The NFL made a huge error on the national anthem that could cost them big time

The NFL has turned its back on its fans once again.

In response to fans burning season tickets and jerseys, the NFL instated new rules that would fine teams if players protest during the National Anthem.

But now the NFL is caving in to its pro-Black Lives Matter players and it could cost them dearly.

The NFL has reversed its decision to levy fines for players who disrespect the national anthem.

Business Insider reports:

In May, NFL owners announced a new policy designed to stop players from protesting during the national anthem. Under the new rules, teams would be fined if players and personnel “do not show appropriate respect for flag and anthem.”

But rather than a solution, the new policy was instead a vague and problematic half-measure that only ensured the conversation surrounding the protests carried on into the 2018 football year. It certainly continued into this week.

Detrimental conduct:

On Thursday, the Associated Press reported that the Miami Dolphins had included a “Proper Anthem Conduct” section in a discipline document, classifying anthem protests among other violations defined as “conduct detrimental to the club,” all of which could lead to a paid or unpaid suspension, a fine, or both.

NFL ratings fell by almost 10 percent during the 2017 regular season according to Nielsen.

If the NFL continues to kowtow to anti-American players’ demands, it should expect even bigger losses in 2018.

The NFL is desperately trying to find a way to quell the protests while making the players happy. But they continue to make all the wrong decisions.

Many (former) NFL fans view these protests as disrespectful and anti-American.

Considering that the NFL has created more black millionaires than just about any other organization, players should be grateful for the opportunity that this country and their fans have afforded them.

The 2018 football season has not started yet, but it appears that these protests are not going anywhere.


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226 Responses

  1. Kathleen Finley USAF Veteran says:

    well I have many views on this. One I am sorry but all live matter. Don’t want to here that slave argument. We have all move pass that if not get in touch with your master owner. Three the Indian or native American are the one who got the big screw. And yet we live in peace with them. Maybe some hard work and education might improve you thinking about living in America. Could re live the hollculst, gas chambers, depression ear no food clothes job;s not to even think about making what the make for there over grown tantrums. No one made you play football so quite!! all right that is where you are able to have you moment of control. Well sorry charle, This white felamale a USAF veteran, tax payee, and work my entire life since I was 13 you will not control me. You are bann from my life. I will no longer support anything person place sport that exclude my Flag. You don’t like it get the HELL out of my country you free rider.

    • Bob L says:

      Thanks ???????? for your service!!! And I agree All you America hating NFL buffoons get the hell out ..,,..
      Now …..and I hope the NFL goes belly up you POS’s

  2. David says:

    I gave up watching the NFL last year, didnt watch a single game (only the last few minutes of the Super bowl, Im a long suffering former Eagles fan) And the scumbags even managed to turn one of the best things ever to happen to this city into yet another protest (the trip to the White House the forced President Trump to cancel!) Never again, and I intend to start looking into who their sponsors are and boycotting them next!

  3. Ernst says:

    I did not watch an NFL game last year, and this year will be the same. I played football and was a big football fan, but I am a bigger fan of respect for my country and its symbols. NFL players who show disrespect for the flag should not play at all. Kneel for the national anthem and sit for the game! Until then, I am not an NFL fan.

  4. Detroitheat says:

    To hell with the NFL, and I use to be a Packers fan, and they can go to hell right along with the NFL, and Aaron Rodgers is nothing more than a Peckerwood.

  5. Joe says:

    The NFL can go to HELL!!

  6. LOUIS INTRES says:

    I truly hope that NFL comes to mean “NOT FOR LONG.” I will never understand how anyone can hate a country that provides everything for them, especially opportunity for anyone who works for it. I have spent time in other countries and everyone I ever met wishes they could come to America. Witnessing people in third world poverty especially brings home how lucky we are. If people don’t like living here; I welcome them to LEAVE.

  7. Bill says:

    It’s pathetic that the BLM would play the race ticket against America. I’ll never have anything ever to do with the NFL ever again. Since Kaepernick started this anti-American stance I have been enjoying College Football and don’t miss those over paid, egotistical, winning babies, with a God complex at all.

  8. Robert Stone says:

    I have not watched a game last year and will not watch a game this year. I used to buy my sons, wife and myself nfl jackets and coats for Christmas and not any more. Protesting the Flag and then trying to lie about what they are protesting sounds like just another liberal lie to me. Some people cry White privilege and all I ever see anywhere I have worked is Black Privilege. The late great M.L.K. wanted equal rights for all not more rights for some.

    • Lynn says:

      Amen to all that..
      If they don’t love the USA, leave, & don’t come back
      Go to Arlington Nat’l. Cemetary, & see ALL the Graves of US Citizens who gave their life 4 R FLAG, & the USA.
      There R Cemetaries N other Countries with R USA Soldiers (buried there), who died 4 our FLAG, & the USA., & they have the nerve to DISHONOR R FLAG.??
      No way ! Respect R FLAG. or LEAVE R USA…

  9. demarree1 says:

    The hell with the NFL. Personally, I think any player who kneels should be fired and they should get players who love this country. Do not buy any product that advertises on the NFL games. The 90 million dollars they gave to BLM, they should give the same amount to veteran organizations. God bless all the veterans who served or are serving. Thank You

  10. Bob Knapp says:

    It is time for the NFL team owners to get rid of the looneyeffin liberal Goodell and replace him with someone who loves and respects our country. And if he’s a veteran that would be even better.

    • Bob L says:

      No doubt Godell or what ever his name is, is a “chump yes boy”
      I HOPE THE NFL Rating go in the tank and Godell and the rest of his America hating employees are unemployed asap then we will see who has the last laugh

  11. Joseph Kempski says:

    All the pos should get aids and die

  12. NFL-NO FANS LEFT!!! That says it all for the NFL fans period!!! As a Vietnam Veteran for your disrespect for my 90% disability from that war, take your “protest NFL owners and players and shove it in apart of your body where the sun does not shine for that is truly where it belongs”!! I put my life on the line for that flag and you better hope others do in the future or your asses will be gone by our foreign enemies”! After going through all of that I still would do it aLL over again for that American flag and that it looks like something you will never do!! Shame on the NFL and all of you for disrespecting that Flag for you do deserve to be on the same field with that Flag!!!…

    • Bob L says:

      You and your brothers in arms are the real Heroes.
      The NFL can “ pound sand ” for all I care. I HOPE the goes belly up to teach these Idiots a lesson

  13. Joe says:

    The NFL can go to HELL.

