The New York Governor just made a disgusting statement about America

New York’s Democrat Governor Andrew Cuomo is feeling the heat.

He’s facing a socialist challenger in Cynthia Nixon, so he’s been trying to prove just how radical he is.

And he just made a statement about America that will make you sick to your stomach.

At a recent campaign rally where he was trying to pander to women, Governor Cuomo stated, “We’re not going to make America great again. It was never that great.”

Many Democrats believe Cuomo is in the mix for their 2020 presidential nomination.

But remarks like that won’t play well outside of his New York City bubble.

Fox News reports:

New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo may have just handed Republicans a ready-made campaign ad for his rumored 2020 presidential bid – by declaring Wednesday that America “was never that great.”

The Democratic star made the seemingly offhand remark as part of his rebuke of President Trump’s “Make America Great Again” slogan during a bill-signing in New York. But the line drew gasps from the crowd.

“We’re not going to make America great again. It was never that great,” Cuomo said, to an awkward blend of gasps and chuckles.

Donald Trump won the White House by pledging to Make America Great Again.

Democrats have done everything in their power to oppose him both in Washington, D.C. and in the liberal states they control.

But they’re playing with fire.

In their fervor to oppose Trump at all costs, they’re staking out blatantly anti-American positions.

And they’ll soon have to face the music.


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95 Responses

  1. carol says:

    if AMERICA is not so great””why he hell are you here”’dumbass”” keep talking””AMERICA wants to see what the left plans for AMERICA”and it doesn’t look good””’ so we need to get out the vote””don’t let the left destroy us”””

  2. carol says:

    this man has destroyed New York with his hate and his plans for the people in New York”” and he wants to be president”””””” I don’t think so””

  3. Cactus Cleve says:

    Leftists must HANG.

  4. Jan13 says:

    I loved it when I heard some NY GOP leaders gave Andy a one way train ticket to Montreal, I wonder if he can speak French..

    • this ny gov is disgusting…..If it weren’t for President Obama we might not have done the intelligence community assessment that we did that set up a whole sequence of events which are still unfolding today including Special Counsel Mueller’s investigation. President Obama is responsible for that. It was he who tasked us to do that intelligence community assessment in the first place. CLAPPER’S OWN CONFESSION

  5. Cuomo is an ASSHOLE. If New York wants him, let them keep him. Just be sure he does not leave that cesspool to corrupt the rest of America, that happens to be GREAT AGAIN. Don’t let him tear that down.

    • cliff says:

      Many of us, don’t need him OR want him, BUT the “takers”(welfare) ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS and “city dwellers” want him because of all the “freebies” and “special treatment” the DEMOCOMMUNIST party GIVES for their “loyalty” and of course VOTES.. ( all this is thanks to the N.Y TAXPAYERS). BUT there is Too much VOTER FRAUD up here, so the DEMOCOMMUNISTS keep “winning’. Now, “king” andrew, by “royal decree” has made it possible for convicted FELONS to “vote”. He has ALSO “decreed” the parole officers have voter registration forms handy and “instruct” the felons on how to make them out , and (more than likely) WHO to cast their vote for.
      (sure as HELL isn’t a “law and order” candidate)
      If it was “possible many of us “NORTHERN N.Y’ers ould LOVE to separate the state into two sections and rid ourselves of the 7 LIBERAL COMMUNIST counties that “control” the state.

    • rafael says:

      Cuomo vai affanculo .

    • James Every says:

      I agree with you. Unfortunately I’ve always lived in N.Y. BUT I’m in the winter of my life and I can’t pickup and leave.
      GOD BLESS those that can and help those that can’t.

  6. H Cannon says:

    Let him keep talking……Nov 6 is right around the corner.

  7. NavyVet67 says:

    Correct…..California is the classic example

  8. Jan13 says:

    Well, Andy, what you are doing to NYS isn’t so great either, it may not be too much longer that the more conservative residents will follow all those that have already left the state. Not that you would mind since you don’t think we belong here anyway.
    It will be fun to watch NY to go bankrupt when all you have left here are people looking for a free ride.

