The Media is using John McCain’s death to launch a disgusting attack on President Trump

The so called, “mainstream media” has lost any sense of shame and integrity they once possessed.

They’ll stoop to any low to attack President Trump including personal smears on Melania and Barron.

But now the fake news media is using John McCain’s death to launch a new disgusting attack on Trump.

CNN, The Washington Post, The New York Times, ABC, and the rest of the fake news hated John McCain when he ran for president in 2008 against their hero, Barack Obama.

His crime? He was a Republican.

But now they’re singing a different tune because they can use McCain’s death as an excuse to lob potshots at Trump.

CNN “reports:”

John McCain and President Donald Trump are not done with one another yet.

Days of mourning for the Arizona senator, including a lying-in-state in the Capitol Rotunda and the pomp of a service in Washington’s National Cathedral, are certain to become about more than simply honoring a singular political leader and national hero.

In Washington, even death is political — a fact McCain well understood as a sought-after eulogizer himself, and by planning his funeral rites to exclude the President, he will be making an unmistakable posthumous statement directed at the White House.

Tributes for McCain and the lauding of his courage, honor, decency, character, and readiness to reexamine his own mistakes will unfold at a time when Trump is facing an unflattering public debate about his own personality and behavior.

It is painfully obvious the media is gleefully celebrating John McCain’s passing as an opportunity to assail Trump.

Instead of covering Senator McCain’s record of public service, the mainstream media would rather spend airtime attacking Trump.

There is no doubt that these two men had their differences.

However, the President not only tweeted, “My deepest sympathies and respect go out to the family of Senator John McCain. Our hearts and prayers are with you!” but has also lowered the White House flag to half-staff in his honor.

But no matter what Trump does, the media will find a new angle to attack him.


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170 Responses

  1. Betty says:

    No attack is too disgusting for somebody as disgusting as trump.

  2. Billy White (US ARMY Retired) says:


  3. el Dorko says:

    There is nothing anyone can do for McCain anymore. He had a great life. It is now over. I admire his POW courage at an off the charts level, but in politics he was just so so. One man’s opinion, but I followed him all along his path, I a a contemporary. As for the media (small “m”) they are so bad now they are irrelevant to all and anyone but themselves. A real bunch of morons.

    • Tonja Adreon says:

      Well said…McCain was a good man and may he rest in peace. This Congress needs to get it together. Anymore you don’t know what is real and what’s not. ALL media (small m)..

    • TJ says:

      I agree with you on McCain. I was here when he was elected to the day he sadly passed away. There were many disgusting statements made about him that were deplorable. So many things about this man were good. The press and bloggers need to let him R.I.P.

  4. Tonja Adreon says:

    Gus…. thank you for your truth……

  5. Tonja Adreon says:

    By the way PATRICIA. ,sounds like the truth is getting to you. Speaking I’ll of the dead is so ignorant and heartless. Won’t be seeing you in heaven. But please text me and let me know how hit it is in hell

  6. Tonja Adreon says:

    Patricia … don’t have a clue. By the way your Dems FOX NEWS has also called him a hero and fair man. Soooooooo, are you going to stop watching your fake news on FOX…

  7. Rick Clifton says:

    President Trump is smarter than his enemies, and those Liberals who only get their ideas from others of the same ilk, ‘think’ that they know better and believe that I, and millions of other Trump supporters like me, don’t even have a clue. They are so F—d up in their brain, they don’t even know it!!!
    Trump knows how to manipulate his enemies by intimidating them. He gets in their face, and what do they do? They just ‘react’! In other words they STOP thinking. Whenever you ‘react’, you have already made your first tactical mistake. Now you are forced to follow through or you act and sound unstable.

  8. Countrysunrise says:

    For the first time tonight, I heard that the President allowed the McCain family the use of Air Force Two, as well as the other vehicles, and I heard it reported that the President told the McCain family that he would help them with whatever they needed. He didn’t make a big thing out of it during this trying time, and I think it was very gracious of him, considering the fact that he was snubbed the way he was for the services. So when you see those limousines, and other vehicles, you can thank the President for his hand in it!!

  9. James Rust says:

    It has been overlooked John McCain believed global warming was caused by carbon dioxide from burning fossil fuels and it was necessary to curtail coal, oil, and natural gas use. He was in favor of a tax on carbon dioxide of perhaps $40 per ton and increasing each year which would have made energy prices skyrocket and a rush to solar, wind, ethanol from corn, other biofuels, biomass, etc. This would have ruined the U. S. economy and it was the same policy pursued by President Obama.

