The NFL is paying for the national anthem protests in a way that will make your jaw drop

Since the National Anthem protests began it has been bad news for the NFL.

Fans were furious and many even boycotted the season.

Now, the NFL is paying for the National Anthem protests in a way that will make your jaw drop.

Fans aren’t the only ones fleeing the NFL.

Advertisers are abandoning the NFL in fear of backlash from consumers.

Companies do not wish to be associated with the anti-American and anti-police rhetoric of the protests.

Now, the NFL is paying for it to the tune of millions of dollars.

Bloomberg reports:

The problem is, advertisers typically buy commercial time before the season starts and negotiate ad prices based on ratings from the previous year, and last year’s ratings were down 10 percent from 2016-17. As a result, ad revenue for NFL broadcasters like CBS Corp., Comcast Corp.’s NBC, Walt Disney Co.’s ESPN and 21st Century Fox Inc. fell 19 percent in the first two months of the season, according to Standard Media Index.

“The effects of the lower audiences last year are spilling into this season,” said James Fennessy, chief executive officer of the advertising research firm.

As Bloomberg reported, revenue from advertisers has plummeted.

The NFL has completely botched this PR crisis.

By allowing anti-American leftwing protestors on the field, they are watching their revenue go up in smoke.

Many news outlets no longer cover the National Anthem protests at the behest of the NFL.

But it’s too late for the NFL to recover many of its patriotic fans.


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121 Responses

  1. Bryan Hansen says:

    I did say that I still watch the NFL. But I spend significantly less time watching it. I only watch Sun., Mon., or Thurs. night games if a select few teams are involved. I read about the games or hear about them more than I watch. Not to speak for the rest of those who said they still watch, but I would think that there are others who answered yes but don’t do so near as much as they used to.

  2. Larrivenia says:

    This action is about justice , equality not disrespecting the flag

  3. Eric says:

    This is what happens when PC rules the day and you let the inmates run the asylum. PLAY STUPID GAMES, WIN STUPID PRIZES. The NFL will never recover from this dilemma,…. largely because they’re not willing to do what is right,….. what they should have done in the first place. Oh well, it was a good ride while it lasted.

  4. Billy Bob says:

    Kneegers just being Kneegers!!!

  5. Nunyer Binnis says:

    Yes, but just the L.A. Rams, and I don’t buy NFL stuff.

  6. Raider Nation is rising up!

  7. George T Horvat says:

    Am I the only one who sees the insult that is made to those of us who honor our country when TV stations don’t show the playing of our National Anthem? These worthless scumbags who make multi-million dollar salaries for running around playing with a pointy ball are the ultimate winners when this is done. Because of them, the rest of us are denied the right to revere our flag and our nation. The best way to dispose of the problem is to just fire the bastards because there are many more waiting in the wings to take their place.

  8. Ron Hatt says:

    “COLON”…..Let’s spell his first name correctly! Because that’s what he is…..”a colon”! Now this person, gets his just deserts! You “earned” it Colon……Now quit carping, & go find a job!

    Watch College Football…..It’s more “funner”!

    • Dave Miedema says:

      You’ve gotta spell his last name correctly, too…CRAPERNICK.

      • Randall M says:

        Colon is blocked. Needs a re laxative.

      • gary says:

        Colon Crapperneck LOL! ! Why do you Americans always allow the liberal lowering of standards to pacify that hurts all, because it takes away the majority rules application! It will continue to erode American values and standards to the point of destruction and lost of this country called America! The liberals trying to take GOD out of the equation, allowing good as bad and bad as good, allowing the perversion of the civil rights movement by allowing so-called gay rights, allowing corruption both local and especially national government without true resistance, allowing both republicans and especially the anti-American democrats and their anti-American agendas tool the bought out biased medias propaganda LIES having their way with John and Jane Q. public of America, for these are the things the elites want a dumbed down blind mass called snowflakes to control and get rich of your money as in taxes! To bad you Americans haven’t the guts like France to have constant Massive protest corrupt government both local and national and All must comply nation wide for it to work, Democrats are destroying what made and makes America great! Surround all castles and make citizens arrest !

      • Nunyer Binnis says:


  9. Melody says:

    When the game comes on I run the other way. If I am forced to watch it via a TV in an eatery I write down the advertisers on a napkin. Yes I am a boycotter of them also

  10. One old Vet says:

    Take action folks. I have tuned in to as many games as I can (only broadcast TV here) Only to make a list of the advertisers. I routinely let the NFL know that I am contacting those advertisers to inform them that they are on my reject list. Which they are because I do contact them and let them know. These arrogant , WAYYYYY WAY OVER PAID SPOILED BABIES, need to be turned over Americas’ knee and given a good spanking. If enough people boycotted the advertisers and stopped watching the games (and also buying tickets) … (imagine tuning into a game and seeing 95 % of the seats empty – LOL ) The income that the the NFL and the teams have would dry up. ( Imagine players being paid minimum wage LOL ) These self appointed Primadonnas, disgust this old veteran along with their team organizations and the NFL, for NOT clamping down when this crap when it first started. I would love to see pro football go the way of the horse and buggy. Personally I find College football much more entertaining. Come on America, VOTE WITH YOUR WALLETS !