  9. D. C. says:

    He should talk to his parents and or grand parents if living and try to find out what they think if America is now of in the past Great?

  10. Vasu Murti says:

    There was a saying during the days of the Roman Empire during the height of its power: “all roads lead to Rome.” The Moorish empire stretched all the way from Spain to Indonesia, but is now largely forgotten. In the 19th century, they were saying “the sun never sets on the British Empire.”

    We are wealthy because we stole this land from the Native Americans. People migrate to wealthy countries. Indians and Americans do go to oil-rich countries for temporary employment to earn cash. Too often, idea of American exceptionalism is based on nationalism, rather than on the ideals upon which this country was founded.

    As a new president, Barack Obama dismissed the idea of American exceptionalism, noting that Greeks think their country is special, too. (The ancient Greek word for “barbarian” meant “one who doesn’t speak Greek!”)

    Barack Obama labeled the Bush-era interrogation practices, euphemistically called “harsh” for years, as torture. America, he has suggested, has much to answer given its interventionist history in Latin America and the Middle East.

    At the National Prayer Breakfast in 2015, Obama noted pointedly that his fellow Christians, who make up a vast majority of Americans, should perhaps not be the ones who cast the first stone.

    “Humanity has been grappling with these questions throughout human history,” he told the group, speaking of the tension between the compassionate and murderous acts religion can inspire. “And lest we get on our high horse and think this is unique to some other place, remember that during the Crusades and the Inquisition, people committed terrible deeds in the name of Christ. In our home country, slavery and Jim Crow all too often was justified in the name of Christ.”

    People immigrate to the United States not necessarily because it is a Christian country as conservative Christians would like to believe, but because it is wealthy. All over the world, they’re emulating the secular American pop culture: Disneyland, Coca Cola, rock & roll, MTV, Miley Cyrus, etc… NOT Christianity.

    I once asked Fouad (the half-Russian and half-Indonesian study partner of my friend Chris when Chris and I were roommates in college), about his impressions of America, as Fouad and his family defected from the former Soviet Union in 1979 while Fouad was still in high school. Fouad spoke glowingly about the wealth and standard of living in the United States, and not a word about the ideals and political freedoms upon which this country was founded: freedom of speech, freedom of the press, freedom of religion, etc.

    “America did not invent human rights. In a very real sense… human rights invented America.” — Jimmy Carter

    “I saw courage both in the Vietnam War and in the struggle to stop it. I learned that patriotism includes protest, not just military service.” – John Kerry

  11. Thomas Goss says:


    • Peter Pihun says:

      Unfortunately, there are many dumb voters in the state of New York who vote for the likes of morons like the governor and the mayor of NYC!

      • cliff says:

        YES and the MAJORITY of these MORONS all live in 7 counties downstate, not up here in NORTHERN N.Y. The majority of us u here are CONSERVATIVE, BUT the WELFARE “takers” and the ‘freebie” lovers still live among us. Why do you think N.Y. is so “popular” with the welfare crowd and illegal immigrants? “king” andrew/king deblasio and all the other democommunist “elite” SCUM give OUT tax dollars to these “freeloaders” in return for their undying ” loyalty” and of course their “votes” to keep those “goodies” BRIBES) coming.

    • Ann says:

      If America has never be GREAT, then why does everyone want to come to AMERICA!!!

  12. Greenbean says:

    Then PLEASE leave America and take all your buddies with you….PLEASE!!!

  13. Big Iron says:

    If Cuomo actually wanted to “Make America Great Again” he could start by moving to France and never coming back. …What a sack of “sh#t”.

  14. TDG says:

    They can’t help themselves since Trump won the election, and I love that. The Governor and all of his ilk will continue to tell Americans who voted Republican they are a bunch of hayseeds who don’t know what’s best for America. I say “please keep talkin, ya’ll.”

