The Obamas got a big payday and you won’t believe what they’re using it for

Draining the swamp started with kicking Barack Obama out of the White House.

But that wasn’t the end of Obama’s political machine.

Obama is raking in a jaw-dropping amount of cash now that he is out of office and you won’t believe what he plans to do with it.

During the 2018 election, both Barack and Michelle Obama made campaign stops to bolster Democrat candidates into office.

But that’s not all they have been up to.

Since leaving office, the Obama’s have done everything in their power to make millions of dollars out of their time occupying the White House.

And they could be using it to bolster Michelle Obama’s position as a 2020 contender.

The New York Post reports:

The Obamas are “Becoming” — billionaires.

The launch of Michelle Obama’s cross-country book tour for her new memoir, “Becoming,” last week is just the latest marker on the road to fabulous wealth for the former first couple, who are on their way to becoming a billion-dollar brand.

In addition to a $65 million book advance and an estimated $50 million deal with Netflix, both of which she shares with husband Barack Obama, the former first lady is poised to rake in millions from appearances on her 10-city US tour and sales of merchandise connected to her autobiography.

And like her husband, Michelle Obama is currently in demand as a speaker for corporations and nonprofits, commanding $225,000 per appearance, The Post has learned.

Forbes estimated the couple made $20.5 million in salaries and book royalties between 2005 — when Barack Obama became a US senator and they first arrived in Washington — and 2016. They are now worth more than $135 million.

Obama is also cashing checks from Wall Street bankers and well-connected globalists for his speaking engagements.

Some conservatives claim that he is merely cashing checks for favors he gave to Wall Street and globalists while he was in office.

When the Clintons left the White House they claimed they were broke.

But they have since gone on to rake in millions from everybody from Wall Street to foreign governments like Saudi Arabia.

That helped prepare Hillary for two (failed) presidential runs.

The Obamas could be using the same model to set up Michelle for 2020.

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  1. hart isaacs says:

    Mrs. Obumer should defecated out of Washington, D.C. immediately along with her dishonest loser husband.

    Dr. Demento

  2. richard henderson says:

    Your brain isn’t as big as a pea. You couldn’t carry Trump’s or Pence’s toilet paper. They might allow you to lick their assholes clean if they run out of paper.

  3. FRANK says:


  4. Steve says:

    This is on top of the trillions they stole from taxpayer funds that they used against us to fund ISIS !

  5. Right on Calvin .. you got their number alright

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