  14. Ron says:

    Up your ass

  15. N says:

    ‪Expose/boycott all these deep state treasonous NAZI commie liberals demoncrats post-haste ,Patriots! Drain the rat infested swamp President Trump! Vote Republican in November, no RINOs, please!‬

  16. TANGO TRAN says:

    I am vietnam vet,
    I’m proud to be a us citizen …I won’t be washing NFL next season if the guys still do not respect OUR FLAG and NATIONAL ANTHEM

  17. Wessling James says:

    Those player’s that dishonor the national Anthem, are dis-respecting the American G I’S that gave their life for this country & all the troops that did make it home.

    I was a loyal fan, but I am a Veteran & I can never watch or attend another NFL game, until a complete apology & removal of kapernick.

  18. Joyce says:

    Of course I won’t watch the games. I think the players who kneel should be fined and sit out a game.

  19. Albert Herrman says:

    Facebook the judge jury and free speech on Facebook.

  20. Patricia Blair says:

    Well ya know if their compensation was cut in half or maybe three quarters maybe the players would think about what their doing. As the saying goes “MONEY TALKS”.

  21. NavyPO says:

    I gave up a piece of my life and some body parts for this country. The NFL can go to HELL!

    • Linda says:

      Yes! And us true Americans THANK YOU!!

    • roger says:

      well said NavyPO I am with you 100%

    • jim says:

      I find it difficult to believe that the group that is being LED DOWN THE ROSE PATH, AS STRONG AS THEY ARE PHYSICALLY, ARE ACTUALLY THAT WEAK-MINDED in following COPPERNECK, who is not even a PLAYER ANY LONGER, due to his being OVER THE HILL, and no longer DESIRED AS A PLAYER! For the players to be following a LOSER, is incomprehensable, in ANY SANE PERSONS perspective.

      FOR ANYONE to disrespect the AMERICAN SYMBOL, (THE U.S. FLAG, and the NATIONAL ANTHEM, just shows exactly what their INTELLIGENCE LEVEL is HOVERING at, means that they are at a MUSCLEHEAD LEVEL, and would follow the PIED PIPER to the SEA!

      GET YOUR CRAP TOGETHER, AND THINK FOR YOURSELVES, DON’T BE LED DOWN A “NO-WIN” cause that will follow you the rest of your lives!!!!!


    • JERRY K says:


    • Gloria says:

      GOD bless you I am the wife of a marine and I thank you for your service, Semper fi.

  22. Joe Starks says:

    The NFL i s slowly destroying itself, by applying theses Ingrids to
    Play this sport in America. I will be boycotting then again this year and all Years to come. He’ll I had a all more tone in my hands to have a life now that I don ‘t sit in a recliner, drink beers and watch a bunch of idiots chase a ball. I should have stopped watching NFL years ago.

  23. Cacs says:

    Boycott the NFL and NBA!
    People stop attending and watching these events and these players will have to get a real job and work for a living at real wages ????????????????????
    They will be thinking about our flag and anthem then and wondering why they just did not pay a little respect to the USA! ????????????????????????

    • Sandra Lee Smith says:

      No they won’t; they’ll be claiming “racism” and bigotry are responsible; they refuse to get that this isn’t about their race or that they want to protest, but the manner and place in which they’re choosing to do so. NO ONE else gets to “protest” anything on their boss’ dime and neither should they. THEY are offending the people who pay the money that enable those lavish salaries and lifestyles none of them is donating to help their fellow blacks they’re allegedly protesting over.

      • Lynne says:

        I’m afraid you are right Sandra……….these NFL players are not ever held accountable for anything. ESPECIALLY their own actions. They just don’t get it.

    • Linda says:

      Exactly! Stand up for America!

  24. Mikey says:

    Keep it up, NFL. Just don’t whine when all of you are out of a job.

  25. Helen Haslam says:

    Roger G shoud be fired for his poor leadership. Yes those poor football players that want to protest should be allowed but not in the stadium. That is their place of employment. They need to show respect and make good role models for our younger generation. Coaches arent much better.

  26. Andres R Rocha says:

    Red for the blood that was shed by men than women for this country White for the freedom that we have religious freedom one God one nation blue for the freedom that is given to all of us buy all the sacrifices Stars for a 50 great States and you got so-called man on their knees I don’t why people buy their merchandise and buy the tickets to go to the stadium boycott boycott boycott boycott boycott

  27. Marlo says:

    I encourage all patriotic Americans to turn off NFL games. Let their liberal freeloaders go to the games.

    • Lynne says:

      Absolutely, Marlo. I haven’t watched a single NFL game since the first time Kopernut kneeled and I refuse to watch in the future.

  28. madmemere says:

    If these overpaid spoiled brats disrespect the National Anthem, then they disrespect America – -FINE THEM, THEN FIRE THEM!

  29. Kid Mate says:

    This is for all season ticket holders. DON’T BUY THEM. Once you buy them you can
    complain all you want but they already have your money and they don’t give a rat’s ass
    how pissed off you are. If you really want to see those assholes that bad, buy a ticket at
    the gate and you can see them for yourself. Then, by not going back again, you’ll still have your money and they will really feel the pinch. Also, you won’t have to shell out for those worthless pre-season games they make you buy.

  30. John says:

    And the 1 and 31 Cleveland Browns want a new stadium…only in Cleveland…

  31. Nancy Anderson says:

    I just saw on the news where the NFL has hired a new quarterback and he will be paid $35 MILLION for the next 3 years, plus all kinds of bonus’. I sure hope that we don’t see another kneeling. I am curious to know, how many of these protesting players, who SAY they are kneeling to protest discrimination and police profiling have EVER gone back to their old neighborhoods and put some of their millions into helping the people there???!!!! It seems to me that they are all “protest” and no substance !!!!!

  32. Bill says:

    With the kneeling players being so ignorant to understand how un-Patriotic anti-American there stance is during our National Anthem they shouldn’t be fined they need to be FIRED like Kaepernick was who set the example. I guess that if Kaepernick were to kill himself for that same cause they will follow him? They should because they stated that there cause means everything to them.

  33. When the stadium is empty of fans, they will be on BOTH KNEES praying. It couldn’t happen to better people, remember you reap what you sow scumbags.