  11. Jenny says:

    These sports idiots disrespect our country, flag and anthem so why should we honor them with watching their overblown sports programs. The leagues do nothing to show respect for the USA but want us to spend all kinds of $$ on their games and merchandise. Good riddance. They also do nothing to the idiots beating their girlfriends, wives or any female which is another disgrace to the leagues themselves for saying this kind of behavior is ok

  12. Sandy Wilson says:


  13. Robert says:

    if you realy want to be herd ? stop mumbling and QUIT BUYING !!!!!!!!!!

  14. frank bowers says:

    When I came home from the service and moved to Houston, TX I never missed a game of the old teams played at the Rice Stadium and later at the dome. I tuned them off when colin came alone and stated his baby way of protesting by demonstrating against our flag, the flag that many died to protect and give him his large bonus as a football player. No I quit watching all professional sports and will until I die an at the age of 81 I hope to live another 20 years.

  15. Philip Simon says:

    The Elitists of Football Players of Kneeling are pure children on a bib money contracts from the fair paying box. Colin Capernick proved these fans that they are stupid!

  16. Ernst says:

    It hurt me deeply to see Americans disrespect the symbol of this country, and when the NFL capitulated and promised to pay millions to racist, leftist organizations like BLM, I quit the NFL. I imagine no circumstance that could recapture me as a fan. For two years my television has not once been tuned to an NFL game.

  17. Gerry says:

    I have not watched a game since kaeper-jerk started his BS antics. I do not miss it and even if the nfl can solve their problem(very doubtful) I will not go back to watching it. I will not lower myself to watch a bunch of mostly criminals and thugs anti-American dirtbags.

  18. mykpyp says:

    My second year in…don’t miss it even a little! VIVA! AMERICA! Boo, hisssss to the NFL!

  19. WALT says:


  20. Ham Moore says:

    Fine the American hating idiots their pay for every game they participate in a protest. That will get their attention big time because in many cases the fine will be $100,000 or more. That will get their attention whereas $10,000 or $20,000 will not get their attention.
    Donate the fine money to Boys & Girls club or other organizations that benefit the under privileged.


  21. New Mexico, USA says:

    Every day I wake up and get out of bed, I am reminded, by my metal hip that I received in Vietnam, that I still love this country. Even when my only daughter was murdered by an illegal mexican alien criminal that obama let over the boarder, I still kept faith in my country.
    When I saw those black nfl traitors kneeling during the anthem I was floored. They are way to over the line. If they want to protest this country, renounce your citizenship and go back to africa. You black traitors are the lowest of the low.

  22. Robert J. Gargasz says:

    Shame on the NFL! Disrespect for America and police, hooligans as players, $100.00 tickets, $10.00 beer, Queer globalist anti-American values. Rule changes that made players pussies! No fellows left.

    Ruined a good thing. Morons in management. Fools.

  23. 1PatriotForever says:

    NFL is: NO FANS LEFT!!

    • vet says:

      but I still see the stands full ! Would hurt even more if no one showed up for the games. Absent that, how about leaving the the game empty the stands.

  24. Don Livingston says:

    The NFL has no leadership. They need to look to the NHL and the MLB. But I really think it’s too late, All government subsidies should be terminated at once. It’s an insult to the American Taxpayer.

  25. Alberta says:

    It really hurts me to see the players still wearing Nike attire out on the field. Especially after Nike gave their support to C.K. who is responsible for starting this whole thing with the National Anthem.

  26. robert iverson says:

    N F L [ NEW FUNKEY LOOSER ]no watch no more i watch bozo every chance i get

  27. a e. perugini says:

    the nfl should stand by the country that pays their salaries or leave now!