    Obama’s winning stopped this policy. If McCain has been elected in 2008, he would have had support from Democrats on bad energy policy. Some Republicans would have followed a Republican president in policy and the country would have been worse of than with Obama. Republicans were able to slow down some of Obama’s bad energy policies.

  10. STEVE FLOWERS says:

    In a very short time you will hear from veterans who served with Mc Cain. His ass was covered by two ADMIRALS WHO WERE CLOSELY RELATED TO HIM. John was a ‘MAVERICK’ for sure, but he was not the ‘great American Hero’ as the media is portraying him. I voted for John, He ran a ‘PISS POOR CAMPAIGN FOR THE PRESIDENCY’, he was afraid to go after Obama, you now can see the DEMOCRATS on his side in death! John, you were not that honest as they are trying to make you a ‘SAINT!’

  11. ONTIME says:

    The right is gaining steam with all the good things happening to the economy and in favor of the US around the world…This POTUS is a masterful president and very strong willed, he is to say unconventional and the former political nonsense is a waste of time, we are now moving back toward rule of law, Constitutional parameter and reduction of this huge gov bureaucracy and the illegal gov union may be in for a ban….The dems cannot stand all this good news accumulating on jobs, trade, their old misery loves company pitch is falling on it’s face and their party #’s are declining just like the power of the unions falling to the right to work….MAGA is the goal…America for Americans is a fact………..

  12. Carl says:

    America doesn’t need the death of a respected Senator to bash Trump – that Asshole gives the sane part of the U.S. enough material on a daily basis to reinforce that he is a petty-minded egomaniac buffoon, utterly unfit to hold Public Office. And a poor excuse for a Human Being , not to at least say something nice when someone dies. But don’t worry – when Trump eventually kicks off , buried beneath his own mountain of lies , there won’t be a lot of weeping and wailing – look for fireworks, bonfires and celebrations instead.

    • Sheldon Nadler says:

      Carl, I will give you fact about your war hero McCain. Did you know he killed over 100 sailore’s on USS Foreststall with wa “wet staright of his jet’s engine”? It is a fact and you can check out anywhere you feel comfortable. His father, the Admiral, got him off a court martial list and off the ship.

    • STEPHEN says:

      It appears that you are having a bad time with your life, if I knew where you were located, I would send an ambulance to have taken to the hospital, you are leaking so much hatred in that small mind of yours that it is calling out for help. TAKING TWO ASPIRINS WILL NOUT HELP YOU!

    • Betty says:

      Carl, I salute you. Finally, somebody else who sees what a White House WORTHLESS WORM d. trump really is,always has been & always will be.

  13. Jenny Blocker says:

    What kind of human continues to bash others from their death bed and beyond? I stand with my man, President Donald J. Trump. I don’t believe any other human could withstand what he has to suffer daily. May God protect our president, his family and white house staff from harm, grant them strength and wisdom.

  14. Mott says:

    I trust NO “News” outlet!

  15. michael says:

    the only good republican is a RINO!!

  16. shs says:

    So many good men lost their lives for us… they have been forgotton…McCain was hand fed well taken care of because of who his Family was…he broke his own bones by ejecting from the plane improperly…he cheated on his crippled wife and forgot his obligations to his family for a Wealthy Woman…he almost sunk the Forrestall and 153 died and it was covered up…he is no hero, he simply did not want to leave Nam because he was well received, treated wonderful…it always was about him, and his daughter is no better, all about her TV interaction/book…he was a user of government and he was part of the problem with America…no respect for hard working and sincere people…he graduated in the last quarter of his class and was ignorant and ill of mind…he did not care about good people only himself and who would listen…gutter garbage…

    • John says:

      It’s real simple for anyone who actually wants to know the truth about “Song Bird Johnny McCain” Just head over to LIB TUBE=YOU TUBE and search John McCain/traitor and you’ll find lots of video’s exposing him for the traitor he was.There are even video’s of his fellow soldiers/prisoners who call him out.He even did ads with Hanoi Jane and for North Vietnam broadcast network.And John Mcamnisty McCain’s broken bones were not a result of being tortured,they were a result of his crashing his plane into the ocean,the canopy on his jet malfunctioned.

