The military got new orders that are the bad news the migrant caravan was dreading

Donald Trump sent troops to the border to stop the migrant caravan invasion.

Fake news journalists accused the President of an election year stunt.

But Trump just gave the military the one order that is bad news for the caravan.

Former Secretary of Defense James Mattis was not a fan of deploying troops to the Southern border.

However, he resigned just before Christmas.

Now that Mattis is no longer in the way, the Pentagon stated that the troops’ deployment will last until at least September.

Fox News reports:

As the ongoing partial government shutdown over funding for President Trump’s proposed border wall continues and the White House debates declaring a state of emergency to pay for it, the Pentagon on Monday extended the military’s mission on the southern border by eight months.

In a statement, the Defense Department said Acting Secretary of Defense Pat Shanahan had approved a Dec. 27 request from the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) to extend and expand the troops’ role. There are currently roughly 2,350 active-duty troops currently supporting the border mission, down from a high of nearly 6,000 late last year.

U.S. military support to the Department of Homeland Security (DHS), which was previously set to expire Jan. 31, is now slated to end on Sept. 30. The Pentagon had extended the troops’ mission on the border once before, on Dec. 15.

Trump supporters took the President’s order to send troops to the border as a sign of his commitment to stop illegal immigration.

The President also proved the fake news to be liars when they claimed he sent the troops to the border for a political stunt.

The mission is real and the extended deployment proves it.


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226 Responses

  1. RW says:

    Also get those towel heads out of our government and deport them, and while at it deport those lying demo-c-rat communist . If this bull s##t continues then we the people will fix the problem.

  2. villageiron says:

    If Mrs Botox will not support the wall then move the wall@Ca./Mexico boarder to Texas and she will have open California to her house.

  3. Charles says:

    I’d rather have our brave men and women back home myself not some hell hole. Sounds like Texas border would be nice for a change instead of somewhere you don’t even know who your enemy is and if they appreciate what you are doing for them. However, only folks the brave men and women here at home would have any lip from would be the liberals

  4. Cohobadiah says:

    To hell with PC. It’s past time to lock, load and fire on illegal invaders. If the govt can’t or won’t, let the US citizens handle the border. I love Trump but in reality we don’t absolutely have to have a wall. Just the determination to stop the illegal border crossings by whatever means are needed. Think of illegals as isis and tell me our military could not immediately put an end to illegal entry. We are trying to do this the hard way. RESPECT our borders and enter legally or die trying to avoid the line at the ports of entry.

    • T says:

      That’s a bit much. I do agree with on them if they fire on us first

      • Randall M says:

        No, T. It is not a bit much. Think ” Civil War”. Happened once over difference of opinion. Will likely happen again.

      • hubert says:

        T they have fired on us by breaking in this country.

        • VJ says:

          Also detained our ‘ unarmed troops with their military on US soil . . . . . Previously these same law enforcement ‘officers ‘ were shown on video loading and escorting illegals to the border . They have hated the US for a long time , and have considered it theirs for a good many years . Remember the Alamo ? Well look up the Goliad where the troops surrendered ad were subsequently executed by their captors . .. . . .IN Texas . Even the rangers couldn’t cross the RioGrande as it would bean act of war . Why aren’t we dointhesame ?

    • Allan Terry says:

      Politicians in DC won’t act until we have another 911 type disaster. It could be a Muslim terrorist or MS13, but they are coming in and it will be soon. Crybabby liberals scream “compassion” for invaders and their children, but what about compassion for victims of illegals? The liberal media, controlled by Bloomberg and Soros are behind it all and Dems are brainwashed.

  5. Pookie says:

    If the Dems do not want to build the WALL use as many troops as necessary, maybe that will persuade them to relent.

    • Just to bad they cant lock an load.

    • Mary Murphy says:

      We need to CHANGE OUR IMMIGRATION LAWS FIRST & FOREMOST!! If you have no means of support before you come in, you CAN’T COME and anyone who hires an ILLEGAL IMMIGRANT NEEDS TO FEEL REAL FINANCIAL PAIN!!! And they certainly should go directly back home and without a trial. Trials are for citizens!! These people are not citizens of the U. S.!! Next–Why should they get welfare, housing, healthcare, etc., when our poorest and most venerable citizens can’t get housing or help when they need it?

      • Toni Boney says:

        Thank you very much for stating the obvious! I lost my home 4 years ago and cannot possibly afford even a 1 BR Apt on my SS 100% disability check/income each month! After $376,000 in failed chemo treatments (outpatient), I have terminal AML Leukemia. Care to guess how much I rec’d in food stamp assistance? $15 per month! That’s all! They DISALLOWED the entire 16 months of hospital/chemo bills! Medicare doesn’t pay everything, in fact it doesn’t pay much at all when you consider all of their EXCLUSIONS. Housing, not available for this citizen! Our system is BADLY BROKEN and geared to help ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS ONLY. The only thing we citizens get is the BILL for all the governmental assistance programs. We, ourselves, cannot benefit a dime! I WANT MY AMERICA BACK! THE ONE THAT PUT U.S CITIZENS FIRST

        • The Real M says:

          Toni Boney, I am so sorry for what you are going through and it makes me furious that our government has allowed this! You are correct. I wish there was a way for you and others to testify to this kind of travesty before Congress. They live in a world apart from reality in so many instances and need to be slapped in the face with the truth, to see if they can handle the truth!
          This is so awful, Lord knows our citizens should be assisted before these criminal illegals!

      • Allan Terry says:

        Republican George W Bush had 8 years to fix the border and immigration problems. The Republican majority Congress had two years to fix this, but they failed. Thanks, McConnell. They failed, went home for a long Xmas break, and now face the Dems when this could already be law. Unfulfilled promises is why the GOP lost the House!