  34. Cacs says:

    Boycott the NFL!
    Boycott the NBA – due to Labron James & Obama
    If they play by rules which all teams do then fire the players for not following the rules. No wages and lower wages will wake up these overpaid players. We can do without football and basketball! Get real we don’t make any money on sports like these players so many of us do not care if there is football or basketball going on! Ban both in the USA????????

  35. tom matt says:

    Can we consider calling for the NCAA to allow College Games to be aired on Sundays. Not this season but next year there could be National interest in games between college rivals such as :
    Alabama vs Auburn ,Michigan vs Ohio State , Oklahoma vs Texas” you can get the picture “. Try this out on a couple of Sunday games and compare the viewings with the nfl and make a difference..

  36. Ibcyn says:

    Let the team owners pay these ungrateful whack jobs a bundle of money for playing a game and try to survive while those able to pay to attend the games stay away because of the unpatriotic stance against the flag and the anthem of this country. OUR FLAG and OUR ANTHEM that have been upheld and fought for by OUR MEN AND WOMEN>. These owners AND these players may as well be at Arlington spitting on the graves of our brave men and women who gave the ultimate to protect this country, it’s flag, it’s anthem and it’s people while these undeserving pieces of shyt can’t give the flag and the anthem a minute of their time and any respect. I say they should leave the country if this country that has made it possible for them to make the kind of money that they do for a GAME, people, A GAME, is not doing enough FOR THEM. I say, GET THE HELL OUT! Besides you need us a hell of a lot more than we need you. To be point blank, WE DO NOT NEE YOU AT ALL!! BUH BYE!!

  37. June says:

    President Trump suggested fined and then fired–he is more generous than I am. If they disrespect our flag and anthem and the men/women who have died to protect it, they should be immediately FIRED. A fine does not mean much to these overly rich spoiled brats! Send them to a war zone and see how they react!

    • Red says:

      I totally agree with you on this one.
      But Roger (spineless) Goodell has shown his true colors yet again!
      How he ever got renewed eithca ridiculous raise + benefits contract is beyond me! He should have been FITED for lack of confidence by the owners since he has shown NO leadership qualities what-so-ever!

  38. Lois says:

    We don’t watch or support anything connected to the NFL!
    BUT, that’s insufficient if we really want to give the spineless NFL Officials AND owners a real hit.
    What they understand is loss of revenue. So, we bombard the sponsors with “we will no longer buy your products if you continue to sponsor the NFL”. We bombard the TV stations with the same rhetoric.
    When their money stream is greatly reduced, sponsors will lose and have to face their boards; owners will lose multi millions while still being obligated to their player contracts; TV stations will lose market share and have to justify that to their investors! Loss of big money in every area is key.
    This is the way to bring it down!!!!!

  39. Sheldon Nadler says:

    I agree 1,000%!

  40. Terry Feist says:

    I’m done with NFL. Couldn’t care less. I am 80 years old, a veteran and patriot and have been a fan since it’s inception.
    These misguided, undereducated malcontents have destroyed an Americacan institution.

  41. hazeydavey says:

    They should stand during the national anthem showing respect for the flag and our/their country. Then give them 30 seconds to kneel while an announcer explains why.

    Protests are different from Support (breast cancer) and a lot of people would prefer protests don’t get brought into professional sports where you have a crowd mixture, little kids who have no idea what the heck the players are doing (they are probably being brought up without prejudices but this can certainly bring it to their attention and backfire on the players as well as help).

    But, if the NFL players think that dividing the fans is the way to do it and can’t get over the fact a president, “surprisingly” has strong feelings about our nation (love him or hate him), let them destroy their sport on their own. Based on what I hear and read – it’s becoming a 50/50 shot.

  42. James G. Mothes says:

    Agree 100%. If they did not know how to play football, where would they be? Probably in some ghetto gang and have a prison record. They are making more money than any middle class wage earner. You would think they could show some respect for the country and flag that gave them the opportunity to be where they are. And, the fans who allow them to make such huge salaries. Total idiots!!!

  43. Shirley says:

    This will be my second year of boycotting NFL games. I used to LOVE football. Never missed a Redskins game on Sunday. Now, no, no, no, never to watch another game until these crybabies learn how to boycott and it’s not while they’re employed by lovers of the good ole USA. U.S. Flags and National Anthem is something that everyone, including those jerkoffs, should love and respect.

  44. peggy dreisbach says:

    i love football this is the only sport i watch on TV. If the players can’t respect our Flag and stand for our National Anthem they should not be playing and get paid. We all have different views but not when the National Anthem is played. We should be all united.

  45. Gary says:

    BOYCOTT THE NFL TILL ITS GONE and then lets see where these fools go

  46. Bill says:

    Their average IQ of 70 is evident when it comes to explaining their demonstrating to a captive audience. Rich thugs who will never get viewing from myself or friends. They nor the Nfl gets it. Time will tell how long the owners billions will last. President Trump nailed this one.

  47. Gary says:


  48. Gary says:

    Hey the idiots want to act this way ??? Fine remove them from the league, remove their citizenship and then put them on a island in the middle of nowhere and let them run amok there. Oh yeah revoke their money and income forever without any chance in hell of ever getting a lawsuit going or any repercussions back on the USA. Take all their money and give it to the ones that need it in all the problem areas they always talk about
    End of problems all the way around. And when they beg to come back let them stay for 50 years more and then maybe just maybe with a 10% chance in hell of doing it.

  49. sid says:

    i cant watch people who are highly paid who cant take 3 minutes to stand and respect uor country

  50. Gonaes says:

    How about cancelling all NFL games this next season.

  51. Chazz says:

    I guess that all the white lives that were lost during the civil war didn’t matter. These people fought for their freedom. I say if they can’t respect the country who fought for them, then let them stand in the unemployment line.

  52. Tony says:

    Maybe they should be required to serve at least two years of active duty before they get an NFL contract?

  53. Dennis Scharp says:

    There should be a third vote selection – “Undecided’ I’m not sure fining the players is proper. I would favor benching them for not following the organization’s conduct standards. If their conduct doesn’t improve, pursue trading the individual.

    • Bill Rehs says:

      You suggest pursuing a trade? In other words, rather than trying to resolve the issue, attempt to pass the buck, sounds like an action complicit with the NFL board of directors.

