The migrant caravan hid a terrible truth that no one wanted to face

The migrant caravan invasion is a serious threat to America.

Donald Trump and his supporters know this.

But the caravan is hiding a terrible truth that not even Trump knew about.

One of the concerns about the caravan is the fact that migrants are coming from some of the poorest and most unsanitary countries in the Western hemisphere.

Many Americans have concerns about the health conditions of the migrants trying to enter America.

The government shares those concerns.

Department of Homeland Security officials are now requesting the Center for Disease Control monitor the ever increasing number of sick migrants trying to pour into America.

The Daily Caller reports:

The Department of Homeland Security (DHS) is requesting that the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) investigate the cause of the growing number of sick migrants illegally crossing the U.S.-Mexico border, officials revealed to reporters Wednesday morning.

A DHS official told reporters that “literally dozens” of sick migrants are being transported to hospitals across the border each day and that growing numbers of children showing illness are present in border patrol custody.

“We’re doing dozens of hospital trips every single day with children that have fevers or manifest other medical conditions,” CBP Commissioner Kevin McAleenan told CBSNews Wednesday morning.

An official also told reporters that DHS Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen is requesting that Mexican authorities also investigate the living conditions of migrant holding camps across the border to see if that is the source of illness.

The media claims any discussion of migrants carrying illnesses into America is “racist.”

But it’s a serious concern, and the Trump administration believes there is enough evidence of a growing crisis to warrant further investigation.

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148 Responses

  1. Barbara says:

    To the stupid media—-You dare call it racist. Watch your tone you idiots. These illegals that come in here could very easily start and epidemic in any part of our country and you don’t think that it is important to inform the local people . When we have these kids going to hospitals . for the infections that they are carrying. Tell me what would you say if their was an out-break from one of the kids. THE BLAME THEN SHOULD FALL ON YOUR NETWORK OR SHOULDERS, BECAUSE YOU DIDN’T DARE OPEN YOUR DUMB SCARCASTIC MOUTHS. They are a risk that we the people should not have to deal with. And the border patrol is being over loaded now. with these people. They are digging under flimsy walls now and are escaping into the regular population. ——damn stupid nitwits. We have kids now from vaccines that aren’t safe being hit with type polio symptoms and people getting flue shots that are ending up in hospitals. Try and start doing your job and informing people of what is going on. It would be a big help, for safetly reasons.!

    • TVogt says:

      Keep in mind “small pox” supposedly irraticated .. It’s not and that could wipe out our 30’s kids who didn’t get vaccinated.. 14 day inncubation.
      The donkeyass party doesn’t care…remember the Obama care death panels?? How many like me lost parents to not flu disease after taking a flu shot. Then a Aunt and Uncle my brother put in a senior center who also died less then 3 months not of flu but Got the shots.. Pancreatic Cancer killed my mother in less then a month, she had been raking leaves 3 houses over before she got the shot. Lived less then a month after.

    • Larry says:

      I think the media is not only complicit in this case but ignorant for reasons that are both political and stupid. It is only a matter of time before something happens that becomes very serious and it will be the media that will have ignored all of the warning signs. As usual, it will be the media that will have acted in bad faith and with complete disregard.

    • Mark Fortner says:


  2. DJ says:

    Give us your tired and hungry, but not your diseased or criminals. That’s how America was founded nor were the immigrants ILLEGAL that came through our port of entry’s……I don’t remember the United States giving each immigrant coming to America $70,000 in benefits per year.

    • TVogt says:

      You care spout a poem as if it’s Law !!
      Did you also forget Ellis Island had a reaon?

      Or are you that liberally educated you for only your narrative of facts and ignore all other history.

    • wanda says:

      Well said. To bad the dems are so closed minded they can’t hear the truth.

  3. Bruce says:

    In reference to our overseas invaders, I’m voting for the Sickle Cell party.

  4. Jerry says:

    So golly Gee! I didn’t know diseases were discriminating. I thought they were neutral! So since we have racist diseases, I guess it’s not people that are racists it’s the diseases! I would like to address another serious question, LOL! Can we just shut down the democrat side of our government so we can get something done in 2019?

    • Wondering Woman says:

      Think most of those democrats have sealed indictments already waiting to be unsealed shortly after New Years! Think most of them will be tried for being enemy combatant of this nation, but some may have other charges, one of which is likely to be crimes against humanity. Two of those crimes inside the USA were mass murder trials and most of us wouldn’t want to be connected to 9/11/2001, even if only by the act of blocking the investigation of it and covering it up. as both James Comey and Robert Mueller have been accused of. Rod Rosenstein is also likely to have the same connection.
      Funny how they are frequently mentioning hoping to pin an blocking and obstructing charge against President Trump;, but guesd it must not be considered a crime if being committed by a dep state establisnment
      traitor, since Rod Rosenstein, Robert Mueller, and Christopner Wray are all 3 still actively stonewalling to block congressional investigation into the corruption inside the CIA, NSA, FBI & DOJ at present and the new acting DOJ has taken no action to arrest or indict them for blocking investigation with the intent of obstructing justice!!!!

