The media was caught red-handed lying about President Trump on immigration

The mainstream media has declared an outright war against President Trump’s immigration agenda.

It is no secret that the fake news industrial complex is trying to sabotage President Trump.

But ABC, CBS, and NBC just got caught red-handed spreading a massive lie about Trump.

These news outlets routinely present a biased story in favor of the left.

However, this time the Fake News media went too far.

The Washington Times reports:

The broadcast networks’ news coverage of President Trump’s immigration policy has been stunningly negative, with administration opponents and “victims” of the policies getting the vast majority of the time, a new study finds.

The Media Research Center, a conservative watchdog, reviewed more than 1,000 sound bites the ABC, CBS and NBC nightly newscasts aired from Mr. Trump’s inauguration through last month, and found a staggering 92 percent of them were hostile to the president.

All told, the networks devoted nearly 1,000 minutes of coverage to immigration, ranging from the travel ban to the phase out of the Obama-era DACA program to the recent border zero-tolerance approach…

Of those the networks chose to give air time to, “victims” of the president’s policies got 478 soundbites, or 44 percent of the coverage. By contrast people whose relatives were victims of illegal immigrant crimes accounted for just five appearances.

The media will claim that they are an unbiased source of news, but it is difficult to justify reporting on President Trump’s immigration policies negatively 92% of the time.

This is outright political activism under the guise of “journalism.”

A recent Gallup poll shows that 62% of Americans believe that media delivers a biased and often time inaccurate view of the news. But that number might be low.

Trust in the media is plummeting while alternative news sources become increasingly popular.

Public awareness that the mainstream media has a leftwing bias may be at an all-time high thanks to President Trump.

Trump famously called them out on their biased reporting and even coined the term, “Fake News” during the 2016 Presidential campaign, which lit a fire in the grassroots that he rode to the White House.

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45 Responses

  1. Is anyone truly shocked by this??? Many of us have gotten well past the fake media munchkins.

  2. Sue Jackson says:

    The Media outlets began the habit of reporting the news, using their own personal bias, in order to influence rather than inform, during and after the Bush/Gore 2000-2001 Presidential race. Then came Obama and the media trolls simply went bat-poop crazy in their efforts to get him elected as our first black POTUS. They all soaked up every smooth word that Obama became well known for his ability to use. The media was so mesmerized that they began to view Obama as a ‘God’ who would, with their help, change America. And so it was that the media took control, blocked out the facts (such as he can never be the first black president. His white mother would mean he was mixed race or that he was not born in America) Two elections cycles later the media and liberal Democrats had succeeded in changing our ‘Rule by the majority Democracy’ into a ‘Rule by Autocratic Tyranny’. Then came Donald J. Trump, a very well known, wealthy businessman that had realized, as did many of us, that we must Save America and MAGA. This why Trump was able to sweep the primaries and become the nominee for POTUS. Even though the media trolls and Democrats tried, WE the People realized that this would be our final opportunity to save America, so we did what WE felt had to be done, we selected a successful businessman rather than a politician and then we fought like hell against the MSM and Clinton forces of corruption and evil. Right down to the final moments it was a very close race. Then, thankfully, Hillary Rodham Clinton changed the direction the race was headed when, in one of her final campaign appearances, made her ‘unfortunate statement’ about the “under-educated, old, stupid, white DEPLORABLES”. Nothing Trump, the RNC or any of us could have said would have influenced more voters to go to the polls and cast their vote for Donald J. Trump, making fools of all the arrogant Democrats and News Media teams of Liars. They are still in a degree of shock, that WE, the people defeated them and their efforts to Rule the USA and all of us rather than allow the USA and us to do what we do best, work together to bring success and prosperity back. We now, will have something to leave for our children and grandchildren, which the Obama administration and Democrat party had taken from us.

    For Hillary and the Democrat party members/politicians and Media bootlickers, I will offer up this bit of advice. Never ever again think that WE will sit silently by as you seek to take total control of our country, in your desire to Rule America. We took a stand and we will continue to Stand Up for America. I have one last comment to clarify any and all misconceptions as to why Hillary Clinton LOST. We did not vote for Hillary because the Russians told us not to. We did not vote for Hillary because of Hillary. She was and will always be a LOSER!!!! So please, Media trolls, encourage her to keep running for office so we can continue to defeat her and celebrate the WINNING.

  3. Tjgatto says:

    We only know of one person still watching network tv because of the negative reporting that are very obvious VERY !!! And she is 74yrs old and jumps to Hilary natzi code we stoped watching or purchasing anything advertised on the big 3 networks . Let them go under

  4. Craig Murphy says:

    ” Hawk for news whatever their loose fantasies invent. ” W.B. Yeats

  5. Carrie Sweat says:

    Unfortunately there are people that unquestionable believe these networks along with CNN and then regurgitate it. They then they offer up their opinions as facts and point to the networks as proof they are right. Talk about the dog chasing its own tail.

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