:

      I agree with you sir, after 50 years a Dolphin fan I haven’t watched for over two years now. It does seem the more serious offenders are black and it makes me sad to say that. I work in an industry where there are many blacks and I have befriended many of them. They do have a different mindset about the police. I trained one last month who graduated from the main campus at Rutgers, and he could not read or write. He was let go after one month. It’s hard to reason with someone like that.

  19. James says:

    Short and sweet. I do not support the ‘nfl’ in any form or fashion. They continually disrespect our Flag our Anthem our military our police. Instead, support the local kids, they appreciate your attention.

  20. HP says:


  21. Ernst says:

    I am no longer an NFL fan. I do not even know what teams are winning or losing or where specific players are playing. I would gladly vote to remove the tax exemption from the NFL. It is a monopoly and should be treated as a regular business.

  22. Mark says:

    The Congress years ago gave the NFL a no income tax status. Yet when these owners sell their franchises they get to keep the money but for a capital gains tax. That should be repealed. Since they diss the Country, let them pay taxes like the rest of us.

  23. john says:

    God Bless America, our flag, our police, and our veterans and God Damn these black bastards and their sheep who support criminals, I hope the National Felons League is driven out of business!

  24. Hugh B. says:

    I cannot and will not watch a n.f.l. football game as long as our American flag and National anthem is publicly dishonored and disgraced as is the case on the many channels each Sunday and Thursday nights. Born a baby boomer shortly after the greatest generation had just fought a world war on two fronts and defeated our foes, it is not in me to watch those who do, take a knee, turn their backs and look towards the ground as our National anthem is being sung and our American flag furls in the wind. When, as a football player in my younger and stronger days, we were told to take a knee after a grueling practice secession or after a hard fought game, win or loose. It can only be, that we were taught at an early age that those who came before us fought and died for the freedoms that we have today in 2018. We pledged our allegiance to the flag in our elementary classes and TV channels signed off the air with the National anthem. To dishonor those who suffered and died for the liberties and freedom we experience each day we live, is a national disgrace being allowed by an organization named National Football League. How shameful to even associate the word national with their organization. I don’t presume to know the resolution or answer to those who protest against the two things that most Americans love and cherish and have been a traditional and ongoing part of America’s sport fascinations. However I will say, the pregame anthem. the honoring of our flag and even in times past, a Prayer, is no place or time for protest of any sort. IT’S TIME TO PLAY FOOTBALL!!! UNTIL the matter is resolved, I will not watch the NFL games nor purchase any Nike product. If enough people follow maybe, just maybe, the NFL and the protestors will get their act together. I’m through now.

  25. el Dorko says:

    The NFL is no longer the NFL, it has become Ghetto Ball. Look at the photos of the protests. Might as well be on a corner of some lowrent street in Oakland, Calif. What these guys are doing is racist, and it is time they get a flat rebuttal, as in “We do not care about you, your gold chains, or AMG Mercedes anymore.” Good luck. The NFL will collapse within 5 years if you keep up your racist tactics. No one likes spoiled and ignorant millionaires. Bye.

  26. John says:

    Disrespecting American Values (Barry Soetoro) which promote unity for US in this country is an abomination
    To the Almighty. It makes HIM sick to his stomach. Pro.
    6:19. We are not perfect in government, but try living in a country that hates God. We have God haters here also.
    But our laws originated from God’s Word. A God hater left the WH two years ago. Tell me how much peace did he inspire? How much unity? Start loving God and a country founded on Truth and darkness will stop looking so good. Trump is not holy, but he is the only leader that has loved us in decades. The hard left God haters are just using you (who kneel). Think! These Saul AlinskyTrained
    People run Chicago!! How is that working? Wake Up

  27. DEH says:

    I’ve been done with the NFL for a couple of years. Since they’ve dissed our country, our flag! To hell with the NFL. I’m finding better times fishing, gold panning, hiking and just enjoying the great outdoors on my weekends! I’ll take in a good NCAA game from time to time though.

