The migrant caravan was caught doing something so horrible that is bad news for Chuck Schumer

The migrant caravan is one of the gravest threats facing America.

Thousands of illegal aliens are massing in Mexico menacing the nation with the prospect of invasion.

And now the migrants were caught doing something so horrible that is bad news for Chuck Schumer.

Donald Trump set up the December funding fight as a showdown over funding for his proposed border wall.

Democrats and the fake news media claim the wall is unnecessary, racist and immoral.

But scenes from the border tell the opposite story.

Migrants in the caravan are able to sneak into the country by tunneling under or climbing over a flimsy border fence in California.

The Associated Press reports:

A steady trickle of Central American migrants have been finding ways to climb over, tunnel under or slip through the U.S. border wall to plant their feet on U.S. soil and ask for asylum.

In recent weeks, Honduran migrant Joel Mendez fed his 8-month-old son, Daniel, before handing him over to his partner, Yesenia Martinez, who had crawled through a hole in the rain-softened soil under the wall.

A group of young people hoisted themselves over the wall to San Ysidro, California, hoping that their ticket to a better life was finally within reach. One migrant offered a hand to help the others jumping down onto U.S. territory.

They all sought to skip the long official wait on the Mexico side for filing asylum claim with the U.S. by getting over the wall and handing themselves over to U.S. agents. Last week, U.S. Customs and Border Protection said the San Diego sector had experienced a “slight uptick” in families entering the U.S. illegally with the goal of seeking asylum.

Democrats will resist funding Trump’s wall with every fiber of their being.

But the reports of migrants easily bypassing the slipshod border fence could cause the public to turn against them in this fight and insist they provide money to actually secure the border.

And that means building a wall.


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243 Responses

  1. Cleavland says:

    They have to build the wall now.

    • Daniel says:

      Absolutely. To those who are putting women and children up front and then throwing rocks at Border Patrol Agents, my answer is: put snipers on tower trucks. When they see someone throwing rocks, then shoot them. End of problem

      • Roland Edsell says:

        I AGREE

      • paula says:

        YES and electrify the fence

      • daniel58 says:

        It’s time to put it up in the next upcoming political election as a referendum voter ballot question; enough is enough already let’s settle this once and for all; this is absolute nonsense we need to secure our border’s even Canada our northern most contiguous bordering neighbor has very clear and no nonsense rules in regards as to what constitutes legal and illegal immigration rules that they have instituted for decades which are designed to allow and accept eligible deserving individuals seeking genuine as opposed to fake and/or made up political asylum official claims backed up by the required valid official documentation that is required of most other countries; the United States should not be the exception but rather the rule also as well; it is most unfortunate that this absolute made up nonsense has gone on for as long as it has; its a complete waste of time and money and also patently ridiculously unfair and insulting to all the other potential valid immigrants who have sought and who are currently awaiting on the official immigration waiting list for many years very patiently for their official turn to actually come up; this is not only totally and completely unacceptable it is also patently unfair and makes no sense to anyone that one attempts to officially explain it to and is actually quite a huge political embarrassment to not only ourselves but a very clear and ugly embarrassment to the entire world to not only see but make us a true political laughing stock for the world to actually see; we are supposed to be a clear silver sterling example of a democracy where the will of the people get to decide and put in place sovereign rules and policies which work for our nation that unites us as a completely as a nation as a people; let’s resolve this once and for all and put it up for a vote in the next general election as a political referendum ballot vote; at least that will get everyone out and energized to vote politically with their our own best vested mindful collection of interests in mind; after all we spend currently in excess of at least $300 billion dollars annually and maybe quite a bit more than that by not actually deciding resolving once and for all the final effective resolution on what is deemed and effective and fair legal as opposed to illegal immigration; what we have now is nothing short of a political joke to ourselves and the world and also others who may be currently awaiting approved official valid immigration status who have been waiting for many years for their effective turn to be officially approved for legal immigration status so that they may begin their lives in these United States; both Schumer and Pelosi have clearly lost their way as effective representing political servants unfortunately and need to have themselves voted out of office; because if they are not representing the will of the people then they need to politically retire themselves from their respective political careers once and for all.

        • Diane L Revard says:

          Your right. You need to tweet that to President Trump. Maybe something could be done for our next election. It does make us look weak. Not having control of our borders.

      • Rose says:

        That is probably what will have to happen to stop this invasion! We have a war zone on the border and we can thank Nancy Pelosi and Shummer for it!!

  2. Bruce House says:

    Crying Chuck doesn’t car as long President Trump is in office! the same for Nancy Polosi. These people really don’t want to solve the problem. They want globalism and are trying to force it and will lie about anything so the president won’t get what he wants to do! if it doesn’t benefit the Dem.’s the’ll obstruct and let the country go to hell and let people loose what ever they have left after all those taxes and allowing illegal aliens to take our resources meant for the people of the U.S. They just don’t care for the the people! they would rather allow the milking of the United States! They don’t care about our safety so the Dem.s ignore our boarder laws of immigration! these are the people running the country! They have the youth fooled!

  3. Royce says:

    The wall is an inantimate object and is neither moral or immoral.

  4. Anne Sherman says:

    Article IV, section 4 of the Constitution requires the federal government to protect the States against invasion. Perhaps the boarder States should consider filing suite against the federal government for failure to enforce the Constitution and protect them.

    • Janet E Stafford says:


    • Daniel says:

      Right again. A country without borders cannot survive. The Federal government has the obligation to protect the citizens of this Republic (we are not a Democracy)

    • Rose says:

      They need to sue Nancy Pelosi and the Democrats voting not to give President Trump the money to protect us and our borders. He is trying to do the right thing,sue them . And the people who have just lost a loved one who was killed by an illegal need to sue the people who refuse to do their jobs and give President Trump the money to do HIS JOB! Time for the Democrats to kick crazy Nancy out of her SPEAKER JOB! She is making this stance and I do not believe that most of the Democrats want this stain on their party. At least they should realize that the AMERICAN PEOPLE want this wall now!!

  5. ann says:

    There is no end to illegal immigration. I worked the border in the 70s. Bill Clinton allowed in 150,000 Guatemalans and Obama let in thousands on board trains, etc. We have let in one million legal people a year. You could let in this group and there will be another behind it….There are over 7 billion people on the planet, are you going to bring them all in? Where is the UN taking out the leaders of these countries…give them three days to step down….We give these countries millions and nothing has changed in the last 100 years, enough. We need a National ID card, without it you get nothing, no job, no education, no welfare, no healthcare etc and they will go home. Canada has a card and they don’t have illegals.

    • Dennis O'Brien says:

      I Agree.

    • zee* says:

      Yes ann. I remember reading WSJ Yrs ago. A ‘dinky’ little
      bottom right corner space stating Clinton # ‘s of illegals Into USA.
      I Was v. upset. & Remain So to This Day. Now i ‘understand’
      The ‘Agenda’. We Really Are ‘screwed’, just a matter of time.

    • Yes, something needs to be done ! America can not take care of the world !sounds like the ID card may help! If it worked in Canada it should work in America !

    • Paul Powell says:

      Don’t even go to the un they are complicit in the invasion of this country, they even went so far as to say that the other countries of the world gave the right to come here without permission. Yeah as the saying goes a nation without borders is no longer a nation, that’s what the demoncrats want, nasty pislousi even said that it would be willing to destroy the country to get what it wznrs; a nation without borders. In that card the USA is no longer a sovereign nation.

    • Rose says:

      That is a good idea, Ann!

