The Oregon Governor just tried to outdo the Oakland Mayor by defying Trump

President Trump announced that he wants to send members of the National Guard to secure our southern border.

Democrat “resisters” have cried foul.

And now the Oregon governor just made a fool of herself with this tweet.

According to the Associated Press, the governors of Arizona, New Mexico, and Texas have all supported Trump’s decision to secure the border.

In other words, states that share a border with Mexico (and aren’t ruining themselves by becoming a sanctuary state like California) support Trump’s plan.

But not everyone’s on board.

Oregon Governor Kate Brown (D) lashed out against securing the border on Twitter.

The Associated Press reports:

Democratic Gov. Kate Brown of Oregon said she would not send troops if asked because she is “deeply troubled by Trump’s plan to militarize our border.”

Montana Gov. Steve Bullock, a Democrat, said he would never deploy National Guard troops “based simply on the whim of the President’s morning Twitter habit.”

A fifth-generation Arizona rancher who is an outspoken supporter of Trump’s border wall said he was “absolutely elated” by the president’s National Guard deployment plans.

Kate Brown is one of the most liberal governors in the country and Oregon is a “sanctuary state.”

Democrat politicians are jumping on the “Resistance” bandwagon.

They think they can raise their national profile – and possibly make a run at the White House by defying Trump.

But they are only proving they care more about illegal immigrants than the American citizens in their own states.


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149 Responses

  1. FEDUP365 says:

    The only thing that STUPID TWAT LEZBO represents is her bank account, Thank God we have the chance to throw her scrawny ass to the wolves next month. Get out and VOTE for a change not saying Knute Bueller is going to be much better but we already know what katie brownstains is all about and it ain’t good. Kick that bitch to the CURB. Just wished she would be taking the STUPID DUMBASS mayor of Portland with her.

  2. Mikey says:

    She needs to be wearing bracelets and sharing a cell with Governor Moonbeam.

    • Francis says:

      Bet they are first and second in line waiting with their hands out for food stamp and any thing else they can get if no respect for the president then send all aid back to the govt get along on your own.

    • Inkpad says:

      Hey Kate there’s a wave coming to MAGA and I for 1 will be leading the wave here in Oregon to wash your ignorant ass right out of office pull up your big girl panties because this is going to be your last ride on my tax $$$$

      • FEDUP365 says:

        AMEN a 1000 times, GET OUT AND VOTE.

        • One Marine says:

          AMEN…! AMEN…! AMEN…! it is HIGH TIME the American People got completely rid of those “totally incapable” Mayors… and Governors… who think they know what is best for the REST OF US! (that’s us… and the U.S.!). With people like this at the helm of our United States, it is NO WONDER we have so many STUPID PEOPLE in the “Senate” and in the “House”. It is time to purge the losers… and replace them with solid winners~!

    • Jerry Hampton says:

      I will second that motion. Defying the president should not be an option for any officeholder. The only thing these Democrats want is voters to keep them in office. They will break the law and defy the president to do so. It is time that the justice department indicted all these who are breaking the law with sanctuary cities and voters who are not citizens and send them to prison.


  4. BRANDY says:


  5. Robert D Dukes says:

    The military is designed so that the Guard a d Reservesm are go be the first wave while the regular Army gets up to speed up to 90 days..the build up in 42 set the stage for the Regulars to be at full strength at all times and the Guard as backup. Captain USAR.

  6. BOBBI says:

    Where was the fuss when Obama put the National Guard at border.????These democrats are acting like they are on crack. They are soooooo unreasonable….. Arrest these nuts for treason and end this madness. President Trump must take action, these crazies are running all over him and his supporters. 60 million plus citizens must stand up and let these loudmouth idiots know that we are done with this bs. I think they have pushed us enough. Everything they do is disgusting, insulting to true Americans and they get away with it. Whoever thought a group of kids would be telling us adults that they are taking over and running the country. Not while I am alive. Think they are going to take my guns, lots of luck. Bring it on……..

  7. Jesse says:

    Just like that MORON MOONBEAM this twit Should be charged with every crime ILLEGALS in her state commit. Trump should have her and every Sanctuary IDIOT arrested and charged with TREASON. Once they are convicted ship them to Gitmo to await either a bullet or a noose.