  17. Charles says:

    McCain a national hero, my ass. The Airman’s family that just received the Medal of Honor gave all, he is a Nation Hero!

  18. john says:

    McCain got into the Naval Academy due to the influence of his father and grandfather graduated by the skin of his teeth 2nd. to last out of over 800 cadets, squandered his time chasing cheap whores, got his ass shot down over Vietnam ran for political office as a republican, but was a closet liberal who didn’t have the balls to change parties; so what’s not to like?

  19. Leon Donahue says:

    I gess if you continually vote for amnesty for illegal aliens and open borders, you are a national hero to the left, but to law abiding citizens, voting for amnesty and open borders DOES NOT MAKE YOU A HERO, nor does being a POW make you a hero. America had HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS of our young men in Japanese and German POW camps and when they were re patriotized and sent home, I DO NOT RECALL ANYONE CALLING THEM HERO’S! John McCain was referred to by many as John McAmnesty McCain

    • Tonja Adreon says:

      To use and abuse the name of a dead man is lower than low. When he was wrong he owned up to it and when he was right he never took a victory lap. The man deserves respect. Would you have spent 5 1/2 years in a prison and being tortured constantly. What have you done for your country besides being ignorant and obe with NO empathy

      • John Flynn says:

        One must EARN that respect first, Tonja. McCain was a NWO guy who kept pretending he was GOP

      • Charles says:

        Being a Viet-Nam veteran during the same time frame, and many years past we were all scum not hero’s. And if McCain ever took the credit for things he did wrong, you are the only person on earth that is aware of it. Now in your spare time list the good things he did. here is what he did for a fact continually vote for amnesty for illegal aliens and open borders, if you think he is a national hero and he is a far left as he could be, but to law abiding citizens, voting for amnesty for illegal aliens and open borders. the Airman and the over 64,000 that gave all are National hero’s Not The Song Bird of Hanoi.

      • John says:

        Tonja Adreon,,It’s real simple for anyone who actually wants to know the truth about “Song Bird Johnny McCain” Just head over to LIB TUBE=YOU TUBE and search John McCain/traitor and you’ll find lots of video’s exposing him for the traitor he was.There are even video’s of his fellow soldiers/prisoners who call him out.He even did ads with Hanoi Jane and for North Vietnam broadcast network.And John Mcamnisty McCain’s broken bones were not a result of being tortured,they were a result of his crashing his plane into the ocean,the canopy on his jet malfunctioned.

  20. Janusz says:

    They both were and are great men . Media and all politicians should stop those garbages

  21. Ernst says:

    The first two sentences of this article says it all. Very true.

  22. truthistruth says:

    When Republicans nominated John McCain for president, the party was behind him and he could do no wrong. Now, he can nothing right. When Sessions was picked for AG he was great, now some of you refer to him as scum. Tillerson a great choice, now deserving of being fired – – down the line you turn on all your people and knife them in the back. Look what Trump just did to McGann – – another example of knifing one of your people in the back . . . as he did with all the Republican opponents, as he does with everyone. Watch Trump make a deal with the Deep State to protect himself, his family and his business and knife his supporters in the back also.

    • Janusz says:

      Please, stop writing this garbage and respect McCain and President.

      • Tonja Adreon says:

        Janis you show more respect in two or three lines than all these ignorant, heartless people in here. Good for you

        • Lolajmay says:

          YOU have a lot to learn about mccain! I was living during Vietnam and know about mccain and the fact that he was a traitor to his POW’s and to this country. SONGBIRD fits this man as no other name suits him more. DEATH does not make a person heroic! He did not earn any respect from the AMERICANS who lived during mccains time as a POW. Just ask his fellow prisoners! You need to do some RESEARCH instead of bashing those of us who remember very well what mccain really was!

        • Sheldon Nadler says:

          Tonja, you have no idea what the hell you are talking about. You are just another mislead and misinformed citizen of the Left.

    • Tonja Adreon says:

      Sick..polatics turn people into heartless, self absorbed idiots. Anything to defend poor Dumpstee. You can visit him in jail.