    • James D Burroughs says:

      Sou7nds like a government job. If you don’t follow the rules, they just move you to another useless position.

  54. Jhn says:

    The NFL could stop all this by placing a, Anti-protest clause in the rules and each team be required to include such a clause in the contract signed by each and every employee, including, from top management to the grounds keeper. It would be restricted to the actual time while on duty or in service to the organization or team. Violation would allow immediate dismissal.

  55. Mark says:

    I am about sick of all of this jive. All of them are driven by pride and contempt of everything that rules or governs us all. Disrespectful of the rights of everyone but themselves. Trying to rule with an “iron black fist” with total vengeance against a system that has saved you from an early death in your native Africa and made you financial kings among all men. The black race has come a long way since the turn of the century and that isn’t a fairytale. You are all living proof of progress and kids of all color look up to you men. Haters breeding hatred is what you are with hidden agendas galore! God forbid someone has a rebel flag to express their affiliation with the South. The hatred and mindset you breed would have America on fire and looters running wild. Who gives you half time pep talks, Maxine Waters??? Set yourself free and go somewhere else. Everyone who threatened to leave America if Trump was elected are still here because they know other countries would silence their self serving happy little selves!

  56. Louis Intres says:

    When you sign a contract and are paid a lot of money to work for, and represent an employer or business, you agree to represent the organization and what it stands for. The playing field, practice fields and stadiums are the company’s work place. You do not get to misrepresent the company’s policies in the workplace under our freedom of speech rights. Any employer has the right ti fire an insubordinate employee or own who refuses to represent the organization’s principles or image. Fire the bastards and replace them with eager new players. I would never get to misrepresent my employer like that, nor would any of you. Shame on the owners and commissionaire for taking their own knee and placating such spoiled prima-donnas.

  57. Sheldon Nadler says:

    I for one am sick and tired of the NFL and Roger “the Coward” Goodell.I did not watch last year and I will not watch this year. The NFL has the most moronic blacks playing a kids game and they are also the most disrespectful. I am 73 and a 100% disabled Vietnam veteran and I have bigger testicles then these huge black morons. If they want a fight, bring it on! I do not fear stupid!

    • Bob L says:

      Absolutely. These rich A-holes could care less about our great country or their teams because these greedy P.O.S’s already have the $$ so what does it matter to them if they were to bankrupt their team or league??
      Goodell is a spineless coward afraid to do his job. Well Roger your league just lost another fan and I am not the only one who won’t be watching your little American hating employees.
      A word of advice……. don’t disrespect our flag or our country…… you’ll be sorry. Can’t wait to see your rating plunge you bunch of buffoons

  58. Jhn says:

    If these players had a real brain, (One that worked), they would realize that BLM is simply put, a tool Obama has and is using in his vile attempt to destroy America. He wants a country controlled by communist Islamic leaders using Sharia Law. So stop using your head to hold your helmet on and actually learn facts. And, by the way, YOU ARE ABUSING PRIVILAGE AND PROMOTING HATE. HATE AIMED AT ANYONE WHO DOES NOT AGREE WITH OBAMA AND HATE DIRECTED TO THOSE WHO HAVE FOUGHT AND DIED FOR US AND OUR GREAT COUNTRY. So quit being babies and learn that you and all people will get the respect or lack of respect they deserve based on their individual actions and not on the actions of a few fools.

  59. Charles R. Alexander says:

    NO! don’t fire them, let them die on the vine , when they don’t have “fans” in the stands cheering them on , then perhaps and only then will the NFL , owners and sponsors get it thru’ their thick and (injured) skulls what their problem is NFL you have squandered the goose that laid the golden egg

    • Red says:

      I would LOVE to see the stands empty out if ONE player (ni**er, which is what they are acting like) took a knee during the national anthem!

  60. jeff nesseth says:

    They have a right to protest. And the NFL league has a right to FIRE them. Kneel down and get fired.
    Their option. I guess kneelers hate their job then.

  61. Rodney Orr says:

    When they started this “BS”. I cancelled my directv and went to dish, so I wouldn’t see their ads. I don’t like soccer, golf or basketball, but if that is the only sports that are in the tv, besides nfl, I will watch them instead!!!!!!! These a#$holes say the are appressed, let them give me what they make per year and I will give them mine, and see if they can live on 1700. per month or a grand total of 20,400 a year.

    • ellen says:

      i am with you rodney not even 1400.00 per month on SS and i worked my butt off since i was 16 paying into ss medicare and now i get what not even enough to buy food with. screw the NFL i never was involved in sports before and i certainly will not start now

  62. J Hughes says:

    Roses are Red…Violets are Blue
    When the next NFL conracts are for far less Money
    You Kneelers and all your “teamates’…..will suffer too

  63. d fecarotta says:

    Each and every indiviual in sports, involved in disrespecting our Great Nation’s flag, should be terminated.

  64. Charles R. Alexander says:

    Anyone who says that these thugs should spend time in the military is WRONG!!!! They used to say that years ago when you had a son who needed some “help”, those days are long gone . Today’s military as a very elite group of well educated and trained (on very sophisticated) hardware. in the event that you can’t cut it then you are gone and or not promoted! Not promoted is your first warning. Look upon your military as a fine tuned and very capable professional. Sign me Lt. Col. USAF retired

    • Bill Rehs says:

      Exactly, what’s the military do with those who can’t hack the military? They make them civilians again. The military does not need individuals who insult and disrespect what our Stars and Stripe stand for and what our fellow military servicemen serve to protect.

  65. Denny says:

    It is embarrassing how the Black players claim the are not disrespecting the flag but saying that they are disrespecting the law enforcement, police, in the country. What a bunch of baloney!! They obviously do not realize that because of our fine police force they are able to demonstrate and complain. My only point is they should not demonstrate before the football game but at some other time. But that would not be convenient for them. If you really believe in your cause do it at when not on a grand stage as the NFL. game.
    Patrons play a lot of money to go to the game to watch “football” not disrespecting the flag.

  66. Carl Benander says:

    They can protest in any other way; except, they cannot disrespect our flag-too many men have died to uphold our flag.
    I, myself, would not play anyone that kneeled.

  67. Robert wooten says:

    no football for me know more.

  68. Brad Sowers says:

    My days of watching NFL football are over. The teams are letting the players dictate policy. If these crybabies were in the normal workforce, they would not be doing stupid stunts like these….they would be fired. If you want to protest an issue, do it on your own time.