    • legally here says:

      I second that and shut it down to never be opened ever again.

    • Freddie says:

      Why not just throw all who are against the wall on the the other side of the wall with the sick, diseased illegal aliens and let The wall obstructionists sort it all out while traveling back to the countries with the illegal aliens. I am SURE they would change their mind IF they thought they were going to be exposed to such uncleanliness, let alone diseases. But first, you’ll have to get Nancy Pelosi back from her vacation to Hawaii.

  5. Frank says:

    When the Great walls of China, India and Israel are torn down, Nancy The Democrat will have her San Francisco property iron fence design for our Southern border fence. As she says, the addition of armed fence guards will also keep the American people safe. Our income taxes will pay for that also !

  6. Sammy says:

    Real problem is that WE had the president, both houses of Congress and instead of using that, the farm so called republicans did NOT back OUR president but instead sat on our paychecks and did nothing to help. Us. Please remember that when the next elections are here. Dump them all.

    • The Real M says:

      Sammy, I am not for dumping all Republicans in the House and Senate. We have some really GOOD people we should keep, we need to vote out all RINO and never Trumpers. Then we will be able to really MAGA! Let’s do it to SAVE OUR COUNTRY 2020!

      • Wondering Woman says:

        The real patriots among the republicans lined up behind President Trump as soon as they realized he was real and not for sell and are still fighting the blockers & obstructers in the CIA. FBI
        and DOJ, but think that POTUS is already in process of declassifying to take it our of their hands and have full disclosure – finally!!!

        • Starman says:

          The demorats an rinos are treasionist traitors to america !!!!!! They sold us out for money an power to the one world goverment!!!!! They dont care about America !!!!! We need to wake up an. quite drinking the. koolaid. they are trying to serve us !!!!! the media. is also treasionist traitors too !!!! They are paid to lie to us an not tell the truth !!!!

    • Wondering Woman says:

      Even more important, when these deep state establishment traitors, who are working hand in hand with the new world order, in gathering these invading armies of illegal immigrants to crash our borders and our economy, in a very organized last ditch effort to destroy the last holdout against the new world order – are arrested and tried as enemy combatants of this nation – remember thay have earned the sentence many times over for their treason. whatever it may be!!!!
      Hoping at least some of these trials connected to JFK, OKC, 9/11/2001 will be aired to give some closure and solace to the survivors of all the innocent victims of those tragedies.

  7. nancy says:

    trump stay true do not give up

  8. The Real M says:

    Our immigration laws have to be changed to close loopholes, the wall must be built and patrolled to pick up any stragglers who might breach the wall. When we do these two things we can deport illegals immediately
    and the problem will be solved!
    Herein the problem lies, we must have “large” majority in House, Senate and Whitehouse!
    With the goal of the Dems, they will never vote with us to solve the
    problem. Our immigration laws are killing us and must be changed. Of course the Dems have control of the House and will have for two years so fat chance of new immigration laws we need being passed. Folks, we messed up BAD losing the House!

    • Wondering Woman says:

      Arrest & prosecution can shift the majorities in less than 2 years – much faster way to drain the swamp of the vipers and vermin causing the corruption inside the judicial and legislative systems.

    • I don’t think/believe that we LOST the House….They STOLE the election yet again with voter FRAUD…..That’s ALL they CAN do to “win” anything……STEAL…..Remember hillary…STEALING the nomination from sanders…NOT that I like him in any shape or form…..just saying that they even STEAL from EACH OTHER…..

    • angela hardy says:

      All your statements are too true.

  9. Karen Alexander Hartsell says:

    I agree. I said this before. Illegals passed drugs over the wall. Gangs (ISIS) and selling women and children!

  10. Marilyn says:

    There is a way that we can assist our President, yes I can finally say we finally have a President who is leading this country. Get behind him. Get rid of the democrats that have been mistakingly voted in to office. “We the people” can start petitions in each state to recall the elected Congressman and Senate who are refusing to cooperate with President Trump. We are still the consituants who they serve, they do not serve themselves, but us. They have even had the audacity to create a retirement program, and health program for themselves, pays more than social security. Surpirse surprise. Help Trump clean the swamp. They are not doing the job we elected them to do.

    • Kara Wright says:

      You have a very good idea and I agree with with you the “We The People” even DEMS that voted don’ want this problem to create other problems. Thank you for your comment.

    • Mary says:

      Well said, and thank you.

    • Wondering Woman says:

      I am asking that everybody keep prayers flowing, thanking our Heavenly Father for keeping those working for the good of this planet and the people on it, and all of their loved ones safe from harm and for guiding them in leading this battle.
      Worded in this manner, whether our opinions agree or not, we will all be praying for the good of the planet he gave us and the good of all the people on it.
      If Mark Taylor’s prophecy is correct, which in my opinion it is, we will have the majority of people sending prayers for the good of this planet and the people on it. No way Mark could have written a script so accurately on his own, as it has unfurled exactly the way he said it would and there is no way he could have gotten the entire world populaltion to act out his script so accurately!