        • terry you are right but the low life dems had 8 years to fix too but didn’t. this fall on all of both sides of congress. now lets let Trump fix the problem once an for all. back him the military an most important GOD.

          • VJ says:

            Add to that this ‘ Failed Coups of Obama and Hillary ‘ allowing the overthrow of two Democratic countries to communism . Which could have been stopped with a phone all . . .look it up ! Now we see why that happened . They are organized and are thinking long term . Why did Hillary get Hugo’s radio stations for his extraction so he wouldn’t be killed ? Odd to say the least ?

      • Ben says:


  6. Daniel R Autio says:

    Who were the 1%, Pelosi and Schumer?

  7. Craig Murphy says:

    It’s a camo wall and it moves and is lethal.

  8. Don says:

    Yes…….it’s just another attempt at an invasion disguised as immigrants. One female migrant admitted they were coerced by Soros forces to make the march.

  9. Craig Murphy says:

    The President should employ Article 4, section 4 of the Constitution and declare an invasion and then exercise his Article 2 powers as Commander-in Chief of the armed forces, and militarize the border with appropriate rules of engagement.

  10. RAY says:

    Let’s check all the voter registers for illegal immigrants. If we get rid of the illegal immigrants and clean up our food stamp and welfare rolls we can stop Pelosi and Schummer and do away with our illegal problem. We also need to get the E-Verify law passed and enforced. If there is no work available to the illegals they won’t come in.

    • Tom Edwards says:

      They are not here for the work! They want the free bees. Why work when you can collect $3,000. per person for wellfare!

      • Ray Kauffman says:

        you’re so right!

        • Diane Kauffman says:

          Does the pres have the power to cut off all aid to illegals? I mean without the congressional hassle? I think Dems want them here for the votes. Many Dems live behind walled compounds and probably don’t worry about the diseases and most of all crime they bring. I was so glad to see pres cancel –Nancys’ trip that would cost mega dollars. She said it was humanitarian but I think she just wanted to go trash Trump to the troops

          • The Real M says:

            Diane Kauffman, I think Nasty Nancy is “trying” President Trump to see how far she can push him and see just what she can get away with. She is also trying to appease and impress her extreme left with her ability and importance (in her pea brain). She is hoping against all hope DJT will make a disastrous game ending mistake that will hurt him with the American people and destroy any chance he has of getting the barrier for the southern border, needed so badly to secure and keep America and her people safe from all the terrible crime, drugs, controlling who and how many come into the Country. I believe President Trump is such a seasoned negotiator he will recognize any of her petty little tricks and be able to deal with them appropriately. He must!

          • D.A.N. says:

            And when he cancelled their flight on a military flight, they said he exposed them to security concerns. Well if Nancy and company would do their jobs, their wouldn’t be any shutdown. Cut off their pay till they learn to negotiate in good faith. That trip was just another publicity stunt by Dems in Congress.

      • Ken says:

        These people are coming here because it is free money. The average Honduran salary is 23,565 which is not so bad in that country. So it looks like rather than work hard and earn good money in Honduras it’s better to go to America and get it for free. In other words, get paid for breeding and being a Democrat plantation crop. These people are the pigs of Honduran society and we have plenty of societal pigs of our own right here in America.

    • Gary Von Neida says:

      YES & California would become a RED State once again. Without all the ILLEGAL Votes in California there would never be another demorat elected.

    • The Real M says:

      RAY, We must get voter photo ID law passed so it will be federal law for all states. We have to present a photo ID in my state when we vote and know some other states have it in effect but, it should be mandatory everywhere.

      • Phyllis says:

        Yes like here in NYS also with a hologram that say United States Citizen of America

      • Felipe Gomez Jr. says:

        Really? ID? You have any idea how many times my identity had been stolen? By illegal Alien’s? They can get phoney fake ID’s made. I believe the same with voter ID would not be any different? If they did a computer check on the spot? It might work?

        • The Real M says:

          Felipe Gomez Jr., Of course the voter photo ID is verified by computer as we register prior to going to the voting machines. Done I am sure for the reasons in your reply.

      • Tara says:

        At the latest election, here in NC, It was voted in to present voter I’d before voting. However, after it passed, it was then vetoed. Who knew it could be voted in then vetoed out by someone so close? It did not sit well with people in this city. Trump all the way!

      • Toni Boney says:

        You are absolutely right! No photo ID, no damn vote! This DOES need to be a FEDERAL law and mandatory in ALL STATES!

    • roger domnie says:

      gee, ray the idea is toooooooooooo easy to figure out, how long did it take you to figure out? along with all you mentioned, cut free housing, free health, no 70, 000 per person, misc benefits, they would find another country to invade and make their demands.

    • Nick Byrne says:

      Thier is no such thing as an “illegal immigrant”. They are “illegal aliens”. Stop calling them immigrants.

      • Marcus says:

        Excellent Point You make , I too am sick and tired of all the warm fuzzy Liberal words used to describe Foreign Criminal Invaders , Although here in Southern Arizona if We need to be more Politically Correct We prefer Unregistered Democrat

    • Don says:

      you cant even get dems to agree to census poll question of illegals they are the dems inside vote the more they come the more votes they grt

    • S. Collins says:

      Excellent plan!….

    • Michael says:

      They will try to flood in anyway, just for the welfare benefits. And, once in, they will HAVE to be supported; they are destitute and can’t be allowed to just die in the streets. So, if they break through the border they are actually REWARDED. The only acceptable response is to PREVENT entry in the first place. If Mexico lets them into Mexico, that’s MEXICO’S problem. There is no acceptable substitute for a proper, defended wall. National security and sovereignty depend on it. Pelosi and Schumer’s obstruction of the wall constitutes a declaration of war against America. There’s just no other conclusion. Recent Antifa chant: “NO BORDERS, NO WALL, NO USA AT ALL!!!”
      STOP the invasion.
      STOP the Democrats.
      We don’t have a choice.

