The military dropped a bombshell that had every Democrat admitting defeat

Chuck Schumer, Nancy Pelosi, and every Democrat counted on Donald Trump failing to deliver on a key campaign promise.

But they didn’t count on Donald Trump having an ace up his sleeve.

And now the U.S. military dropped a bombshell that has every Democrat admitting defeat.

Democrats believed that a series of legal challenges and political inertia would choke off any chance of Donald Trump completing his border wall.

But when the President declared a national emergency to allow the U.S. military to build the wall, Schumer, Pelosi, and their allies all realized they were in deep trouble.

And the Pentagon is following through to make President Trump’s border wall a reality.

The Defense Department just announced it was reprogramming $1.5 billion dollars to build a new border wall.

The Washington Post reports:

The Pentagon will shift $1.5 billion for President Trump’s border wall from programs that include the military’s next nuclear intercontinental ballistic missile and a plane that provides surveillance and communications to fighter jets while airborne, according to a Defense Department document obtained by The Washington Post.

The document includes more details about the administration’s plan, disclosed Friday, to build about 80 additional miles of border wall using Defense Department money. The document echoes acting defense secretary Patrick M. Shanahan in saying that there will be no negative effect on military readiness, though administration officials have previously acknowledged that reprogrammed money also could be put toward other unfunded military projects.

“The Department carefully selected sources for the reprogramming that are excess or early to need and will not adversely affect military preparedness,” the document said.

When President Trump runs for re-election in 2020, the visuals of the military building a new border wall will be powerful images that will back up the President’s claim that he is following through on his most important campaign promise.

That should help mobilize the conservative base in key states Donald Trump needs to win in order to secure re-election.

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59 Responses

  1. Mary JOhnson says:

    What the Democrats seem not to realize is there is a reason the President is called Commander and Chief. He has control where the troops are sent and what happens with the military goes.

  2. Eddy James says:

    Don’t you mean under?

  3. Eddy James says:

    We need to build a few dozen Trebuchets behind a wall to toss illegals back across the Border. Just be sure to yell “Incoming” before the toss.

  4. marshmil1789 says:

    Yep! It does seem kinda idiotic to dig around, fertilize and water trees that produce only corrupt fruit. Leave them alone, let them dry up and rot away. The world has enough evil already without encouraging more.

  5. marshmil1789 says:

    Well said David Rose. You accurately summed up and demonstrated Democrat mentality and political weaving. Democrats would have been great students under Vladimir Lenin. He taught his communist followers to accuse their enemies of everything they themselves were doing.

  6. marshmil1789 says:

    Is Joe the Plumber related to Larry the Cable Guy? Please identify a post above by “Joe the Plumber”. I’d like to see what stupidity he posted. Thanks.

  7. marshmil1789 says:

    Require a GOVERNMENT ISSUED PHOTO ID for registering to vote then require the PHOTO ID at the place where voting. It’s required for opening a bank account, buying an airline ticket, signing for a bank loan, for cashing a check and numerous other things. So why is showing a valid PHOTO ID such a problem with some people other than fraudulent voting? Refusal to show a valid PHOTO ID is an attempt at fraud!

  8. marshmil1789 says:

    If you mean seal Nancy Pelosi forever behind the cornerstone inside the wall then I agree.

  9. marshmil1789 says:

    Thanks John J. Maybe the bombSHELLers never served in the military or handled ammunition. Oh well, as long as they support the Constitution and the President I’m OK with their ignorance of correct munitions terminology.

  10. Ron says:

    Climb back in your hole

  11. RJ says:

    David Rose, you are soooo hilarious…lol by myself ????

  12. ANDREW KAVC says:

    All the politicians against Trump ,want him gone ,because he will drain the swamp ,of all the crooked dishonest politicians. They didn’t make their millions in office by being honest . They ripped off the american people , and Trump wants to stop them , put them on trial , let them pay their own lawyers fees, and not the tax payers. If guilty ,take their corrupt money . AND JAIL TIME

  13. Maxx says:

    Current immigration laws are just the democommies way of importing foreigners to vote in the US elections. Every single way that has made voting easier in America was created by the democrat communist party USA. Most should be eliminated in order to stop voter fraud. If a person wants to vote make the effort to do it legally.

  14. Tony L Bell says:

    If the democrats win in 2020 then AOC may be right, 12 years at most before America and possibly the entire globe will be beyond hope. Not because of “environmental climate change” but by “ideological climate change”. The left ideology is not sustainable – period.

    ***** Gay marriages do not procreate.
    ***** Abortion kills potential genius.
    ***** “By any means necessary” kills truth, honesty, integrity, trust, justice, etc…
    ***** Evolution lie kills God, removing God’s blessing and guidance.
    ***** Support of Islamic doctrine of shria law “All Muslims are obliged to kill the infidel”.
    ***** Illegal immigration kills American citizen opportunity and culture.
    See a patter here?

  15. david James allen says:

    Is this one of those bots??

  16. david James allen says:

    She should be honor for her dedicated service to this country with, a private suite in the first cornerstone of the wall

  17. Richard Frost says:

    It’s about time!
    Tired of the Democrats lie’s about everything!
    There’s definitely a crisis on the border, if you can’t see that, you’re blind! We can not have over a million people coming per month!
    I’m in California and our crime rate has already increased….they even stole my bedding plant’s right out of the ground! The neighbors camera picked them out by accident! Lol..
    At least I know what they look like. I haven’t seen them yet.

  18. The Real M says:

    Thank the Lord for all the patriots who are in the process of piece milling the funds to complete the wall and the U.S. Military for their part. We are eternally grateful for all the people on our southern border doing everything possible to keep America safe and secure. We must reach a point where we can control who and how many comes into America for the sake of our children’s future.

  19. Mama says:

    Ha Haaa, Heee Haw Said the ‘Donkey’. David Rose. Good 1.

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