    • Richard R. Pope says:

      . . . . If someone starts the petitions I will gladly sign them. This is from a Patriot that served 4 years in the AF and still considers his oath to protect the Constitution to be enforce until he dies. The communists aka democrats need to be arrested, tried, and convicted on multiple counts of High Treason and Sedition during Wartime, murder, theft, fraud, conspiracy, collusion, aiding and abetting, providing material support and comfort to the enemy, and other felonies and misdemeanors. High Treason and Sedition during Wartime are Capital Offenses.
      America: Love it or Leave it!
      GOD Bless and GOD Help us,

    • Okay, we can petition them but aren’t they all in “somebody’s” pocket one way or another….????

  11. Carole ANNE Quinn says:






    • Kara Wright says:

      You are very up to date on your facts. You might want to send this to our President. Not because he need a refresher course in history. He needs to know that there are people in this country that know what is important. Please keep commenting as your word are fruit for the soul.

    • Claire says:

      Carol ann , you are entirely correct ! I couldn’t have said it better !

      • Jack Gajda says:

        Claire, Carol Ann, the last sentence is my point and I’m guessing yours too? Geneticists have traced the arrival of AIDS in America to a single person who came from Haiti in 1969. In an article published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Science, University of Arizona researchers analyzed archived blood samples from the first five U.S. AIDS patients. All were recent Haitian immigrants…

  12. john says:

    America’s new tough immigration stance is: When you come to invade our country there will be NO limo service, you will be forced to ride a Greyhound bus into our towns, where you will be free to fleece the country dry!

    • Pat says:

      You are correct. The immigrants who have been accepted for amnesty AND those who have managed to sneak across the border are taken to the Greyhound bus depot in various border towns and bussed to various sanctuary cities across the country. Those coming through Albuquerque are usually taken to Chicago or some here in Florida. I hace seen with my own eyes, as recently as Monday Tuesday and Wednesday of this week, that many of the younger children are sick with what appears to be serious respiratory infections. Many of the parents are wrapped in blankets while children are wearing street clothes and zip up hoodies.

  13. Ernst says:

    Democrats are insisting that we import crime, drugs and disease. When will this stop? Build the wall!

    • john says:

      Problem is we are DOING it, ICE just dumped 400 of the maggots in Texas towns!

      • Patriot says:

        John, ….BECAUSE the judiciary adjudicated they do so. We have got to stand up to the idiot judges. DEMONcrats and RINOs owned by the Chamber of Commerce, K Street, Wall Street, the Koch Bros, Soros, etc.. We must unite as we did to elect OUR PRESIDENT!!! This recent blue sweep architected by Traitor Ryan has emboldened the left unmercilessly. for one he$$ of a beating with whips they’ll create to hurt us constantly and to destroy OUR PRESIDENT. BE STRONG!!! #TRUMP2020

      • The Real M says:

        John, First let me state, no one is more furious than I am about these sick diseased people being released into our Country! ICE is in a Catch 22, when they are released because there is no room for them and they can’t be held any longer, what then? Our “ultra stupid” immigration laws prevent dumping them back in Mexico which would be the logical thing to do, if only we could! How many times have we heard DJT say we have the worse immigration laws in the entire world? Until we get a wall with the border patrol agents to arrest anyone who might find a way in and immigration laws that allow us to immediately deport them , this problem will live on. It is for damn sure we can’t “fix” immigration laws with the Dems in control of the House! We are up “$hit creek” until we have a “large” majority in the House and Senate as well as the Whitehouse! Well, that will have to wait for two years!
        VOTE REPUBLICAN IN 2020!

        • Mary says:

          Exactly….vote Republican across the board in 2020!!

        • Starman says:

          I totally aree . To me this is a state of emergency for America!!!! We must band together as a country or will be taken over an all our freedoms gone !!!!!! Please dont take our freedoms for granted!!!! The demorats an rinos sold us out to the one world government!!!!! They want us all poor an on wellfare so they can control us!!!!!

    • Bobby Jay says:

      It will only stop when there are no more “dumb ass a craps” anywhere.

    • wonderbear says:

      We need to build a wall around the Democrats who refuse to support Mr. Trump and don’t even let them out to defecate and let them rot in their own refuse!

  14. krymson says:

    There is an unfortunate (and dangerous) concept among Republican voters: some think that the only election to matter is when we vote for a President. These people fail to realize for a President to be functional, he/she must have a Congress willing to support the President’s agenda. With this concept permanently imbedded in their brain, these “partial” Republican supporters refuse to take the time to vote on non-presidential voting years. These people are why Republicans will lose their majority numbers in the House in January.

    Relative to this “peaceful” invasion of the U.S. by migrants from Central and South America, many of them will enter here disease ridden and carrying bacterial agents, which will infect many American citizens. The cost to treat the invading swarm from our southern neighbors and our citizens who fall victim to these diseases will be staggering and, once again, the U.S. working class will pay the price. Not only will many in this group of working taxpayers fall victim to the diseases introduced by migrants, but they will also pay for the treatment of all who are infected.