      • Lolajmay says:

        YOU could do some RESEARCH and find the truth about MR SONGBIRD mccain. You must be too young to have know the truth about him POLITICS has nothing to do with what we ”older” Americans knew when mccain was ”acting” the hero, when he was nothing but a hothead and smartass pilot, aided by his NAVY ADMIRAL daddy, who got him his rank. NO, mccain was nothing but a spoiled brat, who used his POW status to get him where he ended up, in congress, known as MAVERICk, which was not a good thing to be known as! DO YOUR HOMEWORK!

      • Sheldon Nadler says:

        Tonja, politics not polatics and what is a Dumpstee? If you can not write English, it must be a second language and therefore you an immigrant! Which is not a big deal, but please you correct English spelling. Easier to understand.

        • Tonja Adreon says:

          No idiot it’s just late and have been up all day and night posting respect to a bunch of baby faces, ignorant, heartless A.H. like you. Oh by the way it’s called auto spell. I’ll put my intelligence over yours any day baby face

    • Don King says:

      The RNC Rinos wanted him to run, not mainstream Republican conservatives. Most of us knew we had lost the election the minute he got nominated. Same thing as happened when they pushed Bob Dole into first place position. It was obvious to those of us out here in mid-America that the party had no desire to win in the case of either election for whatever reason.

  23. Karen says:

    I believe in my President Donald Trump, As far as McCain, I remember when he was a POW and came home, some of the story’s that was out wasn’t to pretty, his own father lost respect for him, and some of his own men, but like I said, some story’s. The only ones who really knows the truth are some of those men who were also POW’s….. John McCain had to of been paid off by someone, . Bush and Obama, was asked to speak at his funeral, Why,? those two won the race for President. took it away from him,. I don’t like talking this way about the dead, but this whole thing SMELLS. …….. It stinks to high heaven..

    • Dawn Doran says:

      Karen, I agree with you.

    • Tonja Adreon says:

      Well I’m glad he’s YOUR president cuz he sure as hell ain’t mine…

      • Rob says:

        I’m not sure, but the last time I checked, there was no “Office of YOUR President”……..there’s only “The Office of the President”.. with that, if President Trump is not your President, then you must be in the United States of America illegally

      • john poole says:

        so why are you still here in this country??????

      • Wanda says:

        If you are an American Citizen, President Trump is your president and you should always treat our US President with respect.

      • Charles says:

        Tonja Adreon Put your big girl pants on and accept the fact that Trump the election and get over it

      • Sheldon Nadler says:

        Tonja, as an immigrant, if you can not assimilate as a true American then I highly suggest that you go back to the country or your origin! Because you sure as hell do not belong in America!

        • Tonja Adreon says:

          Born and raised in in the USA when people had respect for each other. I would lay odds that I have been here much longer than you scum bag.

          • Patricia says:

            I suggest everyone stop with the Tonja replies. One can see clearly the idiotic thinking of this LIberal and like all of them, we should not be giving them airtime for anything they have to say. There are many of us that are fully cognizant of what the media is doing giving the congressman McCain the honors he doesn’t deserve but by this time next week, he will be forgotten as their super hero and remembered as a traitor. Let’s get on with the real news .

  24. N says:

    Mc Shame was a fraud and a phony and a traitor! A useful idiot for the Deep State. He was president Trump‘s worst enemy (Big time RINO) McShame has always been deep state. Deep State traitors are everywhere! Don’t forget the other RINOs(Ryan , McConnell, Rubio , Romney, Sessions, Grahams…

  25. Earl says:

    The ultra left media and the DumboRATS will Politicize anything to try to make points with people. This includes even John McCain’s death and funeral. Using this to try to take blows at President Trump IS NOT HONORING HIM. I would like to know the real story behind the AMERICAN FLAG ON THE WHITE HOUSE BEING RAISED TO FULL STAFF. Maybe just someone raised the flag out of habit. After all when you do something every day at the same time it becomes a habit.

  26. Don D Tufarelli says:

    Shame, Shame, Shame, this got to stop. Fake news don’t any decency running through your blood(ink).
    How would you feel all this fake news was about,lets say your parents, think about it……….

    • Scott says:

      Only brain dead Anti-American Leftists care what the Lame Stream Media reports. Trump supporters are smarter than that.

    • T-pac says:

      THESE POS’S don’t care about this country or anything else for that matter except who can tell the biggest lie to c if it sticks.