  11. Frank Norton says:

    I am thrilled to read that the states (2) are beginning to offer money for building our Southern wall. Since the 48 states do not have walls between them, any illegal immigrant entering the country can travel between the states. Thus is important that all the states should be offering money towards the southern wall. Well , of course, only the red states will offer these funds.

    • Michael says:

      Exactly the problem with “open-borders” California, and why it constitutes a threat to the rest of the country. Ex-Gov. Jerry Brown(D): 2014: “We WELCOME undocumented immigrants.” And Gavin Newsom = Jerry Brown 2.0

  12. millertime says:

    thank god I changed my political preference from scumbag commies (democraps) to American patriotic conservative. How do these scumbags , Pelosi, schumer, dickie boy durbin, keep getting re-elected? we sure have an awlful lot of stupid people going to the polls.

    • Tom Edwards says:

      Most voters have no idea who they are voting for! Go down the line! I heard that name Check! There is very few who can name Vice Presedent.

    • Gary Von Neida says:

      Voter Identification must be enforced in California if We are ever going to be able to toss the bums out of the (once) Golden State’s Government. The Democrats have made Millions “selling out” the Citizens of the State.

      • D.A.N. says:

        Most of Commiefornia’s Driver’s Licenses aren’t even legal forms of identity for the Federal Government. To be valid, a US birth cert or naturalization papers need to be presented and CA doesn’t make it mandatory that that be done.

    • Daniel Stiverson says:

      They cheat. Over a half century demons have been stuffing blot boxes.

    • The Real M says:

      millertime, Welcome home to the GOP, we are glad to have you. Bring all your family and friends, we need and want them too! You made a good and important decision!

  13. Freeman Dillard says:

    Lay a 70 ft mine field on our side of the border! See you jump that illlegals.

  14. catherine says:

    I pray they have the right to shoot! The ONLY thing that will stop these caravans.

  15. Ted Quirk says:

    If we can leave troops in the middle east and Africa forever then we can leave a few troops on the Southern Border for a few months.

    • mary says:

      Agreed…we need to finally protect our country and our borders and once again have our ships patrolling our seas…
      I’ve read recently yet another caravan behind the second in play now from Hondouras, will be from Kenya…any more news on that?

      • Jan13 says:

        Probably all of BHOs relatives.

      • Gary Von Neida says:

        Charge Mexico $50,000 for each ILLEGAL ALIEN that They allow “near” the Border —– Charge every Welfare Dime We spend on Illegals that crossed from Mexico—-no more foreign aide.

        • Bobi says:

          If we could ever get the wall built why not charge illegals wanting to enter a fee? They are paying the coyotes enormous fees. If they can afford that they can afford to pay the US!

  16. Craig Michael Vandertie says:

    Our military needs to cease providing free security detail for the Middle East business ventures of our wealthy and that of our government’s allies and committed to securing our borders.

  17. Jim says:

    I agree and understand using highly electrified fences, land mines, or armed guards ready to shot anyone illegally crossing the border, but what if it was YOUR U.S. citizen child that got lost and wandered into the area.

    • Craig Michael Vandertie says:

      If you you are that irresponsible to take your children along with you in an effort on your part to illegally invade another nation the blame lies solely on your shoulders if the child dies.

    • rafael says:

      Jim ; maybe your child will get lost and wondering in that area .
      No decent responsible parent will allow THAT to happen . Just FIX your stupid mentality and start thinking like a Real American ; not like puke cadaver Pelosi and scumbag retarded senile Schumer . The Purpose of the Wall is to Stop the INVASION of our Land by the scum , criminals Invasive Species . Come here the Legal Way NOT the OMIERDA WAY . Got it .???????

      • The Real M says:

        Rafael, I can tell from your response to Jim, you are as OVER the liberal mind set as I am. Jim, and everybody else, would simply teach their children to STAY AWAY FROM THE BORDER IT’S DANGEROUS, just like they teach them to stay away from rattlesnakes, black widow spiders, etc. Lord, he is worrying about ifs, ands, and buts, while we’re trying to save America for Jim’s children and future generations. Besides, WHEN we build the wall Jim won’t have to worry about that, right?
        Nasty Nancy and Chuck Schmuck need to get their butts to the table and tell DJT what they want in exchange for the wall. They ALL need to stop standing around snorting and breathing fire at each other and get the job done. We need to be able to open the govt., get everybody back to work so the employees can get paid. Wish there had been a way to hold Congress’ pay, they don’t have to have it unless they are a “rookie” who hasn’t had time to get rich in D.C. yet!

    • Charles says:

      Landmines??? Where do you live? Not in America do we place landmines or electric fence although that would cure repeated offenders. The armed guards that you say are so ready to shoot anyone illegally are only in your propaganda there sport. How many border patrol have gotten shot and how many were killed in the line of duty for you to sit there all high and mighty smugly putting these men and women down who gave their lives up for your dumbass security!!!

    • leo says:

      Jim…..Lern ta reed N rite you moron…

    • David Rose says:

      What if it was one of YOUR children that was raped or robbed by an illegal person that they let cross into this country illegally? Hey if they are good people that are coming to OUR Country, follow 3 rules and come on.
      1) Sign the book on the way into our country.
      2) Learn the language to communicate.
      3) Get a JOB and pay taxes.
      In other words be part of the SOLUTION not part of the PROBLEM.

      • Jacqueline D Hayes says:

        I totally agree David. Your short list of rules makes sense. If onky it was that easy. But this could be a start.

    • Marlon Zmuda says:

      Keep them on lease if you can’t watch and control them

  18. Radioman says:

    I think along with the troops we should line the border with tanks punted at the border and that tell them they are invading a sovereign country without permission and will be shot if they attempt to cross the border.