  15. Tom Curry says:

    It is real sad that the citizens of that state voted this crook Cuomo into office, and believe me he is nothing but a crook and the same goes for that Mayor De Blasio they have really destroyed a great state and city and it may not ever get back to being a great place to live again!!! I can tell you for a fact that this Cuomo has no chance in hell of being our president and I hope that the state gets rid of both these scumbags soon as possible as their Mayor and Governor!!!

    • kenneth g fichtl says:

      NYC doesn’t give a rats ass about its citizens it is rotten to it apple core It is crime ridden and supports anarchy Try and get any Government agency to do their job

    • Helen says:

      Those TWO liberal morons, apparently HATE America, if they feel this way, then I say, “ Pack urbags and leave,forgoodnesss sakes!

  16. NavyVet67 says:

    I do the same

  17. NavyVet67 says:

    your dad is correct. The 7 southern counties are killing new york.

  18. NavyVet67 says:

    California w/o a doubt. New York w/o the city, long island, westchester and rockland is a great state….Upstate Ny would love to break away from those 7 counties

  19. NavyVet67 says:

    Because the lefty liberals own all the tv and radio stations. They own and control all the print media…doesn’t leave much wiggle room….no simpler than that…thank God for Fox news

  20. Frank says:

    New York and California should just withdraw from the Union. Everyone wins. Just have to build 2 more fences.

    • Big Iron says:

      Hillary knew how the game works; that’s why she moved there …for the corruption. All she had to do was to kill her competition who would have denied her the Senator seat, JFK,Jr..

  21. Melody says:

    you should hear the (Other than NYC’s) comments about Cuomo They feel they are being taxed out of existence paying for NYC’s people. How do I know this? My dad told me so…Signed Ex Ny up state resident

  22. Clay Skinner says:

    Perhaps Cuomo would rather be speaking German!

  23. Shadow of the Moon says:

    Good for you, Andrew! Now you’re dead in the water, you cut your own throat:) Not only will you not be NY’s governor next term, you can forget challenging Trump. If I were you, I’d start on my memoirs.. HA HA HA what an ass you are!

  24. NavyVet67 says:

    Sounds like the story of American politics. The need for term limits. Never letting these people gain all the power they accumulate as well as wealth from dubious sources

  25. Marlopi says:

    You mean the DISGUSTING New York Governor made a disgusting statement about America. He should have his citizenship revoked! Ashamed that he is Italian — it gives Italians a bad name.

  26. Jondarmes says:

    Well, after all, this typical democrat POS is what the people of NY want to elect to lead them, how embarrassing. BUILD THE WALL, MAGA, OR ELSE!!!

    • Kep says:

      NYS residents have tried to oust the Godfather Cuomo, but the liberal communists have the urban areas, and the deceased and illegal invaders voting. Once outside the urban sprawl, the rest of the state is conservative.

    • cliff says:

      NOT ALL OF “US” N.Y. ers. Just CRIMINALS (like cuomo) “city dwellers”, illegal immigrants and all the “takers” that love the DEMOCOMMUNIST “party” for all the freebies and “special treatment” that they get for their “loyalty” and of course “vote”

  27. NavyVet67 says:

    Hopefully the people will rise up at the voting booth and do away with this abomination called Cuomo

    • russell remmert says:


    • cliff says:

      We can always HOPE, BUT with all the soros-cpompany pre-programmed touch-screen Voting machines that “change” your vote, RAMPANT VOTER FRAUD “ALLOWED” in this state, and also “allowing” Cuomo’s recently released CONVICTED FELONS, ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS , and out-of state democommunists to be bused by in by soros-comapany PAID buses to “vote”, our numbers are less and less. I find it “disturbing” to sat the LEAST that even though there are more people “voting” that LIVE here, NO ONE seems to mind (or care) as long as DEMOCOMMUNISTS “win” .
      Just like PIGLOSI stated you must do ANYTHING to make sure you WIN. (anything??)
      LIE, STEAL, CHEAT, BRIBE(the usual “tactics”)

  28. NavyVet67 says:

    I don’t think there is a person alive that wouldn’t agree that as a country we’ve made many mistakes and done things that should not have been done. Man has never been a saint. But across the board, people are far better off here than in other places.