      • Tom says:

        No, T-PAC that is something that corrupt Donnie would do with his former friend David Pecker with the Enquirer. Running against Ted, the Enquirer, with Trump’s blessing, ran a front page story about Ted Cruz being involved in the killing of JFK. Then Trump quoted the article that he had planted with the Enquirer as a fact. It was McCain himself that did not want Trump at his funeral and wanted others to do the eulogy. Mr. Bone Spurs started it all by calling McCain not a “war hero” when he was never in the military and never saw action.

  27. Dell says:

    Take all Fake News Organizations and SHUT THEM DOWN!!!!!

    Enough is Enough!!!!!

  28. Shelba J. Holmes says:

    I am one American citizen who is glad McCain is gone from the Washington scrne. We are all better off for it.

    • Tonjs says:

      I can’t get believe that you and so many like you can disrespect a great mane whether you liked him or not. Tell me what GREAT thing have you done for your country. SCUM

      • Julia Gurule says:

        That “great man” was very gullible! He was mean spirited and a deceiver. While I respect his military service, to a point, I’m sorry to say I don’t have a favorable opinion of him because of some of his character issues. He caused more problems than he solved.

      • lou says:

        I don’t disrespect him because I don’t like him. It is how he lived his life. His war record is a crime how he caused many men to lose their lives. While a POW he told his captors anything they wanted so they would treat him special. He was a RINO who said one thing and did another. After he came back home from Vietnam he found out his wife was in a serious car accident. messed around, and married a much younger female that had money. He dumped his first wife and 3 kids for her.
        These are just a few things.

      • Kep says:

        What great man would that be. McCain? The same McCain that was an incompetent pilot, crashing more than a few of his aircraft? The same that cost the lives of several sailors when he was showing off and nearly sunk his ship. Some accounts had him running FROM the scene and hiding below decks after his stunt. Or the McCain that crashed, once again, this time behind enemy lines where he was maybe captured, or just willingly gave himself up? While a “prisoner” he cooperated with the VC, to the detriment of his fellow prisoners and country. He became a willing propaganda tool making propaganda films. He and Hanoi Jane both helped the Communists on their own. Had it not been for his Admiral father covering up for his incompetent feats that cost many lives, he would have been in Levenworth, but just like Hillary, all was swept away. His lies and TREASON were rewarded by getting him elected to the Senate, just like how the liberal communists wanted to reward Hillary with the Presidency for her crimes. McCain has ALWAYS been a traitor to America.

      • larry says:

        great man ha ! AL CAPONE WAS A GREAT MAN ,but great a what ? GHANGIS KHAN was a great man , great at MURDER , notorious is a more correct description !!!!!!!!

      • larry says:

        you must be a commie pig !!!!!

        • Tonjs says:

          No you are a heartless piece of crap. Whether you respected him or not the country lost a good man. He admitted to his failures and never boasted about his victories. To RIP someone who has passed away is going to certainly send yourself to hell. Have fun

  29. Robert Biem says:

    The fake media is the discussing part this has nothing to do with Trump everyone new he was dying.

  30. Lynne says:

    The media doesn’t have to say anything about President Trump, he does it all himself by his tweets and how the white house staff have to tell him how he should act. Ridiculous….

  31. Richard says:

    The only reason I voted for him was if elected he pass away and Palin would have been president

  32. B Taylor says:

    I am a Vietnam combat vet from the infantry(Air Cav) and would like to make a comment on the general public misuse of the term HERO. I was not a hero, I did my job and was called a baby killer. John McCain was not a hero, he did as I did, he did his job and was also called a baby killer. The media is totally ignorant of any American history and shows it every day. They persist in labeling all veterans, police and firefighters hero’s , not true. Heroes are rare and I knew some, but they mostly died in action, but they did their duty as I did. With their persistent ignorance the word HERO is greatly disrespected.

    • russell remmert says:

      good statement

    • joan Patterson says:

      Very well said. Thank you

    • Ann Spinelli says:

      MAY GOD BLESS YOU & ALL WHO SERVE THIS COUNTRY: ????????????????????????????????

  33. Pete says:

    Isn’t it amazing how a dumb congressman will commit suicide to help his party against our President.

  34. Ray says:

    McCain was a Rhino what else has to be said.

  35. Gerald Ladd says:

    I hope they remember to engrave “songbird” on McSwins headstone

  36. Buckwheat says:

    The damn main stay media should all be shut down until they learn to report the news in fact and not on a whim. I am so glad that I no longer watch the rags. In my opinion there are very few worth their salt and should be called reporters. Nothing but a total bunch of jerks.

