The migrant caravan was caught doing something so horrible that is bad news for Chuck Schumer

The migrant caravan is one of the gravest threats facing America.

Thousands of illegal aliens are massing in Mexico menacing the nation with the prospect of invasion.

And now the migrants were caught doing something so horrible that is bad news for Chuck Schumer.

Donald Trump set up the December funding fight as a showdown over funding for his proposed border wall.

Democrats and the fake news media claim the wall is unnecessary, racist and immoral.

But scenes from the border tell the opposite story.

Migrants in the caravan are able to sneak into the country by tunneling under or climbing over a flimsy border fence in California.

The Associated Press reports:

A steady trickle of Central American migrants have been finding ways to climb over, tunnel under or slip through the U.S. border wall to plant their feet on U.S. soil and ask for asylum.

In recent weeks, Honduran migrant Joel Mendez fed his 8-month-old son, Daniel, before handing him over to his partner, Yesenia Martinez, who had crawled through a hole in the rain-softened soil under the wall.

A group of young people hoisted themselves over the wall to San Ysidro, California, hoping that their ticket to a better life was finally within reach. One migrant offered a hand to help the others jumping down onto U.S. territory.

They all sought to skip the long official wait on the Mexico side for filing asylum claim with the U.S. by getting over the wall and handing themselves over to U.S. agents. Last week, U.S. Customs and Border Protection said the San Diego sector had experienced a “slight uptick” in families entering the U.S. illegally with the goal of seeking asylum.

Democrats will resist funding Trump’s wall with every fiber of their being.

But the reports of migrants easily bypassing the slipshod border fence could cause the public to turn against them in this fight and insist they provide money to actually secure the border.

And that means building a wall.

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    Cleavland, if they EVER build that wall, it will come as a complete surprise to me.

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    what an arrogant sob you are tom,like all liberal pinheads

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    who you calling orange you owl looking muthr fukr.

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