The media got caught running this fake news and now Donald Trump is furious

The media celebrated a victory when Donald Trump changed his immigration policy about separating families at the border.

Their joy didn’t last long.

A picture that proved the turning point in the immigration debate was exposed as fake news and now Donald Trump is furious.

A photograph of a two year-old Honduran girl crying galvanized the opposition to Trump’s zero tolerance border policy.

The picture supposedly showed the girl in tears after border patrol agents hauled her mother off.

Time magazine even used the picture of the girl juxtaposed against a towering Trump on the cover of their latest issue to portray Trump as a heartless Nazi.

But it was fake news.

The real girl and her mother were never separated.

After the picture was taken, the border patrol put the mother and child in a van and took them off for processing.

Additionally, the mother swiped the girl from their home in the middle of the night and hired a smuggler to lead them to America.

The only family separation that occurred was when the mother took the daughter away from her father and siblings to make the journey to America.

To cap off the story, the mother was previously deported for illegally crossing the border in 2013.

Trump realized the media pulled a fast one and fired off a tweet blasting the left for using fake news in the immigration debate and renewing his promise to secure the border.


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44 Responses

  1. Phyllis says:

    I know of 2 real journalists. Two women.. What ever happened to the men..there is no example set..somebody has to be the lead and show these pimpled faced drooling little boys how to do the job. They are a horrible disappointment to America

  2. It’s important that Mr. Trump have a thicker skin and choose to ignore many of the democrat insinuations. No one in their real mind listens to this nonsense, why should the President? And worse, react to it.

  3. michael says:

    as i said before the only fake news that is published is by donald trump himself!!

  4. Rodger Shull says:

    They are all on the soros-clinton-soetoro pay-roll, to say that, CRAP-OLA, they were paid to say nice CRAP-OLA about clinton an soetoro. before the election, they are paid POS actors. Not QUALITY NEWS REPORTERS. PAID CUMMUNIST LIARS

  5. Sue Jackson says:

    The MSM trolls have come to think of themselves as the thinkers and decision makers for all Americans, ever since the Obama administration allowed them to come to believe as their assignment. Not because it was true but because the Obama tyrants were busy becoming “Rulers” rather than elected officials that work of the American constituents. This is the reason that the MSM trolls are now suffering from the lowest ratings in the history of America and have lost the majority of their viewers. Soon their advertisers/sponsors will note that their own product revenue is suffering and that they are wasting money placing ads with all the aggressively liberal and biased outlets that produce nothing but Fake and Demeaning Rhetoric that the public have tired of being bomb-blasted with.

  6. michael says:

    the only fake news being published is donald trump himself!!

    • James A. Malick says:


    • Bob L says:

      Indeed. Get your facts straight instead of being brain washed with stupidity. U Lib- Tards r all the same where logic thought doesn’t come into play. Just a broken record of saying the no fact lies and BS they come up with. I c more facts in the out houses on my job site.
      Please get a clue because in November u r all done

    • Michael says:

      Damn, Im ashamed to have same name as you…you must be the runt of the Mikey

  7. radman414 says:

    There is absolutely NO excuse for the disgusting rhetoric from those with a virulent anti-Trump agenda of hatred and opposition. Democrat politicians, their sycophants (e.g., OFA and the Indivisibles, etc.) and some pundits in the “alphabet media, who seemingly know little of history, are referring to people who believe in securing our southern border as “Nazis.” They are referring to well-staffed and very humane detention centers for those who have entered this country ILLEGALLY as “concentration camps.” Images of a crying child from 4 years ago (a child who was, btw, NOT separated from her mother) were used to disingenuously portray the current administration as “heartless” and “inhumane,” falsely alleging that young children were being “abused,” “torn” from their mother’s arms and being “traumatized for life.”

    Some are now even calling for the abolishment of ICE, a return to the “catch and release” policies favored under the last administration, amnesty for all, and “open borders, To top it off, my own city “leaders” are putting our neighbor’s safety at considerable risk by designating Austin, TX, as a sanctuary for foreign nationals who have violated our laws. They want Austin to be a “freedom city.” This is just inane in the extreme…and very dangerous!

  8. Ernesto Sanchez says:

    Yeah!! The pictures were put out by Ja lo the celeb. singer …. as we all know the idiots have no brains ….. and think their money will protect them …. ???!!!!

  9. William Brummett says:

    the lies are mostly coming out of the republicans camp and always will be trump can’t go one day with out a lie but i loved the time thing it was great and fit very well since he lied about having to do that and that the demos are the ones that made that law. check your facts. but you will keep telling the same lie even when you a caught with it.

