The migrant caravan just got the removal order they never saw coming

The migrant caravan expected a cake walk into the United States.

But that’s not how events played out.

And the caravan just got the removal order they never saw coming.

Thousands of migrant invaders camped out in Tijuana, Mexico because Donald Trump shut down their ability to flow into the United States.

But the residents of Tijuana were also not pleased with thousands of poor migrants occupying massive shelters in their city.

The city government responded and they are evicting migrants from the shelter to a location that is farther from the border.

City officials cited sanitary concerns for why they made this decision.

The Associated Press reports:

The city government of Tijuana announced Saturday that it has closed down a migrant shelter at a sports complex close to the U.S. border that once held about 6,000 Central Americans who hope to get into the U.S.

Officials said all the migrants were being moved to a former concert venue much farther from the border. The city said in a statement the sports complex shelter was closed because of “bad sanitary conditions.”

Experts had expressed concerns about unsanitary conditions that had developed at the partly flooded sports complex, where the migrants had been packed into a space adequate for half their numbers. Mud, lice infestations and respiratory infections were rampant.

The remaining migrants were taken by bus to the new shelter about 10 miles (15 kilometers) from the border crossing at Otay Mesa and 14 miles (22 kilometers) from San Ysidro, near where people line up to file applications for asylum in the United States.

The fake news media claim Trump is exploiting anti-migrant racism to oppose the caravan entering America.

But it isn’t just Americans that are concerned about the flow of thousands of poor migrants from Central America into their nation.

Some citizens of Mexico also realize the threat to their communities and sovereignty the caravan and open borders pose.

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