  69. Beth says:

    Done with the crybabies in the NFL- NO FANS LEFT! STILL BOYCOTTING 2018

  70. wkm1911 says:

    I will never watch another Pro football game again. When these million dollar players can’t pay for their luxuries, it will be to late. Let these black lives matters idiots go back to Africa and starve with the ones who wish they had a 1/ 1000th of the money they get. How dare they spit in this USA face.



  72. KJHanover says:


  73. Bluelou says:

    I haven’t watched any football since they started this so called protest .
    Honestly they remind me of the California snowflakes that talk about white privilege . If either group is really serious about doing something rather than talking or taking a knee . Give up everything to support your cause. That’s what every veteran has done

    • KJHanover says:

      yes, they talk about “white privilege” (whatever that is) while making millions and protesting. How stupid does it get?

  74. Joe says:

    The NFL can go to HELL!

  75. b taylor says:

    I am a Vietnam combat veteran who endured many years of being called a “baby killer”, and the kneeling business is to me the same thing. Why our military does not cut all association with the NFL is a mystery to me. Why perform for people that have nothing but contempt for me, the country and the fans.

  76. Michael J Hicks says:

    I started watching the NFL when it first came on TV in the mid 50’s. Was a solid fan for decades. Over the last two seasons, I have been numbed to the game by huge disrespect for our country by the players. I do not miss the NFL like I thought I might. I have football on Saturday and adventure on sunday.

  77. Hoyt Higgins says:

    I am not surprised by the position/s Mr. Goodell. has taken as he is a self centered and self serving person. I am however amazed that the owners continue to pay him millions to destroy their playhouses. Seems the only owner that challenged Goodell’s position is Jerry Jones of the Cowboys. Goodell has allowed the players to turn an issue that represents God and country into a racist agenda for s limited group of overpaid players that have not yet grown up , and those that view themselves as being more important than our men and women who defend us around the world and on our American streets. As far as I am concerned, the NFL has chosen hate over love, and disrespect over our country. That clearly makes my choice of boycotting the NFL a permanent part of my life. That, my friends is coming from a previous die-hard NFL fan.

    • Red says:

      Same here x 2 as my wife (was) a bigger fan than I ever was, but we love college football, it’s more entertaining anyway!

  78. Reid M. Saunders says:

    I like so many of my friends and neighbors have dumped the NFL, (COMPLETELY) , I will not spend my money to support a bunch of wealthy babies that are not grateful for what the USA has given them! As God is my witness I pray that they will continue on a downward spiral big time!!! I served my country for over 20 plus years, I am now 82 years old and proud of my country and am a Vietnaum vet! What has each of you complainers did for the USA ? You Go Trump ” MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN”

  79. Michael says:

    They should be fired as well. They are overpaid bums and if they don’t like this country, they should do us all a favor and go somewhere else and live. Let’s see what kind of a living they can make in some other country. I refuse to watch a football game until these bums that started all of this are all fired and you know what, I don’t even miss watching football anymore and I hope all the fans get to this point.

  80. Shirley Stout says:

    I am so sick of hearing that it is their right to protest, LET THEM PROTEST ON THEIR OWN TIME, NOT AT THE FOOTBALL GAME!! I am a 91 year young football fan and I want to watch a game, no I do not want to see you disrespect my nation and our flag. PLAY THE GAME or I will not watch.

    • Diane says:

      They aren’t disrespecting your nation or the flag. They are protesting police brutality against people of color. If you don’t understand that, then please, don’t watch. I’m sure they will do just fine without you!

      • Jondarmes says:

        They would be disrespecting the nation and the flag but for the fact that they obviously never had any respect of any kind in the first place. They are the end result of being brought up by people who do not demand respect for themselves. They are, after all, just garden variety scum. Fire them all or remain, the National Felons League. They are a national disgrace, as are the trash that supports them. MAGA, OR ELSE!!!

      • Brad Sowers says:

        Diane, I don’t have a problem with them making a statement, but, in my humble opinion, there is a time and a place for everything. I just don’t think the football field is the place for it.

        • Diane says:

          So where do you think they should protest? As far as I can see, YOU are not the person who dictates where and when Americans can protest. Neither is 45. It’s a right to peacefully protest in America……..not where or when you tell them to!

          • Sheldon Nadler says:

            If I did something like what these morons are doing at my hospital, I would be fired in a heart beat you moron. These players are paid to play and not protest something they have little or no knowledge of. Trump asked them what they wanted and they said “let my people go”! Dumb!

      • Graystone says:

        Sorry Diane
        There is no united agreement as to why these players take a knee. When asked/polled there was no general consensus, in fact some players couldn’t articulate or give a reason for their protest.

        Additionally, may I remind you that there are police officers of color as well as “white” officers. Please, in the name of fairness and unbiased thinking, don’t let a very (very) few bad officers cloud your reasoning.
        Prejudice – of any kind or to any degree – is simply wrong! Don’t wallow in hate….

        • Diane says:

          All you have to do is look at the statistics. More black me. Have been killed by police than white men………period. Who are you trying to kid? Certainly not me!

          • Mario Almeda says:

            This have a very simple explanation…
            More blacks are involved on crime activities….and the communist media exploit when a black die, and not even a pip if the decease is white…
            So check the FBI statistics…. maybe you can learn something…
            Facts … are the truth…

          • PaulSox says:

            More white cops are shot by black suspects than black suspects are shot by white cops. Those are the facts have another glass of Kool-Aid watch your MSM and go back to your safe place

      • Jhn says:

        Their arrogance and ignorance is only excelled by the words and actions of people such as you Diane. Would be nice if you would research SOME of the THINGS you try to talk about, but you in all probability are more concerned with seeing your name on the screen than actually using verified facts. Pride is a terrible taskmaster, but so is ignorance.

        • Diane says:

          You wouldn’t know a verified fact if it slapped you upside your head…..and btw, I would love to slap you upside your head! You’re arrogance is truly appalling as you post your political nonsense everyday. I post things you don’t like, so therefore I’m the one who’s wrong! Such a hypocrite!

          • Diane says:

            Sorry, Seldon, but brain dead Trump supporters are only 28-30% of the population. They are also classified as older and white, so your opinion doesn’t surprise me one bit. In case you can’t do math, that means 70% of true Americans stand and think like me! Guess what? We despise 45 and everything about him.