  37. I’m glad and I hope that they continue to campaign for Republicans and Conservatives. They are do us a favor, just like they did President Trump when he campaigned.

  38. Mike says:

    Anyrthing the media has done has been perciptated by the so called president who disrespected a true AMERICAN HERO. Our so called President received multiple deferments bone aledged bone spurs, which when asked today doesn’t know which foot had the spurs. Regarding the lowering of the flag, he only did it after the veteran groups complained. He reminds me of a 5 year old who doesn’t get his way and crosses his hands across his chest and pouts until he gets his way!The president in reaping what he has sowed!

    • Robert M Hellen says:

      You know Mike, personally my goal to elect President Trump is to straighten out this country. So far he is doing a great job; better than any other I have seen in my 81 years here. Personally I wouldn’t give a damn if he showed up naked to work every day and sang Yankee Doodle Dandy all morning so long as he keeps getting the job done as he has. Your reasons for hating Trump are hollow and meaningless. Look at what he as accomplished, not the petty stuff. Country first, Party second!

    • Terri Newman says:

      “song bird/wet start johnny”was no hero…except to the north vietcong!

    • Shelba J. Holmes says:

      You are full of horse manure. President Trump has done more for this country since he has been in office than Barrack Obama and George Bush together in the time they were in office. John McCain is not a true hero and millions of us know that. I expect that President Trump knew the truth about John McCainwho has certainly done more for himself than he has ever done for this country. That is a cold hard fact. John McCain hated the President because the American people opted to vote for Trump rather than the Rino that McCain was. Three times this country did not send McCain to the Presidency and there is a very good reason for that.

      • Tonja Adreon says:

        Really…OMG really…he has helped white people hate others and Visa versa. He has turned our foes into enemies and the evil into our friends. He has fired more of his cabinet more than any other President. He has made his wife to sucume to his B.S. He’s the one that has to constantly apologize for accidentally saying the wrong thing. He’s the one who is killing off this country’s farms because of his out ragious tariffs. He’s the one destroying NATO. But boy oh boy he has done soooooooo much for this country who USED TO BE RESPECTED.

    • Lynne says:

      Mike, I so agree with you. He sits at his desk with his arms folded like a bully. His base loves everything he says and does. Disgusting…

      • Kep says:

        Disgusting is having liberal communists in America. ALL liberal communist infiltrators and those politicians who aid them should be rooted out and deported or jailed as terrorists

        • Tonja Adreon says:

          OMG ..this is getting more ridiculous as the posts go on. I wander how so many idiots can be so brainwashed. Its incredulous….nice to see some people have their heads on straight…

    • johnjohn says:

      Mike, all I can say about your statement is that it is pure, unadulterated baloney, unfit for any positive comment. McCain was NOT a hero; heroes don’t take from the country they serve but give to it, even sacrificially. McCain NEVER gave that way to this country but only for himself. I think the McCain family praised President Trump by NOT allowing Trump to have to lie about this ungrateful American.

      • Tonjs says:

        I can’t get believe that you and so many like you can disrespect a great mane whether you liked him or not. Tell me what GREAT thing have you done for your country. SCUM
        I can’t believe no matter what side of the aisle your on that you are degrading a man who served his country for 60 years. You have so much hatred and lack of empathy. You all need to explore your souls.

    • He was only mediocre pilot who graduated at the bottom of his class and shot down .WHERE IS THE HERO IN THIS????????????

    • James W Alloway says:

      He was not a hero. I was in the war.

    • Kep says:

      PRESIDENT TRUMP IS DOING EXACTLY WHAT HE WAS ELECTED TO DO. HE has done more in his short time than the last few regimes ever thought of doing for America. PRESIDENT TRUMP is, perhaps, the greatest President America has had in history. McCain has ALWAYS been a traitor to America. He was a true communist that turned on his fellow soldiers and his country.

      • Tonja Adreon says:

        You ! Asr e delusional and brain dead…d d you go to school. Did u serve in the armed forces. Did they give you a lubobonity or are you a natural air head. LORD help us..

    • lou says:

      you are writing garbage. Songbird was not a hero in any way. He caused many deaths by giving information to NV so they could shoot down planes and sink ships. Tell the relatives of the dead people he was a hero. and see what they think. You should read up on songbird.