  8. kurtis. says:

    People you don’t need a wall, if the government stop giving the illegals free medical, food stamps, government housing, letter their children go to school here. Then theirs no reason for them to come . fine companies $25.000 for each illegal they employ. why does American citizens have to pay for health care when illegals get it free. health care would only cost $ 75 per person with $1000 deductible single $2,500. a family a year $ 25 coal pay doctor visit. $7 for generic med. state taxes could be lower then even federal taxes. college cost would drop by 35 percent. look how American boomed in the sixties . they didn’t get all those hand outs then ,nor could their children go to our school. military guards should be placed at all voting polls. that would stop the cheating problem . The real cost for illegals each year is $753 billion a year . that’s more than med care an social security.

    • Erich says:

      Been saying exactly what you said for years, but nobody listens. They would self deport if we take away all the free stuff they get. They should also put a $20 fee on top of every $100 wire going to Mexico. Wouldn’t need a wall if we just take away free stuff, and fine and jail any business hiring an illegal.

  9. Bruce says:

    Kate Brown must be Jerry Brown’s sister! Both states have left-wing liberal loons for Governors and they should be removed from office! Poor people of Oregon and California get these loony birds for Governors!!!

    • Robert D Dukes says:

      Don’t forget Washington State he just signed to keep law enforcement to not cooperate on illegals

    • Erich says:

      The lefty and illegals voted them into office. They aren’t poor. They’re stupid. Forrest Gump looks like a genius when compared to these buffoons. Then they have the audacity to complain about higher taxes…

  10. Nora Johnson says:

    She is just posturing. Yes, she is in charge of the Oregon National Guard on day to day basis. And she has the authority to call them out for State emergencies. But the President can federalize them and the then they fall under his command. But it is not likely the President will even bother with the Oregon guard. And their boarder is not currently in danger.

  11. Nancy says:

    I can almost identify a Democrat by their appearance now they don’t even look like they’re playing with a full deck of cards which they aren’t ????did I mention Oregon is where California’s rejects go – need I say more????

  12. One has to consider the duel role and status of the State National guard. For State domestic issues stemming from natural disasters or local emergencies the Governor is the Commander of the State’s National Guard. But the Governor will find that if he chooses to do so the President has the authority to federalize the States National guard and use the for federal missions. The President is then their Commander – in – Chief as he is for all the armed forces of the United States. But he should have more than enough troops from Arizona, New Mexico, and Texas for him to bother with Oregon. While he is at he should send in federal troop to clear out that drug cartel investing a national park in Arizona. It is not safe for American citizens to even visit there.

  13. Why is it that we even listen to this crap from fellow Americans? I’ts our congress that is letting us down.They have lost sight of the reason that they’re in congress. DO WHAT’S RIGHT FOR THE COUNTRY AND STOP TRYING TO FEATHER THEIR OWN NEST.

  14. Donel says:

    This Brown must be related to the other Brown, both Browns are going Down.

  15. michael says:

    finally someone doing the right thing!!

  16. jim says:

    Lets send all illegals to Oregon, and let Brown take them home with her, and care for them

  17. jim says:

    What does National Guard mean????? Guard the nation . we have stupid people running this country, no wonder it all screwed up. send the Guard, Vets, and anyone who will walk the borders, Hell, I’ll go, and I’m 70 years old

    • Robert D Dukes says:

      The military is designed so that the Guard a d Reservesm are go be the first wave while the regular Army gets up to speed up to 90 days..the build up in 42 set the stage for the Regulars to be at full strength at all times and the Guard as backup. Captain USAR.

  18. Lawrence Bell says:

    All I can say about the state of our country and states like mine (california) that are clearly violating the constitution of the United states is this. OUR FOUNDING FATHERS WOULD BE SHOOTING BY NOW!!!. we have no vote here in california because of the demacratic crime syndicate and billionaire tech traitors. The communits’ running this and other communist states have zero intention of giving power and control back to the people. Therefore it’s our duty to arm up stand up and take back what is ours by force they have left us with no other choice period. Arrest and put these traitors on trial in public and if found guilty either put them in prison or hang them ( yes hang them they do not deserve a bullet or injection or gas or electricity) and without question seize all their assets and sell them at auction and return the money they have stolen and squandered while they have been in office to the citizens of the state’s then the citizens of the United states.

