The media wants to hide this fact about a school shooting in Maryland

The unthinkable happened again.

A deranged gunman opened fire at a high school in Maryland.

But there is one fact about the shooting the media doesn’t want you to know.

A Great Mills High School student brought a firearm to school and shot a female student on Tuesday morning.

But this school shooting did not fit into the cookie cutter narrative the media uses to exploit these horrific tragedies in order to promote gun control.

A school resource officer confronted the gunman and fired back.

The gunman was shot in the exchange and later died from his wounds.

WTOP reports:

“A 17-year-old shooter has died and two other students were wounded in a shooting at Great Mills High School, in St. Mary’s County, Maryland, Tuesday morning.

St. Mary’s County Sheriff Tim Cameron said Tuesday that Austin Wyatt Rollins, a student at the school, fired a Glock semiautomatic handgun at a girl in a hallway at about 7:45 a.m., at the beginning of the school day. The girl and another student were wounded.

The school resource officer, who was alerted to the shooting by students and staff, then engaged the shooter in about a minute, Cameron said; the officer and Rollins each fired a shot “almost simultaneously.” He was pronounced dead at about 10:40 a.m., Cameron said.”

Two other students were wounded by the gunman.

After the Parkland, Florida shooting, the media mocked President Trump’s idea to arm teachers or beef up armed security at schools.

Journalists sneered at the idea that a good guy with a gun could stop a bad guy with a gun.

But that is exactly what happened in Great Mills High School.

Without armed security, the students would have been at the mercy of a crazed gunman.

Who knows what would have happened.

This event likely won’t get round-the-clock cable coverage because it debunks the media’s anti-gun myth that firearms in the hands of well trained and law abiding citizens makes for safer schools.


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33 Responses

  1. Ginni Voedisch says:

    Of course, IF the girl hadn’t broken up with the shooter and dated someone else, he probably wouldn’t have tried to shoot both of them. AND, if his father hadn’t had a gun, he wouldn’t have been able to take that gun in the first place. Not that the parent didn’t have a right to the gun–just that having one DOES provide access to folks who probably shouldn’t.

    • Judy says:

      Ginni the gun didn’t make him kill the people, he killed them because he wanted to and would have used something else like a knife, baseball bat, car,.. to kill them with IF no gun was available. We can say IF all day long in any situation, that’s not a solution or answer.

  2. ARJAY says:

    As they say “The proof is in the pudding.”!

  3. Thank God, this brave officer was willing to engage this moron to save other kids, and teachers. Not all teachers would be willing to CC, I get that. You don’t want someone that is afraid of firearms carrying one. I knew a Lt at the prison I worked at, that the range officers said would shake like a leaf every time we had to do our yearly qualification. You would not want someone like this with a gun. Those willing, that can safely qualify, by all means. This cowardly dog of a 17 year old figured he had easy marks because he figured no one would be armed to return a security blanket of bullets on his ass. Like I’ve said before, these cowards shoot at defenseless sheep not counting on a sheep dog being there to protect them. Hats off to this Officer that stepped up to the plate and knocked the hide off that ball. God Bless you, your family and all your friends, Sir. I’m done.

  4. zee says:

    BAG CHECK Upon Entry – that’s all.

    • zee says:

      ps Anything LESS, IS Pure Aggravated Assualt sponsored by IGNORANT School Authorities/Superintendents. & i personally do not believe these ppl are Ignorant.

  5. Al W says:

    It would be great to have some of the School personnel carry guns. They would need to be very well trained. Not all teachers could pull the trigger,so former Military is a great idea. They would re-act quickly and precisely, unlike the cowards in Florida. An Israeli School Teacher, who works in the Washington D.C. area, said that in Israel, every School Teacher is required to carry a gun and must know how to use it. Of course their Schools are at a much higher risk. Here, it would make any School shooter think twice about entering a School,and the carnage would be much less than what it has been, when it is stopped early.
    If you are wondering what it would be like if they took our guns away, you don’t need to look any further away than Mexico. Their citizens don’t have guns. Just the bad guys have guns. There have been mass graves of upwards of 300 people found, who were slaughtered like sheep, because the bad guys new there were no guns to stop them. If there were guns in every home, the bad guys couldn’t freely go in and kill everybody. And there would be a lot fewer bad guys left

    • Randy131 says:

      Just knowing that some teachers would be armed is a great deterrent, and would stop almost all school shootings, and the ones it wouldn’t stop it would put an end to them very quickly, before the victims mount up to large numbers.