  19. Line the southern border with Bouncing Bettys and there will be no need for a wall, fence, barrier etc.

  20. Bob says:

    Out US Constitution: Article IV Section 4 guarantees to each state in the Union – Section 4. The United States shall guarantee to every State in this Union a Republican Form of Government, and shall protect each of them against Invasion; and on Application of the Legislature, or of the Executive (when the Legislature cannot be convened), against domestic Violence.

    So, If the States (Tx, NM, etc…) ask for help, & the Demodumbs won’t meet, & SOLVE the problem, then it’s up to the POTUS !!! That’s the law !!!

    Article II, Section 2 provides that “The president shall be Commander-in-Chief of the Army and Navy of the United States.” Not Congress !!!

    Summary of Section 3 of the 14th Amendment is: Certain people shall lose the right to vote for electors for president or vice president and also lose the right to hold the office of senator or representative or any US office if they have been involved in rebellion against the nation. Based upon her rants (speeches, (sic)) that definitely sounds like Maxine Waters. Note it doesn’t say “MAY LOSE”, it says “SHALL LOSE”! The President should have the White House Police drag the b*tch in front of the Senate (& C-Span), and read the executive order proclaiming she’s OUT, barred, finished!!! Free speech IS a right, but can have consequences !

    Harry Truman said it “anybody that gets rich as a government employee is a crook” Clinton(s), Pelosi, Waters, Biden, Obama …..

    So go President Trump, GO! Get that wall, drain that swamp, MAGA !!

    Do you want this BS witch-hunt to end, and Mueller to stop digging, and scratching, and endlessly sniffing beyond the scope of his authority? Do you want the wall funded & built? Do you want crooked Hillary held accountable? How about crooked Comey? Are there other issues you want addressed or wrongs righted, like immigration loopholes, or chain migration maybe?

    Then say so where it may actually count!

    Seriously folks. This is the real deal. No hype, sidetracks, false ads, just what it says. You want to create a petition to send to the white house, or e-sign an existing petition to force congress to act? Go to: /?page=1 It’s great! and quick too !

    Get these lying, hypocritical lazy-assed bums to stop playing games, and do their friggin’ job for a change! I, for one, am sick of them wasting my money, and living the high life on my dime !!!

    • Marlene says:

      Excellent research. My President Trump relieve chancy nancy and schmucky schumer of their congressional seats asap.

      They are contributing to and causing Our National Emergency. They are obstructing keeping Americans safe, indeed they are ENDANGERING AMERICAN LIVES.

      They are engaging in sedition and treason.

    • James says:

      Well put Bob, you have done ✅ your homework 📚. We all should know what this gang is up to for a long time.
      To destroy the country as they have almost done so far. Thanks for President Trump for being in power, he has the Guts to do what this great 👍 country needs to servive.
      Perhaps the dumb people want No Wall, that would be complete disaster, drugs killing plunder etc.

    • Tvogt says:

      California sends these wackos to Washington, gives aid and comfort to invasion forces, they should be walled up with the illegals as illegals make California a prison state.. Their treason and sedition have gone on far too long and they send out their poisoned minded no Brainers to tell us we have to accept California citizen of two weeks diseased, unable to pull their weight, understand our laws… Tell me again crooks on the west coast how you send your illegals to my community over run our schools, flood out jobs so my son can’t make min wage and oh you want me to give up my firearm when your illegal has 3 ? I
      don’t think so you should just mine the fault lines and separate yourselves from us rednecks.. Because I catch one of yours coming in my home I will blow em back across the boarder in tiny pieces…

    • Mike says:

      That says it all, blunt, to the point, and most important according to the Constitution, Bob Just do it Mr. President for the good of ALL America.

  21. john furlong says:

    Give them the authority to shoot the maggots!

  22. Benjamin F. Smith, Jr. says:

    My Mr. President. I completely support you. You are one if the few sent to Washington that has & is doing what he said he would do. Keep on cleaning the swamp.

  23. Navy PO2 says:

    The Democrats are busy importing criminals into America!

  24. Michele says:

    Great job Mr. President! Stay strong! Your doing the right thing! Your the only one in history that has had to fight like this against the tide of evil. Absolutely thrilled you are doing and continue to do the right thing!

  25. bagster53 says:

    well the troops are as good as a wall ,but it will cost a lot more then 5.7 billion , make the democrats pay for the extra money needed , out of their own pay checks

    • Mike says:

      YES!!! Why do these slugs still get paid anyway during shut down? Simple they sneaked in a clause to a measure a long time ago that they would get paid no matter what. Crooks, liars, Turds in the Washington sewer that we the people just can’t seem to get rid of for following their own miserable agenda and not the will of the People.

  26. ron says:

    this is why i love trump a real american president not like that half white

  27. Daniel J. Mount says:

    Donald Trump Is The Greatest President Ever To Walk The Halls Of The White House And In The Capital. May God Bless President Donald J Trump And May God Bless These United States Of America.

    • KATHY says:


    • Sherry L Chase says:

      Amen 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

  28. Sherry L Chase says:

    Great place for solar panels! Steal wall and electricity though that wall will stop all….. Mr. President Trump’s! Stay Strong and you’ve got my vote in 2020🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

  29. Russell says:

    So far I haven`t heard a word about how much those Democrats gave to Obama and Hillary to be friends with America to Iran, Cuba and they even had it flown to those enemy Countries . I am sure it was well over 6 Trillion Dollars !! Think about that, Fellow Americans !!

  30. Ernest Lane says:

    Troops on our side of the border, no matter where they are and how many there are, can do anything to _stop_ illegal border crossings; all they can do is make it easier to detain illegal border crossers . . . so they can be processed. The President needs to ensure those people in the caravan can’t cross the border illegally. A wall, no matter how it’s done, won’t be ready. He needs to get Mexico’s guarantee it will stop them, or deploy troops south of the border.