  19. Paul Lamothe says:

    It seems like to be a Democrat you have to be a Douchbag or a Scumbag . It’s no longer a political party it’s an Ilness !

  20. Mellon says:

    Just Look at Her…..You know Right away She’s a Sick Dem…!!!

  21. george shores says:

    i just pulled up her picture, and indeed. if you remove her hair, and glasses, she does indeed look like Moonbeam Brown, is her name Brown too? OMG

  22. george shores says:

    hey, if she don’t want to send in the national guard< then Trump can send in the Military, for national security! see how she likes that!

  23. Mike H says:

    I can’t believe there’s actually a dumbass That would vote to keep the country unsafe.Brown needs to go before she turns the state into California.Or worse Mexico.

  24. Wayne says:

    One more thing, remove their voice and vote from our Federal Government.

  25. Wayne says:

    They don’t want honor our Federal Government laws and rules. Take away their Federal Funds. If the Federal Government owes them money, it just went to zero balance. A large percentage of their fresh water comes from other States, put a tariff on it to benefit the State it comes from. Discharge all Guard and Reservists unless they are willing to move to another State. Close all their military bases. Stop FDIC to all their banks. Basically leave them to them on their own. They don’t want to work with the rest of the country, let them try and make it alone.

  26. Thomas Goss says:

    SCREW this bitch and moonbeam brown and ALL the ASSHOLES on the west coast who vote for these ASSHOLES.

    • Aline says:

      Hey Thomas, I didn’t read this article, since I’m really tired of retarded demoCRAPIC jerks, but is she related to jerry, the jackass from California? If you take the hair away, she looks just like him! Nothing to be proud about!

  27. Frank says:

    Lets get the wall up and put a MINE FIELD in front of the wall also !!!!!!

  28. Gwyllm says:

    A traitor to her country and her Oath of Office…prison!

    • Jerry says:

      The illegals coming in should be shipped to Oakland and Oregon, and moonbeam Gov. Brown’s Ranch. Brown owns the most expensive piece of land in CA. It would be nice for him to share that with the illegals he loves so much.

  29. MARK says:


  30. Gideon Rockwell says:

    These states that chose to defy our laws and Constitution need to be cut off completely. Cut off all funding, aid and assets. Kalifornia and Oregon have gone rogue. For every bad deed there are penalties. Let them go it alone.

    • Jimmy Tucker says:

      Gideon, just look and read what the Jew,s are doing at their boarder the last week or so. You get near the line, you get yo ass shot by a sniper or others.We could do the same if we had the balls .These people running these states should be brought before a court of the people and judged.

  31. Peter Klopfenstein says:

    The Gov of Oregon is a foul traitor as is Gov Brown of California. This definac ewill lead to war but it enable the traitors to be arrested and be put on trial finally

  32. Cyrie says:

    Brown cares more about the illegals Iin her state than the veterans, the elderly, the homeless, the drug addicts dying on the street and the drug epidemic in the state. She’ll shield judges who turn known criminal illegals out through the back door to avoid ice and child killer illegal go free with no penalty or deportation. Why are Oregonians paying her salary? Send her and California’s Brown to Mexico if their people deserve south more than the American tax payers. She’s a disgrace but then and again Oregon has had a sick history of crooked politicians.

  33. CrustyOldGeezer says:

    A dozen or so Mayors, a half dozen governors and assorted judges all at the Carribean resort and water spa that is Guantanamo Bay Naval Base.

    All facing Military Tribunals for TREASON and acting as foreign agents attempting to undermine and overthrow a LAWFULLY ELECTED Administration….

    The would be a blizzard of resignation letters throughout the nations capitals and all the flights to non-extradition countries and America would be safe for a thousand years!

    • Nancy says:

      Don’t forget Obama and his Muslim Regime, and Killary who committed treason by supplying our enemy with weapons. I believe President Trump knows exactly what he is doing, and all of these people will pay dearly for corrupting our government for decades by Communist. I can’t wait to see what the infantile, leftist will do then. They threw a non-stop tantrum for a year, still bawling because President Trump was elected, still trying to find one little thing that will get him impeached, and overlooking everything that has been turned up about Killary and BO colluding with Russia to obtain information against Trump. Unbelievable, do they honestly believe the majority of Americans believe their propaganda? Only the “USEFUL IDIOTS” the Alinsky followers, and thank the Good Lord there are not as many of them as they think!