  28. Danna A. Stevens says:

    Think we can live w/out them, a whole lot better/easier, than they can live w/out us! Can’t wait until NONE of them has a job and they all have to get out and WORK!!!

  29. gary says:

    The last straw was the Green bay Packers making up there own flag, to use for the national anthem. Now I’ve seen it all. I am done with the NFL. The demacrats and liberals want to destroy this country, they want to rewright the constitution to fit there anty American agenda. I hope the day of the millionaire football player will come to an end. let them live like every one else. they are a discrase to this country. move to mexico, Africa, or any muslum country, get the hell out, see how much better off you will be.

  30. Jimmy Viet Vet says:

    Haven’t watched an NFL game in years. Since most of these players come out of the college system, I’ve stopped watching them too. While in the Army I went for about 7 years , while overseas, without NFL or college football. Got back to the states and the NFL was on strike.! Trust me, you can survive and live a good life without football…can football survive without us?

  31. Nikita63 says:

    These pond scum parasites are career useless cretins with limited talents , many of whom could not make a living if they were not supposedly great athletes. However, I am a 73 year old Vietnam Vet , former assistant to and protection for MOH awardee Chaplain Charles Angelo Liteky of the 199th Light Infantry Brigade at the height of the 1968 Tet Offensive who watched many much better people than these pusillanimous wife and child beaters and illegal drug takers and drunkards and worse DIE serving this country HONORABLY and for far less money than these braggarts and swamp creatures. They should all be politicians as that is with whom they have the most in common as venomous reptiles and slithering slime setting a TERRIBLE example for small children at these games. I will NEVER watch another game and I was a Patriots fan but there is not a Damned thing Patriotic about any of the scum in the NFL except for the late Pat Tillman who left the NFL to serve because he was a Citizen-Soldier and thought it the right thing to do and paid the ultimate price for his courage and his Honor, These swamp slime have NONE, and they sicken and disgust me and so do the owners and that SOB Goodell who allowed this crap in the first place. They have the right to protest what they believe is wrong; they do not have the right to use a venue like an NFL stadium and turn it into a political forum when those attending are paying what is for them big money to watch an ATHLETIC COMPETITION by selfish , spoiled sorry-assed excuses for AMERICAN CITIZENS!

  32. Tom Foolery says:

    …another chunk of Americana being systematically destroyed, just like real marriage, the nuclear family, civility etc., etc., everywhere you look the commie/muslim agenda is being enacted…

  33. Breaker 19 says:

    I hope it will reach the point where the NFL will not have the money to pay there millioneer brats. Then and only then will they decide that what they did was wrong As ;long as they are raking in millions, not because they are smarter than anyone else, but because they can play football.

  34. Steveur says:

    No more Mondays or weekends, no more tailgates and no more exorbitant ticket prices, no more high priced beer, no more shirts, jackets and all the other crap they sold. No more long trips and I owe it to a Colon that went Anal, now Krapper neck can go play with himself on his knees with the rest of the kneelers. They can put Goodell in the barrel and take turns, till they go broke. Never a NHL game again, period.

  35. Charlie Franks says:

    The Knee Is Not The Problem

    > Children raised in fatherless homes, especially black children, are
    >far more
    > likely than children raised in two parent homes to engage in
    >criminal behavior and thus, have contact with police. Ergo, when they
    >father a child with a woman to whom they are not married – or at least
    >living with – they are contributing to the problem against which
    >these football players are taking a knee.
    > If you look at many of these players’ records on out-of-wedlock
    >children, you find that they are contributing
    > significantly to the problem against which they are protesting.