  31. Way to go TRUMP.Keep standing for the right….Good to have a president with the GUTS to
    stand against the DEMS. They are crazy to want to let all the imigrants into this country for
    the taxpayers to support. You have got ALL my support……keep it rolling

  32. James says:

    Defend this country what ever it takes. Mr president give your state of the union address let the American people know what you have done for this country in 2 years and what the Democrats will not help you do it’s time the veil came off these people.

  33. Ronnie says:

    The democrats oppose anything Trump does and they are bias. BUILD THE DAMN WALL !

  34. MRSGUNNUT10 says:

    They could have had the Damned Wall built if it hadn’t been for Herr Schumer and Nancy Peeeeeelosi causing all those money Problems. One thing I would like to see is for either the Border Patrol or the Military Troops to use Force to knock those people off the Wall when they somehow climb to the top and just sit there like frogs. The Operation doesn’t have to be deadly, just hit a few of them with some of those large ” Rubber Bullets ” and knock them off the Wall. It may hurt when they hit the ground, but I doubt if they ever climb to the top again. TSgt., USAF Vietnam Vet. & Systems Analyst, Retired.

    • Cheryl Hargiss says:

      LOL >.., Is it frogs? LOL. You say it , best”.

    • Bob says:

      On those slatted metal fences, get them on their side as they’re climbing up, and use those bean-bag loads. Crap! That could be a fun day for the border patrol folks. Bring a some lawn chairs, & a grill and burn some burgers, and dogs, while taking turns using “minimal necessary deterrence” to prevent illegals from entering the country! That would be a real stress reducer for them. Excellent idea TSgt !!!

    • Mike says:

      MRSGUNNUT10 Great idea, best I have heard yet. I think I would add water cannons also that would be great fun for the Border Patrol & Troops also. Welcome Home Brother from one Nam Vet to another. USN 69-71 T5 call sign “Snake”

      • D.A.N. says:

        Not that water cannons wouldn’t be a good idea but the Dems would then say the use of them would be cruel and unusual punishment. You can’t make them take a bath. 😉 Then they’d complain about using that water would be taking it away from some worthless fish. And is causing pollution. I think we should just build large slingshots and trebuchets. A new form of ” catch and release”. 🙂


    we as americans have the right to bear arms, against all enemys that enter our country illegally or not. if the democrats cant back up the president and the people of america then it is our sworn duty to defend this country at all cost. the democrats are looking for votes in the next election with these BORDER CRAWLS, INSTEAD OF THE PROTECTION OF THE AMERICAN PEOPLE. I SAY STAND UP FOR THE AMERICAN PEOPLE , NOT THE BORDER CRAWLS???????????


    we as americans have the right to bear arms, against all enemys that enter our country illegally or not. if the democrats cant back up the president and the people of america then it is our sworn duty to defend this country at all cost. the democrats are looking for votes in the next election with these BORDER CRAWLS, INSTEAD OF THE PROTECTION OF THE AMERICAN PEOPLE. I SAY STAND UP FOR THE AMERICAN PEOPLE , NOT THE BORDER CRAWLS???????????

  37. Donald Vicklund says:

    I’ve heard and read enough to know that building the wall is the right thing to do. This isn’t political it’s for our safety and for the future of our grand kids and families. If our country is over run , all of you that appose it better not fuss. You better think it over long and hard, I have. There is no easy solution, but the wall will make a huge difference. I’m glad we have a president that loves this country -God Bless him!



    We, the citizens of the U.S.A., appreciate that non-citizens
    want to come here and I believe most want to better their lives and the
    lives of their families.

    That is admirable and consistent with human nature.

    We embrace those desires, but we will only give permission to enter this nation if
    a potential immigrant utilizes the proper applications and procedures.

    There are people from all over the world who are properly applying for the
    ability to enter.

    It is reprehensible, immoral, and unethical if we were to allow anyone to enter
    the U.S.A. without going through the same procedures as others are undergoing.

    Please be safe, go home and work to better your nations and if you still want to emigrate to the U.S.A., apply at the consulate in your home nation.

    The United States of America wants to be a good neighbor to all nations and as such will assist your nations for the goal of better conditions for their citizens.

    I, sincerely, thank you for your understanding.

    President Trump, please STOP talking about the criminals.
    When you do that, the default is that non-criminals can enter unimpeded; that is ridiculous and INSANE.

    Michael Zitterman

    • sal says:

      we agree completely. bring the good and all the positives. we came via legal channel too. we had to show medical check up and proved that we are not going to be a burden to the community. No freebies. We work hard and pay all the taxes. We also did volunteer and still do and donate what we can in kind and
      time .

    • Bob says:

      Outstanding post. Now, … have you sent this to the White House? Perhaps the president’s staff could persuade him to use it! If you don’t, it’s so much wasted minutia.

  39. Bobby says:

    Go Trump You are the man.

  40. Jim says:

    Build the damn wall and keep the troops there.

  41. Carlos says:

    Much like Mosquito Face Trey Gowdy, Mad Dog was all bark and no bite.

    • Denis says:

      And the king of capitulation Lindsay Graham. Up until last week this “girly man” urged the President to DECLARE A NATIONAL EMERGENCY and stay the course and then as usual] and with the blink of an eye he now wants to reopen the partial shutdown because he says the democrats [after 10 ruination Amnesties since 1986 that rewarded and released 20 million ILLEGAL ALIEN INVADERS [INVADERS ARE NOT IMMIGRANTS] into the USA at the perpetual expense of real American citizens] are ready to talk! What a gutless and gullible goof.

  42. Kimberly says:

    I stand with my pPresident…I support the government shut down. I do not trust not like the democrats ..they are ruthless and have no Morales. It’s sad that the whole Country had to,suffer so that dems can line their pockets. Trust in God .He is in control.