      • Edward says:

        Hey Diane, you are wrong. Police brutality is something the BLM and Obama started to divide this country. If these prima donna’s think they are winning fans, they better look again. I don’t watch NFL anymore like the rest of my military brothers and sisters.

        • Diane says:

          Again, check your statistics. They don’t care that you’re not watching them anymore. They probably don’t miss you.

          • Sheldon Nadler says:

            They will hen they find their paychecks are a little light this year and next. You are absolutely right that your opinions matter, but most people, thank God, are not like you!

      • Ron says:

        Up your ass

        • Linda says:

          Exactly! Obviously DIANE you are a fool!
          They are on the job, hired to do a job, not the time or place to be expressing their personal beliefs! They are spoiled over-paid athletics that have no respect for the country they live in yet they are very willing to accept the money and high life style! And they accept and use all of the privileges our Military has protected for us!
          They are using the platform of being in the lime light to project their own beliefs.
          IF it was the beliefs of the Owners paying for the players skills, then that would be a different story.
          But it is not! They are just supporting the players for the buck. It is all about the money.
          They should be fined and then fired. They are costing the league more than they are worth. Loosing thousands of fans! IF any other employee did this on their shift they would be fired immediately and rightfully so.

          • Sheldon Nadler says:

            I am afraid that Diane is more then just a fool. I doubt if she even has a job. If she did have a job, she would know that protesting on the job at any other job in America will get you fired . She is probably on welfare and lives in HUD housing and can afford NFL tickets which I can not. Owners pay for players to play and not voice their personal opinions on National TV. Also, police have killed about 100 blacks for criminal behavior and blacks and killed blacks at a rate of 5 a day or 1,825 per year.

  81. K says:

    The NFL deserves every bit of demise coming their way. Me & my house, NO MORE NFL AND NO MORE SUPPORTING NFL AFVERTISERS. These overpaid & ungrateful thugs should be banned from TV. After all, Roseanne was fired for her words AND the NFL fools have acted in the most disrespectful manner anyone could against our flag.

  82. Eric Miklas says:

    When the NFL came out with the new rule, they were winning SOME fans back. Now that they’ve reversed that decision,…… they’ll lose those few back plus millions more. Ball-less NFL will fail miserably this year if this FAUX Racism is aloud to continue. You reap what you sow. The NFL is doomed (self inflicted gunshot wound to the head) and rightfully so. I’ll give them a chance (ONE). The first Negro that doesn’t stand for the anthem, I stop watching AGAIN for the rest of the year. And remember, this all started with hands up don’t shoot – Ferguson, MO which was PROVEN,……. NOT to have happened at all ! ! !

    • Graystone says:

      In the interest of truth, not all protesters are black!
      The NFL has lost me as a fan (and I am white, BTW). Disrespect and bias should have no dog in this fight.

      • Sheldon Nadler says:

        You are an idiot. Almost all are black and they are protesting police brutality. What they have forgotten, just liberal idiot Democrats, is that blacks kill more blacks then the police do. There are more black morons in prison and they are a minority in America’s population. Get your head out of your ass and see the truth!

  83. Enrique says:

    No respect for our Flag and Anthem, deport them

  84. Every Americans has the right to their opinion as long as they do not hurt anyone in the process. President Donald Trump continues to threaten athletes who take a knee during the national anthem but he HAS NOT made any denunciation of the vicious attacks of the ALT RIGHT , NAZIS AND KLANSMEN demonstrators in West Virginia last year that resulted in the DEATH OF ONE PERSON!
    Our athletes DID NOT hand over our Democratic Principles in a silver platter to RUSSIAN EX-KGB COLONEL, VLADIMIR PUTIN ‼️

    Enedina L.Stockhaus

    • Diane says:

      Couldn’t agree with you more! Well said!

      • Sheldon Nadler says:

        Diane, tal about morons, have you looked in the mirror lately. Do you agree that the left has taken up to hurting Trump supporters with violence?

        • Diane says:

          Oh poor Sheldon! Every one of your posts makes me sadder and sadder at how ignorant you are. Must I remind you of Trump’s campaign rallies and how he actually called for violence? There’s plenty of right wing calls for violence on the internet…..get someone to help you locate them and learn something for a change. Broaden your historical scope of what’s really happening in the REAL world, not just inside your fantasy island world.

      • Sheldon Nadler says:

        Well, Diane you idiot. I read the article and you really are a liberal misinformed cunt. Blacks kill blacks at the rate of 5 a day. That is 1,825 black’s killed by their own kind as compared to your dimwit article. If you are ever put in a position where someone is going to hurt you, who are you going to call? Your husband, another black man, or the police?

        • Linda says:

          As much as I agree that DIANE is a mouthy biased fool. Your language insults all women.
          I totally agree, there are more Blacks in Prison and more of them killing in the streets of our cities. And check out the percentage of Blacks involved in violence! Check out the Maxine Waters story! Blacks have a tendency to get in trouble and break the laws. NOT ALL BLACKS BY ANY MEANS. Just so many that the stats show their influence on the violence we have to deal with. And now this? I will never support the NFL again if they do not stop this rhetoric immediately.
          We do not go to the games to be preached to about someone else’s beliefs! Black rights!? What about our rights as US citizens? Look what their violence is doing to our country! STAND UP FOR THE US CITIZEN’S RIGHTS!
          It is not the player’s right to protest Police cruelty or any personal beliefs while they are on the job..
          They are hired at a very high wage to do a job. They should do it without bringing on a loss for the Owners of the firm they work for.
          They should be fined and then fired! If they worked for any other company they would be fired immediately and for a good cause! Check with the State Labor Laws. They were hired to do a job. Protesting is not in their job description! They only reason they are kept hashing this out is for the bucks not for the BLACK RIGHTS MOVEMENT!

    • Mario Almeda says:

      You are, look at the mirror…. You and your kind are the ones….
      Tell me… what principles President Trump give up exactly?…
      By the way, I have only one thing to say, if the players want to protest, is fine with me, but in their own time, not on the job. Since when the employees run the business?
      For that, I blame the owners. They are the real guilty ones of this mess… so… to finish I say:
      Fu…k the NFL… Fu…k the owners…. Fu..k the players… and Fu… to anyone that support them… I can’t wait to see all of them go down the tubes to the sewers were they belong…
      This still is a free country, they can go anywhere they like, fine with me, but I can’t and will not accept, this monkeys intent of changing my country and my life, when they never did a damn thing to make it better, except running up and down with a fu..k ball under their armpits… Gimme a break will you?…

      MAGA!!!… ???????? ???????? ????????