    • Captain O says:

      Brown doesn’t give two $#its and a crap about us Vietnam-era veterans. This self-serving bItc# has to go.

    • Lawr Le says:

      That would be like a breath of fresh air! And I would warm up my popcorn popper and sit back and enjoy seeing all of them swinging from the gallows on the end of a rope. Sweet!!

    • Jimmy Tucker says:

      Crusty, I agree with you all the way.But, did not Obama the black guy close down that base,? He said he would.

  34. TooLateNow says:

    The last time the country was this divided was 1860. The Confederates fired on Fort Sumter to start the American Civil War. I wonder which side will fire on the other, first.
    I fully agree with the troops on the Mexican border; however, they should be armed to protect themselves. Don’t forget that the unlawful migrant invasion is protected by ARMED coyotes, who will open fire on anything that gets in the way of their human or drug smuggling.

  35. Dell Hoffert says:

    Show of hands, how many of you are going to help get that pig out of office? Bi Bi two way

  36. Michael Houchins says:

    It’s a Title 10 vs Title 32 issue. In this cas the National Guard is being deployed to enforce Federal Law (Title 32) and are under command of the Governor. If deployed to defend the Border from foreign invasion, (National Defense and Title 10) the National Guard is under command of the President.

    • Captain O says:

      That’s the truth, and Governor Brown knows it. She’s blowing smoke up everyone’s @$$. The instant President Trump “federalizes” the National Guard to defend the nation’s borders, it is a “done deal” and there’s nothing she can do about it.

  37. Bob Hunt says:

    It would seem that the problem Governors are ultra liberal females!

  38. James says:

    Oragen will go keep the boarder safe for sure now. State guards in keeping the nation safe is under Federal order not a governor. That governor can be arrested for high treason.

  39. John A Smelik Sr says:

    I believe that all of these dumb asses should be locked up and treated like the trash that they are!

  40. Joseph says:

    I just cannot get over these asshole governors who r fightingour good President on everything he tries to do.I have never seen anything like this in my 76 years.These jerks ought to b in prison for what they r doing to this country.What the hell do u expect when we had Obama for 8 years and what he did to this country.Keep up the good work Mr. President,we r behind u all the way excluding the damn snowflakes.

    • Anne says:

      I am 78 and this is totally unprecidented in my experience. As a Vietnam Vet I have no intention of kowtowing to the Communist, NWO traitors. Make use of your 2nd Amendment , become legal gun owners, take the safety course and begin to perfect your firing skills at the nearest range. Both men and women have a duty to protect our God Iven right to keep and bear arms. Our Founding fathers knew this day would come. God Bless this Republic President Trump, Vice President Pence and their familied
      Keep America Free and Great forever.

      • Jimmy Tucker says:

        Anne, I had to answer your post. I want to think you for your Service to our Country, I am as you are a Vet also, USAF 55-62 and we are the same age. Mess with old guys and you will come out on the short end of the stick, if you want to come across our border come on, and you will have a very short life.

  41. Thomas Townsend II says:

    The politicians pushing sanctuary and putting illegal aliens above the lives; rights; and the safety of American Citizens should see the evidence of their stances, betrayals, and their insistence upon helping to disobey and abuse our laws and their political power to help keep terrorists, career criminals, rapists, and murderers (all well proven) in our country to do further harm; should face them 24 hours per day at every election until they and their political parties are so thoroughly humiliated and driven so deeply away from power that they will never be able to recover or to ever re-enter politics ever again. AKA “that they find their horrible treasonous stances (in my humble opinion) to be ‘Political Suicide’ for their careers in office and that of their fellow party members and most ardent backers and supporters”.

  42. Connie says:

    We all know the Dems want illegals, because all illegals will be Dems.
    They think this is the way to take over the country. WE WILL FIGHT!!

  43. Connie says:

    She’s a typical Dem. “Let’s give the whole country away”

  44. Dominic says:

    Yet another asshole like Moonbeam brown who will turn her state into another CA, which will soon be a 3rd world country. Nationalize her state guard & she can then keep her worthless trap shut.

