The one truth Robert Mueller feared the most is about to be revealed

The day of reckoning for the Democrats and Robert Mueller is at hand.

The American people finally will get their hands on the Mueller report.

And everyone is going to learn the one truth Mueller tried to hide.

Attorney General William Barr announced he was releasing a redacted version of the Mueller report on Thursday morning.

Breitbart reports:

The Justice Department said Monday that it plans to release a redacted version of special counsel Robert Mueller’s report this Thursday on alleged collusion between the 2016 Trump campaign and Russia.

The announcement comes after Attorney General William Barr testified before Senate lawmakers last week that the highly-anticipated report would be released “next week.”

Barr wrote Congressional leaders last month with the special counsel’s “principal conclusions,” revealing that Team Mueller concluded that the Trump campaign did not collude with Russia.

Barr also said that Mueller did not reach a conclusion on whether President Trump obstructed justice, stating that he and Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein determined that the president had not done so.

Justice Department spokesperson Kerri Kupec said the redacted report would be given to Congress and also made available to the public.

The fake news media won’t be able to spin the report or try and hype up developments in the case.

Mueller’s findings will be laid bare for the American people to see.

And that is the last thing the anti-Trump forces in Washington want.

The American people will finally get to see for themselves that there was no collusion with Russia and that Mueller did not have a criminal case for obstruction of justice.

That will finally lift the cloud of impeachment or criminal investigation from over the White House that was manufactured by the Deep State and the fake news media.


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52 Responses

  1. a fool says:

    Mueller has nothing to use that could incriminate President Trump! President Trump
    could never be that STUPID to get involved with anything that is ILLEGAL!

  2. Tony says:

    The only person who voted no on this issue is Maxine Waters, and we all agree she should be terminated as well.

  3. Martin Stewart says:

    Communism step 1 Disarm. Step 2 Own their health care…….Step 3 Income equality…..
    Step 3.2 confiscation. Step 4 Showers.

  4. XYZ says:

    would IF this is reverse propaganda? what if this report has something BIG in it and will cause a huge uprise among the people?

    • Murphy says:

      Will not happen!! Barr gave the gist of the truth without offering am explanation!! But since he was huddling with mueller, this comes out of Mueller’s mouth!! You lost!!!

    • J says:

      What if a frog had wings? He wouldn’t bump his a$$ so much, would he?

      The only reason the demoscum wants the complete report is to glean ANYTHING possible to try and save their disgusting faces. They, and their lemming propaganda puppets, will take excerpts and statements
      from the report and use them completely out of context and exclaim they have the proof. They are all lower that shark excrement and are a desperate bunch of scum.


      • Gary Von Neida says:

        Valid point about editing the story to fit the demon crat’s agenda.

      • Wondering Woman says:

        Think these demoscum (like your spelling, it is so descriptive) are worried about losing more than face! Remember Hillary’s wail when the one asking the questions of the candidates asked Hillary a question she did not receive the answer to prior to the debate. Her not knowing the answer to the question shocked her into realizing she could lose the nomination to Trump, an OUTSIDER!
        IMO, she was so shocked and scared she actually blurted out the truth: “We’ll all be swinging from the gallows if that f…ing
        b…..d wins”!
        Read this carefully and analyze what she said in frightened shock – and it tells you why these crooked, corrupt traitors are working so hard to destroy Outsider President Trump before he can destroy the one world global government, aka the new world, these traitors have been working hand in hand with to destroy this nation (the last holdout against the new world order) – from within!
        Hillary, in her fright, is telling us the truth that she and all of those included in her “we’ll all” are well aware they have been committing treason against this nation and we the people for many decades and it also tells us they all know the penalty for treason is capital punishment!

        • Pat says:


        • J says:

          One can only hope that Barr will do his job and investigate the real criminals who perpetuated this farce. He has a huge obstacle in front of him with the co-conspirators in the DOJ, State Department, FBI and many from the Oscumma regime.

          If he can get through those and find out the real truth, they should ALL be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. The nooses should be made out of very high quality hemp rope.

