The My Pillow CEO told Tucker Carlson about the strange plot that just got him canceled

Cancel culture is real.

And it’s coming for everyone on the Right.

Now the My Pillow CEO told Tucker Carlson about the strange plot that just got him canceled.

My Pillow CEO Mike Lindell is a familiar face to Fox News viewers and Trump supporters.

Lindell advertises his products heavily on Fox News and Lindell was one of the biggest supporters of Donald Trump and his claims that voter fraud swung the 2020 election.

But now Lindell finds himself the subject of a $1.3 billion defamation lawsuit filed by Dominion over Lindell’s allegations that their machines switched votes from Trump to Biden in the election.

Twitter also permanently suspended his account for spreading election disinformation.

On Tucker Carlson, Lindell alleged that Twitter secretly took over running his account for 17 days and during that time Lindell claimed someone else posted the material to his account that got him banned.

“This time, it’s different. This time, about 17 days ago, when someone put up on the Internet actual new machine election fraud, I retweeted it, and they took my Twitter down. Now when they took it down, this is interesting, they didn’t take it down all the way. I just couldn’t do anything and they were running my Twitter like they were me. My friends are going ‘You’re not tweeting very much and when you do . . .’ — I said I’m not doing that! So I try to take it down and I got something from Germany saying these are Twitter rules and you cannot do this, take anything down. So they ran my Twitter for 14 or 15 days,” Lindell claimed.

Lindell will have a chance to prove his claims in court.

But right now, he is the latest high profile Trump supporter to face cancellation and profession and financial obliteration.

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