  29. trapperwv1 says:

    He is not a speck of what his father was. and why any sane New Yorker would vote for him is beyond me.

    • von Potter says:

      Cuomo loves his Sanctuary Cities/Towns, and his jihadist camps……..He has done nothing to the illegals that are killing the legal citizens,……..he has tied the hands of the Police, that were trying to arrest those illegals that were committing felons and murder……….

      WE THE LEGAL CITIZENS have to stop all those illegals from voting…..Letting them vote and remain in the USA goes against the Constitution of the USA……..

      THANK GOD for the 2nd Amendment, our police/military, the NRA, and everyone’s CPL’s.

    • Jan13 says:

      Because he has a D after his name

  30. Daniel Mount says:

    Do not ever vote for another Democrat because they do not want to make America Great ever. They only want to destroy America. Just look at what they are doing to President Trump as Trump has been working very hard to make America great again after 8 years of the Islamic Terrorist Barack Obama and all of the damages he had done to all Americans and our Health System and how him and his JV TEAM that is (ISIS) and how they killed off all of the Christians in the Middle East. They are very Anti-American.

  31. Candy Clanton says:

    What an idiotic statement. If American isn’t great, why is it that everyone from other countries is trying to get into America????? The man is obviously stupid so why would anyone want him for a President – we’ve had enough stupid presidents.

  32. cathylovesyou says:

    Cuomo Stinks anyway, a crook remember you are judged by the people you hang out with, well all his appointee’s and friends are in jail or indicted except him. Communist rhetoric along with Cynthia and Cortez. Lets go Molinari, raised as a poor boy with Andrew raised with seven golden spoons in his mouth. He is suing a man who is trying to help clean up MS 13 Crypts, and Bloods, gangs of illegals all over the country. He is so crooked he is out of truch

  33. Abel Juarez says:

    all these treasonous people trying to ruin this great country!

  34. Carole says:

    No wonder, he’s a dirt bag!

  35. First off if you think America is great you are delusional. Between the British, English and Spanish they managed to kill off the Native people, like 49 million, They killed of the Quakers, they killed the so called -witches , They killed many black people, while at the same time fought each other with the North and south fighting . Now the US is fighting with many countries. We are Great is your head up your butt?

    • Mott D Dorn says:

      I think you can look at ANY country and find dark eras so “Finger pointing” will get you no where

    • James England says:

      Mr. Hawksblood there are still Native people here my wife cousin is married to one, but yes I do agree we back in the day this country did bad things to Native people, and there should have never been slaves. Sure the US made a lot of mistakes, but we are still the greatest country in the world, and if you don’t believe that then maybe you should move some where else.

    • Charles says:

      If you do not like it you should leave; and with your infinite wisdom you should be able to find a better place for you to be. You need to check back and tell the remainder of us where this may be!!

      • D.C. says:

        Mr. Hawksblood,
        I, too, am Native American–and I have the documentation & DNA tests to prove it–Yes, the EUROPEANS and early SETTLERS did some horrible things to our People. There is no sugar coating that issue. But it is physically (though not mentally–and some do to their detriment) impossible to live in the Past. We need to be wise and learn from ALL American’s Pasts–Native and Otherwise. Native Americans were factionalized. They refused to band together, even though they had many Prophets, Tecumseh and Tenskatawa are two, who tried to unite them, tried to tell them what would happen if they didn’t unite. And it is factionalism that will destroy us as a people and out GREAT NATION once again, if we do not fix these problems. The ones who are trying to destroy the United States will not look kindly on the Native Americans; Beware: we will be like other tribes in their countries of origin.