          • Ralph Karr Jr says:

            What ever you do don’t use hemp rope because the liberal democrats will smoke it all up before the Job gets done! That’s a FACT OF HISTORY !!! Their all POT HEADS!!!

        • Kathleen says:

          The real.truth come out now that this witch hunt has end .yet the demoncrats have already begun spinning their next litany of lies to keep their brain washing ongoing.

  5. Mike Flanagan says:

    Time to invistigate Hillary & Obama for obstruction.

    • Gary Von Neida says:

      Investigate Hillary & Obama over the URANIUM ONE private sale of Uranium ($145,000,000.00 into the coffers of the Clinton Foundation(s) ) amounting to 20% of America’s supply.

      • Wondering Woman says:

        Why leave out Rod Rosenstein, Robert Mueller. and all the others involved in the Uranium One? Bet you will find Dirty Harry Reid, his son & son in law, Hillary & Bill Clinton are invovled in it. Bet if you research on the Bundy & Hammond & other western ranchers put harassed and put out or business by the federal government, you will find a lot more DSE dems
        involved. Seem to recall that when Lavoy Finicum was killed in the Burns, Oregon ambush – speculation was that orders for that ambush came directly from the WH from Obama & Jarrett!
        Looking into that can or worms will probably reveal looting of more natural resources than the uranium and money from all of it went into the Clinton Foundation and was laundered out into the coffers of worms that have now been elevated to snakes and adds a couple more rogue federal agencies not to be trusted like the EPA which was working hand in hand with them and also the BLM which was working our of the Dept. of the Interior, and which was said to not even be an American agency, but British owned!

  6. Camillus Mourice says:

    I agree what everyone is saying about witch hunt, and Would like to see those who pushed for this investigation along with with the special council be tried in the open court and made to pay the money which has been wasted .

  7. LOU COLE says:

    I think the Republicans are also to blame. They sat on their hands when they had the opportunity to finally fix our immigration mess and come up with a good health plan. Instead they stood idle and let the Democrates do whatever they pleased. If the Republicans had vetted Mueller, they would have found how he and Comey messed up on the Anthrax investigation and they would have found Mueller’s part in the uranium one deal. Where were the Republican voice of protest when Mueller appointed a whole staff of Democrates who had attachments to Hillary and/or Obama?

    • Ibis says:

      IDK @LOU COLE the Mueller Investigation was started in such a way that tied Trump’s hands and if he vetted them or protested to Mueller choice of all democrat investigator, indeed ALL HILLARY PEOPLE in one way or another including contributions to her campaign and one guy who was at her non-victory party, then Trump gets accused of obstruction of justice – which as you can see was one of the bones of contention and was the very question that Mueller left unanswered. So for you to blame Republicans or imply that they just sat on their hands on this is I think very unfair. If they had objected as you are suggesting then Mueller’s Report would have been half different – Trump team not guilty of Russian collusion but YES guilty of Obstruction of Justice. Are you a democrat?

    • P Beauchamp says:

      Well said!!!

    • Martha says:

      I agree, there are Republicans that sat on their hands, when we had all three parts of the government.
      Congress Senate & the President. I think there were some that didn’t want us to be successful . I think they were traders to our country. now we are paying for it. The dirty Buggars . any way that is my way of thinking, right or wrong!

    • Ralph Karr Jr says:

      This is why I call the Republican Party or National Comtity the do nothing party ! Because Their so full of Rinanos and jelous and envious Congressman’s and Senators aganst the President! They are more and wors of a enemy than the liberal’s are! If these so called leaders were on the Presidents sid they would of nipped this Collusion crap in the bud two year’s ago!!!

  8. Sue says:

    Our Congress & Senators need to remember why they were chosen to represent the American people. Our representatives need to be held accountable. The American people are footing the bills incurred by our politicians so we have a right to know where our money is being spent. Every politician needs to make public their expense reports. Shouldn’t we know where are taxes are being spent ! The voters need to get a copy of our elected officials annual expense reports

    Sanction Cities are unacceptable Americans needs less taxes & expenses- No one has a right to give American hard earn dollars away without our consent…

    The American people need to take back their country, because the current elected staff are a disgrace.
    We definitely need term limits on public office.