  6. bagster53 says:

    get rid of welfare and food stamps and they will stop coming




    I and all citizens of the United States of America appreciate that citizens from other nations want to come here seeking better lives for themselves and their families.

    We embrace those desires, but we will only give permission to enter this nation if a potential immigrant utilizes the proper applications, procedures, and protocols.

    There are people from all over the world who are properly applying for the authorization to enter.

    It is reprehensible, immoral, and unethical if we were to allow anyone to enter without going through the same procedures as others are undergoing.

    Please be safe, go home and work to better your lives and your nations and if you still want to emigrate to the United States apply at the consulate in your home nation and if you are one of the more than one million authorized immigrants we allow each year, we will happily accept you with open arms.

    Specifically, to those adventurers in the caravans; we don’t want you or the people of Tijuana to suffer further hardships, therefore we will offer transportation back to your home nations.

    The United States of America steadfastly will continue to be a good neighbor to all nations and as such will assist your nations for the goal of better conditions for their citizens.

    I, sincerely, thank you for your understanding.


    Employing the rhetoric about bad guys allows the default to allow non-bad guys to enter. Absolute INSANITY.

    michael zitterman
    11/19/2018 updated

    • Norma Garcia says:

      Absolutely agree! My grandparents were immigrants who came in through legal means from the Netherlands. My in-laws came in through legal means from Mexico. Every one of them learned English, integrated into the American culture and became Americans in every sense of the word. These people who want to come illegally have no sympathy from me. Come in legally and, become productive American citizens who do not expect free handouts while living in this country otherwise go back to your own country and work to make it a better place to live. How do they think this country became a place they wanted to be in. It was through blood, sweat and tears of people who took a stand and worked hard to make it great. We don’t want or need freeloaders who will only drag us down.

      • Medic Joe says:

        Both Michael and Norma, It couldn’t have been said any better. This country is a country of immigrants, or descendants of immigrants. Unless you are 100% native American, you are either an immigrant, or descended from one. The big difference is that in the past, immigrants came through Ellis Island, on the east coast, San Fransisco on the west coast, or another point of entry for LEGAL immigration. ALL these immigrants came here for a better life, BUT, came here to BE AMERICANS. They integrated into American culture and society. They worked their asses off to be good Americans and help build this country. They joined the military and fought FOR this country in several wars. They DIDN’T pull down the American flag, then put their old countries flag up ABOVE the Stars and Stripes, with our flag upside down UNDER their flag. They DIDN’T collect welfare. They DIDN’T get paid illegally under the counter, paying no taxes. They DID, for the most part, follow all our laws. If you want to come here, DO IT LEGALLY. We will welcome you with open arms, and help you assimilate. If you try to do it ILLEGALLY, we MUST kick you out. We MUST send you to Prison. We MUST bar you from ever coming back to this country. I am what I call a Heinz 57 Mutt. Several generations removed from my forefathers who came here legally. Hence the term mutt. I have so many nationalities in me, it’s hard to count and keep track. But I can say, one of those fore fathers was Guatemalan. The ONLY forefather that chose to abandon his family, my grandmother and my mother, and “return home”. All the European forefathers took responsibility, stayed here, learned English, worked hard, and became American Citizens. That is who we welcome. NOT ILLEGALS. Build the wall. Keep them out. And find the rest already here, and kick them out too. NO ILLEGALS. NO DREAMERS, they too are illegal. God Bless the USA. MAGA.

      • J Fargen says:

        Amen to those statements Norma Carcia !!

      • Joy says:

        I totally agree with you. Our son-in-law’s father came from Sisily through Ellis Island. They became productive, very educated citizens. A wonderful family.

      • Rose says:

        We can no longer accept people who do not follow our laws. Every Nation has to be governed bylaw and have a protected border, everyone should write to Nancy Pelosi and demand that she stop obstructing and support the wall with the funds to build it without further delay, lets bury her in demands for the wall!! She need to be forced out of government because she is crazy ! Why else would she keep this up knowing that criminals, MS13, and terroists are coming across our borders?

  8. Wilt says:

    Shutting down the government is a charade. Only non-essential employees in unfunded agencies will be prevented from working. Then after the dust settles they are likely to get a payment equal to the days they were out. Some few citizens may encounter some slight inconveniences.
    Follow the status of funding bills before you swallow this bait of shutting down the Gov.

    • Gary Von Neida says:

      CLOSE THE DAMNED BORDER COMPLETELY; perhaps that will get mexico’s attention.

      • d jones says:

        The only way! There are enough libs that are making money from south of the border but with closed doors nobody makes anything.

    • Robert says:

      At Least when the Government is shut down the Welfare Beggar’s will not be able to Get on the Roles Nor will the Illegals that are trying to Sponge off the Hard working Americans Tax Money that illegal’s never paid into and in my Opinion they are Steeling From the American Tax Payers and that My Friend IS Taxation Without Representation. Face the Facts .

    • Rose says:

      Some of that is true, but did you know that our East Coast is not being covered by the coast guard because they are not being funded??

  9. Tom says:

    Its a little late – to do the right thing now. Its goes all the way back to Reagan and Bush, and the lying clintons on and on – Trump missed it this time. Most of us were hoping for “””get the Wall done first ” Trump you should have already done it. Its pitiful. Wonder why — I will tell you. — they want them in our Nation period. So when the elites can use them for slaves. No body understands what it is all about.

  10. John says:

    Stark you are a complete communist I hate communist like you and the rest of you America haters I fought in Vietnam so animals like you could live you are waste of life I wish I could see you so I could spite on you and the rest of you communist . Go to h_ _ _ Stark crap where all where you belong.

  11. DALTON GRIFFIN says:


    • Sandra Lee Smith says:

      There is plenty of good reason to threaten to shut down the gov’t and keep that promise too; like over 30 years of BROKEN PROMISES to build that wall, and all the lies and shenanigans committed in that 30 years! Besides, if the gov’t is shut down, they aren’t doing nasty things to us behind our backs!

    • Tom York says:

      but it should be hello

  12. Patricia Woods says:

    I am a widow on limited funds, however I will be glad to add my $100 to all other “real” Americans to get a tall, deepset, wire covered wall build. With snipers watching to take care of those who do succeed in getting thru. America is a land of immigrants, TRUE. But come legally and come to add to making America a great country. This is not racist . We have the right to protect our homes and our country.

  13. Russell says:

    The illegals that do come across the border should be drop off at the politicians neighbor hood that are against the wall after they been verify who they are.

  14. D. Mark says:

    When are our elected officials going to protect our border and do the will of the people? These illegal immigrants must be stopped from entering the United States and why was our Military sent home? We need protection from these individuals since we do not know if they are the worse of the worse just because they have women and children with them?

  15. 1-MAC says:

    Cross the border illegally and you will be shot immediately, no American Free Ride. If this happens a few time, they will stop. How many try to invade Russia, or Isreal, or China?

    • Paul M Dendulk says:

      Americans are outraged with politicians that put votes and victory over doing the will of the American people. President Trump is a Patriot for LISTENING to the people while the Democrats are focused of power ang greed at the cost of American People. Any Politician that does not support protecting our land should be sent to DEFEND the Wall, and see how quickly they change their values.

  16. Craig Michael Vandertie says:

    Any and all military in the Middle East is a complete waste of money in regards to defending the rights and securing the freedoms of the Common Good withdraw all military personnel from the Middle East and place them at our borders with orders to shoot to kill the before they get on our side of the border, they are enemies to our way of life which makes it completely legal to use our military.