    That liberals fail to see this or simply choose to ignore the truth is most disconcerting and extremely risky. Many people, myself included, have written about the rise of violence and illnesses relative to the mass invasion of illegal aliens, yet liberals in Congress ignore the truth and challenge President Trump’s attempts to reduce the influx of illegal aliens crossing our borders. There is no denying that liberals are supporting illegal aliens over the health and safety of U.S. citizens. That is not in question. What is in question is Why are liberals so “Hell-Bent” on getting thousands of illegal aliens into this nation?

    • Answer to question: The ‘liberals’ are under the delusion that they’ll become the ‘Elite Class’ over a nation of ‘slaves’! The ‘illegals’ will vote them into power and, along with other American citizens, will then go on to support them in ‘Hollywood’ fashion. If they hadn’t gone to sleep during ‘History’ class, they might have learned this ‘NEVER’ works!! It’s been ‘tried’ and it FAILED!! Slaves soon become discontented with their ‘lot’ in life. Since they have nothing to lose–they rebel and attack their ‘masters’. Liberals think their ‘armies’ will protect them. OK, but who will protect them from diseases we have no ‘cure’ or defense against?? Already, at least two–I’ve never heard of and neither have our doctors, have already arrived at our hospitals. You know–the place you bring your family to–to be treated??! The diseases we ‘have’ heard of, are now arriving resistant to our medications. Diseases like ‘Leprosy’, small pox, measles, etc. etc.

    • Carolyn Wells says:

      The reason Dems want illegal immigrants to get in is to get their vote!
      ..Now how do you like the idea that your vote is cancelled by a illegal voter!
      We need voter ID nation wide!!

  15. Bob says:

    We The People had a golden opportunity to strengthen the President’s ability to achieve his agenda in November, and we blew it! One or more of these reasons resulted in OUR FAILURE:

    1. We, the (R) and some (I) were over-confident, so a lot of us didn’t vote!
    2. Some spent too much time preaching to the choir on these conservative blog’s, and not enough time face-to-face with Democrats and other lefties, or on their blog sites to explain to them what’s usually obvious to us!
    3. Few, if any of us made formal written complaint’s to the fake-news left-wing media (letters to the editor, letters to the CNN, MSNBC, etc. demanding that they stop disrespecting, and perverting the facts about our President, and cease trying to undermine his administration.
    4. Few, if any staged Vietnam-era style protests at the steps of Congress, in numbers large enough to convince them to support the Presidents agenda, including the wall!

    It could easily become a long, long list. But the point is, we had both houses, and the oval office, and WE FAILED to hold our elected “leaders” (sic) accountable, and demand that they carry out OUR will!

    • Zen says:

      There are no rules that apply to Democrats. Does anybody really believe this BLUE WAVE where the democrats took over the House ???They rigged these elections just like they tried to rig the election in Florida. *Steal and destroy boxes with Millions of Republican ballots. *Add millions of Democrat votes with illegals. * Pay the homeless to sign their names to blank ballots. * Manufacture millions of fake votes as they did in Florida.

      • You are EXACTLY right……I just stated that myself….As long as we just let THEM get away with these CRIMINAL actions, NOTHING will CHANGE, it’s ONLY getting WORSE and WORSE and WORSE until our country is DONE…..

  16. Deplorable Lanie says:

    Unless and until the Democrats & Republicans who think we do not need a wall, take in these law breaking border crossers, they do not get the luxury of saying that they do not posses a threat to us, either criminally or medically. I am sick and tired of these Congress-members who say “we don’t need a wall” as they walk around with bodyguards, and have home security protections and some even have walls around their homes! It is so hypocritical that every single one of them all said that they wanted border security in the form of a wall or barrier UNTIL candidate Trump said he wanted to build a “Great big beautiful wall”, then they immediately got amnesia and decided they didn’t want a wall or any type of barrier. They are the biggest hypocrites I have ever heard!

  17. Ray says:

    Why don’t they just blow the low life scumbag brains out when they try to bring their lazy worthless piece of sh*t a*s across the border

  18. Johnny says:

    Send all the sick illegals to California. let the ones that want them here illegal deal with the diseases!

  19. Norma says:

    Why will Facebook not let me Post my Comment? It us not a Duplicate here?
    Not what U want to hear; censorship??

    • Ray says:

      The low life Facebook protects all the black thugs and the sorry low life Muslims, I have been on FB just a week in the past 2 years,I say something about the thugs or the Muslims that go around raping little girls and get kicked off for 30 days get back on for a day and say something about the gain of black thugs killing a kid ,kicked off for 30 days, get back on 5 minutes later kicked off after I say a Muslim poster saying that they was going to ban bacon from US, and I just said that they need to ban the Muslims,another 30 days kicked off, so I got tired of their bullcrap and gave the FB a cussing and told them that they or know SOB will tell me what that I can say and now the b*st*rds don’t like me

      • wonderbeard says:

        Censorship and Communism go hand in hand along with dictatorship. When we can’t say what we think we no longer live in a free society.