    • Graystone says:

      O.K. Enedina you made your point re: PRESIDENT Trump, now lets get back to the subject re: players protesting!

      • Mario Almeda says:

        Gray, did you notice that not even once she say anything about ANTIFA?
        They are so predictable….LOL…

        MAGA !!…???????? ???????? ????????

  85. suseeb says:


  86. Bob Hunt says:

    Who cares if the players are happy, I’d say that the owners had better fire Goodell and at least try to make the fans happy or are they so dumb that they think all that money comes from the players?

  87. Richard says:

    Any player that disrespects the natoinal anthem, our flag, or our country needs to be fired and banned from all sporting events. Until this takes place the NFL needs to be taken off the air both Television snd radio and all seats at the stadiums need to be empty, maybe then the owners and NFL headquarters will understand that we the people will not stand for their stupidity

    • President Donald Trump did more than “disrespect our flag “ when he handed our Democratic Principles on a silver platter to EX-KGB COLONEL, RUSSIAN PRESIDENT VLADIMIR PUTIN‼️
      Do you agree that President Donald Trump should be fired❓❓

  88. bagster53 says:

    i have a better idea , deport anyone who kneels back to africa , seeing how they have it so bad here , if blacks would learn to interact with cops they wouldn’t get shot , cops ain’t perfict , and times have changed , now a days being a cop means you have to hand out so many tickets , it a money racet, like dui’s , as for the nfl , i could care less , i watch it on free tv , so they make no money off of me , as for the players , they all have brain damage anyways , so who pays attention to the mentally ill

  89. Why doesn’t anyone see reverse racism here? These are shows of hate for their freedom & being in this Nation where the majority of their enormous salaries are gained from mostly white Americans. This is a show of hate for the very bread & butter they receive. It is called RACISM against whites & our Nation that allows their millionaire status! I WILL NOT watch them, route for them, buy anything authorized/advertised by them, will not go to a game or anything else that would give them any money or respect! They should be called out as RACIST & HATERS of the NATION they enjoy FREEDOM in. They should not get any gain from this behavior. If it wasn’t for so much black crime the police would not have to use force the majority of crimes in America ARE committed by the BLACK community. This is my first posting on this matter!

    • Diane says:

      Then make it your last! You showed racism and hate in your post much like your commenting on POC. Try looking in the mirror to see what racism is all about.

      • Mario Almeda says:

        Really?… you must be a supporter of Aunt Maxine… and the Castro brothers….
        LOL… What you just did with your comment is called… Deflection…
        very old news… is not working anymore….. LOL…. your kind are so predictable…
        but wait, this November we the Deplorable will make you people the Irrelevant, in that way we all have an nickname….???? ???? ????
        MAGA !!…???????? ???????? ????????

        • Diane says:

          #MAGA = Morons Are Governing America. Hahahaha can’t wait for Nov and the blue tsunami that’s coming. You Trump supporters only include 30% of the population. That means (I’m sure your math illiterate) that 70% of real Americans despise 45 and his Administration and have resisted them all along.

          • Mario Almeda says:

            Remember your words. I will, and in November I going to bring them back to you, of course if you show up here in November…
            By the way, where you got those numbers?… I will like to read about it.
            Or are you making fake news too?
            Another thing… who are real Americans for you?…
            because by the last numbers on President Trump are higher than Obama’ in the same period… so… looks like you are not so good on math idem…
            Don’t forget to post the link for those numbers, please…

            MAGA ???????? ???????? ????????

      • Terry says:

        when liberals lose an argument they imediately play the RACE CARD eh Diane.

  90. suseeb says:

    We should all go back to baseball, that used to be America’s game.

  91. Why doesn’t anyone see reverse racism here? These are shows of hate for their freedom & being in this Nation where the majority of their enormous salaries are gained from mostly white Americans. This is a show of hate for the very bread & butter they receive. It is called RACISM against whites & our Nation that allows their millionaire status! I WILL NOT watch them, route for them, buy anything authorized/advertised by them, will not go to a game or anything else that would give them any money or respect! They should be called out as RACIST & HATERS of the NATION they enjoy FREEDOM in. They should not get any gain from this behavior. If it wasn’t for so much black crime the police would not have to use force the majority of crimes in America ARE committed by the BLACK community.

    • russell says:

      hope these punks lose their job and have to work for a living and not play games

    • Maggie says:

      Bob, you hit the nail on the head! For me, College FB has always been more interesting. They are “usually” punished in some way if they don’t comply (like losing a scholarship or worse). Also, Soccer is getting more & more interesting! The BIG BOYS had better be careful because PATRONS (the ones who pay their salaries) are getting sick & tired of theirBS. FOOTBALL IS NOT A POLITICAL VENU. They should HONOR the country they live & PROFIT from by standing! ! Their behavior is as DISGUSTING as they are!!
      Farewell Football! those who won’t stand are nothing but a bunch of uneducated racists.

  92. Robert Fott says:

    I have not watched NFL for three years now. Overpaid people playing a kids game telling their employers what they will do and employers caving to them. Goodell and the owners have chosen the wrong side of this controversy. I served and respected the flag and what it has stood for and attended verterans military services when they were buried. NFL, you need me more that I need you and I have said goodbye. Marine Bob

  93. Linda says:

    I am appalled at the actions of the players protesting while on the job and the field! They are protesting which is their right, ON THEIR OWN TIME! Not while they are working and being PAID. They are being given such high income, then, they think they have the right to project to their personal opinions & beliefs while earning those kind of inflated wages on company time?!
    Really? What a bunch of selfish spoiled people. To protest is to express your personal opinion, not those of the team, and not on the field when you are working. They are just taking advantage of the platform which they have, due to their temporary value & playing abilities for their employer. To use this time to personally express their personal feelings is wrong. Honestly, I know none of you want to hear this…but they should be fired! They are making such enormous incomes they should show gratitude for the teams paying them that kind of money to play a game. It is all about money and they should be earning their share for that team and not loosing attendees! Or they should defintely being fined BIG time and loose much of their income too! They are loosing the income of the Owners over their own personal beliefs!
    If they were on a regular job they would be. They are sacrificing the teams income (attendance) for the future which they expect to be paid for. Even if they loose the income of the Owners they get paid..
    I will join the many that will no longer participate in the Football Seasons and give those spoiled brats any more money! They are American. The teams are American businesses. They should be supporting the American Government. If it wasn’t for the Military protecting our rights there would be no American Football! Again, They are loosing the income of the Owners over their own personal beliefs!