      “No Gun Zones” are nothing but advertised “Killing Fields” for every nutcase who wants to be infamous, which is most of those who go to “No Gun Zones” to do their killing.

      The reason that gun crimes and gun murders are always lowest in the areas in the USA where the 2nd Amendment is honored for all law abiding citizens, who many are known to have “Concealed Carry” permits, is because the criminals fear that they might choose as their victim, one who may be carrying a gun, so they try to check out their victims to make sure they don’t have a gun before they attempt to apply their trade.

      90% of all gun crimes and gun murders committed in the USA are done by felons, which our laws all across the USA bans them from owning or possessing a gun, but law enforcement seem incapable of enforcing those laws, and if the Democrats are successful in banning law abiding citizens from owning and possessing guns, the felons would still have them, but then everyone would be any easy victim for them, and crime and murders would increase tremendously, and the law abiding American people would be their easy victims.

  6. Cherie Davis says:

    All of the BS from the Left is really beginning to wear thin. I think it is time for them to accept the fact that the 2nd Amendment was included by our Founders for good reason and they should leave peoples’ gun rights alone. Taking away guns from responsible people is NOT the way to solve this problem. Making schools gun-free zones was a huge mistake and is an invitation to anyone with murderous thoughts in mind. It is a sad state of affairs that we have reached a point where we have to worry about sending our kids off to school in the morning and praying that they will come home again at the end of the day. Things like this just didn’t happen when I went to school. In my humble opinion, it has morphed into this decay since the 1960’s when the liberal hippy movement began. Liberalism is largely to blame for the mess our Country is in today and for the life of me, I do not understand why they stay in this Country to ruin everything for those of us who are satisfied with the Constitution the way it was written! My advise to them would be to go to a country where liberalism is already established and live out their Utopian dreams until it implodes!!

  7. Wayne says:

    There is a lot of unemployed veterans who would think protecting our children would be a great job to have. They are already trained at armed and unarmed conflict response. They are trained in self discipline and emergency procedures. This would be a great solution to stopping danger in schools with a quickness. It would beat the hell out of Law Enforcement to fearful to go in and stop a dangerous situation.

    • Robert D Dukes says:

      Wayne talk to cops sometime most are former military police they are called vets. A good idea would start training combat Vets to be substitute teachers and conceal carry qualified. Pulling the trigger on some at close range is very hard the first time long range is easy. I am a former army paratrooper with 2 tours in Viet Nam 1 with the 101st Airborne in 1969 I was at Hamburger Hill. Lies will meet the job if unlike Flordia they are allowed to. Being a vet is good but all Vets aren’t natural killers, that the hard part.

      • kaz says:

        I think your idea regarding training combat Vets to be substitute teachers is a GREAT idea. Lots coming back, after their GREAT service for OUR Country with nothing to look forward to. Rather give these guys my tax dollars to further their education to become teachers, and also be a presence to protect our children, than give the “snowflakes” or “felons” my tax dollars so they can belly ache about actually having to do something, like work, with their degree.

        Mr. Dukes, thank YOU so much for your service!!!!


  8. Lawrence OBrien says:

    Isn’t it the truth — a good guy with a gun STOPPED a bad guy with a gun. The MSM wants NOTHING to do with this!!

  9. Susan says:

    Outstanding!! So one armed guard stopped this from turning into an even worse situation! See what happens when we protect our children!? This was stopped very quickly before it had time to escalate! Now what is wrong with having an armed guard at the schools!? The Hollywood hypocrites always have armed guards to follow them around and they are against our children being protected why??? Why???

    • SHERI COOPER says:

      Yeah moron, that’s what is the issue here, there are too many adults THAT DO NOT WANT TO PROTECT OUR/THEIR CHILDREN!!! Do you even hear yourself??? What an ignorant thing to say/write!
      What’s wrong with an armed guard? Hmmmmm, why don’t we ask the armed guard that stood outside 2 weeks ago in Florida.
      Let’s see what happens when a student ends up getting killed in a cross-fire event between the armed teacher and the sicko who is attacking the school.