  20. Jessie Austin says:

    I all ready have left my message to all the Idiots that won’t listen to what I have said, that A Dam war is in the making’s, and that the dam democrats are only there because we the voters voted for them to be there, so why should I A Republican say to those that I did not vote for to wake up to what there creating at the border, now people are saying that it’s the parent’s of those coming are at Fault, no it is Mexico’s Fault for letting this caravan get from one end of there country to our border, then why in the hell can’t we defend that border by an Order if any Illegal person cross’es that border by any aiding person, shall be shot on site along with the Illegal people trying to cross with this escort person with out obtaining A Card from the border patrol first, A Shoot order should be given and let the Death Count be totaled for the democrats to tally up for there votes on this wall, then I think the wall will get built and helped being paid for by the country that let this caravan cross there country to this border to pass all these diseases to all our countrymen and Women of the United States of America, War is the next best thing to Gangs and Drugs I know of, since no one at the border want’s to stop any of them crossing here. were all going to suffer before long if we let this border crossing continue, Lawyer’s are crossing to mexico to get these people into the United States, then charge these Lawyers for there crimes as well, then the Church Organization’s should be held Accountable as well, as well as all the Democrats that are voting against building this border Wall, something has to be done here and dam soon, or we will all pay for this with all our Lives, if we don’t stop these disease’s in there track’s.

    • Marlon says:

      I got kicked off FB for saying they should shoot those ILLEGALS. They bring gangs, rape, murder,theft, drugs, disease, pedophiles, violence, etc, etc, etc…..

      • wonderbeard says:

        Maybe it is time to kick Facebook off the internet. I was informed a few years ago by a former schoolmate that someone was posing as me on Facebook so that was the last I used it. I suggest everyone boycott Facebook then see how long it takes for Facebook to go away forever!

  21. Edward Shick says:

    Remember Kent university in OHIO ! 4 students died but the college Riots ended ! They were just students ! A short life ! We have had many young men in Combat that gave all! Freedom is not Free!

  22. N says:

    ‪Expose, boycott, prosecute all these deep state treasonous NAZI commie liberal demoncrats post-haste,Patriots! Drain the rat infested swamp President Trump!‬

  23. Janice Dougherty says:

    The arrival of new and challenging-to-deadly diseases with people coming from/returning from other places is nothing new, and we cannot afford to play ignorant or risk contaminating larger numbers of our own residents. Those who have worked in ER’s of major city hospitals have periodically received updates on these repeated dangers. The brain dead, hateful left would rather we all died than admit to this and other stark realities of uncontrolled flooding of illegal invaders, no matter their stated innocence. Their wish for the end of life on Earth knows no bounds. As a former veterinary technician and ER nurse, I’ve both studied and lived these facts. Wake up!

    • Wonderbeard says:

      They aren’t brain-dead! They have one agenda in mind…DESTROY AMERICA! Treason against our duly elected sitting President Trump MUST NOT BE TOLERATED!! ARREST AND INCARCERATE THE PERPETRAITORS PLEASE MR. TRUMP!!

  24. Pat says:

    If this migration continues, we will have all of Central and South America here. Then, they will go to Canada. Why aren’t our bordering neighbors helping out? I still say that they should ship all of them to an Island and name it Sorosland, which is who is funding this crap. I believe that Soros has financed so many of the Democrats campaigns and positions that they cannot refuse to go along with his Open Borders Society policy. He needs to go with them!

  25. John Nevin says:

    Oh, by the way, just to let you folks know that there are 15,000 more illegals trying to get to the United States from Honduras and it was announced today that they may or may not want to stay in Mexico but these individuals are very dangerous people; more so than the last bunch to try and crash our borders. Stay alert and do not take any crap off of your political representatives who would like for them to gain entry into our country whether they be democrats or republicans who really do not care about you or me.

  26. Bonnie L. says:

    These churches have not been offered funds, food, or medicine and claim that all of these illegals are very sick and that their church people are getting sick taking care of them with their own personal funds. It is time to call a halt to this! It is not fair to America’s citizens that we are being exposed to all kinds of diseases. Why should we have to pay for their food and their care? When does it STOP?

    • Bonnie L. says:

      This site only posted 1/2 of my comment. i live in Arizona and ICE is loading up buses with hundreds of illegal immigrants that are all very sick and dropping them at bus stops near churches for the people of the church to feed ,clothe, and buy medicine for them.

  27. Barbara says:

    I’m a ret. nurse and have told you stupid libtards over a month ago that their damn attitude about these illegals are a big threat that they couldn’t even see. It has been ages since we have had a threat of wide spread diseases. And they could very easily do it to all of us. EVEN TO OUR KIDS PEOPLE —WE NEED THAT WALL NOW.!!! Those fathers used those kids to get in here as guinea pigs and it cost those kids their lives. They are showing us that those kids meant nothing. I’m not willing for our kids to be put on the auction block for the illegals. Someone knock some sense into those stupid dem burecrates, they are becoming a threat to all of us. Pelosi needs to go to an institution. along with Schumer

    • Michael says:

      Open borders means NO borders. NO borders means NO country. THAT’S what the open-borders Marxist Democrats stand for and they have essentially declared war on America. The leftist Main Stream Media almost seems to be trying to orchestrate a slow-motion Coup D’etat agains the Trump administration. It’s astonishing and does not bode well that this is being tolerated.