    > For example, Antonio Cromartie has 12 children by 9 different women.
    >Apparently the NFL had to shell out $500,000 before he could even play football for them.
    > Travis Henry has 11 children by 10 women, Willis McGahee has
    > 9 children by 8 women, Derrick Thomas has 7 children by 5 different
    >women, Bennie Blades has 6 children by 6 women, Ray Lewis has 6
    >children by 4 women and Marshall Faulk has 6 children by 3 women.
    >They forgot to include Adrian Peterson. 11 kids from 7 different women?
    > Before these guys take a knee they should take a good look in the
    >mirror. It appears that their problem is not with the knee.

    • Steveur says:

      When you have a weiner for a brain, no doubt it can’t think out of the box. The losers are the taxpayers who no doubt, pay each new birth just like getting a paycheck raise for the mother. The Left guarantees, life long payments for the mother and hapless children and most of all they are a farm for raising votes for the handouts.

      • Felipe Gomez Jr. says:

        Reality check! Just shows you the reality of who is who? Red Tsunami compared to the Blue trickle of piss!

      • Felipe Gomez Jr. says:

        How much longer will the National Fricken Loser league go broke? Then these pansies will have no opy check. Then since most are probably illiterate? They’ll have to get several McDonald’s job’s to to survive! That’s because they are too stupid to do anything else?

    • anthony says:

      WOW!!! They’re a group of spoiled, overpaid (God Given Ability), a-holes! if they really wanted to help, they would amass their wealth and work with the Trump administration to identify priority needs and begin to wipe the issues our one at a time. Oh no, but they’re not interested in that. It would require too much effort on their part and after all, they wouldn’t be able to grandstand on national T.V. each week. I don’t watch the overpaid punks and don’t intend to.

  36. John Bloxson Jr. says:

    For 52 years I watched, but never again they lost me I went to the games 5 to 8 times a year and if not at the games I watched on Tivision but the N. F. L. Will never get me back and I hope they will be bank rupted because of their Lacadasical anti American Stance and I hope that every player that has chosen to sit, kneel or not come onto the field until after the National Anthem end up with out a pay check and I hope the X. F. L. Does emerge but will not sign any of the Anti American players. They had their chance two years ago and choose to follow the Butt hole Colin Keaperneck who had many other ways to protest something but made a choice and protested the wrong thing .03% of all arrest involve Police Brutality. 96% of all American Males of African descent shootings are black on black.99% of all Anerican Male of African Descent murders are Black on Black that was something to protest but again not during the National Anthem.

  37. Carol Ricard says:

    Kaepernick likes cop killers. And hates America. Maybe he should go to Cuba and stay with the cop killer who fled the U.S. to avoid persecution. Yet he believes in a religion that in some parts of Asia still owns slaves. He’s a hypocrite. I stopped watching the NFL in 2016 and I was a diehard Steelers fan.

    • Sue says:

      If Kraper nick, was really concerned about social injustice, he would have been volunteering his time to these inner city kids during his off-season.There is one football player, (not sure which team he is with, ) but he volunteered his time and did a ride a long with PD, to see for himself, what kraper nicks complaints were about. I believe he came away with a different understanding. I think he is one of the newer players. But I do give him credit for taking the initiative to THINK for himself. However, it still DOES NOT change the disrespect already displayed.

  38. Robert says:

    Love me some College Football!!! Goodbye NFL!!

  39. Adam says:

    I am done watching these overpaid punk thugs disrespect our flag, military and law enforcement with their BS excuse of calculated and institutionalized discrimination against blacks and minorities. When I see the way our police officers are treated, disrespected, spat upon, attacked and addressed with profanity laced language it is no wonder so many situations that could easily be resolved with talking end up in violence. If you want a reason for your arrest, look in the mirror! Remember the “Golden Rule” – do unto others as you would have them do unto to you!

  40. Pete says:

    No is my answer. I have no intentions of watching the NFL again this year. As a Veteran I ensured them the right to protest, but I feel I also have the right to judge them in the place and time they choose to do their protest. I was an avid fan and watched the NFL until this come, but not anymore. I am exercising my right to watch them NO More. I hope my fellow Veterans will join me in this. Make America Strong by uniting.