    On a final note

    Nancy Please remember to take your medication. Your an embarrassment & You seriously
    Need to get your priorities straight
    Let me spell it out for You

    “. The American People. “

    Perhaps each one of us is to blame for the current nightmare. Americans don’t demand that their political representatives serve the American People. They have lost site of who is important, as Americans we expect other people to make decisions for us, we use the, “some one else will take care of it “ attitude.. well how’s That working for You. We need to put able people in office who can focus on what really matters. With the top priority being the American People . Vote for the person who can do the job. Term limits for politicians should be put in placed immediately. Since this is not a life time position No pensions for public officials. Salaries need to be realistically evaluated. It’s time to become part of the system. Americans need to become involved in the running of our county

  9. dennodogg says:

    The worst ones involved in this criminal enterprise are the MEDIA. Their partisanship has been on the rise for decades and now they don’t even make an attempt to conceal it. I truly hope that all those involved go down with the swamp rats.

  10. Nate Paris says:

    These “headliners” are something else to grab our attention! Mueller has nothing to be concerned about, his job is done. The only ones that need to worry are ALL those who have been lying about Trumps campaign and Presidency. Hillary and company, collusion members attempting their own coup.

  11. Sulig says:

    This won’t be the only thing that will be found or has been found to continue on with draining the swamp. There are still some very serious crimes and indictments to answer to. I want them off our soil personally. I hope this is teaching to American people when an election comes. Even when Obama ran the first time he played slicko. Then 2nd time around Obama really showed himself. Course we have H. Clinton and all the rest. President Trump is the one feared most because of all the crimes that they committed and needed to oust our President to save their soul. Starting with the dossier. Did anyone notice there are some people missing off the planet?

  12. Sulig says:

    This won’t be the only thing that will be found or has been found to continue on with draining the swamp. There are still some very serious crimes to answer to. There are still some indictments to answer to. I want them off our soil personally. I hope this is teaching to American people when an election comes. Even when Obama ran the first time he played slicko. Then 2nd time around Obama really showed himself. Course we have H. Clinton and all the rest. President Trump is the one feared most because of all the crimes that they committed and needed to oust our President to save their soul. Starting with the dossier. Did anyone notice there are some people missing off the planet?



  14. Banshee 803 says:

    Now that the ten year play in the theater of the absurd, seditious and highly treasonous actions of the lunatic left are about to be revealed after the WASTE of millions of Taxpayer dollars, Perhaps it is the Congress and every SOB Member of it in BOTH parties who should be
    AUDITED and have THEIR tax returns revealed. Think of how we could likely reduce the debt THEY CREATED by confiscating every penny for which they CANNOT legally account. We have a more fundamental right to see THEIR records than they HAD with all the false allegations made against a duly ELECTED American Oriented President. The result, I am SURE would put these sorry excuses for American Citizen Representatives, who DO NOT represent the vast majority of We, the People where they belong; out of Office at least, and likely in Prison for long time stays well deserved and AFTER Due process they refuse to provide anyone else though in an UNCOMPROMISED DOJ, such would be exercised equitably rather than in separate standards for the OLIGARCHY OF THE POLITICALLY POWERFUL AND
    PRIVILEGED DENIZENS OF THE SWAMP THAT IS ESTABLISHMENT D.C. AND MANY OF OUR STATE LEGISLATURES, and a separate one for we who do not count in their eyes EXCEPT in elections! Remember THAT the next time you go to the polls and if you have a functioning brain; VOTE accordingly to remove these venomous vermin, NOT based on my comments, but by THEIR PITIFUL PERFORMANCE RECORDS. The freedoms, choices, rights and future of the children saved by doing so; WILL BE YOUR OWN!

    • Harold says:

      The very first Senators & Congress Members who should have their finances investigated should be that thoroughly avaricious mob of Democratic Women currently ravaging Washington D.C. Just to name
      a few – Feinstein, Pelosi, Harris & Waters, to name the briefest and most obvious leftists. Of particular interest should be the financial and business affairs & Tax Returns of their various spouses and/or licit or illicit relatives and sexual partners.