    • jonathan says:

      Nancy P is spending the Christmas break in a 5-star resort in the state of Hawaii just to show how much she cares for the American people who voted for her.

      • wonderbeard says:

        Someone send a note to North Korea that Nasty Pelosi is waiting in Hawaii for a North Korean Calling Card to smack her down and knock some sense into her!

  28. Brad Risinger says:

    The dimocraps don’t care about these kids or their parents,all they want is their votes.We cannot take a chance on having an epidemic of the diseases we eradicated years ago.I don’t want my kids and future Grandkids catching a disease an illegal brought to our country.The dimocraps are to stupid to realize their families could die of these diseases too.We need to build the Wall and build it now.Sanctuary states should lose all Federal funding and their leaders put in prison for harboring these illegals and charged with terrorism.

  29. Anyone who is a Democrat should realize that Pelosi,and Schumer have been in the party for over 30 some years In that time frame they never tried to fix the immigration system. let the liberals remember that these Caravans may bring a pandemic sickness that could take the lives of their children and their seniors. Pelosi and Schumer need to help Trump build the Wall before its to late.

  30. Marie says:

    God help us because we can’t win this battle on our own. There’s too many evil people against all of us that stand for the U.S. constitution.

  31. Robert Norwood says:

    A new of Polio has just shown up and, at a time when we had many diseases under control, we are being confronted by a resurgence. And why? Diseases travel and when they enter new territories the results are devastating. It’s simple, the planet is undergoing mass migrations of people and we are seeing more and more diseases. It’s not astrophysics, just science. It’s also not philosophy…

    • Gretchen says:

      Send the medical bills to the California demorats and sweet schumer. These people are bringing diseases that we had eradicated with vaccines. Hey demorats you shelter these in your mansions.

  32. Vanessa Bailes says:

    Shouldn’t we all bombard Congress with phone calls, there is a caravan of 15,000 to 16,000 amassing in Honduras right now starting to march up to America….so scaring, it is so true our culture will be gone in a few years, and the filthy liberal democrats do not care…WHY?? IS MY QUESTION

    • Mary says:

      Votes…….and no other reason. Which equals money. No one can make the money politicians do and come out millionaires living in mansions, without corruption in politics. We need term limits with NO EXCEPTIONS!

    • They have forgotten about the deadly flu around 1918’s when emigration from war torn countries caused people to be on the move to escape the deadly ravages of this deadly sickness, thus unknowingly ensuring its spread to other countries. The estimated deaths world wide were over fifty million lives lost..

    • Norma says:

      We are well on our what to becoming North Mexico, North Honduras, North El Salvador & North Guatamala all mixed with a Muslim Islamic Country, if these Ilkegals & Muslim Immigrants are not STOPPED ! Then we would just be Another Third World Country full of Poverty & Disease!!

    • Norma says:

      We are well on our what to becoming North Mexico, North Honduras, North El Salvador & North Guatamala all mixed with a Muslim Islamic Country, if these Ilkegals & Muslim Immigrants are not STOPPED ! Then we would just be Another Third World Country full of Poverty & Disease!!
      This is not a duplicate on this Post; U just don’t want add my Post!!

  33. Gail says:

    Apparently no one has been paying attention before this . Our towns and cities look like ghettos . Our once beautiful culture has been replaced by the sick and filthy people whose cultures are older than ours . Which says they never intended to get any better .Do Not tell me it’s because they didn’t have the right chance . We give millions each year and then we get the diseases and rapists and murderers . That’s why we have laws already on the books . No one says anything against legal immigrants. But these are not legal . Well Americans fought and died and created this great nation out of hard work and backbones that were willing to have what they gave us . The people of those cultures never assimilate they just ruin and change with the help of bleeding hearts and democrats. Our country is in decline . And if we do not deport and stop these people our own culture will cease .

  34. Jack Gajda says:

    I say President Trump and Mexico’s President Andrés Manuel López Obrador should authorize the use of 1, 2 or 3 MOAB (Mother Of All Bombs) to be dropped at Mexico’s southern border. They should make a pretty big canyon, gorge, gully etc. to keep any more caravans from coming north…

  35. walter says:

    close the boarder now! if law enforcement can’t hold the boarder let the citizens do it. illegal aliens must be stopped and vetted properly.

    • DR. CALDER says:


      • Judy Farkas says:

        Dr Calder,
        Lets not get carried away.We are not murders.We could do this in a civilized way.We the people will unite and make sure everyone who enters our country does it legally.