    • Inkpad says:

      They should have saved thier protesting for the rite time and place not during your over paid job that only lasts a few months out of the year anyway

    • Ken says:

      I will go to a circus or a zoo if I want to see trained animals anymore!! Colon KrapperDick is doing doing on the field what it does best in the locker room shower!! Practice makes purfect!!

  41. turbot says:

    the NFL viewership is down because of concussions and CTE.

  42. David says:

    Looks like that bunch of squatters better update their resume !

  43. jim apple says:

    I guess the N.F.L. want to let the thugs run the N.F.L. until the teams grows some balls and start fineing the kneelers there season will be worst than last years. less ticket sales and people watching the games.

  44. Secora says:

    NFL you have gotten just what you deserve can’t wait to see all these lowlife players out on the street Conner with their cardboard sing saying they will work for food when all their money is gone and they had a free ride in college and didn’t bother to learn how to read

  45. Nick says:

    They can have the BLM Bowl.

  46. Ken Senzig says:

    If these court jesters were playing in my backyard, I would PULL THE DRAPES!

  47. Ray says:

    I have not watched a NFL game since Kaepernick started his bull. And what is really bad, I had been a 49er fan since I can remember, and I am 70 years old now. I say to NFL, go to hell.
    They remind me of Jane Fonda and John Kerry days which I can stand either. My training was to show respect and chances are you will get respect.

    • Tom says:

      Kapercorn needs to help his brothers change their behavior in Chicago if he really cares.

      Kapercorn, like Obama and Rahm don’t care and are really atraid to face anyone in Chicago, they let it go too long and too many are dead or wounded by their own kind.

      Kapercorn and Barry punish police what about blacks in Chicago, their numbers of KIA are staggering.

      I care, I wish they did.

  48. Donaldo says:

    I was a football addict but after that a$$ disrespected our flag and vets and country I haven’t watched a game in 3 years. Also right now am wearing out my last pair of Nike’s. Wish I new what other companies advertise on nfl games.

  49. Leo says:

    Well NFL you have your kneeling live whit it. I believe there’s a lot of Americans out here that aren’t so so dumb after all. My family, friends, & I will never watch NFL as long as I live. & never buy Nike again. It’s disgusting.

  50. I am a vet. and I will not watch the NFL and I will not buy any thing made by the sponsors.

    • Brad says:

      I am with you! Trump is doing a great job following through with all of his economic and international promised land. You look at every statistic that means anything to our economy and it is all good. Certainly light years better than the last eight with that moron Obama in there. However, what has happened to the people in this country. Does the app delete in all different farms where heroes to me. Hi, my little league coach was a hero to me. It is impossible nowadays to take any of these whiny spoiled professional athletes seriously. Also, shame on Harvard . What in the Lords name did that crybaby Kempernick do to better this country in anyway. I just sent my twin 18-year-olds to a university California. You would not believe the number of programs and grants and free bees there are for anyone that isn’t a middle-class White student. I guess my boys will have to find some way to get into the LBGT-AEIOU and sometimes Y Community. It’s going to take a while four things to come around to where White Lives Matter. These millennial’s don’t care about heroes anyway. Why would they, they are entitled to what ever they want when ever they want it.

  51. G says:

    When did entertainment take over our lives? Isn’t there anything to do besides watch Hollywood movies, mindless sitcoms and so called reality TV? I have been going to church more, spending time working in my yard and working on my vehicles. I’m more productive at work, have more time for my children and exercise more. I haven’t completely gotten away from TV but maybe soon. I for sure won’t be watching any spoiled brat men children playing a game making millions of dollars while kneeling during the national anthem. My Father was memorialized in the national cemetery with a 21 gun salute, it was the proudest moment of my life, I guess some people don’t appreciate that some gave all for this country.