    • Correct. Are you ever right. Tell it like it is. Kimberly. If those demo-wits can’t tear it up or, burn it down or, pull it off they are not interested. There is a song that I have heard. Look it up and play it. These demo-wits are , “BAD LEROY BROWN”(s). Play it! ! Hope you get a big laugh out of it. This should be their national anthem . I think it should be. Everybody, let’s make , Bad Leroy Brown the demo-wits song.

  43. Jerry Barrett says:

    The Central American nations allowing their citizens to travel to the US should be held accountable. for their action(S). All aid should be discontinued to them from this country for a start.Citizens of the US are sick and tired of the free-loaders invading our country. Keep their worthless asses out of the US and get the illegals in the US OUT. GET THEM OUTA HERE. OUTA HERE>

  44. Jim says:

    This is the right thing to do for the security of America people. It is an invasion to our sovereign country, economy, personal safety and health.

  45. jERRY says:


  46. dan winright says:

    We cant afford the social services in our state,yet these demowits want these diseased migrants in our country. Vote Democrats out of office for the safety of the United states. MAGA

  47. CaptFerramones says:

    only one word to describe this news … ” AWESOME ” !!!

    I’m in full support of this AND ‘the wall’ !

    ALSO – kinda warms the heart to finally view a ‘real poll’ (for this long) still @ 100% as it should be !

    BUT of course a measly sewer rat troll will surface sooner or later (lol)

    BTW > just heard Pooloosi is seemingly havin a breakdown of sorts havin to cancel a meeting of ‘such n such importance’ … (my ges her twisted bloomers have gotten so tight they blew er testicles apart) !

  48. lvcharlie says:

    The Democrats will send our troops to other countries to help other countries protect their borders. Why not send our troops to our borders to protest our borders. Less troops will be killed protecting our borders than will be killed protecting other countries borders.

    • dan winright says:

      We cant afford the social services in our state,yet these demowits want these diseased migrants in our country. Vote Democrats out of office for the safety of the United states. MAGA

    • Sharon Jenkins says:

      The Democrats care nothing about the American citizens…. it appears they want Americans to die so these invaders can be programmed into their way of thinking……I guess that is how some of these new Democrats got elected by promising their constituents something they can’t deliver and brainwashing them….. Trump needs to build the wall with expiring funds. Let the Democrats take him to court…. if so, they will suffer greater losses in 2020…..

    • Because they are “demo-wits”. They are not the brightest light bulbs in the lamps.

    • Sherry L Chase says:


  49. anthony earnest perugini says:

    i side with the pres on the wall

  50. corwin holder says:

    We know some will sneak over or the ones that are being processed send them to pelosi House by bus

  51. lvcharlie says:

    Fill the trench with Nuclear Waste and everyone will stay away from the wall on both sides. Also it will reduce the Nuclear Waste problem.

  52. Murphy says:

    Have the military act upon this invasion and give them shoot to kill orders!! Fire one warning shot and if they don’t stop, shoot to kill the original rushers!!! The rest will leave and go back to whence they came!!!

  53. Gene says:

    The money they received from the confiscation that was seized from smuggling should pay the Border Patrol agents their wages. As long as the government shut down lasts.

  54. Barbara says:

    Thank God for President Trump & Out Military Troops.
    Take the wall down around Obama’ s Home & the other Politicians. We need the wall to keep Americans Safe.

  55. Yank says:

    Deploy the media to the border for clean-up and “other” clean-up work such as latrine duty. Make sure Acosta is on the front line for latrine duty.

  56. Karin says:

    Quit messing around with the Troops. Our military is top of the line and if we are going to show that we are not kidding, send 10,000 personnel to the border and have them line up where the is not a Barrier, (and I do not mean the joke ones). A greater barrier is no where else on earth than our Military. Stand Tall and BUILD THE WALL.

    • Mike Hainsworth says:

      Absolutely karin we need our troops deployed at the border.The invaders are going to give us all the unskilled workers.Stop food stamps ,housing, medical care and educating there children.Stop the freebies for illegals and they will go home back to there country

  57. Dennis Sumner says:

    About freakin time! All the countrys whining about us being immoral have WALLS! Invasions should always be met with force.

  58. James P Hutchins says:

    Shut down the border and the liberal scumbags in Washington DC can deal with the nonsense that the liberals and democrats in the house of representatives can whine all they want screw pelosi and shummer they are scumbags.

  59. Floyd says:

    Relocate them to Schumer, Pelosi, and Waters, and Harris’s backyards.

  60. Estell says:

    Keep the troops there and more to them. Give them authority to use lethal force if attacked. If the caravan people attack our people that is an act of war and Trump has the obligation to protect us. It’s high time Pelosi and the rest of the left wing nuts get the message.

  61. NC Taxman says:

    Shoot to kill orders, land mines, keep these attackers OUT OF AMERICA! And remove ALL illegal aliens from the USA immediately!

  62. Hot Skillet says:

    Hungary built a simple fence-wall that works, they did not fool around with it.
    They kicked Soros out of their country too.
    Why can’t we?

  63. Chuck says:

    The Israeli government knows how to control invading people
    Arabs are even more hostile than these people .
    They probably have tactics that they have developed over the years. Israel was never invaded by hostile muslims , because they knew how to handle these people.

    • Sherry L Chase says:

      We got hostile Muslims in We the People’s government branches! Obo put a bunch in and a few more just got elected to the Our government! Invading within…..😬

  64. Milton Mort says:


    • The Real M says:

      Milton Mort, Wow, I never thought of that. Wonder if we have some waste by products of oil that could be used, we would not have to use to good stuff! There may be actual fuel to use for situations like this. Think we need to bring that to the “powers that be” attention!

  65. A Seeker says:

    “Thou shalt not covete thy neighbor’s goods!” Commamdments # 10!

  66. Richard says:


    • David A Deeds says:


    • LARRY BRULE says:

      RIGHT ON!