  17. John says:

    I can’t believe that these people think that it” all right to storm, tunnel, and go over our border fences and actually feel, once the do that, America has to let them stay. If I was President Trump I would have our military go into every NON-SANCTUARY state, round up the illegals and ship them back to their home country. But leave the sanctuary states alone for no. that way they ones that get away will run to the sanctuary states and maybe, just maybe, Americans (even the liberals) will get fed up with the high cost of supporting the illegals and help them get their heads out of their liberal butts and get these liberal politicians out of office one way or another. Than when the majority of the illegals are massed in the sanctuary state it will be easier to capture, and get rid of them one way or another.

  18. Mary Jane Barela says:


  19. Secora says:

    To the people that run this site I hope you get out every name of all republicans in the house and senator that vote against building the wall so we can vote them out for not doing their job.

    • J Fargen says:

      Decorate that is a great Idea! We certainly would vote them out !!they have been so horrible to our Great President ! We are so Blessed to have him as POTUS!! We are so very appreciative to have God ‘s HELP ! AMEN!!!!!!

  20. Craig Michael Vandertie says:

    Anyone who believes the drug and arms Cartels will allow the the flow of their illegal merchandise be hindered by a wall is a damn fool they will come up with ways to get through any wall.

    Stop putting our troops within Harms Way providing security detail for the overseas business ventures of our wealthy in the Middle East withdraw every last Service Person and utilize them securing our sovereignty from an invasion of outsiders and yes you idiots who think that is not legal it most certainly is being that they are a foreign threat.

    • Lt. Robert Polans ret. says:

      You aren’t wrong, just incomplete. The cartels have a great fear of losing business if a deterrent goes up, down and in the waters. We do know how and have the materials, in fact, I wrote to Trump about it this afternoon. I agree, a wall? Get a higher ladder. A tunnel, water such as the Rio Grande? Easy use a hologram that appears as something that can’t hurt them both on top of a wall (this is how a wall will work), and anywhere it detects tunnels. In the waters, you don’t even have to hide it. A second option: a copy of Israel’s wall. It has sensors. Anytime heat is detected machine gun turret comes up and focuses there, firing until there is no movement anymore. What I meant about incomplete is they area domestic and foreign threat. I’vebeenin 3 wars, 5 deployments, so this psyop is pablum to me. At present, I’m in a paramilitary at the border. It’s good that they pulled the military out. As in EVERY war I’ve been in follow rules of engagement and you’ll get killed.

  21. Tom Curry says:

    The greatest thing to do is go into every sanctuary city and state and arrest the governors and mayors that have harbored these illegals, and remove them from office and prosecute them and sentence them to no less than 20 years!!! For not doing anything is just making these cities and states even more unconstitutional in passing more and more unconstitutional laws!!! This alone will end these illegals trying to enter our country and you can bet that the citizens of these cities and states want this done and they want them off our welfare rolls and for us to build the wall, and to get Trump’s immigration laws and policies passed!!! There is no reason for not doing these things, for state laws do not override Federal law!!!! The citizens of this country need to demand that these things happen and they citizens need to call out these news stations that spread such lies about these illegals!!! For these invaders are only wanting to come here for a free ride and that is a fact for if you check the amount of illegals and legals on welfare it is outrageous!!! For these people are freeloaders and nothing more than that, for they don’t give a damn about our laws our Constitution, and sure don’t give a damn about our history!!! If the citizens of this country looked up the facts they would all be ashamed of themselves for even trying to help these people!!!

  22. Paul Dancer says:


  23. The Real M says:

    There are liberals on these sites who try and make us believe that people who want the wall are in the minority. There were 126 comments when I started this comment and the percentage who want the wall, NO we demand the wall is at 99%. I would say liberals are trying to fool themselves or out and out lie with these liberal biased slanted polls they quote trying to convince us America doesn’t want the wall. We absolutely unequivocally want the wall, right now! SAVE OUR COUNTRY, FUND AND BUILD THE WALL, NOW!!!!

    • Tom Stark says:

      Yes Bozo and you’re preaching to your crowd! The rest of us know how full of Boool Sheeeet you really are. Most Americans do NOT want tRump or any of his crap, including his ardent followers. Does this even faze you? O course not, you’re a tRumplodyke and unable to process like normal humans. Orange Julius lost the popular vote by well over 3 million. What does this tell you? anything? That’s what I thought. Have you considered the word “stoooopid”? Write it under a picture of you and put it on your bathroom mirror.

      • Craig Michael Vandertie says:

        Your brainwaves are scrambled, you have been introducing way too much Psychotropic and Psychedelic drugs into your body and intensifying your warped thinking by listening to the complete lies of the LSM commentators carried on a frequency that takes already twisted minds and twists the thought process more yet.

        You and your mindset are less than worthless, crazy, take some Crazy glue and glue your lips together and cut off your fingers as well.

      • Craig Michael Vandertie says:

        Stark, as in stark racing insane

      • Robert Polans says:

        Didn’t check into the voter fraud, did you Sparky? That report said she lost the rigged popular vote also. Bay at the moon some more.

      • Alan Wakefield says:

        Stark! Raving Mad! Its all in the punctuation!

      • Rick says:

        This from a guy that is as dumb as a box of rocks. As far as the mirror thing goes is that your mother did to you

      • The Real M says:

        Tom Stark, You are nothing more than a talking parrot. You have a few insulting phrases and words that you use over and over again, why, I’ll tell you why. You have nothing constructive to add to the conversation. You have never had an original thought in your entire miserable life. You are a sarcastic idiotic little man trying to make yourself feel better about who you are.
        We don’t care about what you think or say so if you are writing comments to impress somebody on this site, let me clue you in, the only thing we are impressed with is your utter stupidity!

      • Bob Higginbotham says:

        Stark – You must live in the land of fruits and nuts. Even then most Californians, at east the sane ones, want the wall. The wall is mandatory !


    • Cp123 says:

      Or a corrupt controlled democrat

    • Randall says:

      And unfortunately mist DEMONcrats are total fools!!

      • Tom Stark says:

        And I really admire the wit and intelligence exhibited by tRumpodykes. Which rock did you subhumans come from under? If they do build the wall I hope you and all who think like you move to the other side and take you silly president with you, PUULezze!

        • Craig Michael Vandertie says:

          You are ranting, if there was a way to report you for making threatening comments, certainly your foolish comments are emotionally disturbing to the rational among the crowd, unfortunately the Administrator for Patriot Pulse is not rational enough themself to see the wisdom in allowing the logical to fag the comments of the illogical for expressing such psychotic viewpoints and then blocking them.

        • Jan says:

          I’m sure you’ll enjoy or are already enjoying all of the many great things our President is doing for America! People like you should hide under a rock!

    • Craig Michael Vandertie says:

      Only a fool would believe wall alone will get the job done only in conjunction a large amount of troops will our nation succeed in keeping the imminent threat out.

  25. Patriot says:

    People. We spend almost 300 billion tax payer dollars a year sustaining illegals. They stomp, burn and urinate on our flag. They steal social security numbers, get welfare, free health care and other benefits they are not entitled. They do not and will not assimilate, learn English or contribute. They get more than an average American citizen can hope of ever getting. These illegals have nothing much to contribute. Do you really think an educated Mexican/Honduran that has something to offer and wants to be an American citizen comes in illegally?