  28. Carole ANNE Quinn says:







  29. messup says:

    It’s deeper than what has been portrayed. Globalism vs. Anti-Globalism. Better yet, Originalist’s of US Constitution vs. Woodrow Wilson “living document” US Constitution (revisionists). Or the third leg of this cabal…LINK: One has to see the “real story” behind what is underway by attempting to re-shape Our Blessed USA into some has been, third world, tin-horned dictatorship run by some 60 American families controlling everything America. Wake-up, America (she’s on life support)

  30. Tom Bickman says:

    As a veteran I just can’t watch it…I have watched since Bart Starr ..Johnny U..Roman Gabriel ..Joe Namath…the fearsome foursome…..but today is a whole different ball game…an anti American protest that not only am I not interested in…I am disgusted by… I’m out

  31. dlmstl says:

    Sunday PM and MNF used to be ‘must watch’ TV. Sadly, the ‘whoring-out’ of their product……SNF, Thursday Night and then Crapernut’s antics, have left such a bad taste, that all I watch now are the high lights on local sports reporting. The onslaught of off-the-field incidents added to my decision to cut the cord with the National Felon League. Matters were made even worse when they invited the mumblers that play the game into the studios for ‘analysis’.

  32. Dj says:

    There are better ways to protest than at a football game where children are being influenced by these millionaire athletes show disrespect to our country.

    • David in MA says:

      People who do not like America, her Constitution, Flag and National Anthem
      should immigrate to a country which agrees with them AND STAY THERE!

  33. Ken says:

    Here are some FACTS about the salaries the Players get, really OBSCENE to say the least. FACT- The average length of time a game takes is ELEVEN MINUTES!! From the snap of the ball to the downed ball is approx. 4 SECONDS. The average time it takes got one game is approx. 11 MINUTES!! Multiply that by 16 games and that equals 3 HOURS for a complete season.. So, just divide 15,000,000 by 180 minutes (The time played in one 16 game season) and you get approx. 83,333.00 dollars a MINUTE, and that is the fact!!!

  34. NFL—NO FANS LEFT!!! That is the answer to the NFL owners and players when they attack our American values, national anthem and veterans!!! Besides, we have found there is life after the NFL after all!!! As a Vietnam veteran, you are not who I put my life on the line for in America for you do not appreciate those American values that we put our lives in harms way for in a war in representing our America and the sacrifices we made doing it!! You have to earn that back from us and you still have not!!…..

    • Chuck says:

      Haven’t watched it from the moment he took a knee and never will again. Put in 20 years in the Air Force in peace and war and lost friends for our freedom. As citizens of this great country we have a moral obligation to enjoy those freedoms in a free but responsible way. We owe that much to those who gave up all their future tomorrow’s for our freedom and to those who lived and suffer from physical and mental injuries. Like another commentor said, the NFL can go to HELL.

      • Ken Pruzinsky says:

        Thanks for your service. I haven’t watched a game either in over 2 years. I dropped my USAA insurance after doing everything with them for 42 years because the refused to stop being one of the leading NFL sponsors. I have stopped doing business with pretty much every company that is an NFL sponsor. What I cannot understand is why more people have not taken this stance.

        • Jeffrey A Sampson says:

          Thank you for serving my brother. I am also an Army Vet and have lost family, my forward observer had head head blown completely off. I will not ever watch a game or support ANYONE OR COMPANY THAT SUPPORTS THE NFL IN ANYWAY PERIOD.
          I agree just cannot understand or wrap my head around why people would support the NFL they have slapped the face of every man, woman and family member that has ever served and our police, first responders the very people that protect the people and our nation I am ashamed of this lack of shame and care!

  35. RUSSELL ROUNDS says:


  36. Ken says:

    As far as I’m concerned, the NFL is on a downward spiral. 90% of the players are of a very low I. Q. and are at the level below animals! Some of the players have boasted to have many children by many different women and are proud of it!! Great role models!! In closing, I would never go to a game here in Las Vegas…

  37. deerflyguy says:

    Although I’m not a big fan of football, I used to watch the NFL quite often. Now, I NEVER watch it, and if I see or hear of companies who support the NFL through commercials played during the games, I don’t patronize their businesses or buy their products!

    • Jola says:

      Deerflyguy — When shopping we should ALL let the sales staff know why we are not buying products advertised during NFL games. STOP THE KNEELING.

  38. Navy PO2 says:

    The NFL can go to HELL!

  39. Sarge says:

    This is where the silent majority speaks and the left wing media preaches the opposite. We would not know these figures because the left wing media does not produce them.

  40. lisalles says:

    The problem is not JUST the left wing protest during the National Anthem. It is also due to the players beating up their girlfriends. Another player beat up a 19 year old outside his hotel room….not knowing the video cameras were rolling…..LAST WEEK.