        • DR. CALDER says:


          • Mary A Clayton says:

            Sounds like the ONLY logical solution. Its been WAY over Due!

          • Ernesto Garcia says:

            You’re even more stupid than silly. Who’re you going to shoot? the emigrants? Mexican officials? Democrats? Alexandria Cortes? p0ray tell, who???

          • The Real M says:

            Ernesto Garcia, You know, the same as I do, Dr. Calder is talking about eliminating illegal aliens crossing our border unlawfully!
            And, don’t insult our intelligence by calling them “immigrants” who by definition would come into America legally!
            These are poor people who have been enticed with an expense paid trip, being told they would have no problem getting into America where they could live off our welfare system. They were lied to and funded by primarily George Soros group as a part of the plan to take us down to a third world globalist country. The ultimate goal is a one government world.
            Useful idiot liberals are the only ones who don’t understand what is going on OR DO YOU?

        • maritza heg says:

          yes, we’re not murderers. We can, and MUST, stop them in a different way…. and FAST !!!

          • Canam884 says:

            Maritza, when they throw rocks and shoot at you what will you do then. Maybe 50% of those illegals are peaceful, the others don’t give a damn about and will take what the want any way that they can get it. But if we could find out who is organizing and financially supporting these incursions and prove it, we have the ammo. President Trump is not intimidated by these traitors and foreign agents (as you may have noticed) and would love to jail them. They pay for protection, let’s make it expensive.

        • DR. CALDER says:


    • suds winn says:

      citizens are better than gov’t in doing anything.
      We have too many weak gov’t folks to get anything done.
      Let the citizens handle this.

  36. Bennie Sowers says:

    damn right close the border for ever shoot snot balls into the faces of all of those who disagree with the closing of the border

  37. Why do leftists not care about their loved ones?

  38. james hamilton says:

    build the damm wall before we all die from n epidemic they are bringing with them

  39. messup says:

    O.K., here’s a short list of some common, prevalent, tropical diseases: From WHO (World Health Organization) Tropical diseases encompass all diseases that occur solely, or principally, in the tropics. In practice, the term is often taken to refer to infectious diseases that thrive in hot, humid conditions, such as malaria, leishmaniasis, schistosomiasis, onchocerciasis, lymphatic filariasis, Chagas disease, African trypanosomiasis, and dengue. Addendum: malaria, the typhoid fever, the yellow fever, cholera, dysentery and hepatitis-these diseases can also cause deaths if left untreated for any length of time. (end of snippet) The father in question of child dying while in intensive care WAS AVOIDING CARING FOR HIS SERIOUSLY ILL CHILD for fear of losing access (entry) to USA for him and all his family (chain migration on steroids). Pray. Amen. God Bless America. Read A Bible. Psalm 128. Tropical diseases are anathema to temperate zones…AYE, There’s the Rub, USA’s population is definitely AT RISK.

    • Israel Horowitz says:

      The” Snippet “should have ended at about messup and OK. Fact Cholera, measles, dysentery, Hepatitis among some of the other ‘joys’ you mentioned can be found all over the U.S. and should not be allowed in the U.S. or Mexico for any reason than they will spread. The entire mob should not be allowed in if just for security and legality whatever your ‘prayers’ might be..

      • Pat says:

        Add tuberculosis to your list. Several illegals have tested positive for that
        disease, as well. The U.S. eradicated that years ago and illegals are reintroducing it.

        • Bob says:

          Oh no that can’t be true !!! Facts and logic be damned, this is all about those poor, helpless, innocent woman and children (and over 80% young men (gang members, gang rapists, crooks, and human trafficker’s among them) vs us hateful, immoral, heartless racists!!!

          I know this to be true, because ABC, NBC, MSNBC, CNN, and PBS (among others) preach it from the rafters every 15 – 20 minutes or so, every single day !!!

          These loudmouth, un-elected, self-appointed speakers of their ultimate truth, wouldn’t lie to us, WOULD THEY???

    • maritza nheg says:


  40. alita says:

    I immigrated legally from the Philippines back in 1974. I am a Registered nurse. I had a thorough medical examination to include CHEST X-RAY and TB tine test to ensure that I was not carrying any form of disease that might infect other people once I got in. I also had a Social security number prior to coming to America.

  41. Michael says:

    I’m sick an tired of illegal an the democratic party time all those that threaten the president be jailed or killed.

  42. Estell says:

    Build the wall. If Mexico wakes up and realizes their people are at risk maybe they will help buid and stop the caravans from traveling into their country. These people are a real danger to Mexico also.

  43. Eric Granberg says:

    Health issues is the ONE thing that is actually true. But it is no worse than the numbers of right wingers who believe vaccinating their children is a left wing plot.

    • Mansa Dumbre says:

      Don’t be silly. As an independent thinker, uncommitted to any party but definitely what the left would consider a “right winger”, most of us view vaccination for diseases, particularly childhood diseases as very beneficial. In fact for some diseases some of us favor going back to the “Board-of-Health” days when childhood diseases such as measles, mumps and chicken pox were closely monitored and reported resulting in quarantine of the afflicted for an appropriate number of days. And the “health issue” is far from the only problem with migrants subjecting young children to exhausting treks climaxed with border skirmishes with the authorities instead of following the law of the country to which their intentions are to emigrate.