  94. suseeb says:

    Another ‘pet peeve’ of mine. ALL and I mean ALL, (male/female) should be REQUIRED to serve two years (right after HS graduation) FOR their country, before college, career, or sports or marriage. Think about it, you would have less disrespect, less drugs, more disciplined youngsters, and a better understanding of those that WILLINGLY serve. (a veteran, 1981-1989 USAF

    • Linda says:

      Yes so true! And they would get a learning experience as well as serving their country for a short time. Giving their time for their freedom. And along with that they would gain respect for others & themselves!

    • Peggy says:

      Amen.!! Been saying that for years. When they started paying girls to have babies, can’t be married and only sperm donaters in houses, divorce with kids, shared visitation, prayer taken out of schools, God taken out of our great America, 10 Commandment our of court houses and now Bibles taken from military we do need after high school boys and girl at least 2 years basic training in our constitution, laws of land morals, self responsibilities/provisions, do unto others as you want them to do unto you, while they are learning these have them work helping our needs in schools, hospitals or anywhere we need help. That my friend will help America be great again. No ILLIGALS follow our laws. God Bless America. PS why would we want them her to change our country the way theirs is?

  95. Mike H says:

    I used to like or should I say love watching football. I was military. The Flag means everything to me .It totally changed everything .I will not watch any NFL games now. What a shame for Americans. To be disrespected by a bunch of assholes.


  97. Carol Dugan says:

    I guess there will. not be any NFL again. All the money will be gone and no body will buy tickets or watch on TV.

  98. Sharon says:

    They are a bunch of disrespectful idiots….this is America. These owners are just a bunch of greedy jerks…will not support in anyway shape or form.

  99. suseeb says:

    Considering that the NFL has created more black millionaires than just about any other organization, players should be grateful for the opportunity that this country and their fans have afforded them. Could not have said it better, Fine them, suspend them, THEN FIRE THEM. Hire players that will appreciate the country they live in and MOVE ON. This is ridiculous, that an organization , such as the NFL, is held hostage by a small group of militants that should be EXILED from this great nation.

  100. Navy Vet 67 says:

    Mr Goodell, you’re making a big mistake. Being to liberal will bite you in the butt. Do you really want to be remembered as the man who killed football? I love the game but I love my country more. Go Penn State

  101. I think when they are playing football that is their job and they need to show respect and to their boss and Play football. If I protested at my job I would be fired and I think that is what should happen to any player that does not respect the National Anthem and our Flag. If you do not like it here go somewhere and play football. Respect our flag and our country or get out!

    • Jim Bennett says:

      You are a 100% correct. In addition, if they were truly passionate in what they believe, they would take their personal time, like many of us do, and do something to make a difference. What do they do on their time off, nothing to support their cause or help those they feel are being mistreated? The players could legally advocate to make a difference but no, they would rather disrespect this great country that has given them everything, including the freedom to play a game for millions of dollars!!

    • russell says:

      a true statement

  102. David Small says:

    They shouldn’t be fined. They should be shipped back to Africa and allowed to improve their situation there. Wouldn’t that be a simple solution to the problem? If they are so unhappy with the conditions they find here, one would think that they would jump at an opportunity like that.

  103. rich says:

    If you were one of the 1.1 MILLION high school football players, dreaming to enter the NFL, and see how tasteless the current bunch of NFL players are acting – absolutely no respect to our military or to our country. I would rather watch a high school game then a bunch of spoiled babies, no mater how strong and quick they are. I guess they do not care that without fans in the stands and fans watching the games on TV, they have lost their audience, they have lost any vehicle to express their perceived hatred of the police.

  104. Jack says:

    Oops – left out the “y” in “years”!

  105. The flag that they show respect for is the flag that made them rich.

  106. Jack says:

    Will not attend, support, or watch NFL football – period! And haven’t for the last two ears! College football is much better and more exciting as well! Boycott the NFL!

  107. Gary Oplt says:

    Biting the hand that feeds you!!! Enough of all the whiners and protesters. Fold the damn league and we won’t miss it at all and they will get what they totally deserve.

  108. D W says:

    On the comment sheet where it ask if they should be fined, I say they should be fired. As a Marine, if I made a mistake, it could cost my life or the life of one of my close friends. No, don’t fine them, fire them.

  109. Buckwheat says:

    In my opinion, the NFL is on the way out. More and more American loving citizens will refuse to watch or support teams that do not support the United States Of American, our way of life and the love of our flag. I for one will NOT ever watch or attend another NFL Game.

  110. Roger Roger Roger, I’m so disappointed in you as commissioner. Are you afraid to do the right thing to save the game of football? If the protesters did anything in the off season to change their protest, I may see things differently, BUT THEY DON’T! They only rake in their MILLIONs.

  111. James P Hutchins says:

    Boycott the NFL the game of football is not the place to protest that’s what the media is for.

  112. a fool says:

    Without America there would be NO FOOT BALL! NEVER!!! It is an America White MEN’S INVENTION! Not loving the Flag that represents our be loved Country, is the denial of one’sCitizenship! It is a serious violation to the HOMOR of one’s OWN COUNTRY! If the Anthem of our Nation is unworthy of someone’s respect, that someone should over out and go somewhere else to claim whose citizenship! We do not want want them breathing our Air OF FREEDOM! This FREEDOM we enjoy was, is and will forever be earned for us by ENDLESS BLOOD SHED of our Patriots! RESPECT OUR FLAG AT ALL TIMES, NO MATTER WHO!

  113. Bill says:

    I don’t care what those overpaid assholes do; I won’t be watching again this year. I hope attendance and sales are down 50% this year. Maybe when they start getting their pay cut they will quit disrespecting our flag and National Anthem. I know they will never show respect for our country but if they quit kneeling and raising their fist in the air at least we won’t have to witness their disrespect anymore.

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