    In CA in 2012, over 1.2 billion was spent on health care for illegals. That included one illegal woman who received a kidney transplant and over 500K in health care. That means an American citizen was pushed down the list so an illegal could get a kidney. In 2014, over 40 million in tax refunds was sent to one address in Atlanta. It was found they were all illegals collecting tax refunds they were not entitled – how? using stolen SSN.

    Can you imagine what we could do for American citizen homeless, American citizen veterans, and American citizen truly poverty stricken with 300 billion a year? It is time that American citizens are the priority.

    Build that wall

    • jemb says:

      These people lie, cheat and steel for a living. They simply cannot get into the US.
      Another thing we could do to stop them from going over and under the wall would be to add those wires on the top of the wall, and push them thru the bottom of the wall wherever the soil is soft or has already been used as a dig thru,

    • CintiCB says:

      “…illegals collecting tax refunds they were not entitled – how? using stolen SSN.”
      Mine(SSN) was used, by someone else, to file for a tax return. It seemed that I would be the one who would have to prove it.
      I asked if they’d be able to catch these people who do this. She said that they, probably, wouldn’t because they didn’t have the number of agents that it would take to track down all of these thieves. Yeah well, just go to the address to which the tax return as sent.
      Why wouldn’t they keep doing it?!? The only thing that will happen to them is that they’ll get money and no punishment for breaking our law.

    • Betty says:


  26. Lorene Hollingsworth says:

    That would work and cheaper than a wall, but the wall would not require someone to take care of the dead. So the cost wall vs bullets is a wash

    • Inkpad says:

      What’s the military doing they should be able to stop anyone from sneaking in remember that is why they are there

      • jemb says:

        Would the Military be allowed to shoot them with rubber bullets? Ir perhaps some other fairly soft type bullet?
        That might even be fun to pick up your rifle and shoot them before they get a leg over the wall. Maybe not nice, but if nobody gets hurt of dies it would be an excellent denturent. Then they’d have to block the bottom of the wall with something that cannot be dug against or into.

        • Jerry says:

          They should use muster seed it does not kill but it burns ass .We should have snipers and take these bastards off the top of the wall.Inam still withTrump but if the wall is not built and Trump does not get rid of all the Obama holdovers he will not stand a chance in 2020

        • Robert Polans says:

          I shoot to kill.

  27. Carolyn says:

    YES…. YES… YES!!!! DO WE NEED TO TELL YOU WHERE THE MONEY WILL COME FROM??????? EVERY PROPOSAL OFFERED WILL BE DENIED…. AND WE WILL SHAE YOU WITH…. WOMEN MURDERED BY YOUR ILLEGALS….. American children denied an education because of your illegal tolerance of criminals….. pictures of women raped and beaten by…. illegal criminals….. cities and towns refusing to offer food and housing because there is no more money in their coffers!!!! and Demon-crats pushing for illegal priorities over tax-paying citizens!!!!! Your political days will be numbered!!!

    • Tom Stark says:

      And hopefully yours are as well. If I had realized there were people who think like you I would have been encouraging abortions in far more cases! Stoooopidity cannot be fixed and instaneous hatred is something there should be no tolerance for. tRumplodykes need to be sent to an island with your useless leader and you can crown him there and worship to your heart’s content! Bye bye!

  28. FRED says:


    • Michael says:

      Time to use bullets.

    • Inkpad says:

      Put the signs in English that’s our official language it should be required they learn it before applying for asylum anyway . Better yet face the signs to the America side lol

    • lou says:

      change our immigration laws so if any illegals are caught they will be beaten or worse. that way they will be too scared to try. else they have nothing to lose.Put them in chain gangs and use them as free labor. we need to get toughwith them, not give them any asylum as they get now.

    • christine says:

      I love and agree with your ideas…I only wish I could correct your spelling so people reading your excellent thoughts won’t disregard them due to poor use of our language. sorry. I have to say it. For example, “waist” should be “waste”; “boarder” should be “border”; and “Than” should be “Then”; and “raiser” should be “razor”. I don’t want to offend; I just want to give POWER to your excellent ideas.

    • Jerry says:

      A wast of tax payers money is paying for the illegals education health care and housing.
      Over 60,000 for each illegal and Estamated
      20,000,000 you do the math.Your idea of land mine is ok but to keep these illegals out the sign should say the bottom of the wall is eletricfide

      • John says:

        We spend billions on taking care of illegals who robe, rape, and commit many other crimes while our veterans can’t get proper care and many of our own our seniors still have to choose between medicine and food. I still hear of seniors eating dog food because it’s cheep and all they can afford. I say have an open season on illegals and pay 10 dollars for each one you bag.

    • Betty says:

      YES WE SHOULD!!!!!

    • Craig Michael Vandertie says:

      Doubtful your average illiterate, unskilled welfare seeking piece of garbage would ever be able to breach the wall, but the criminal Cartels certainly will, invaders are a foreign enemy meaning it is perfectly legal to use our military which is exactly what we should do, that complete waste of troops in the Middle East should more than suffice if we use other methods such as mines and a wall, dig way down into the desert soil and lay that foundation, put a high voltage wires along the foundation, top of wall wide enough to allow military personnel to patrol along the top.

  29. David Mangum says:

    If we Deny them Welfare and Give Massive Fine’s to Employer’s of Illegals, Take away their Anchor Baby Privileges, Children born of Illegals so should not get U.S. Citizenship, Were not getting their best but alot of Criminals and Gang Members. For Every American who dies at the hands of an Illegal, We drop a Nuke on Where they came from.

  30. Gee says:

    The first wave of invaders are here and dug in creating sub cultures within our general culture. Why must I choose between English and/or Spanish when conducting certain business in America? I can go to several places in the world and folks in those places desire to speak English, but in America, it seems as of we are pushing Spanish as our official language. Why is it that a person gets a bonus for speaking both Spanish and English while a person that only speaks English doesn’t have the same opportunity?

    • Linda says:

      I’am with u. I left Miami ,fla. for this reason ,they can keep the melting pot. They live in a fools world. When u go to another country ,how do they talk? Do they bow to the foreigner.

  31. ROY S. MALLMANN says:

    Look. The Democrats do not want the wall because if some illegal can get on U.S. soil, he is guaranteed passage into the United States just like the 20 million illegals here have done. They want to just put sensors in which do nothing as it detects them as soon as they are in. The last three or four elections have been decided by voter fraud which is ASSISTED BY DEMOCRATS! It is very transparent what they are doing. The wall must be built and built now. The Republicans in the House must vote immediately to fund the border wall and send it to the Senate, Mitch McConnell must lower the votes to pass in the Senate to a simple majority and pass it as it is a matter of national security, plain and simple. So, to the Republicans, drop your egos and your dislike of President Trump and vote in unity and let’s get this done for the people and security of our country and its citizens.

    • linda says:

      YES! You are so right! Or we will not have a country. (FOOLISH EGOS )

      • Joan Workman says:

        If they get in our country and start getting hand outs, then all of US deplorables need to refuse to pay any taxes. They can’t jail all of us. If no taxes from us then there won’t be much money for freebies, including the Senators/House and all the rest of the elites. BUILD THE WALL IT WILL BE WORTH IT. THEY CAN’T TUNNEL EVERYWHERE OR CLIMB OVER WHEN THE NEW WALL IS BUILT IF IT IS LIKE HE PICTURES I HAVE SEEN.