    • Shelly says:

      Let me get this straight! In your opinion it is Trumps fault if the MSM lies to the American people? Who says that everyone has to like John McCain or respect him for that matter? It is funny how John McCain is the only TRUE american hero. There were other prisioners there with him too, but I haven’t heard one person from the left even mention them. Isn’t that just as disrespectful? It sure is in my opinion. You preach about the President disrespecting McCain, but where was that same opinion when McCain ran for President. The MSM and the democrats were ruthless in their attacts on him. They called him racist, a white supremisist, an islamaphobe and they even made up a story about how he murdered someone. You judge Trump when you talk about the bone spurs in his feet, but you don’t really know the curcumstances behind it. I happen to know the armed services no matter what branch it is won’t even consider someone who wants to enlist if that person has flat feet, or even feet that are semi flat. Sounds made up, right? It’s not. My uncle was enlisted in the Army for 35 years. He used to tell stories all the time about young men that got turned away because of medical conditions that now days mean nothing. What about the way McCain disrespected the President. He had his own agenda when it came to Trump so that ran both ways. Trump paid his condolences to the family of John McCain. If this was anyone but Trump we wouldn’t even be having this discussion. The left is so far over the edge with hate it isn’t any wonder why they eat their own.

      • John Flynn says:

        A very-well thought out response, Shelly. There were multiple deferments for the armed forces and the physical ones were there so a draftee wouldn’t be able to endanger his fellow soldier(s). My understanding is bone spurs can be quite painful, and if I’m on the front line I’d want my partner to be able to protect me. The draft board turned me down ’cause of my epilepsy, but ANY foot soldier would tell you that they don’t want me in the army protecting them

        • Tonja Adreon says:

          Oh my now this is getting ridiculous. He doesn’t even remember what foot it was.

          • gus says:

            Not only does he not remember which foot it was, I find it odd that he had 5 deferments for going to college , and during his college years he was a star athlete that excelled in running sports. At no time did the supposed bone spurs bother him during college sports. Now he managed to get a DR. to write him a letter after he graduated that he had bone spurs. Seems awfully strange to me these only surface when his deferments ran out. But he came from a wealthy family and those of us who were poor , well we were put on the bus to basic training . Next stop VietNam. The day I went through , if you couldn’t breath well and had trouble standing up , You still got on the bus. Based on my experience , I call the B.S. rule. By the way

  39. Mike H says:

    KE. As usual you are showing your ignorance. If you knew the true history on McCain you would say absolutely nothing. VA was in bad shape ,what did McCain do . Nothing. If his family was not high up in the military he would’ve been gone a long time ago. Do some research before you spill your garbage.

  40. Lyra Deyton says:

    John McCain did nothing but stab President Trump in the back at every opportunity. Trump’s comment about McCain didn’t necessarily imply that McCain was “disgraced” because he was caught; rather, Trump (like General George Patton) liked people who were successful or had the ability to overcome their situations. Trump’s comment also was in response to McCain’s verbal public insults and disdain for Trump’s candidacy from the getgo. History also indicates that McCain’s overall pilot record rather “stunk”, inasmuch as McCain either directly or indirectly caused a lot of unnecessary plane wreckage and influenced the deaths of a few fellow pilots, mainly due to his “attitude” about doing things his own way (where the term “Maverick” came from) and also playing fast and loose with military orders. Later on, history will record that McCain wasn’t even true to his own Party, whatever Party that was. He didn’t show up for work 13% of the time, he was someone who took a gnarly attitude toward people and summarily dismissed or embarrassed them in public when they tried to address him or pay him respect. And although everyone agrees he suffered unduly in Hanoi (who wouldn’t sing?), politically and professionally he used his “unfortunate” military experience to his advantage when, for instance, he was caught in felonious financial dealings wherein his two partners were found guilty, but McCain was let off the hook with only a slap on the wrist for his “bad judgment”. But all that aside, FOREMOST I shall remember John McCain as someone who screwed his new, incredibly hard-working and successful President (it was personal) at every turn, never caring that he hurt this country by so doing. But RIP anyway. Maybe in the next life, McCain will come back as someone who’s learned a few things about the decency of grace – and loyalty.