    • Tom says:

      You are in need of some medication. This rant and your confused thinking shows a clear disorder.

    • Carl T. says:

      I see they left the lock on the computer off again in the Insane asylum where you are being kept. What sort of Drugs are you on to write such drooling drivel ?

      • The Real M says:

        Carl T., Well, well, well, when did you escape from the mental ward at the state prison! I have told them and told them how hard it is to keep liberals confined no matter what the crime was. The last time I saw you, your diaper was dirty and you had rotted food all over your face and clothes. You will be sighted easily by law enforcement! Don’t worry, they will give you some good drugs when you get back to the ward.
        A word to the not wise, you had better be careful how you treat God’s children, He will send you where you don’t want to go and I don’t mean the mental ward at the prison!

  67. The Real M says:

    Good deal on extension time for troops to be at the border!
    Someone had best be making preparation for how and what the troops can do to prevent the next caravan numbering up to 15K members. Part of them are already on their way. When that many storm or charge the border they will be hard to hold back using only tear gas and rubber bullets. Any of you out there know how to handle that many? I know a lot of you will say shoot to kill but short of that what can and will be done?

    • Randall M says:

      An impenetrable wall? Oh, guess not, the Dem’s say that’s immoral.

      • The Real M says:

        Randy M., Hey man, guess you are hanging tough but with wetbacks up the ying-yang! I read an article earlier stating some Dems are rethinking the barrier situation and softening a bit. The polls are showing the barrier is growing more popular daily. Nasty Nancy and Chuck Schmuck will be getting pressure from their own if they are not already.
        Have a great evening and take care!

        • Dr. J.D. says:

          Not accurate, M. A CNN poll shows similar numbers as a ABC poll. 56 percent of the public opposes Trump’s wall; 52 percent say that the border is not in “crisis.” But it’s Trump’s approval rating—37 percent approval, with 57 percent disapproval—that is the most intriguing. The approval for the President comes primarily among whites without college degrees, 45% of whom approve and 47% disapprove, marking the first time his approval rating with this group has been underwater in CNN polling since February 2018.

          • CaptFerramones says:

            problem with all the polls that u mention is that not one of them actually surface to anyone being actually polled !

          • The Real M says:

            JD, Nobody believes those stupid liberal slanted polls! You “claim” to be an expert in polls but, you obviously were out with the flu or something during the time when they were teaching about slanted polls. They are slanted dude you just as well face it! As a matter of fact the biggest improvement in people who have decided the barrier will work and is a must are the college educated white collar workers. And your poll numbers on DJT are always too low, dude, everybody knows it, how many times do you need to hear it?
            You poor old thing, you continue to try and convenience people with your liberal “nonfacts”, and quote CNN and the rest of the MSM lying, fake , news! We don’t care, we don’t care, we don’t care! Get it, got it, I doubt it!
            You are wasting time preaching to us. Your leadership and your party platform sucks. All of you despise America and President Trump. This is not news, okay?
            You are the most low IQ person I have ever seen with a phony Dr. before their name. Oh, you are such a bore, tired of you, ta-ta……….

          • Dr. J.D. says:

            M, this is yet another example where you cannot dispute or face reality. I presented similar information about how the midterms were going — and you and others who can’t handle the truth, stick your heads in the sand and won’t see or hear it – -but the midterms were a blue tsunami as predicted. I keep telling you that polls alter, but if you want to see the variation in Trump’s numbers, see the overall combination of polls at

            The latest polls indicate that Trump is being predominantly for the shutdown, that the majority of people do not support funding the wall, and that Trump never has made a “favorability” rating that has ever gone beyond his unfavorability rating.

            There are always those, like you, that only can hear their view is popular, and those who cannot handle the reality of say, climate change . . . despite all the evidence to the contrary. And I would surmise from past quotes, M, you are poorly educated and cannot understand why your support, and the support for Trump is declining.

          • The Real M says:

            JD, You dufus, not only are a spreader of liberal lies and propaganda, you have dementia and can’t remember Jack s… I have told you on more than one occasion, I will put my degrees up by yours any time and I am guaranteed to win. I have a lot more credentials than being a Dr. of polls! You are a joke and a phony fake Dr. You should quit while you are ahead, goober!
            By the way, your blue tsunami of 40 + House seats was nothing compared to the 60 + seats BHO lost during his midterm. Your blue tsunami turned kind of reddish in the Senate midterm, huh?
            Also, your wonderful poll figures missed the 2016 Presidential election, by a lot. I don’t want to hear about HRC winning the popular vote that included dead people, people voting multiple times, illegals voting, etc. Your argument that there is no improper voting except on my side is more of your lies and propaganda and is being debunked daily.
            Again, I am tired of you…..Go Away you phony!

          • Dr. J.D. says:

            I checked the information again last night and has Trump around 40% approval, but losing about .5% every week of the shutdown. I name the polls where I obtain the information, so produce your sources that might indicate otherwise. Even conservative poll, Rasmussen, has Trump’s approval rate going down lately.

            There is an upside to to ignorance, and a downside to knowledge. Knowledge makes life messier and more complex. Clearly, you have chosen the simplification of just repeating right wing story lines, but living with falsehoods has long-term consequences. Show all of us your way is more accurate, if you can.

    • Milton Mort says:


      • The Real M says:

        JD, JD, JD, Oh you and your pretty little liberal “words”.
        All the polls in the world are worthless if people don’t participate truthly. There are Democrats who will “talk” party lines with no real intention of voting because they are sick and tired of what the party is doing. As we all know some DJT supporters won’t participate in polls at all or lie about it just because they don’t want people to know their business. This was obvious in the 2016 Presidential polls.
        So, you don’t understand or agree with this since polls are your Bible but, read it and weep because it is true. Polls may mean absolutely NOTHING!
        JD, I am one of the least “ignorat” people you have ever had the misfortune to run into.
        I understand pious people like you who think they are superior to everybody, and think you know more than anyone who has views opposing yours. YOU are no different than any other deaf blind liberal, except in your own mind.