  44. Navy PO2 says:

    California Senator, Kamala Harris is an anti-Christian bigot. She is unfit to serve!

    • Mary A Clayton says:

      Most liberal politicians in California are absolutely unfit to be in any position of power. They should be tried for destruction of a entire state AND held accountable for not upholding the constitution, and not having F–king Sanctuary cities protecting criminals. What part of illegal do they not get!

  45. Pat says:

    I came in contact with a sick illegal toddler two days ago at the bus depot as he was traveling by Greyhound bus with two or three dozen other illegals. As part of a Christmas giveaway project, I was fitting the little boy with a new winter coat after giving him a gift bag All of a sudden he started coughing uncontrollably in my face. He was so congested he could hardly breathe! The little guy was also lethargic, but the parents didn’t seem to care. (I am praying I don’t come down with whatever this little boy has.) NoInstead of bashing President Trump and our Border Patrol for these sick kids (two of which have died in my state), when are we going to place the blame where it belongs — on the parents? From Christmas Eve day through Wednesday of this week I dealt with dozens of illegal children travelling through Albuquerque on their way to a sanctuary city in Florida, Illinois or Wisconsin. Over half of the babies and toddlers had runny and/or snot filled noses and most of their parents ignored it. Several had bad coughs. All were wearing summer clothes. 99% of the 90 coats we gave out went to illegal children and adults this year. Adults would come in wrapped in blankets while the kids walked in with nothing but summer clothes on their little bodies. The parents are responsible for these sick children, no one else!! Put the blame where it belongs instead of listening to the mainstream media, liberal sob stories!

    • Gary Von Neida says:

      This is a WAR on America’s health as well as the welfare system. Close the damned border completely until THE WALL is funded.

    • maritza heg says:

      The children are just used as their way to get through. Many of them are not even their own children but “borrowed” from friends and neighbours before leaving their countries ( I know… I used to live in one of those countries, for a few years and witnessed this horror… for coyotes to use them, etc etc ). Many of those kids are supossed to be sent back to their real parents, back home, later (they just send them alone to the border to the guards, with a written note saying their parents “are waiting at the other side of the border ” !!! I was horrified when I read (some comment below) that one man, at the hospital where his boy was taken very ill was not even minding…. but just interested and not missing his opportunity to STAY in USA soil where he entered for his child to be admitted and
      treated !!!!!

  46. Truckman says:

    There is no telling what these people are bringing over here in diseases and need to be stopped before they bring it here

    • Fr Tom Martin says:

      Rell the Democrats and Liberals that. They do not care they will take their chances in order to get rid of the gtearest President in my lifetime. They make decisions based on hate emotions.

  47. Dianna says:

    stop this INVASION NOW! people wake up! we’re being destroyed by our own stupidity! we have to take care of AMERICANS & not worry about rest of the world! we these people cross into our country “ILLEGALLY” they are “LAW BREAKERS”, “CRIMINALS” from first time they sit foot on American soil! have to stop “birth right citizenship”! we a child is born to parents that are in this country “ILLEGALLY” they should not automatically become American citizens! stop all this nonsense now! bring home American troops from around world & protect AMERICANS! build the WALL with American SOLDIERS & American VOLUNTEERS! AMERICANS TAKE CARE OF AMERICA FIRST!
    God bless America & open our eyes & let us see how stupid & corrupt we’ve become! Bring America back to you Lord JESUS! AMEN!

  48. Robert M Hellen says:

    Okay, our govt. knew the caravan would be coming. Also knew that they were being told it would be easy to get into our country. We have agents in all those countries to have made us aware of this. Why didn’t our govt. send a letter or communicate with their govt. to tell them we would not let them into our country and that it would not be easy to get in. Wow!

  49. Robert M Hellen says:

    The goal of the Left is to break America and make it another 3rd world country which they can then dictate to. They are a cancer on this country; no mistake about it!!!! We need to apply some metaphorical Chemo to them if we are to survive!

    • Dale E Francis says:

      You are so right.If we don’t stand up now and protect our country we will loose it and everything that we love with it.

  50. V says:

    The huge cost to the American taxpayer by the illegal aliens is rarely mentioned nor is the fact that this country is 22 TRILLION dollars in debt. When is the far left going to wake up and realize that the future of America is bleak at best. Every trip by an ambulance to the hospital by illegals is costing you and I $1000 a pop….. come on TRUMP, start mentioning our out of control debt!!

  51. DJ says:

    The huge cost to the American taxpayer by the illegal aliens is rarely mentioned nor is the fact that this country is 22 TRILLION dollars in debt. When is the far left going to wake up and realize that the future of America is bleak at best. Every trip by an ambulance to the hospital by illegals is costing you and I $1000 a pop….. come on TRUMP, start mentioning our out of control debt!!

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