    • Sneaky Sue says:

      You are the one who needs to do some fact checking. Obama definitely had detention centers. But his idea was to just let everyone in, no borders, no vetting, just come on in and head to the welfare office first thing. Since you are so supportive of the let em in policy, maybe a few families could set up a tent city in your yard and you could support them.

  10. Mo says:

    That is one reason I quit watching the so called Mainstream Media Eleven years ago when they all became the Obama propaganda wings. I knew how corrupt they were back then. Now they all try to feed us the New World Order agenda. They no longer are news reporters, but gossip mongers pushing a radical anti-American agenda. Instead of the Mainstream Media, they are nothing more than the Lamestream Media spewing nothing but hate and Racist division along with their PC policing.

    • Dianna says:

      That’s because Soros is paying them big bucks. He wants open borders so he can make his one world kingdom and we will be his subjects. The media and left has sold their souls to the devil literally and by the time they realize it, it will be too late. I used to respect Time magazine but they’ve become fake news too. How very sad!!

  11. Jon says:

    You people are blind or just plain stupid. You are being played and the man you seem to love is robbing you blind and you won’t realize it until the country and our democracy has been destroyed. Keep on drinking that cool aide. See you in November.

    • Sneaky Sue says:

      Maybe you could educate me -with real facts please- as to how I am being played and robbed and how our country is being destroyed. Unless of course, the man you are referring to is Obama , then it makes sense. By the way, I am neither blind nor stupid.

    • Dianna says:

      Really Jon? You can’t see what’s happened?
      The left has gone completely off the rails. Obama’s presidency was racked with lies. Hillary sold our Uranium to the Russians. Holder and her gave GUNS to the Benghazi’s and they killed our ambassador and brave Seals. Then they lied about it! They gave guns to Venezuela, Mexico and all the uncivilized countries. Hillary couldn’t even manage to keep her e-mails out of foreign hands. But her cartel was paid well. Do you really want criminals like the demoncrats running our country into the ground? Are you a millennial?

  12. Fat sam says:

    Ed’s got the right idea. But we need to take it to the next level. Boycott Time magazine and all its advertiser’s. Call your cable company and ask for the removal of CNN and MSNBC and all other fake news channels. Call your congressman and ask for the arrest of people like Fonda. Who put the POTUS and his kids in jeopardy.

  13. TooLateNow says:

    99% for POTUS; 1% against!
    POTUS has nothing to worry about! the RINOs, in contested districts, are running scared, if not already leaving Congress. The FAKE NEWS media are continuing the lie. CTMAGA!!!

  14. TP says:

    Should be considered seditious activity as they are trying to unable his re election and oppose his agenda with fake news such as was made known in this article. It’s much worse than just slander , especially as these are organizations being financed by Americas enemies and the ignorant .

  15. Francisco Machado says:

    American citizens – everyone else – who gets jailed is separated from their children. Children should not be in the same detention with the mix of coyotes, drug smugglers and gang members entering the country covertly. It’s an old law – and the Liberals, who tolerated this when Clinton was President, when Obama was President, are now outraged. And the taxpayers will pay for it.

  16. Jack says:

    Simply, the democratic liberal left is lying to us with the aid of the trust worthy media, and, has been for a Long time. B. Obama the liar-in-chief and President Trump the persecuted- in- chief. One got away with all wrong and the other is not even given the chance to do anything, particularly if right!!!

  17. Marcia says:

    The media underestimates the intelligence of the American public. Most of us recognize lies when we see or hear them. Consequently, most people no longer trust the media. After all, Trump won the election in spite of all the despicable things the media told us about him. Didn’t work, did it. He still has our support as well. Lying destroys the credibility of the liar ….. not of the victim.

  18. Ron says:

    The American People must realize the mainstream news media in this country is not about reporting news. It has become the propaganda arm of the Radical Left Demorat Party. Just as Pravda was the propaganda arm of the Soviet Union’s Communist Party. No difference! The MSM has an agenda backed by a narrative. All “news” must be filtered through that narrative to make it compatible with that agenda. It will be spun and modified to fit the propaganda agenda. If that can’t be accomplished, it will either be ignored or outright lied about.

  19. Susan says:

    Why doesn’t Time magazine run a story on the parents of murdered children by illegal criminals coming into OUR country?
    Why because it doesn’t fit their narrative!? I hope The President sues your a$$ off for SLANDER this is OUTRAGEOUS what a bunch of BS this is such FAKE NEWS you people our a sick bunch of Hypocrites!!

  20. class of 68. says:

    The solution is simple, for every protester assign them a family which includes parents, kids., grandarents, aunts uncles all relatives once removed tocare for in their home for period of one year, no less. Thr family they take in gets no goverment benefits, no foodstamps, can not get jobs, cant do anything in the sponsors home except lay around on their sofas and kids play. I bet after twodays that sponsor would be crying like a baby. The time is a year no less. Don,t you agree that would definitely work?