  52. Ron Armstrong says:


  53. krymson says:

    The NFL has mishandled this situation and is now suffering from the actions of a few disgruntled, spoiled prima donnas. With College Football, the Baseball playoffs, and NASCAR at our beck-and-call, there are dozens of options each week other than the NFL. I have divorced myself from NIKE, because of their choosing Colin for their latest ad campaign. I have an Alabama cap I was going to wear yesterday, but left it in the car when I saw the NIKE “Check Mark” on the side. My wife suggested that I draw a circle with a slash across the NIKE emblem so I can still support my team. I will do that.

  54. The NFL lost me a long time ago with their Kaepernick fiasco. Now it’s college sports for me, particularly college hockey. The NFL and their sponsors are gone the way of the dodo bird.

  55. Sharon Long says:

    I not only will not watch ANY nfl games but will also continue boycotting AND AND ALL SPONSORS OF ANY OF THESE teams.

    • Rowdy says:

      Not only have I totally stopped watching football games, I have stopped watching any sports on TV. Have never went to a game and never will. Instead I like getting my family out into nature or going to the local swimming pool or just have a friendly neighbor hood or family cook out with out the distraction of some overpaid ball players. I know that if it was not for the American people these ball players would have nothing. All we need to do is focus our attention and money on other things and it will not take long for the so called professional sports to cave in and the over paid and pampered ball players will be out of work and broke. Then they can learn to work at a real job and find out how hard it is to survive in todays world of left wing nut case’s being all around you spitting their vial crap all over the place.

      • Charles Thurman says:

        Rowdy, Im with you NOW we need to, NO, NOW we MUST, motivate like minded people to go VOTE in the mid term elections or else, IF we dont get off our duffs and VOTE and bring others to VOTE next month, we will lose more than football, we will lose our country to the leftist commies

  56. vernon lindblade says:

    Are you ready for some footbol???? Been watching soccer, college ball, racing, even golf …. No more NFL for this house !!!!!

    • August says:

      I never watch sports anyway but that’s not the point.
      Verifying patriotic GOP Christian fanatics twisting the truth as usual.
      It was never about disgracing the National anthem or flag but protesting racist police brutality.
      White supermacist ropaganda machine just trying to blur the disgraceful and embarrassing truth.

      • Charles Thurman says:

        August get back in your hole, drink some more SOROS kool aid

      • All white people or Republicans are racist, right August? But black people are not, right August? Well that B.S doesn’t work anymore. Time to find another excuse to use because ya”ll can’t or won’t accept responsibility for ya”ll actions.. I will never watch or purchase anything NFL OR NBA again ever. I hope both leagues go bankrupt.

  57. Michael Waite says:

    You get what you deserve when you let the criminals run the league. I will never watch another NFL game norsupport any team or Nike .

    • Jose says:

      Foodball used to be my favorite sport. I never missed a game . But not any more since they refused
      to respect the American Flag. As far as I am concern, they should all move to North Korea and play their
      foolsball there.

  58. K says:

    I hope the Unpatriotic NFL org & players go down in flames. My home, we have not watched a single pro game since Kaepernick began his attack against America & especially against law enforcement.
    I hope the org goes broke, and the overpaid thugs, referred to as players, lose their high dollar contracts. In their simple minds, that will never happen – “they play America’s sport”.
    Well, news alert, it can happen & I pray it does. Perhaps if they suffer what they deserve, the next loser who begins a political ploy during a sporting event will think twice before they ruin themselves, their teammates & their organization as a whole.

  59. Paul says:

    Vietnam Vet not interested in watching high priced ninnies play a sport while insulting the greatest country ever. We have problems but we address them. Freedom isn’t free.

  60. Bing says:

    You can put it all on the back of Goodell and some of the owners.. it says in the Bylaws that under no circumstances will a player or players use any NFL venue for the purposes of their political views. FINED AND SUSPENSED indefinitely. All they had to do was enforce it. I know I was in those Monday meetings the week of the opener.when the league officials came to tell us what we could or could not do.