  36. F. J. Garza says:

    If he doesn’t think that America is or ever was great, why doesn’t he immigrate to a country that he thinks is? Do we need politicians who don’t believe in our country?

  37. Grizz Mann says:

    Banditos feel that anyone that stands in their way, makes their image of America slanted.

  38. Rodger Shull says:

    AMERICA is GREAT, but it is not because of you cuomo or any of your family members, you are sorry A$$ CORRUPT LOSERS,

  39. Mary Ann Brinkman says:

    Since Mr. Cuomo does not see fit to be “Proud to be an American” and work toward making America Great Again, he should just crawl back under the rock from which he came.

  40. Wildmann says:

    Hey Paisano, Pack your Sheite and go to Italy!

  41. John Soroka says:

    I left two replys that did not get posted. Don’t you like the truth?

  42. Dawn Menoni says:

    Cuomo is nothing but a punk who thinks he is the Czar of New York. He is the dirtiest politician ever, and his brother is an obnoxious idiot.

  43. Frank says:

    America has stalled on its greatness because of politicians such as himself, McCain, Flake, Corker, Waters, Feinstein, Schumer and many others. Cuomo has just shot himself in the head politically speaking. I truly hope people start to listen and understand what is going on in the political realm of this country as well as the educational agenda stamped/indoctrinated by democrats.

    • Mike says:

      I agree 100% except you forgot to mention Clinton – Pelosi and Faux -ca – haunt -us” Warren. Making America Great Again starts with removing these scum from our lives. They have all become very wealthy in so called “government service”.

  44. John Soroka says:

    New York is polluted with communists and assholes. Truly a lousy place to live only because of the crooked politics.

  45. mrp says:

    The Cuomo’s – all three of them – father, son and son are nothing but self enriching Democrats. They’ve all made a fortune at the public troth and should be have been held accountable for their greed. Andrew obviously spoke his mind about America never being great and now finds himself in a position to have to walk it back. He knew what he was saying and thought it would advance him, but it backfired.

  46. hey big boy why do u think all these illegals wanna flock to usa how stupid are u . u got elected sad sad sad now i see where your sons stupidty comes from

  47. Andy is as dumb as a stump, He just gave his opponent the best TV ad there ever was. Also a great one for use when this POS runs for President. It really shines the light of truth on this loud mouth, arrogant, SOB, and what kind of character he is/has. His father was bad enough but Andy is just another, Obambam/Hillary.

  48. NavyVet67 says:

    Oh how true. Also hoping Cynthia Nixon takes him to the cleaners at the debate at Hofstra. Not a Nixon fan either but anything to get rid of Cuomo. That would quell any chance (God Forbid) of a run for President…..

    • Jan13 says:

      From what I’ve heard from Nixon, she doesn’t have a full deck.
      Hope the GOP candidate has some gumption and get his ideas out there.

  49. NavyVet67 says:

    I am hoping that all of the corruption related news leads to his undoing. I just keep spreading the word in my conversations with people. I hope Marcus Molinaro takes his ideas to Long Island and the City. It wouldn’t take much to turn the tide. Pataki did it in the past so Molinaro can do it now. The one thing that shocks me, I have a few Democratic friends that hate Cuomo as well yet will still vote for him only because he’s a Democrat…that drives me insane

  50. NavyVet67 says:

    This man is a disgrace. He should be dragged into the street, tarred, feathered and tied to a rail and sent packing….Is this the type pf person we want in our government? I don’t think so…..there is no excuse for any person who votes for this despicable human being…….

    • Jerry Hampton says:

      I heartily agree. Why is it that the Left can say and do whatever they want without consequence, but if any Conservative utters a whisper of something that might/could be considered controversial it is taken out of context and paraded through the lamestream media. This guy, and Cynthia Nixon, should be deported to Puerto Rico so they can try their Liberal stuff with people who have it much worse than other New Yorkers.