  45. truckman says:

    These governors do not realize that President can deploy them without there ok by temporarily nationalize them

  46. Vincent Cane Jr says:


    • Peter W Wieckhorst says:

      Vincent: I can see by your response you have NEVER been in the service let alone the National Guard. The National Guard IS REAL ARMY. They are all veterans of the Active Military, and with all the deployment they do with the rest of the Army there isn’t any difference in their training, experience, or abilities. I have commanded troops in the Regular Army, the Active Reserve, and the National Guard and I can and do tell you that So do not under estimate any portion of the military; they are all equally capable, equipped and ready. The days of the Reserve and Guard getting hand me downs from the regular Army are long past.

    • John says:

      I agree ..with orders to shoot!

    • Robert D Dukes says:

      The real Army can not be used inside the USA for law enforcement. If you had an Education yo would know that

  47. shirley mclaughlin says:

    born in calif-1931, father, uncle, grandfather, with ties to Oregon and Idaho. other ties with the families of rose, norwood and maybe even some mclaughlin . all good people in two of the best states. they deserve a better governor. she is going to take the state and its people down just like “moonbeam” brown is doing to the state i live in. pray and work for the next election.

  48. Robert D Dukes says:

    Just remember who owns all the members of the Democrat party, the puppet Master himself George Soros.

    • Captain O says:

      Amen, brother, AMEN!

      • Vincent Cane Jr says:

        Trump should send SEALS AND MARINES not play army like national guard ….. they are weekend warriors not REAL ARMY….SEND IN REAL ARMY WHO THINK THEY ARE ABOVE THE LAW

        • Peter W Wieckhorst says:

          Vincent again I see you spouting off more product from the South end of a North bound bull. You not only don’t know what you are talking about you are either a fool or a liberal Troll trying to stir up trouble.

        • Robert D Dukes says:

          Go back to grade school the Guard is part of the real Army ask a member see how many Obama sent to war in his 8 years.

        • Anne says:

          They are great and well trained troops whose members were on active duty and are,totally equipped to take their skills to the border.

  49. Jim says:

    the democRATS are AMERICAS PUBLIC ENEMY NUMBER ONE These fing scumbags didnt have a problem with obama deploying the National Guard to our borders

  50. Put her in jail for violating the Law.

    • Peter W Wieckhorst says:

      At this point she is NOT violating the law. As a governor she is the commander of that state’s Guard troops. That is until the President Federalizes them or uses one of several laws that allow him to take command away from her then she is out of the loop completely. But should she then still try to prevent The President from taking command and control as the Commander in Chief, then she will be in violation of FEDERAL LAW and other steps can bee taken.

  51. newtdog says:

    Since this is a National Security issue, I would send in the Marines with orders to down anyone crossing the Border. Lets give our Border Agents some REAL help in doing their jobs. In about two weeks or less, we would NO LONGER have an illegal problem…..

    • Peter W Wieckhorst says:

      No, we can not do that. The best we can do is to give our troops a “Rule of Engagement” that would allow them to fire if and when fired upon. It is a Shty situation, but you must remember most of those people trying to cross are only civilian men. women, and children. And the US military doesn’t like to shoot civilians; it happens but they try to avoid doing so as much as possible.

  52. Jon (Jack) Slawik says:

    I’m an Oregonian and Kate Brown is an anti-American idiot. How dare she let her personal opinions put American citizens in peril! I’m also a Vietnam Vet who willingly went overseas because our president at the time, John Kennedy, a Democrat, ordered it. Wait till some illegal “invader” harms someone close to the governor’s or some other government official’s family. Suppose they’ll change their tune?

  53. mike says:

    Decades ago Oregon and Washington use to be wonderful states to live in. Then slowly the poison that is california moved North. Now we are blue states, with the heavy blue around the urban areas. Therefore we get politications like Katie elected. Mostly she ran on the Lesbian card. Nevermind she is dumber than a mud fence. Believing every problem can be fixed with a tax, and a regulation.