        • Jerry says:

          Do like I do with ground hogs.Put the foundation for the wall at least 4 ‘ to keep the scum from digging under the wall
          Also if every employer had to go with
          E verifi or get fined 100,000 for each hire these illegals would stop coming

  32. nKhosi says:

    The migrant caravan and others who seek to enter illegally – having been told they can easily enter and stay here, and in some states they are registered to vote when they get a driver’s license and/or have contact with Social Service’s. Even though it’s not legal, many of them attempt to vote. And has anyone really looked at what happened with our elections? When bho was elected, the economy went south right then, so Bush was blamed for the recession. Trump is elected and the economy takes off as never before! The Dem-whits get control of the House and the economy starts heading for the basement. EVERYBODY needs to wake up and smell the coffee! People see sociolistic ideals – which the Dem-whits have been pushing for over a century – and the people that are thinking, realize we are in a world of hurt! NOTHING, NOT ONE THING IS “FREE” SOMEBODY HAS TO PAY FOR IT! And we, those that pay taxes, are stuck with the tab! This nation was founded with ideas of paying our way without confiscation of someone’s hard earned resources. It’s in the Bill of Rights, by gosh! #4, and the founding fathers tried to keep federal government small by making the source of funding the excise tax on imported goods. Legislators we’re to be reimbursed for reasonable expenses, but were in no way to become”professionals” with a salary that puts them so far above the people who elected them. They were to meet for a limited amount of time, and go home – and make their living among the citizens that they represent, practicing the craft or trade or profession they had before the election. Done for now!

  33. Kara Wright says:

    Please Mr. President shut down the government as the DEMS would rather see this country destroyed by the worst trash in recorded history. Chuck and Nancy together do not have a brain to do what they are paid to do. My hope is that Nancy and Chuck both began getting visitors and strange things not so pleasant in their lives. They do not deserve a place in this country as they are no better than the trash coming through Mexico.

  34. Marlene Saad says:

    Build the wall Mr. President, whomever you are. Build it with electronic weaponry all along , above AND UNDERGROUND. No one will ever think of breaking this law. I love my Hispanic friends whom I have known over 20 yrs. But there is a different element trying to “break through” our borders who are not like my friends. They want to take (steal) rights from us which my friends applied (asked for) for legally. These prople are not oppressed by their government…look at their well dressed appearance. Because if the new Capitalist gov.
    they want to take a piece of our prosperity without standing in line like my long time friends. Until the situation is solve on immigration for all, BUILD A TOUGH WALL.

    • DEBRA says:


    • maritza n heg says:


  35. john says:

    The demo vomits consider the wall voter suppression, millions of their votes come illegally across the southern boarder!

  36. Jason Casteel says:

    Karin, I consider myself to be a Kennedy Democrat. I am and I am not going to change. That is being said, they will not get another one of my votes until they have pulled their heads out of their rectums. I have written to all of them, asking for an explanation and got no response from any of them. Confirming what I had been thinking for a long time. They don’t give a rats about us or what we think. They just want to stay in power.

    • Jeanne Stotler says:

      I got form letters, not a word in reference to what I wrote, at end “let me know how I can hel you further” What BS, both den. are Dems, one was Hillary’s running mate, all both care about is putting more money in their own pockets, not about he people here in Va. Thanks to Keane we pay tolls on roads built with out tax money, this is disgusting, we sit in traffic as most of us cannot afford the tolls.

  37. Mike says:

    In the 1980’s I would wait in a field on the Mexico/ U.S. border in Calif. to meet trucks coming from Mexico to receive trailers full of empty soda cans going to the various companies to be filled with our favorite pop. While waiting, I was no more than 75 feet away from the people climbing over the fence that was no more than 4 feet high because it was smashed down from people working to make it easier to get over it. I went there three times a week, & there was hardly a time when we didn’t see people coming across. When they did come, it was usually in groups of four or five people at a time. They would wave to us as they walked north along the path that would take them to who knows where? At that time I didn’t see a problem with that, but now, my politics have changed dramatically, & it isn’t a few illegals looking to wash dishes in some out of the way restaurant. Now we are being invaded by swarm’s of people who end up in the welfare system that is breaking the backs of every tax payer in America. And this isn’t some oversight by a bunch of bleeding heart liberals. I believe it’s a concerted effort by extreme leftists in our government who are looking to see this nation fall into the hands of the United Nations & ultimately the one world government that the Bible speaks of.

  38. Oralee Barrow says:

    I think it would be a good idea if we have a good lawyer on here to ‘SET UP A GO FUND ME PAGE’ for the border wall to be built. I am a disabled widow woman, but i would be willing to donate more then I can afford to it. We tax payers are going to have to pay for it anyway. So why not start raising the money for it now. Maybe then Congress will see we are serious about building the wall. and Give up the rest of the money needed to finish it, Think about it folks.

    • Martha Woerner says:

      I totally agree with you I have said that a long time ago that we should set up a go fund me page for the wall. You are a very smart lady! We voted for Trump and he needs to get the wall for the American people. Have a great day!

      • linda says:

        Me too! Go FUND THAT WALL !!!!!!!!!! Mr. Trump we know they are coming after u . But u have a fire wall ! Go for it. We are sick of this SWAMP!

        • Oralee Barrow says:

          To our wonderful President, Mr Donald J. Trump, Please Have one of your White house Lawyers set up a Go Fund The Wall Account, T build the wall we so desperately need. We the Patriot American People will donate money you need to build it. This way it will not grow our National Debt . We the tax payers are going to have to foot the bill anyway . Forget about the dumb Democrats, Because the smart democrats will donate to the project too. Start this Go fund me Page and watch the Account grow as the Washington Democrats hang their head in shame and cry.
          Thank you Mr President for all you are doing for us the American People. Merry Christmas.

  39. Gail says:

    We lost the house because of enemies within . Americans who claim to be educated but have no understanding of anything . Elections were rigged and stolen . Feinstein and Soros owns 80% of the voting machines . Then we had the 42 republicans whose hate for Trump overwhelm them to the point they really forgot so they were harming . What’s astonishing is that nobody who tampered with the elections are in jail . We are living in a time that the people at the top are the criminals and thieves . They take jobs that only pay $ 60,000 and come out millions . While they believe we the people must sacrifice and keep on sacrificing while they get rich and explode America with illegals who have no rights .

    • Chuck says:

      Gail, put a1 in front of that 60,000. You are right, they get in mostly poor then in a year or two the are buying multi million dollar homes

    • Tom Stark says:

      Elections are stolen? You should not talk so loudly since your party are the ones who create election irregularities. A stolen election is how Orange Julius got into the Whte House dummy! Can you not see that every president we have had up to this A-hole has put America first? With Mango Mousilini his ego, his golf, his toilet tweeting, then money, then family and God only knows what else before America. America is how he gets his money and nothing else to him Wake TF up!

      • The Real M says:

        Tom Stark, I am sure your mother is proud of you with your brashness and colorful language. Actually if she is the one who taught you all you know, maybe she is proud of you! Yes indeed, you are such a wonderful example of extreme liberalism, you have probably been put in charge of the family jewels.
        Tom, what I really wanted to say to you is, I feel a deep seeded, throbbing, mean, nasty anger in your comments. I am thinking you are in serious need of some anger management and mental counseling to put you in touch with your kinder gentler inner self!

        • Steelie* says:

          oh god, RealM. Another ‘fake’ surname. Anyway, hey
          how ya doin’ MC / HNY 2019. We Must KEEP 0N.
          Regardless of ‘borrowed Time’ __

      • vlad says:

        who you calling orange you owl looking muthr fukr.