  41. Banshee 803 says:

    I am a 74 year old Vietnam Veteran and was an avid New England Patriots fan from their inception in the old AFL until these totally UNAMERICAN displays provided AGAINST those who died to give these rectal cavities the freedom to make millions playing a GAME OF SPECIFIC LIMITED ABILITIES. I WAS PERSONAL ASSISTANT TO AND PROTECTION FOR A MEDAL OF HONOR AWARDEE CHAPLAIN IN THE 199TH LIGHT INFANTRY BRIGADE, during the height of the 1968 Tet Offensive and had a degree in Government, EVEN THEN. Never in my lifetime have I seen a more disgusting display of self-aggrandizement and stupidity. I was also a “Freedom Rider,” from St.Michael’s College in VT to Selma, AL in 1965 and met Dr, Martin Luther King on the Edmund Pettis Bridge there at a Civil Rights rally in 1965 and was at Newark Airport on the day he was assassinated , 4 April of 1968 while awaiting a flight home for 30 days leave prior to being sent to Vietnam and it looked then like the riots after Trump’s Election win in 2016. This Country is NOT a faintly similar wraith of the country I grew up in in the fifties and early sixties when we were a UNITED, not a DIVIDED country and made so by the U.N.’s scurrilous subversion and those of their allies in crime and corruption; the Progressive Democratic Party and the Globalist Movement which wishes this country to be enslaved as a third world vassal and occupied by “U.N. Troops!” The NFL is reaping as it has sowed and I hope it bankrupts the lot of them. Most of them are Domestic dolts who beat their wives and children and commit various other offenses but as privileged players in a cabal of clowns think, like the Establishment government, it can get away with anything, They are WRONG and come 2020. it will be PROVED to them once and for all and rightfully so. In the meantime, Roger Goodell allowed this fiasco and should be terminated and a public apology made to all Americans and ESPECIALLY. those who have SERVED THIS COUNTRY IN THE MILITARY FOR FAR LESS AND AT FAR MORE RISK THAN THESE CLOWNS WILL EVER KNOW. I am one of them and their behaviors make me want to vomit; preferably on ALL OF THEM . Pat Tillman died after serving in the military and leaving his lucrative position in the NFL. When have you seen his sacrifice even mentioned while all of this BS is ongoing.? Shut ’em down if they want to be other than loyal to God, Country Constitution and Rule of Law! Others died giving them the right to be rectal cavities: the least they could do is RESPECT their service but these turkeys respect NOTHING! We should NOT be allowing Armed Services participation on NFL events as it is an AFFRONT to those who died in my opinion. period. and, We should NOT be allowing Taxpayer dollars to be so used when we are $22 trillion dollars in debt because of our incompetent and disloyal Establishment government! Thomas Jefferson said it best: A Government big enough to give you everything you want, is big enough t take everything you have!” BUT ONLY IF WE LET IT! REMEMBER THAT WHEN NEXT YOU GO TO THE POLS!
    THE NFL WILL CATEGORICALLY DENY THIS INTENT BUT: actions always speak louder than words all one must do is LOOK and see for themselves, pragmatic REALITY! These parasites are pathetic as is the career parasite Congress which allows this shameful behavior to go unchallenged! SHOW THEM ALL AS MUCH RESPECT AS THEY SHOW YOU: NONE AT ALL!

  42. Cabin 1954 says:

    In clicking through television channels and pausing on the NFL games long enough to determine if the show(s) or local news casts I wanted to watch were even going to happen, I noticed that most NFL stadiums were packed tight with people. My heart sank. Guess all those who said they would never go to another game and were boycotting the NFL for their anti American rhetoric did not last long. Lasted what, maybe two seasons at the most? Just goes to show that American’s will not live without their bread and circus. Nero fiddles while Rome burned. American’s are at an NFL (or other sporting event) while America is being sold down the river by far to many we have voted into office to lead us.

    • TomArmstrong says:

      To cabin1954 ,I promised to not go to a game & I haven’t, I also haven’t watched one on tv & almost every one I know doesn’t watch either,,, after all why should these self important but holes get paid to protect a football more than our military gets paid to protect our country, or the police get paid to protect our lives!!!!

    • RJOGuillory says:

      ….you are a bit off in your perceptions on attendance….and should wait to see the wave of economic hardship that is rolling towards The NFL. While there are still some die-hard teams and their fans left…The NFL is having difficulty filling stadiums. Even The LA Chargers, 9-3…probably a playoff team, can’t get more than 30-40% of capacity. The Bears, with a winning record, can’t fill Soldier Field…and The Redskins, to which you used to have to wait 45 years, just to geto n the ticket list in order to buy, has so many open seats they have to cover the upper sections in red tarps. The sardine look you see, are fans being allowed to sit wherever they like, regardless of ticket price…as they need to fill the lower seats of the stadiums in order to adjust their limited TV camera angles…thus hiding the drop in attendance. Also, check out how quickly their camera angles for punt coverage go from the kick-to-recovery, and try to avoid the upper tiers of the empty stadiums. This economic tidal wave is building right now, as The NFL’s ad revenues are down 19%, because last years ratings were down so bad. Now they are fighting poor ratings again this year, so next years ad revenues will drop like a rock. They know this, and will limp out this year trying to save face. But they have already had another couple of criminal acts by their players..and even if the players and The NFL apologized and were sincerely contrite, I’m unsure enough people would care. They have real problems, as they spend a lot of money to make a lot of money. When the money dries up…tempers will flare! Ha!
      RJ O’Guillory

    • David in MA says:

      They may look full but is it just a clinton/obama democrat style ploy by having them all sit in the same area and that is the only place the cameras scan?