    • Chuck says:

      The Israeli government knows how to control invading people
      Arabs are even more hostile than these people .
      They probably have tactics that they have developed over the years. Israel was never invaded by hostile muslims , because they knew how to handle these people.

      • The Real M says:

        Great idea! Oh B B, we need some help at our southern border. He would be glad to offer input I am sure. He is so great! Your idea needs to go to the Whitehouse as does Milton Mort’s.



  69. Shirley says:

    I know that this a free country and all, but what in the hell is “The Holier Than Thou” Who rides the white horse, and stands beside the self proclaimed “Baby Killer”, doing having drinks with the “SON OF THE BIGGEST AMERICAN HATER OUT THERE”? THE APPLE DOESN’T FALL FROM THE TREE, so you can bet that they weren’t talking about who won the football game. UP-CHUCK needs to be investigated for cavorting with the bigger gang of Communists that Puttin ever dared to be. In fact, Puttin is “Penny Ante” compared to That SLIME BALL, SOROS. Oh but I forgot, the rules are different for the Democrats. They can do no wrong, and should never, never questioned, because they are always right. GOD PLEASE TURN THINGS AROUND AND USHER IN A BIG CHANGE THAT GETS RID OF ALL OF THOSE CROOKS.

  70. TheOldChip says:

    Only left wingnuts like pelosi, schumer, feinstein, harris, obama, the clintons and the other leftist democrats and open border slugs could think that protecting the lives of American citizens over catering to ILLEGAL aliens is, “IMMORAL”.
    Do they think that police Cpl. Ronil Singh, a 33-yo LEGAL immigrant to California, is not really dead? That pelosi can bang her phony big gavel or the female clinton, her “Reset” Button, and there’s a, “Do Over” and he comes back to life? Ronil was shot to death; killed by gustavo perez arriagan, a PREVIOUSLY DEPORTED ILLEGAL alien and known gang member Dec. 26, 2018, when he stopped this ILLEGAL alien for what was probably going to be his THIRD DUI. Probably even worse is that there was a nest of SIX other ILLEGAL aliens that were arrested because they were happy to help cover up the killing and actually aid this ILLEGAL alien Cop Killer escape to mexico.
    If, according to pelosi and her cohorts, a WALL to keep out criminals is “IMMORAL”, where is their “MORALITY” for the CITIZENS these miscreant politicians are actually supposed to represent? ILLEGAL aliens kill over 4,000 citizens, DOUBLE that if you include vehicular mayhem (DUI), with another 7,000, as young as infants or as old as 93, raped, molested or robbed EVERY YEAR by the 30 MILLION ILLEGAL aliens already here!
    Built that WALL, HIGH, DEEP and NOW.

  71. Ed says:

    We need President Trump’s resolve. Democrats care only to prevent the President from a victory… for the country. It’s getting clearer to more Americans that Washington IS a swamp.

  72. MARK says:


  73. Lt. Robert Polans USMC ret. says:

    The President can secure the country indefinitely, just take some cues from Nam. We know Soros is behind this, Alex (his son) was having drinks with Schumer 4 nights ago, I have the picture. The machine guns we used, Napalm, Agent Orange. Any of these would put a stop to the invaders. Rotf I’ve had a snowflake come up to me and say, “But they’re so mean.” No, they are final, he had no comeback.

    • Randall M says:

      Deploy the troops and make it permanent. If they don’t want a wall, put a guard tower every 100 yards and man it 24/7.

      • Ric B says:

        Do you realize the enormous cost of that! Get real! If you right wingnuts want a wall, then raise money in a fund and you pay for it. I gather that attempt failed and the money raised is to be returned. You whine about a wall but won’t give your own money to build it.

        • Dr, JD says:

          Ric does make a point. To man ANY position, you have to have five people employed to fill one post. Every 100 or even 1000 yards – – do you realize how long the southern border is? More than a little unrealistic, especially with immigration from south at an all time 45 year low.

          • The Real M says:

            Ric B and JD are one mind, one body and one soul! Build the wall, see all the money it will save???????
            You are so brain dead you don’t realize that Nasty Nancy and Chuck Schmuck are hurting themselves and your precious liberal party. Go Nan and Chuck, keep up the good work but, in the meantime, Americans DO want the wall, number growing daily, it’s being reported everywhere!!! Yeah!!!
            Nan and Chuck get your butt to the bargaining table, now! Build the wall!

          • Dr. J.D. says:

            You keep making statements like “Americans want the wall” and “the number is growing daily” despite all the overwhelming evidence to the contrary. Do some research and present it . . . if it is true, or most likely, you are just making it up or listening to people that are making it up.

            People used to believe that blood-letting was the cure for disease, but thankfully experts began listening to the evidence instead of their ignorant preconceptions.

        • Cliff says:

          I guess you do not “realize” how much money it is costing the WORKING PEOPLE to “take care” of the ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS collecting WELFARE, (and all the OTHER DEMOCOMMUNIST “promised” FREEBIES??? Not to mention all the ILLEGAL IMMIGRANT PRISONERS that are sitting in OUR jails the AMERICAN PEOPLE are forced to take care of, and feed also. Look it up…A WALL will cost a LOT less to keep these “freeloaders” to HELL OUT.

        • Cheryl Hargiss says:

          We are, ! ! ! We work so we can afford to send money. We realize what our enormous yearly wages are because we completed school and went to college. We, like our freedom, safety, America, President Trump and , high I.Q.(ed) people that make perfect sense and, make sound judgement.

  74. BajaRon says:

    Trump is Great! Doing what needs to be done without worrying about what the Hate America News Media things or says about it.

    Go Trump! Fixing America One Problem at a time.

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