  40. Jason Casteel says:

    I wish one of the leaders of my party (democrat), please explain to me how letting all of these unskilled, non english speaking, disease ridden people into our country is good for The United States. Please explain how simply proving that you have the right to vote, (voter ID), is racist. Explain to us, citizens, why it is a good idea to let these people bypass EVERY safeguard we have to make sure we get productive people who are here to contribute. And PLEASE inform us of your biggest talking point to date, just what do you want to impeach President Trump for, that each and every one of you hasn’t done, and do, on a daily basis? I get so sick and tired of this crap. Then that big A Hole, Comey, who couldn’t remember Jack S**t to testify, but remembered enough to sell his book, go crying to the public, “we’ve got to stop all the lies and vote Democrat”. Jesus Christ. If that line doesn’t take the cake!! Next, we just need to line up all of the idiots who actually believe this garbage, and send them all to some deserted island. Just because they are too freaking stupid to be in our society. For God’s sake, I am a Democrat and I see through this BS.

    • Dick says:

      You sir are unfortunately a rare breed nowadays. but I commend you and hope that things are going to change.

    • manuel govea says:

      Trump will never get the money for the wall we lost the house remember…….

    • Karin says:

      Jason, You have the right thinking but are in the wrong party. Sorry, but there is a movement called Walk Away and they are all Democrats who have walked away from the party. Some have gone with Bernie, and some have gone to Republican. I switched to the Dem party one time in my 55 years of voting and that was to make sure a ‘rogue’ sheriff was NOT put on the ballot for re-election. Then went back to my Conservative resource to actually vote as a republican. It worked.
      Oralee, great idea, but if we got a lawyer, we had better make sure he isn’t like Avanetti who would pilfer the Go Fund Me account. 80 people have responded to this if each family chipped in $20 of all the conservative/republican/liberal right leaning we would have the entire 5 billion to finish the wall. It would not be from the Fed coffers, but give meat to our desire to thwart the Dems. around 6 million from just us.

    • DR. CALDER says:


    • Tom Stark says:

      I think you were never a Democrat because John Birch seems to be your philospher. Rampant Nationalism breeds Hitlers and Pol Pots and people like you. S/E Asia is where tRumplodykes would be happiest.

    • walked away liberal says:

      Dear Jason Casteel. Seems like you a ‘rare’
      JFK ‘dem’. JFK Dems Are Long Gone ___
      > The ‘new Dem Party’ Is Total Deception &
      Destruction of USA INTO 0pen Borders &
      1 World 0rder.

  41. Gerry says:

    We need to get the wall built NOW !!!!!! We need to turn these invaders back by any means necessary and what ever force it takes. Enough is enough of this demoSCUM BS. President Trump, if necessary, get the money from a different fund — how about halt ALL foreign aid to our enemies and put that money to good use — the wall. It has become a National Security threat and it needs taking care of now. I also have faith that President Trump WILL find a way to have Mexico pay for at least a share of the wall.

  42. Bipin Patel says:

    here is my take .Freeloaders will vote for democrats.In our democracy these freeloaders reach a critical mass they will continue to vote in a government which is favorable to freeloaders.this is not sustainable for prosperity.
    people who believe in work ethics need to think cohesively and get the freeloaders voted out before it is too late ,unfortunately we may not have luxury of time.

  43. Steveur says:

    All the Leftist Fecal Matter, that was elected. will bring nothing but more destruction, in their short two years of House Control. What the Left wants, is to turn the country into a sh@thole just like San Franchitsco. We not only have the Left to contend with…we have that scurrilous faction of RINO’s that undermine, the President that will be re-elected, to complete the job he started. President Trump, take no prisoners.

  44. carol says:

    how the people voted to get the demorats in charge of congress is beyond me”’the next two years will be HELL for the AMERICAN people”nothing will be done””period”’except trying to get a dully-elected president out of office”’Schumer –Pelosi and the rest of the haters will do nothing”’and now with this airhead from ny who thinks she will be the next president will only show the AMERICAN people how dumb the Demorats are””

    • Inkpad says:

      They convinced them Trump’s plan was take away health care for pre existing conditions which isn’t true. They convinced them they will take everyone’s guns away. Another lie so like normal they won back the house by Lying. That’s what Democrat’s do best

    • Breaker 19 says:

      How about rigging the election? Illegals voting. More votes than people registered to vote. Voting machines not working right. Finding more vote everyday after the election in trunks of cars etc., This may have been going on for decades. No telling how many rigged elections we have had.

  45. Geo says:

    All racist are republicans but not all republicans are racist

  46. Craig Michael Vandertie says:

    No wall will keep illegals out, this is a case of a foreign threat making it perfectly legal to activate our troops, pull our troops out of the Middle East where they are serving nothing of any value to the Common Good of this nation and place 15 to 20 thousand along our border with Mexico.

    • Judy Farkas says:

      You do not understand whats going on.
      If you pull the troop’s out of the middle East you will give the extremists muslims to furthur their terrorism. Don’t forget their goal is to destroy Israel(which they never will) and then their goal is to come after you.Their leaders say it but you don’t listen.

    • nKhosi says:

      I would rather have the fight with isis and other terrorist groups over there than here. They have already shown that peaceful coexistence is not happening! Ever since the foundation of the prophet’s religion, the goal has been world domination. Either you are convinced by hearing the words of the prophet; you pay dimmitude tax to rent the air you breathe if you are kaffar (non believer) which can be revoked for any reason; or you can die in a way of their choosing, such as putting Christian’s in a mechanical bread-kneeding machine, or pouring petroleum over you to make a human torch. No thanks!
      You may not see the value of our troops fighting in the sandbox, but many of us do.

    • Kendall Bryan says:

      …and when the illegal aliens come across they should be shot on the spot for invading our country.

  47. Rick says:

    We need 2 walls that you can drive between, that way if they tunnel under or get over they will be between them and you can cage them off!!

  48. Susan Mitchell says:

    America is being invaded. The military was called in. They were not allowed to do anything and the border patrol can’t handle the quantity of illegals. Keep the military and allow them to fight for our borders like they do for other borders. It’s time we took a stand.

    • Carla says:


      • mj says:

        what they actually need to do is mine our side of the border just like they would do across to protect our military an electrify the fence i bet they won’t cross in illegaly.

      • francesca says:

        Carla -That method is unacceptable by the soppy headed whom will regret it, cry bitter tears, but too, too late to regain control.. A third country system awaits America.

    • Terry says:

      Amen to that. Actually a good idea.

    • Diane says:

      Absolutely,It is an illegal invasion of our Country. I am sick of everyone talking and nothing gets done This Country is going to Hell in a hand basket. President Trump should have the right to protect the US legal citizens from this nonsense. We need something done NOW !!

      • francesca says:

        It seems the legal system has become corrupt – if that’s not so why are those that have committed treason have been set free to commit further damage to this country? Will someone explain?

  49. Michael says:

    This is war. It’s asymmetric warfare using the tactic of weaponized mass migration. It’s America’s Achilles heel largely because of the open-borders Marxist Democrats. What’s the limit on the numbers of illegal, unvetted, destitute, third-world migrants allowed to break into the country before the economy and the entire social order collapse? No limit? Want to tell that to the people currently ON welfare? What about the female Democrat voters who tend to vote for the “security” of big government? What do you think will happen to your “security” then?
    STOP the invasion.
    STOP Pelosi and the Democrats.
    BUILD and DEFEND the wall. We don’t have a choice.

  50. Judith says:

    It amazes me the stupidity of the democrats not wanting our country to be safe & secure. How many of these mouths would give shelter to these people in the caravan?