    • Terri Newman says:

      ” song bird was treated far better than the other pows , any injuries he had was from ejecting from his plane not his captors.

  41. ke says:

    Trump tweeted his lame hearts and prayers to the family, lowered the flag for one day, then raised it again, refused to send the original message of respect after McCain’s death written by his staff. He lowered the flag again and sent out another message only after the VFW and other veteran groups protested his lack of respect for McCain. Trump is the one who disrespected McCain before he was president and after. The press reports on trump’s statements and actions, how is that biased?

  42. Grizz Mann says:

    If I remember correctly, Trump was barred from McCain’s memorial by McCain.

  43. Michael says:

    I just heard that piece of dirt, McCains so called statement from beyond the grave…what a load of BULL…He had the nerve to refer to “our present problems”…a dig at Trump….that piece of dirt, McCain can be so thin skinned that he doesnt want Donald J Trump at his funeral…but the “maverick” is beloved by all the corruption as usual poloticians in Washington who hate Trump too…this November is a way to send the message to Libs and Rhinos that America is Trump country…Now stay gone McCain…to the Liberal press your nothing but a tool to use against Trump…to the Rhinos you taught them about bribes and how to turn the screws on lobbyists for the most money…in the Military you were daddy’s little baby boy and I believe a snitch….to the people of Arizona you were a chameleon…leading them on while back lining your own pockets and telling them what they wanted to hear…dont let the door hit you in the ass on your bought and paid for stairway to heavan…bye, bye you POS

  44. Joanna says:

    Americans know the truth and don’t care what media says …

    • ke says:

      Trump tweeted his lame hearts and prayers to the family, lowered the flag for one day, then raised it again, refused to send the original message of respect after McCain’s death written by his staff. He lowered the flag again and sent out another message only after the VFW and other veteran groups protested his lack of respect for McCain. Trump is the one who disrespected McCain before he was president and after. The press reports on trump’s statements and actions, how is that biased?

      • Markr says:

        He’s only required to lower the flag for one and a half days for a congressman, which is to much for the RINO piece of crap

      • TONY BELL says:

        See the problem here KE is that we do not know what our president know’s, regarding Senator McCain. Difficult to judge without all the facts. However, president Trump is our president and warrants our trust.

      • Terry says:

        How is sending his condolences and lowering the flag a LACK OF RESPECT?

        Oh that’s right he did not use some POLITICALLY MOTIVATED PUFF PIECE written by others instead he sent his PERSONAL condolences instead. Frankly letting OTHERS talk for him on the matter would have been far more disrespectful than sending his personal condolences.

        Which would you prefer someones PERSONAL condolences or some POLITICALLY MOTIVATED SPEECH they had nothing to do with writing?

        One does not have to PRAISE everything someone has done or act as if they were some kind of god in order to show respect and that is what the MEDIA is demanding.

        Whats next demands that failed legislation he wanted passed be imposed upon the people without regards to what the people actually want or the harm it would do this nation just to honor him?

        We do not have access to all the information about the man much less the same level of access the President of this nation has, yet even after how the president was treated AT THE REQUEST of the deceased he sent condolences and FOLLOWED the legally allowed lowering of the flag to honor the man and the media throws a fit because they FEEL IT WAS NOT ENOUGH.

        No matter what he does the MEDIA will attempt to twist it into something that it was not in failed efforts to make him look like some kind of monster.

        Even if he had heaped over the top praise for the man the media would have twisted whatever he said to imply he was DISRESPECTFUL because nothing else would further their political agenda against the US , the BILL OF RIGHTS, and the restrictions on governmental power that Trump is attempting to force the government to obey again after decades of government overreach , abuse and outright ignoring of the peoples rights in the name of POLITICALLY CORRECT nonsense.

        So yes the media is BIASED because no matter what Trump does the mainstream media will spout something NEGATIVE about it even when such negative statements are obviously false while other media sources will spout POSITIVE things no matter what he does.

        To anyone who pays attention to what is really going on and has the intelligence not to blindly believe everything they are told by media the truth is somewhere in the middle we can not blindly take anything stated as fact and must dig for the truth to many people are to lazy to do this thus accepting the negative or positive without question.

        So far Trump has done far more good for this nation than the past several presidents combined most of them were more worried about FOREIGN interests and how FOREIGN nations would react than in what THE PEOPLE they are supposed to work for want and have been saying in elections for years.

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