  43. Johnny says:

    I stopped watching the NFL, when this protest started! My life has changed for the better. I use to be able to tell you every players name and position they played on the Miami Dolphins, now I don’the know any of them and don’t care. I said the NFL will fold one day. Well it”s beginning too now! We the fan are starting to win!

  44. Robert Lee says:

    Absolutely awesome. I wish the NFL could somehow cut all of the players salaries by 19%. The NFL is getting exactly what it deserves and I do not care if it ever recovers. The players that started this problem and continued to fester it are not the kind of people that real Americans want their kids to look up to as their heros.

  45. Kathleen says:

    Anti-American behaviors are destroying the identity of our big beautiful USA. Boycott any who are Anti-America, including Chinese made cars, etc.

  46. RBohn says:

    A bunch of overpaid idiots! How dare They! Going too CFL!

  47. Gail says:

    They believe the media’s hype . Plain and simple . I remember the hate filled rhetoric that the advertisers slammed at people who believe in God ,Family , and Country . They were snarky and rude and proclaimed we couldn’t make a difference in their decision to continue their support of the hate filled racist bunch who shoved their hate against our God Our country ( which is us ) and our President . All of which is what makes us who we are . Without these things our country turns into what they were doing .

  48. Robert says:

    I will never watch the NFL again period.

    • Me either I don’t care about these high paid imbeciles

      • Fred says:

        I even switched from BUD to coors.

        • Thom says:

          Me too! Now there’s two of us! LOL

        • Jeff says:

          I can’t drink anymore but I did just a few years ago and was a pure bud man only now you can bet any amount of money I will always encourage anyway and everyone any chance I get to never support the NFL or any company that supports or sponsors the NFL in anyway. How dare these overpaid woman abusing fools slap the faces of every American and continue to do so as a six army vet and a family history of serving our,country since the beginning anger and insult doesn’t even start covering just how I feel these fools have used our country and show pure disrespect time to shut them down.

  49. Henry Price Lodge says:

    The franchise owners, the commissioner and league executives, and the players association have fallen into a trap of false political correctness that will ultimately put them out of business. They simply don’t have the guts to tell their employees to STFU. They don’t get it! Football is entertainment….not a necessity.
    The employees are alienating the customers…..big time. Maybe, after the last season ticket holder cancels, they’ll figure it out…..but, even then, I wouldn’t count on it!

  50. Chick says:

    It is high time that people put the brakes on these professional sports, money wise. And, it is BS that cities will pay atrocious amounts to build a stadium for a team, That darn owner ought to be building a paying for his own stadium. And, those owners should have told his players, “You are working for me. I pay you. You will conduct yourself in a manner to please the fans and me, or you will not be a part of this team”

  51. breaker 19 says:

    Cities across the country have been building new stadiums for the NFL for years. I’m waiting to see what happens when they want a new stadium built somewhere. They may have to buy the property and build their own, which is what they should have been doing from the start.