  51. Bill says:

    Obama spent $10 trillion with nothing to show for it and no retaliation against Obama at all. Allot of it he spent didn’t get House or Congress approval. They have yet to find where the $5 billion non accounted for is yet. Trump tries to secure our Southern Boarder with a secure Wall that wouldn’t call for on going repairs that the rusted, corrosion dilapidated fence and scrap metal barrier that is existing on only three quarters of the boarder and the open other quarter is combined with water wayes that they walk through or boat through. Trump asked for $23 billion and the Democratic Party and liberals are doing all they can to not let that happen even though it shows that the Democratic Party and liberals don’t care about the Security of America. The Democratic Party and liberals dont mind that $130 billion goes out every year for the illegals free stuff and they want to expand that by trying to bring in thousands more of illegals of these Caravans and future caravans to come in un vetted. Ever since Trump got into Office the Democratic Party hasn’t done a thing for the American Citizens. They are living up to our “X” Muslim President demand of “The Party 1st Before the People”. Obama spent 8 years tearing America apart racialy, Our Military, closing down our Space Program, almost doubling or Welfare recipients, ignoring the Black Communities he swore he was going to make his first priority, encouraged the doings of BLM & ANTIFA. Even with our budget getting lowered by multiple hundreds of billions of dollars from mainly the space program total shut down and the Military budget cut by a thid he still s raised our debt $10 trillion non contested. This list could go on an on but I’ll stop here.

  52. Jose says:

    Media!!!! Stop calling for” Trump Wall” this is our
    country and we are being invaded thanks to (sic) democrats hoping for their elligal future voters as
    Democrats constituent. The wall has to be built! To stop the free loaders. We have seniors, homeless poor and
    Vetera nd that are homeless Politicians, shame on you!

    • francesca says:

      All you describe is true, but, must remember not all Americans are true to there country, why else has lame, mentally imbalanced, Democrats been voted in, now running Congress. Enemies in the camp is America’s lot. Present Congress will be America’s downfall.

      • nKhosi says:

        And has anyone really looked at what happened with our elections? When bho was elected, the economy went south right then, so Bush was blamed for the recession. Trump is elected and the economy takes off as never before! The Dem-whits get control of the House and the economy starts heading for the basement. EVERYBODY needs to wake up and smell the coffee! People see sociolistic ideals – which the Dem-whits have been pushing for over a century – and the people that are thinking, realize we are in a world of hurt! NOTHING, NOT ONE THING IS “FREE” SOMEBODY HAS TO PAY FOR IT! And we, those that pay taxes, are stuck with the tab! This nation was founded with ideas of paying our way without confiscation of someone’s hard earned resources. It’s in the Bill of Rights, by gosh! #4, and the founding fathers tried to keep federal government small by making the source of funding the excise tax on imported goods. Legislators we’re to be reimbursed for reasonable expenses, but were in no way to become”professionals” with a salary that puts them so far above the people who elected them. They were to meet for a limited amount of time, and go home – and make their living among the citizens that they represent, practicing the craft or trade or profession they had before the election. Done for now!

  53. Cathie Ryan says:

    WHERE THE HE’LL IS THE MILITARY WE SUPPOSEDLY HAVE AT THE BORDER? These freeloaders should not be getting over?


      Military is off protecting foreign lands not the country they are suppose to protect. Why did these people elect the idiots that are now in DC? They only care about their bank and behind. Maybe Maxine and Pokahontas would love to be rapwed by these men? Only problem is MS 13 rapes but then they chop you up. Is that what these people want? .Bet their kids and grands are tucked away safe because deep down they know these are evil, but they hate Trump so much because he has succeeded in helping the country, donates his pay, which they would never do. God Help Us.

  54. Lynn says:

    The people that voted the democrats back in office at midterm elections should have to pay the cost for every migrant that gets to the US, they should have thought about that before they for them!

    • jan says:

      sounds good to me.

    • Breaker 19 says:

      There may not have been but a handful of people voted for the Democrats in the last election. There was so much illegal voting that there is no way to tell if they were voted on by a majority of the people. More than likely they were not. Look at Florida, Georgia and some of the other states. Could have happened in most of the states that went for the Democrats. The election system needs to be fixed so it cannot be rigged and anyone caught trying to rig the elections should be in jail and never allowed to vote or work in an election again.

  55. Harry says:

    Is the FEC doing anything about illegals voting? If not there is an outfit to eliminate and save the wasted money.

  56. I suggest we have thousands of maps printed with the address and pinpoint location of all the wall resistors and illegal immigrant loving Demorats and progressives. Include an “invitation” for the illegals to stay at these locations, then air-drop the maps over the caravan encampment.

  57. Harry says:

    Need National Voting ID, it can’t be rejected by court as states have implemented it! Or let us go to the border and start shooting.

  58. Mike F says:

    Only Un-Americans would want to keep Legal American Citizens exposed to the dangers of those who illegally cross our borders, without going through the proper process for citizenship and cutting the line in front of those who want to be Real Citizens! We are not racist for wanting only those who will learn about America, assimilate into our culture and will salute the flag at all ceremonies with proper respect, unlike those who kneel, burn the flag, are here for the money handouts and end up being a permanent burden on all U.S. taxpayers while voting only for those who would perpetuate this constant attack on our system. Build the Wall, Bring in Real Life Builders and not money leachers, and keep out Gang-Members, Traffickers, and ill-gotten manufactured Democrat voters to continue to ruin this country and turn it into a wrecked, 3rd world banana republic. BUILD THE WALL – Keep U. S. Safe!

  59. Lisa says:

    We are American’s wake up people build the wall before its too late we are supposed to be fighters but with all the illegals coming in every which way we turn we will be like other 3rd world countries if people dont wake up and stand up for what we know we need to do i am tired of living in a country that people are scared to speak up for what they know would help keep us safe

  60. Dianna says:

    we have to support President Trump to get that wall built & guards to keep this ILLEGAL INVASION out of AMERICA! call your Senators & Congressmen! do these people in north want all these “illegals” in their back yards! we have AMERICANS we have to take care! we have to call Almighty God to come & help us get our country back onto the right back! stop this invasion! BUILD the WALL! God bless America & God bless President Trump!

    • Medic Joe says:

      NO. Absolutely not. The people in the North DON’T want these people here any more than the people in the south do. We are UNIFIED on this, and most subjects. In North west NJ, we have towns where you see very obvious immigrants, with 3 kids, a 3 y/o, a 2 y/o and an infant, in twins and triplets strollers. Mom can’t be any more than 20-23 years old herself, with multiple corners, by train or bus stations and stops with “day workers”, hanging out, waiting for work, under the table, no taxes. BUT, the same rules apply up here too. Those kids all go to school, requiring translators and extra classes for “English as a second language”. Extra teachers, extra taxes. extra school bus aides, all just to speak spanish. 4 or 5 families in a 2 or 3 bedroom apt. So the landlord’s property taxes should cover 3 kids in school, not 8-12 kids in school. SO, taxes go up for everyone else. How do I know this? 20 years working the streets as a first responder, Advanced life support Paramedic. I could go on and on, it would make everyone sick, the way we’re taken advantage of, financially, paying for all the freebies no immigrant, legal or illegal, are supposed to get. But they get it ALL anyway, thanks to the DemonRats. Build the wall, kick out ALL illegals, NO public assistance for any immigrant. That would pay for 10 walls, in 2 years. We need to get smart, kick out all DemonRats and RINO’s. Support Trump. MAGA.