      • Jan13 says:

        I’d love to see his brother, Chris, take him to task for the comment, but I highly doubt it will happen. He probably feels the same way.


    This man is a complete moron and an embarassment to all the people who live in New York. I live on Long Island and I am ashamed to tell any of my out of state friends that I live in New York. New York is full of assholes, Cuomo. Schuemer, Gilderbran. Time for a change !!!

    • cliff says:

      AS a fellow N.Y. er I am in complete AGREEMENT with you. I live in NORTHERN N.Y. and we have tried for YEARS to vote ALL of this SCUM out, but we are ALWAYS “outvoted” by the “city dwellers”, and NOW illegal immigrants that “king andrew”, AND “king” deblasio not only “allowed” but “encouraged them to vote without consequences” if “caught”. ALSO we must not forget the “king” has set free, and “pardoned” numerous CONVICTED FELONS, and “allowed” them their voting rights back, as well as ORDERING their PAROLE OFFICERS to “help” them make out voter registration forms and called it a “high priority” to “make sure” they vote the way he wants.

      • Frank says:

        I second this statement. New Yorkers should be ashamed in the people we have elected to office. Cuomo, Gillebrand, Schumer, Deblasio, Ocasio-Cortez, wake up New Yorkers you better start to take our state back from lucid politicians, bring it back to the people.

      • Pamela says:

        Cliff, I agree with your comment 100%. We live in upstate NY, Monroe County, and pay one of the highest taxes in the US. This SOB has one hell lot of nerve to make that statement about the greatest country in the world. Sure hope he NEVER becomes POTUS EVER. Upstate residents wishes we could separate from NYC. We are definitely like day and night.

  52. Ken says:

    This asshole is as stupid as his brother. Their both dumber than dirt.

  53. Ken says:

    This asshole sounded drunk he’s as nutty as his stupid brother.

  54. Greg Olmstead says:

    Cuomo is a dumb ass. Get the hell out of AMERICA!!! We don’t want you here!!!!!!!

    • cliff says:

      He said in another one of his MORONIC speeches he too was an “illegal immigrant” and stated “why don’t you deport ME?” Hell…. do us N.Y’ers all FAVOR, and self-deport. We got rid of one “king” many-many years ago, we sure as hell don’t need another like you that THINKS you are. (AND to the rest of the people in this country, he is “hinting:” for a “run for POTUS. Be very cautious whom you cast your vote for or be prepared to share in OUR misery if you are thinking about casting a vote for this tyrant.)

      • NavyVet67 says:

        I’m hoping that these messages act as an open letter to all New Yorkers….Cuomo is bad news just like his father….I hope people heed the call and vote wisely….I’m still steamin’ over the Tappan Zee Bridge…..Cuomo has no power outside of lower’s the city that carries him

        • cliff says:

          The “city dwellers”+ ILLEGALS+ welfare recipients and any other “group” that gets FREEBIES, and “promises of “special treatment” and BRIBE MONEY for their “vote” for HIM. (as well as for his cast of corrupt characters running the “government” of N.Y. state) Even one of the Sheriffs up here stated he should be ARRESTED and tried for CORRUPTION, and all those “dirty deals” (Buffalo billions for just ONE) The “list” is too long to post here.

  55. Tom Martin says:

    The USA has certainly been great for his rich behind. He has no idea how many are suffering in the USA but they remain loyal to their country. If it is not great why are the Democrats trying to help so many illegals stay here. Why are the illegals breaking the law trying to get here.

  56. M says:

    Fiddle dee dee, What else have we come to expect from Dem liberals? They are just about all far left and farther left. Moderate Democrats #WalkAway right over here and register as a Republican. We want you. VOTE REPUBLICAN, MAGA

  57. Earl says:

    Governor Cuomo stated, “We’re not going to make America great again. It was never that great.”
    AMERICA was not great during the ObamASS DARK YEARS. And many DumboRAT cities are not great, unless you want to consider how great their shooting deaths are.

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