    • lee meadows says:

      the balless owners could told the thugs you are my employees do you protesting off the field not on tv when i,m paying you to put on a show. But being as they are all libtards now they will pay dearly. this has gone way beyond a few pissed fans at this point.the only owner that bucked the nfl libtard owners loosers is now watch the chips fall as they may.add on some new unemployment lines , the end is near

  61. Clarence W says:

    The network’s and the NFL should charge the players the same as corporate sponsers for advertising there protests $250,000.00 per each kneading player or coach.

  62. jake says:

    Someone needs to come up with a list of NFL sponsors so we can stop buying their products if we want. I haven’t watched since this started so I’m not up to it.

  63. Tj says:

    NFL-no fans left. Blm Bowl like movement. They can all go to hell !!

    • Shecky says:

      Amen…I won’t even go into a bar or restaurant that’s playing a game. If they turn it on while I’m there, I tell the waiter I’m offended and if they don’t turn it off I will leave immediately.

  64. John gifford says:

    Have not whatch for 3 years. Army vet Don’t every expect to return to it either.

  65. Canceled my Sunday ticket last year. Was a Sunday ticket subscriber since it came out, but no more. Have lost interest in watching these ingrates. To make the money that they command and then act as if they are treated unfairly is incomprehensible. It is rather simple to avoid being shot by the police. First do not commit a crime. Second if you are suspected of having committed a crime and you are told to halt by a police officer then halt. The police are not supposed to allow you to run away that is not in their job description. Should you feel you are not happy with this great country you are free to leave it at any time. Last time I checked flights to any country are available about every half an hour

    • Ted Carbone says:

      I agree William I also canceled my football channel. There is a systemic problem with black crime, they don’t understand the court is the place for guilt or innocence. They try to do it on the street by arguing or refusal to comply or even running.

  66. BETSY HINES says:


  67. Earl says:

    Have not watched the NFL for years. Boycott the NFL.

  68. mike6080 says:

    time for some big pay cuts starting at the top with goodell and working all the way down , say 50% to start

  69. JUHN HINES says:


  70. Stephen Russell says:

    Go Soccer, hooray & college games, Yes.

  71. Sandra Haddock says:

    I will not support any identity that is anti-American. It was hard for the first year and a half, but this year is easier to skip watching or supporting anything related to the nfl (not-for-long). I live in a city that has an nfl team and yet this past weekend our local flea market was more crowded than ever! I asked a few people if they usually come here, and all but 2 said that they were away or avoiding nfl games on TV. This is great for flea markets! It’s also great for family time playing croquet, games, outings, or socializing. I love the way the protests are going….bring it on!

  72. Anthony says:

    I am not sorry for the teammates who respect the flag. I blame them for not getting the others in line. They should handle it among themselves. Hey, buddy you are cost the league and eventually all of us money. Get in line or get off the team. Protest on your own time. Not on my or this team’s time.

    • Nashoba Losa says:

      Good for you Anthony. Someone finally said it. Way to go. Peer pressure is powerful and effective, just like in the military. I remember that we gave a few “blanket parties” while in Basic and AIT back in ’69-70. Guys kept screwing up and getting the rest of us punished for their actions, we caught them in bed, threw a blanket over them to hold them down, and beat the crap out of them with bars of soap in our socks, just like in Full Metal Jacket. We also gave a couple of them showers where we used those terrible hard bristle brushes and that old yellow lye soap to scrub them down because they refused to bathe daily. That worked, too. Bad behavior and sub-par performances disappeared after those remedies were applied. It will work on a different level in the NFL, but it would be effective just as well.

  73. Old Pioneer says:

    Have these wussified crybabies go to Afghanistan, Iraq or where ever we have troops and have them do medic duties for injured or dead Military persons!! The NFL is DEAD in this familys Home!!!