      No Washinton DC Political representtive should be permitted to serve
      more than 12 total years in Office and their full Financial & Tax Returns should made public and published, every tax year, unedited or redacted in
      the National Newspapers. False reporting by the Left Leaning Press should be rewarded by at least ten years rigorous imprisonment for both lying journalists and editors. Both Senators and Congressmen & Women must be subject to the same legal standards that they themselves impose upon our now “Simple Sheeple.”

  15. Sandra Wood says:

    I believe till this is all over with, you will find that the democrats were the ones that is guilty of all of the spying and collusion before and during the 2016 election……

  16. Jay says:

    I am so sick of the Demwits on going waste of Taxpayer dollars! When are they going to start doing the job they were ELECTED to do and quit trying to undermine a duly elected President of The United States? Enough is enough!

  17. Michelle says:

    Yes and Nancy has the nerve to stand up and say our President is unqualified. I don’t know which one is worse Hil or Nancy they are running a close race.

  18. Alean says:

    Democrats need pay “We the People “all the money that they have wasted on this. When t they have to do that then they will stop using the People ‘s money on there causes.

  19. Greg says:

    There’s no mention of what, if anything, is being hidden in the Mueller Report. Besides, if it was hidden, then it wouldn’t be in the report in the first place which makes your speculative comments ridiculous. And besides. if Mueller, his team and A.G. Barr are the onlt ones who’ve seen the report, there’s no way you could know, so I’m calling B.S. on your so-called report Tovarich.

  20. JMac says:

    The DNC needs to PAY for the Mueller report which was paid for with taxpayer funds!!!

  21. jomama says:

    democrats need to remember that when pointing a finger at someone, that there 3 pointing back at them

  22. Bill Beveridge says:

    The Democrats are Masters of pointing fingers at other to keep them to busy to look at the finger pointers. It’s called smoking mirrors. Obama main talent was do just that. It’s time to completely clear swamps of swamp vipers, mainly Democrat but several RINO’s also.

  23. rachel reznich says:


  24. Bonnie says:

    The Democrats have no concern on how they use our money except to stop Trump from illegals and the wall and keep on spending our money on witch hunts and fancy vacations through government jets like Pelosi. It is like they think they have power (fake) by keeping it going, at least until have next election then the next. If they don’t get their way then have the terrorist attack or pay big bucks to have someone lie about someone and keep them in the limelight, or keep AOC and Imar or whoever in lime light. Sick!

    • Michelle says:

      Yes and Nancy has the nerve to stand up and say our President is unqualified. I don’t know which one is worse Hil or Nancy they are running a close race.

  25. T Redmon says:

    If he is not guilty he is exonerated. There is no room for any interpretation. That is all that needs to be said about.

  26. J says:

    If you really think that the release of that report will end the continued harassment and costly, unfounded and wasteful (30 million taxpayer dollars so far) “investigations”, you are a fool. The demomaggots and their stupid propaganda puppet media morons will take excerpts and findings and use them completely out of context to cover their useless backsides. They will extrapolate anything they desperately can to try and save their disgusting faces. Along with their desperate grasping at straws, we the taxpayers will be shafted again for their relentless childish and wasteful efforts and Trump Derangment Syndrome. STOP WASTING OUR TAX DOLLARS ON YOUR TANTRUMS!!?

    • john conner says:

      J, I totally agree with what you said and believe me the dems will take one word and make it twenty words and the fake news will do the same. They all have lied to the American people for over 2 years and they will continue to cover up their lies… So glad that the American people can see the same report…

      • Steelie says:

        Yes, 1 word ‘twisted’ to 20. & That goes for low
        info ‘public’ ppl as well.
        Too Many Lies for Too many yrs. FROM DOJ/FBI/CIA’
        Politicians/ Media & what all.
        > Don’t ‘fall’ For Even a ‘redacted’ Report.

    • Mary says:

      I agree with you 100%, many of us have known this from the beginning, the lies, the hate the libtards have demonstrated for us “American Loving” citizens is nothing but despicable, the left-leaning media all should be made to pay for the millions of dollars lost in their “witch hunt.”

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