  61. K WAGNER says:

    Democrats using the illegal ways they did to elect themselves into offices did not do so with actual votes of US Citizens but by illegals and fraudulent means.

    We need to fix our election system to be able to properly count all legal votes without anyway of illegally manipulating them.

  62. H.K C says:

    It really is time for Americans to wake up and take our country back. If we don’t do anything now, we will never have another chance to elect a Republican President. I have never seen so much hate against a person, then what has been done to President Trump.
    All he is trying to do is get our country back after 8 years of Obama rule. , don’t let America being destroyed by greed and corruption.

  63. Judy Presnell says:

    Build the wall don’t vote another democrats into office again .if we want our freedom we have to fight for it .high taxes. Guns taking away no wall .No. no. We need the wall we need guns and make America great again.

  64. H.K C says:

    It really is time for Americans to wake up and take our country back. If we don’t do anything now, we will never have another chance to elect a Republican President. I have never seen so much hate against a person, then what has been done to President Trump.
    All he is trying to do is get our country back after 8 years of Obama rule. Wake up people, don’t let America being destroyed by greed and corruption.

    • Marlene says:

      This is NOT Trump’s WALL. IT IS AMERICA’S WALL. It is to protect Americans from the Illegal Invasion intent upon draining our treasury.

      Any asylum that is given cannot be in America. Many other countries OWE AMERICA for the decades of providing their military defense. Asylum can be to those countries. Those countries have low birthrates and will be delighted to have the new citizens. They can work LEGALLY there. They can have chain migration, and anchor babies there.’

      It’s a win win. Everybody wins with foreign asylum.

  65. Dalton Griffin says:

    All cities, counties and states should be required to enforce federal immigration laws. Anyone giving sanctuary to an invader aka illegal alien should be changed with obstruction of justice, pay a large fine and go to jail in a federal prison for about two years. Build the wall. Find and deport as many illegal aliens as possible.



    We, the citizens of the U.S.A., appreciate that non-citizens
    want to come here and I believe most want to better their lives and the
    lives of their families.

    That is admirable and consistent with human nature.

    We embrace those desires, but we will only give permission to enter this nation if
    a potential immigrant utilizes the proper applications and procedures.

    There are people from all over the world who are properly applying for the
    ability to enter.

    It is reprehensible, immoral, and unethical if we were to allow anyone to enter
    the U.S.A. without going through the same procedures as others are undergoing.

    Please be safe, go home and work to better your nations and if you still want to emigrate to the U.S.A., apply at the consulate in your home nation.

    The United States of America wants to be a good neighbor to all nations and as such will assist your nations for the goal of better conditions for their citizens.

    I, sincerely, thank you for your understanding.

    President Trump, please STOP talking about the criminals.
    When you do that, the default is that non-criminals can enter unimpeded; that is ridiculous and INSANE.

    Michael Zitterman

    • Judy Farkas says:

      You do not understand whats going on.
      If you pull the troop’s out of the middle East you will give the extremists muslims to furthur their terrorism. Don’t forget their goal is to destroy Israel(which they never will) and then their goal is to come after you.Their leaders say it but you don’t listen.

    • Judy Farkas says:

      I agree with most you sd, but i disagree with you saying we should not stress about the bad elements in the caravans that come into our country.Its very important the American people know this because we have to be able to protect ourselves against these criminals. The democrats don’t want us to see this so they could destroy our country. Fine you don’t want to see this, but most of this country feels this way according to the polls. Every American is petrified of whats going on in our country today.They voted in 2 terrorist s in our gov’t one wrapped in a Palestinian flag.(no such thing as Palestinians) .Oh by the way they arrested more muslem extremists and criminals in the caravan.
      America needs to know so the democrats will show who they really are and people will not vote for them.

  67. Mary Sherwood says:


  68. FrankC says:

    The combination of Democrats and RINOs will block all efforts to defend the sovereignty of this country, throw in a few Republican cowards and we will never get the wall built. I have been posting, use the Combat Engineers, the Seabees, and the defense budget AND BUILD THE WALL. This is the only way it will be built, and the only way we shut down the illegal aliens from crossing into our country.

    We will have to accept some collateral damage though. Building the wall will seriously reduce the amount of illegal drugs coming into our country. The wall will also seriously impact the flow of illegal weapons into America. Even human trafficking will take a hit. Then too there will be a decrease in the number of diseased people coming in and infecting our people. On top of all of that, there will eventually be a decrease in crimes against citizens committed by people illegally here. We will have to just grit our teeth and find a way to do without these things.

  69. Richard Hyde says:

    Your financial support and organization with fellow Americans, is needed not just word guns and bullets. Support the ones that support you . That is the current battle front. As anyone one knows there is strength in numbers

  70. Conservative Senior says:

    When will Americans wake up and realize that the dems don’t want national security? That they want to destroy America? Might as well shoot them. The dems don’t care about the invaders either.

  71. Tolowan Washte' We says:

    “Build the
    walls Around America!
    We Do Not Want anymore Illegals living in America nor do We want anymore Criminals!” All these illegals will be recruited into armies against Us Citizens!
    You better get ready and prepare for a
    Battle to Save Us and
    Our Country!

    • Wesley Kellams says:

      I hope all have massed ammo for the civil war coming . It will be fought between the commiecrats with the aid of south american who gain entry by stealing across the border. The democommies will , I am sure will be given weapons to kill those of us who stand our ground.

    • Celia says:

      I think a great idea would be to build a wall around California with the bottom wide open to Mexico. Also the federal funding needs to be greatly reduced to California. Let the dems who are so vocal about wanting illegal immigrants to invite themselves in to live with them and support them.

  72. Dave Mack says:

    To all that are sick of being beaten up by the leftist, STOP BEING THE LAMBS AND BECOME THE WOLVES. Orginize and communicate with people that feel like you do. Attend the anti-left rallies. Take on the politicians from both parties that are stomping our long held values of being a strong country that takes care of American citizens, veterans, and our own homeless into the swamp. Get orginized, get fiesty, and for Americas sake start to FIGHT BACK ! Time is running out – do it now.

  73. Rose says:

    Did Americans really vote for invasion or did the Democrats us election fraud to gain control of the congress ??? It is well known that for years they have been using fraud to win elections! They are hell bent on allowing illegals access to our country so they can get their illegal votes. They are destroying our country with their crimes and living off of the system. When will We the People take back our country from control of the Democrats? They admit being communist! They just want control of this country and we will no longer be a capitalist country and that means we would be like RED CHINA working , not for ourselves, but for the government. No more freedom, and believe me once gone, gone forever. They want to raise taxes, and they will have to to take care of the hordes invading this country. Their is never free anything…..someone has to pay for the free stuff they promise. What it amounts to it is free for me but the rest of you, toil day in and day out to pay for all of my free stuff. That is how it is in communist countries. Keep voting for the Democrats, they want open borders to keep them in control of you. If you want the whole country to look like California and other Democrat states ,keep voting for them, they will tax you to death to pay for their stupidity! In the end we all loose. Berney Sanders wants and would need 90% of your pay in taxes, could you live on 10% of what you make and take care of you and your family? We would no longer have anything to say about who runs the country. People had better wake up or you will be part of a failed country like other communist countries are in the failing process right now. Wake up and take back control from the Democrats and help Trump to save our country now!

  74. Grizz Mann says:

    Invaders at our door step. Thanks to Democrats, we are limited in our response. America voted for this. Thank you.

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