      • Gerry says:

        You need to look in the mirror before calling someone else a moron. Susan’s post is exactly right and your reference to President Trump tells me exactly what you are. Having QUALIFIED guards or teachers is the only way to stop these “organized” shootings .

        • Bill says:

          Gerry,Your right and with any luck many of our snowflake teachers will seek other work or stay at home! Our schools are full of these phony anti American teachers. Time to seriously reevaluate our public schools.

          • Shannon says:

            Susan, Gerry and Bill you are all right, but as you well know there will always be a libtard somewhere in the conversation to deflect and throw blame. I didnt even hear about this shooting until I read the article and now I know why, it doesnt fit the lib agenda of destroying America.

      • Ken Coutts says:

        All those POS from Florida should never be hired again unless it’s for greeters at WAl-Mart! As to your cross fire comment : in a perfect world we wouldn’t have to make that decision but seeing as we don’t 1 or 17 I’d take the less

      • Wayne talk to cops sometime most are former military police they are called vets. A good idea would start training combat Vets to be substitute teachers and conceal carry qualified. Pulling the trigger on some at close range is very hard the first time long range is easy. I am a former army paratrooper with 2 tours in Viet Nam 1 with the 101st Airborne in 1969 I was at Hamburger Hill. Lies will meet the job if unlike Flordia they are allowed to. Being a vet is good but all Vets aren’t natural killers, that the hard part.

      • Judy says:

        Sherri You’re worried about maybe a student might get shot in the crossfire instead of having someone there able to stop the killer from murdering more kids, call Trump a sick pervert for something he MAY have said 20 years ago, but LOVE Bill and totally ignore he’s actions, LOVE Hillary who defended Bill’s actions( rape, adultery, perjury..) and attacked Bill’s multiple accusers. Is it Trump’s fault the guard didn’t do his job and what he was put there to do and protect the kids? You call someone else a moron, airhead

    • Brat says:

      Because in their minds they are more valuable than anyone else in the their little minds.

  10. Ken Coutts says:

    I wonder when David Hogg & Cousin are going to show up for their interview’s seeing this is the 3rd school shooting they’ve survived? Will they ban Glock’s now ? I’m sure they will want to congratulate the school resource officer for a job well done I know I do GOOD JOB SIR!

  11. Janice Harper says:

    The Maryland school had a well trained armed resource officer and he handled the situation properly and heroically. No need to arm teachers. They are there to Educate.

    • David says:

      only – some – teachers would qualify , those that do should be armed ‘conceal carry’ CONCEALED is the word – just making it publicly known would deter the ‘crazies’ = the thought of being blown away after just pulling a weapon out =ruins the whole act.

  12. James Stamulis says:

    I would love to shove this article right in the face of every Florida politician that just voted yes to 3 more infringements on our 2nd amendment that would not have prevented anything and that includes you governor Scott who i previously liked a lot but all who voted for these freedom stealing bills have lost my votes forever! They did nothing about the real problem like the FBI, sheriff Israel and gun free zones who cause almost all the shootings.

  13. Bob Hunt says:

    Kudos to the SRO!

  14. Rhonda Reichel says:

    Gee….do you think maybe NOW the gun control brats will finally shut up?
    Let’s see if Bill Maher has this school officer on for an interview…..highly doubtful.

  15. John Mckay says:

    Right on,! Armed resource officer stopped this potential tragedy in it’s tracks… outstanding!

  16. KAZ says:

    Thank you to this brave school resource officer for taking out the shooter but also protecting those children, who could have been hurt because of this incident. Shame the Broward Country Sheriff just stood outside and paced and hid. President Trump is right to suggest giving brave men and women, whether teachers, retired police or retired vets the opportunity to be there and protect our children.

    Shame on main stream media, as always they need to “press that narrative” so they can get THEIR AGENDA thru, to take our guns. The heck with scaring our children, or even using our children to get their way.

    Again Thank YOU to this American, who did his job, put himself in harms way, but being a responsible gun owner, was able to “protect and preserve”.


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