    • Bill says:

      Amen to your comment

      • David says:

        You are spot on, I am a native Oregonian, and have been for most of my life embarrassed by the fact. Last good Gov. Tom McCall. Best tag line: Keep Oregon Green, come enjoy, spend your money and go home. That was before the liberal hoard from California started the invasion in the 60’s. We’re now at a point here where the largest city, Portland, loves their slogan, “Keep Portland Weird”. Kate is a bi-sexual, and is married to a man while dallying for the other team. Which says a lot about commitment, character and judgment. While none of us are perfect, it’s interesting that our leaders see to be picked from the far end of the scale. I’m almost to the point of voting with my feet, as are many.

  54. JR says:

    IF, the DEPLORABLE, DISGRACEFUL, DISGUSTING, DISRESPECTFUL, DESPICABLE DEM-O-RATS, that they want their States over run by a bunch of DEPLORABLE , DISGRACEFUL , DISGUSTING ILLEGAL DREAMERS let them and what they will get in turn is a bunch of LOSER and LOW LIVES running for the AMERICAN PEOPLE and lose the state’s INFRASTRUCTURE… GO AHEAD YOU INSANE IDIOT’S … You’ll be come the laughing stock of the World…

    • sensrbtch says:

      is this brown another useless hippy brown as in JERI THE BROWNIE OF KALICK-I-FORNICATION? SHE IS JUST AS HOMLY,AND DULL LOOKING? ummm? hay brownie! you take in all the strays, and mandate everyone that votes for you too take in a coupla illegals. feed,water,train and make them citizens in the first year, or shut up! demoriods hate the American people!

    • Robert Dukes says:

      When these people move in they destroy and degrade every thing around them.I have a home in both Arizona and Washington.I am Arizona native raised near the boarder area now not safe to Washington I have clear 600 yard field of fire. Get away from ocean in both northern states and the people are great just that the big cities outnumber us,Cal is the same

  55. STEVE FLOWERS says:

    When will these so called ‘RESISTERS’ be arrested? They can’t supersede ‘FEDERAL LAW” They should be arrested for fraudulently not standing up to the OATH OF OFFICE that they SWORE under oath to ‘PROTECT THE CONSTITUTION AGAINST ALL ENEMIES, FOREIGN AND DOMESTIC’. An ILEGAL IS A ENEMY OF OUR CONSTITUUTION BY DISHONORING OUR COUNTRY. The DOJ must start arresting these people and I FOR DEMAND THAT GET ARRESTED. They have forfeited the right toi hold the office that they said they would!

    • Rick says:

      Same page and I know where to build the prison to hold all of them with low cost to the citizens they betrayed .

  56. Hayn y says:

    I would never have believed idiots could become governors

    • angryspittle says:

      Oh hell, there is plenty of evidence of that, just look at Texas………

    • Bill says:

      Name one Democrat governor that isn’t an idiot! Kate Brown is an American disgrace along with the other idiot Brown in Californication!

    • Robert D Dukes says:

      Both coast lines, remember more people live in Portland than the rest of the state the same can be said of Seattle and Washington State. I live part time in Lincoln county Washington the people living inland don’t like it.

  57. Larry says:

    Where the hell do these idiots come from? This is supposed to be OUR country, not someone who crossed the border illegally! I mean, how the heck can they be that damn stupid?

  58. William Rogers says:

    The National Guard is relieving the Border patrol of observation duties, freeing the agency to do their job on the border. The National Guard members are not being exposed to hazardous duty. Currently, only 400 troops are involved.

  59. ernaldo says:

    Leftist demotard women are automatically stupid, however why are they all so buttFukkingUgly?

  60. Rich says:

    I’ll go
    And I know alot others that will too
    Time to take our country back

  61. Margaret says:

    Any governor that does not agree with President Trumps Constitutional decision to send troops to guard “OUR” boarder should be arrested, prosecuted and hung for treason. They are nothing but communist pigs degrading “OUR” Constitution and “We The People”……………

  62. Ralph Green says:


  63. Roy says:

    Send all the illegel’s to them ,then see what they say

  64. Ron says:

    The fallacy of her statement that she’s the commander of the Oregon National Guard is that for them to mobilize to the border with Mexico, the President would have to Federalize the Oregon Guard and at that point she is no longer the commander of the Oregon Guard. The President is and she has nothing to say about it. If any members of the Oregon guard are of like mind with their governor and refuse to go they can be declarAbsent Without Leave and after 30 days be dropped from the rolls as a deserter. A UCMJ Article 86 violation –Failure to Repair–is a court martial offense and if found guilty they lose many of their rights as a citizen and also risk confinement in Ft Leavenworth military confinement facility which isn’t a walk in the park.