  74. Bunny Jonker says:

    I love the Cowboys especially when they play the Giants .I would watch it with my dad & brother’s but we have no interest anymore.SPORTS IS Sports & POLITICS IS POLITICS. THEY DON’T GO TOGETHER.

  75. Earl says:

    Have not watched the NFL for years. NFL is worthless. Boycott the NFL.

  76. Gerry says:

    Have not watched a single game since kaeper-jerkoff started his BS phony antics and I will continue not to watch any nfl . There are plenty of other programs to watch or other things to do. Farewell nfl — you were the cause of your own demise.

  77. BONNIE BARTROM says:

    It’s the team. The Packers have no problem.

    • Gerry says:

      Yes they do Bonnie — Rodgers isn’t helping anything opening his big mouth .

    • Nick says:

      Didn’t the packers just create their own flag on the field? Screw the packers and screw the NFL and sponsors. Haven’t watched a game in 4 yrs and now drink Heineken. Screw Budweiser too

  78. Rob says:

    Shut it down
    I don’t care about football anymore.
    Disrespect my flag and our veterans you can go to hell

  79. Robert says:

    Unpatriotic NFL millionaires are “losers” – they are hurting their image by protesting on “company time” – what employer would tolerate an employee who is damaging not only the the employer’s image – but is doing it on “company time” – and still expect to be paid exorbitant salaries to maintain their outrageous lifestyle – they need to be “canned” – not only for being unpatriotic – also because they are a liability and detrimental to their employer’s “bottom line” – How much longer can they be kept on the payroll – REALITY IS TRUTH – TRUTH IS REALITY – Wake UP !

  80. Hollywood, I hear, is subsidized by our taxes. If this is true about the NFL also, they can survive low fan base, low game attendance, low TV rating. I will try to have subsided failing companies taken off our backs (pockets)

  81. Dianna says:

    stop supporting companies that advertise during games! hit owners were it hurts – THEIR BOTTOM LINE! people spend your money on other things. teach your children & grandchildren to respect the National Anthem, United States Flag, military personnel, law enforcement officers. People are willing to die to get into this country to live & prosper but many Americans are ungrateful for sacrifices our ancestors made to make this country great! God bless America! God bless President Trump, God bless Vice President Trump, God bless all country loving Americans!d

    • seastar says:

      oops should be Vice President Pence maybe .

    • russell remmert says:

      amen and a great vice President and family

    • I do not watch the nfl programming any more. I have a limited knowledge of whom the sponsors may be. If I see a printed or a graphic display, that alerts me as to what not to support. That goes for the store also. Some advertising is across venues and I have no positive choice. Bring back collage requirements beyond the football classes and they may better appreciate this country. If they commit a crime of any sort, its out the door. Forever

    • Cuong N says:

      We have to respect our flag first at all. If not what kind of people we are?
      We have to pay respect to many men and women who died for you to have the happy life to day.
      If you don’i, please get out of the field. Sport does’nt mean playing with your own will and rule that why we must have referee.
      I never pay to watch the game with jungle rule .
      God bless America

  82. Art Ward says:

    The NFL has become an embarrassment to much of the World … the billionaire owners have hidden out during the ugly meltdown of this once great sport. What a bunch of clowns … could they not do something beside just hiding out? I firmly believe that the best days of the NFL are forever behind us. I cannot think of a single owner that has stepped forward and used the meltdown to reset the NFL goofy stance on how they deal with crisis-class issues. For once, I am glad I am not a member of this weak group of owners.

  83. BajaRon says:

    I feel sorry for the majority of NFL players who do respect America and those who work hard to make America great.

    But they don’t call it a ‘Team Sport’ for nothing. And as individuals so, so goes the team. They are all in it together and I can no longer support people who want to destroy this nation (and get paid exorbitant amounts of money while doing so, by the way).

  84. Mike says:

    G what did they think was going to happen? Not everybody in the country are drones. The country has problems but disrespecting the flag should not be one of them.

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