The military deployed for this unbelievable reason before the debate

The first Presidential debate was held at Case Western University in Cleveland, Ohio.

But one of the biggest stories was what happened before Donald Trump and Joe Biden took the stage.

And that’s because the military deployed for this unbelievable reason before the debate.

Before the debate, Ohio Republican Governor Mike DeWine activated 300 members of the Ohio National Guard to assist local law enforcement in providing security for the Presidential debate.

DeWine’s shocking move was only necessary because roving bands of terrorists in Black Lives Matter and Antifa have been laying siege to American cities across the country for the entire summer.

With Donald Trump in a major American city, the potential for Black Lives Matter and Antifa violence increased exponentially.

The Left’s acceptance and support for political violence is one of the most disturbing trends in America.

Joe Biden claims he is opposed to rioting, but his staff and running mate Kamala Harris supported the Minnesota Freedom Fund, which bailed out rioters who then went on to commit a host of violent crimes such as domestic violence and sexually assaulting an eight-year-old girl.

Biden has not condemned this group or his staff and running mate for supporting it.

In no other time would a Governor have to call out troops to keep a lid on rioting because of a political debate.

But in 2020, the Left believes their path to power involves rioting and violence.

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