  65. Kimball Romney says:

    Let’s put them both in the same jail cell and they can play one-up-manship 24/7

  66. JOHN REDICAN says:

    She needs to be arrested if she does as she says. Put her in jail. “we the people” are tired of dealing with these backstabbing unamerican morons

    • Bill Wilson says:

      When the National Guard is placed under federal control the governor will no longer have a say whether Oregon guardsmen will be deployed to the border. When federalized guard units become part of the Army and are subject to the orders, rules, and regulations that govern the military. I strongly advise this misguided governor not to defy the president because she could end up in the iron bar Hilton.

  67. Al says:

    Wow. The dems aren’t on the side of the USA.

  68. Sandra Lee Smith says:

    It’s about time we get a POTUS who takes the job as described in the Constitution seriously; protecting the nation from invasion is 1 of the primary duties of the office! Doesn’t matter if the invaders are “soft” or militarized. Invasion is invasion. And if Congress won’t help, then too bad for Congress; but we need to stop this invasion of our nation, period!

  69. Mike H says:

    There are a lot of folks in Oregon .That do not want her in office. She was voted in from the Portland people because they have the most people to vote. Illegals etc. There are also plenty in California that would like all the liberals out. But they are heavily outnumbered.

  70. Dana says:

    I’ll go to sw and help bring my own stuff,including ammo and fire arms NO PROBLEMS,!

  71. Rick says:

    Amazing Oregon hires a dumbed down beaver who chooses to Duck the issue and openly
    demonstrates she is as un-American as all the illegals she protects.

    • Dana says:

      She is as anti American as they come maybe President Trump should increase the Wall to include calafornia,oregan and the other sanctied states open the gateway into cal. and org, But ask the normal ,constitutional supporters if they wish to join the rest of use if not well they maybe should learn the Mexican dialect of spanish

      • John says:

        Please dont put all people in sanctuary states in one basket. While we are currently the minority, we will never give in to these people! Unfortunately we are anchored here by family! Im talking about my wife and the grand children.
        We need the feds to step in and monitor the elections here as millions of illrgals now vote in our state. This has to happen for the legal citizens to win an election! You can help by emailing the President!

        • Nancy Anderson says:

          I agree with you. I have family in CA., and they own homes, have relations living there. They would find it very difficult to just pack up and leave. I think we should put ICE at EVERY voting poll. In ICE uniform. I would bet that a whole lot of those ILLEGAL voters would think twice about approaching the polls at all. They should also ask for green cards, or some kind of I.D. from everyone who wants to enter. The liberals would scream bloody murder about “rights”, but at this point, who gives a rats behind what the liberals think.

      • Bill says:

        Wait a minute, there are 36 counties in Oregon and 5 in the Portland area that control the state and we are sick and tired of these communists destroying our state!

  72. Mike H says:

    Vote her out of office. Before it’s too late.

  73. Mike says:

    Maybe we should dump all the illegals that are caught in these sanctuary cities and states and let them deal with the problem!
    They seem to love them so much, let them have them!

    As far as the survey question. Yes! Absolutely I support placing the NG at the border on one condition. That they arm the soldiers. If nothing more than for their own protection.
    If Trump doesn’t want to arm them, keep them at home.

  74. Raymond Martucci says:

    Maybe she needs to see all of these illegals going on to her property demanding she give up her home to them. This skank needs to go she’s doing all of this for votes. Since she is looking out for these illegals she can take them into her home

    • Jim says:

      “…If @realDonaldTrump asks me to deploy Oregon Guard troops to the Mexico border, I’ll say no. As Commander of Oregon’s Guard, I’m deeply troubled by Trump’s plan to militarize our border…”

      The problem here is this . . . once the the President makes the declaration, the National Guard become federalized . . . and thus under HIS control, NOT ANY GOVERNOR ! ! ! So, say whatever you want Gov. Brown . . . you will lose this fight ! ! !

  1. December 12, 2018

    […] we previously reported, she went on a Twitter tirade when President Trump asked states to deploy the National Guard to the […]

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