  52. DHConner says:

    Why is the Federal Gov’t subsidizing any “”game” of any kind at any level, especially the “professional” one? I don’t even understand why so many millions of people sit in front of the boob tube and waste their lives by living vicariously through these so-called “players”. These are supposedly grown men running around like kids and being paid insane amounts of money to do it. If the couch taters would get off their backsides and engage with their family, relatives, and friends they’d be a lot better off. Why parents of children of any age allow them to engage in an activity that all but guarantees at least one concussion,, and more likely several, is child abuse to me. They’d be much better of engaged in competitive shooting, fishing, hiking, camping, playing chess, and just about anything else but these supposed ball games where line drives knock them unconscious, and unnecessarily rough physical engagement in basketball leads to serious injuries and severe concussions when the head smacks the floor. Golf is pretty safe. Bows and arrows are safe. There are many things to do beside engage in behavior that is almost guaranteed to cause brain damage. That’s why boxer’s get called “punch drunk”. look at Muhammed Ali. There’s proof positive about boxing. Wreslting is safe. Swimming is safe. By the way, I was engaged in the construction trades for many years, a welder, and a truck driver, and got injured 3 times on the job in 50 years – one skull fracture, but some of those severe injuries go with the territory, unfortunately. And thanks to OSHA, the construction work sites are so safe today I never dreamed of such protection as an 18 year old laborer in 1965. You look at the ironworkers who put up the Empire State Building. No hard hats, no safety nets or lines, just an air mattress to coddle them on their way to the ground. Splat! That hurts, but not the actual fall. Just a mucky mess afterwards. These unpatriotic meatheads need to be handcuffed to an M4 and sent straight to wherever we have troops fighting on the ground. Then we’ll see how unpatriotic they are. That’s when they’ll learn what real teamwork is. Your3,6, and 9 look out for you, and you’d damned well better do the same for them: your life depends on them, and theirs on you. You”ll not even think of your obscenely high rate of “professional game player” pay. That’s when the reality of the total disgrace they made of themselves, and snubbed our flag and national anthem will enter their minds, My money says they’ll pray to God to get back home to the land that is free because of the brave, especially those who sacrificed life and limb; not for these “ball monkeys” to insult America as they did and do. Assholes and malingerers is all they are, from where this 72 year old Marine sits.

  53. Joel F says:

    I am 57 yo veteran who watched the Miami Dolphins since 10 years old. All of that changed in 2016 when the Anthem protests began, and l agree with all of the other comments about the NFL continuing to allow this to go on . I have also been aware that a lot of the teams have stopped the kneeling, however with teams such as the” Damm Dolphins “, still engaging in this disrespectful behavior, makes the NFL, and other teams complicit, by allowing this to continue ! It is my hope now, that the future of the NFL completely implodes under its own weight . Shame on Dolphins majority owner , Stephen Ross for completely caving on his word to stop this crap on his team ! There is nothing they can do now, to right there enormous wrong at this point ! It’s truly disgusting that Leftwing politics finds its way into just about every facet of our lives, ruining everything in its path ! Wake Up America , 2020 is on the Horizon !

  54. Nick Lappa says:

    The NFL is getting what they deserve. If you watch these little BOYS DONT buy anything advertised during the games. Get in their pockets and things will change.

  55. Carl R Carlson says:

    Look out! Next protest will be wage reduction. When football leagues keep losing large amounts of money salaries will have to be cut. That I’ll enjoy watching or reading about.

  56. Mike W says:

    I realize a lot of the players in the NFL are not that educated – yes they went to college – but on a football scholarship – their main goal was to get to the NFL not to get an education. BUT – even the dumbest of the dumb will take notice when they see the coming salary cuts. The NFL team owners cannot sustain the ridiculous salaries these people get when revenues are down across the board. The team owners are very wealthy people with money they plan to sustain their families for generations to come When they see these kinds of losses they may very well decide to sell their teams and invest their money elsewhere. There is an old saying that goes “No matter how good something gets – some a**hole has to come along and ruin it for everyone.” Enter Colin Kaepernick.

    • Linda says:

      Yep! They can all thank Kaepernick & the NFL ( for letting it happen) for not having any foresight what so ever and causing this collapse of the NFL to occur. They were all so cocky and sure of themselves as they bashed our Police forces and spit in the face of our Military. We all wondered how a firm such as the NFL could/would let the disgrace of disrespecting our country in which you have such a wonderful life due to ruin their income and future of the sport. Yes the Owners will get out before they loose too much but the Players are screwed! And yes many of them had nothing else in mind for their futures than playing football. Mistake on their part. They chose that “occupation” over anything else. Many of us hard working Americans could not CHOSE our occupation. We do not play games. We build this country and keep it running for all Americans. America deserves respect! Perhaps they would all rather play & live in France? Or Mexico?
      Now where is the future of NFL Player going? Overseas?

      • Sally says:

        I agree with you Linda. Also the “pig” socks that he wore disrespected the men and women of Law Enforcement. My husband worked law enforcement for over 30 yrs. and Navy Reserve for 34 yrs. This made me quit watching football. I was in two football pools every year etc. DO NOT DISRESPECT OUR MILITARY OR OUR LAW ENFORCEMENT!!! They make way too much money to use the field for their protest crap, period.

  57. Don says:

    I have better things to do than waste time watching a bunch of whiny children show their butts over lies. The “cops shoot blacks” game is a lie and blacks shoot far more blacks than anyone else and we’re supposed to ignore that because that’s their business. The NFL can GTH.

  58. Donald M Coder says:

    Let’s remove NFL from our nation as an example of people who do not respect their own homeland.

  59. Cliff Stewart says:

    I can only hope that it gets MUCH worse for them. They’re highly overpaid now as it is and damn sure don’t need the federal government, OR ANYONE ELSE, helping them with “OUR” money. Our military and our “first responders” put their lives on the line every single day to protect the “rights & freedoms” of these worthless SCUM, and don’t get paid even close to what these SCUM are being UNDESERVEDLY paid!!! I, who used to eat, drink, sleep football, am TOTALLY through with today’s version….and will NEVER watch another game…EVER!!!

    • Camp says:

      Ditto to ALL of the above comments. Used to watch every game but have not watched a single game since Krapernick started this disrespect. Will never watch another NFL game. College games are better anyway.

  60. Linda says:

    The Federal government subsidizes the NFL?! Really? Why? So they can all be so disgustingly overpaid?! And then for the players to take such an Anti-American stance while being supported by the Federal Government ie our tax dollars!!!!
    NO! NO! STOP SPENDING OUR TAX DOLLARS ON SUCH CRAP! Stop taking our money and calling it for taxes when they spend it on who ever and what ever they wish. Subsidizing Honduras and Nicaragua to the tune of Hundreds of thousands of our dollars every year to help their countries? To do what? Take our dollars and continue to destroy their countries and use those dollars to buy and process drugs and firearms? And then what? Their people are lying and invading/breaking in to our country for the freebies we give out? What attack us?! Throw rocks and debris at our Border Patrol? Wave their Honduras flag and scream obscenities at our country. Throwing their children over the fence for us to take care of? BS!
    The NFL should have seen this all coming. We all did. But then again we are all so stupid that they can take advantage of the common tax payer.Them, with all of the big minds and big $$$ thought this would be good for the NFL? Really? How stupid.
    They deserve to make it on their own like we have too! Our businesses do not get Federal Subsidizing! But a bunch of pampered men playing a game to perform for their audience does? Whats with that?!
    We are loosing small businesses hand over fist and no one there to help us recover. Small Businesses built this country, Not overpaid foot ball players!

  61. Art Ward says:

    The NFL is going to continue its ugly decline for some time to come … it is inconceivable that the leadership team of the NFL has been so stupid. I know a number of players and a few of the members of the leadership team … most of these guys think that this ongoing nightmare will simply blow over. Not a chance! The NFL has damaged itself in a very serious way … the evidence of decline and public disappointment can be found nearly everywhere. They need to put in place a few high-level damage consultants before the it all becomes terminal. As usual, NFL management tends to hide in the nearest bushes they can find … it just seems incredulous to me!

  62. Jorge. Salomon says:

    I am glad that they pay a hefty price.
    Many of our young children have lost their life so that others may have their freedom of exprssion. Therefor, what this idiot Kapernick did, was a bad taste slap on the face to the famaly of those whom have lost their life.

    • gary says:

      It’s American fault for allowing the liberals, political [in] correctness to thrive without true resistance. The liberal lowering of standards to pacify that hurts all, the race and gay card and whatever card! American allowed one person [minority] and I do not mean in race idiots, a minority of one to over come a majority of 99! The bought out biased medias propaganda LIES are used as a tool to promote this, racism and civil unrest, any anti-American rhinos and democrats anti-American agendas, it created a dumbed down blind mass called snowflakes, it props up corruption through politics of politicians, just by the constant mentioning of it! All for ratings and profit and without any true outside resistance, you Americans are your own countries worse enemy as with all races worse enemy especially you white people LOL!

    • David in MA says:

      Morons do not understand that because you have a “right”
      to do something does not mean you have to do it.

  63. Dave Miedema says:

    I haven’t watched an NFL game since 2016, and have financially boycotted the National Felons League (tickets, souvenirs, charities) since 2008 or thereabouts. That is because at that time, the NFL denied allowing Rush Limbaugh to buy a minority share of the St. Louis Rams while allowing several Hollywood liberals to buy a piece of the Miami Dolphins.

  64. Bill says:

    I still watch my Cowboys ; they stand for the USA. I’m not going to let a bunch of spoiled overpaid assholes keep me rom enjoying the one thing I enjoy on Sunday afternoon. As far as the rest of the NFL teams I would never attend any of their games or buy any of their over priced team apparel or merchandise .

    • Jeffrey Sampson says:

      This isn’t personal towards you but you have opened a hole that can not be ignored. I also was a major football fan. I have permanently separated myself and so has my family that is made up of hundreds of people from all walks of life. The difference between my family and your thinking is big and the reasons are very real very final and very raw to this day.
      We are a family that has put serving our country first. Almost every young man on their seventh birthday proudly marches to the local recruiters office and becomes a soldier for the minimum of a four year term many have served all their adult lives sad fact is MANY OF US have come home in a casket or body bag. Why because we love the country and it’s citizens. We have lost many family members and friends in EVERY WAR, CONFLICT what have you. This fact makes us even more determined to protect our country from ALL INVADERS OR DANGERS THAT IS A RISK TO OUR COUNTRY OR WAYS OF LIFE.
      You and many others obviously still do not entirely understand the importance of the wrong doings of the NFL EVERY TEAM MUST BE HELD TO THE SAME TREATMENT INCLUDING THE BELOVED COWBOYS AS THEY ARE AS MUCH A PART OF THE NFL AS ANY OTHER TEAM. So I asked you to stop, think and remember the reasons you have the luxury of a home and have the freedom to watch whatwhaever your heart desires millions have lost their lives to make sure we all have our liberty and freedom to do as we wish. Our military and first responders are the reason American citizens live as they wish. However supporting ANYTHING SO INSULTING TO ALL OF US WHO HAVE SERVED WITH SO MANY GIVING THEIR LIVES TO PROTECT YOU JUST REMEMBER WHY WE ARE AND DESERVEDLY SO ANGRY WITH THE NFL. I want to also be clear my family shares our love and honor for our with every citizen including you all we ask in return is to honor the service we have given and will continue to give this country. I would go back to service this very moment if my country needed me even tho I amean already a very seriously disabled vet, I would hold my head high pick my weapon up zero it in and take care of business. I am STILL A SOLDIER AND WILL BE UNTIL I TAKE MY LAST BREATH BUT PLEASE EXCUSE ME AND THE MILLIONS OF OTHER SOLDIERS AND THEIR FAMILIES THAT CANNOT EXCUSE THIS BEHAVIOR EVER! And we couldn’t be more grateful to the patriotic people that support this indefensible behavior at any cost the NFL WILL change or become a memory that is now part of history. We have even covered the damage the game causes to its players, their horrible behavior outside the game and the massive over pay that ALL athletes get fact is its nothing more than entertainment that people are to willing to spend their hard earned money just to be in a hostile and disrespectful atmosphere.

      • tbone says:

        Firstly let me say THANK YOU to you and your family for your service. I was drafted for VN but didn’t pass the physical I tried to join the Air Force and Navy but couldn’t get in either, but I have a very deep respect and love for all the young men that fought and served to keep our country safe and free. Having said that I stopped watching the nfl two+ years ago after being a 50-year fan of the Dolphins and don’t regret or miss it. This country is slowly coming back to patriotism and respect and it’s been gone too long. Hopefully it will continue in that direction. Merry Christmas to you and yours.

        • Jeffrey Sampson says:

          Your awesome all the way thank you for loving our country and doing your best to serve your support is so needed and greatly appreciated! We lost three family members in Vietnam and nine in Afghanistan and Iraq with five still in harms way they alway redeploy they do not feel the job is done while we sit back and pray for them we feel the love from so many people like you. I am so overwhelmed by people like you that is why my family serves both men a day women and will proudly continue to do so.

      • Alan says:

        Absolutely right! I used to be a huge fan, but the No Fan League is permanently shut off in my house now!

      • Linda says:

        THANK YOU! For your Service to our Country but also for your comment. Hopefully, opening a few eyes and brains up! Yes my family too, fought and died for the US. Show some respect! Just very happy to know that the NFL is feeling the stupid mistake they and Kaepernick did that will, in fact, ruin the sport. They showed no respect to the country! They do not deserve any attention any longer. They bashed our Police forces and spit in the face of our Military personnel. They need to be done. More important things are going to be happening around our nation very soon. Our Military will be there! The Game is over boys!

    • Bob says:

      How can you watch the Cowboys and not watch the team they are playing?

      • Chuck says:

        Right on Bob! You can’t. I was a Seahawk fan and a Cowboy fan. I think some Seahawks are still protesting and kudos to Dallas for not, however if you support any NFL team you are supporting the protesters.
        I have had my Seahawk Jersey and other apparel in a box, I am waiting for the NFL to come to their senses. I haven’t watch any games for two seasons now, so if they are still acting like jackasses next season, third time is the charm and the box either goes in the fire pit or eBay.

  65. Sandra Haddock says:

    I won’t support Anti-American sponsors, not even local (Jacksonville Jags) businesses who sponsor pre-or post-game shows as well as network sponsors. It would be nice to see the players offer to give a Veteran a monthly payment for housing or medications. It’s pocket change to them, but a life to the vets.

  66. Randall M says:

    The Federal Gov’t needs st stop subsidizing the NFL. NO MORE FEDERAL MONEY!

  67. Sherry says:

    NFL is an Anti-American Partner, what other Country would Worship atheletes by paying Millions to throw or fetch a Ball..? They should have been required to Study History & English..not just Math for their bank accounts… Pathetic Minds

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