  21. Eyeball says:

    As the lady in the group who have had their family members murdered or otherwise killed by illegals said, President Trump has to lead this country constantly pulling daggers out of his back. Media are the ones keeping us from becoming ONE NATION UNDER GOD. They don’t make money unless they’re throwing gasoline on a spark, making the most innocent action or word out to be a federal CRIME — if it’s about the President. Normally, I feel bad for such people, but these hacks, well, I hope they’re looking forward to Hell. They wouldn’t like Heaven, and Heaven wouldn’t accept them. The swamp and deep state, Soros, Rothschildes and the opposition are targeting conservatives. Look at the recent past, the number of conservatives who’ve been murdered. Kate Arrington’s “accidental” head-on. Steve Scalise and others attacked by the shooter. FBI agents murdered the day before scheduled House testimony. Maddow and others will reap the “benefits” of their hypocrisy. The “coming around” is approaching. And good riddance.

  22. John says:

    EVERY American should write EVERY media outlet that propagates fake news, which is actually pure and simple lies to hurt our country and do so by hurting the man who is the President of the United States of America. Frankly I have taken issue with the President’s excessive tweeting, but after seeing how vile the media is and how hateful the Democratic Party is, I don’t blame President Trump for his tweets that more often than not, are factual. That is why I said in the first sentence of this message that every American should write every fake news outlet and demand that they cease and desist their vile hateful attempts to kill every effort of our president to, Make America Great Again. So everyone, send them letters and send the letters certified so you get a receipt that they got it. Maybe they will learn something.

  23. Al says:

    They as always justify their actions by saying it is right because and then come up with their own stupid truths… What ever they do and say is OK because after all it is them and it is all about them….Get use to this AMERICA because we have allowed this kind of crap to go on for so long it is ingrained in their pee brain head. However “WE THE PEOPLE shall again stand up and be counted at the polls and I do not care how many illegal’s they bring into our country we shall still prevail when it comes to pushing out the career politicians……………………..GO DONALD TRUMP GO………………………………………….

  24. Carl Pyzowski says:

    Oh, guess this is another example of how the Dems go high (as crooked hillary said) when others go low. When they ever learn that this stuff is getting them no where and even helpng Trump. What a bunch of losers.

  25. Bad dude says:

    The fake news stations should have their licenses revoked and the journalists if they can’t show proof the story is real they should be jailed for inciting panic.

    • Susan says:

      AGREED idk why this isn’t considered SLANDER I hope he sues their ass off!!!
      What a bunch of BS

      • TP says:

        Should be considered seditious activity as they are trying to unable his re election and oppose his agenda with fake news such as was made known in this article. It’s much worse than just slander , especially as these are organizations being financed by Americas enemies and the ignorant .

    • Jola says:

      “Bad Dude” if you or I issued a check that “bounced” we would be (a) Picked Up for forgery (B) Slammed for being “a crook” (C) Have our credit rating severely reduced, etc., etc.. — I agree with you FAKE NEWS outlets need their broadcast licenses suspended for their blatant dishonesty. Close them down completely for 48 hours for their first “Fake News” broadcast and fine them $BIG BUCKS. After every FAKE BROADCAST double ALL penalties.

  26. James P Hutchins says:

    Vote out all the dems and change the government to help President Donald Trump keep America Great again.

  27. Rick says:

    Step One the real enemy of America is our Congress. They run such a Racketeering Operation
    that” We The People” haven’t counted for years as they line they’re pockets. Trump they can’t handle.
    Like Ryan said “I’m not there yet.” Of course they’ll fumble along can’t pass anything because they can’t afford to hurt the ones who stuff their pockets. Step Two the media are only the henchmen. Just notice who runs to CNN MSNBC and others from congress the racketeers talk to the henchmen. Stick with Fox
    at least they are 75% truthful considering the two Murdock Sons who took over loved Hillary. Have nice day!!

  28. GRIZZ MANN says:

    In the Democrat land of make believe , all things are possible.

  29. a fool says:

    Truth are tough for those who can not look at themselves in the TRUE LIGHT, thus, Fabricating stories about others for the things which they themselves wanting to do, but have no Guts… They have very cruel hearts! They are Unfit human beings!

  30. Nancy Anderson says:

    The fake news is getting crazier every day. WHY would they put out a magazine with this picture on the front except to embarrass our President. I never saw anything like this for Obama and all he did was run this country into the ground. In fact, that picture of that little girl first was taken during Obama’s presidency. What a crock of crap.!!!! It’s disgusting what the so-called “press” has been doing. We need to boycott every news agency that prints crap like this. Or tv stations, anything that publishes out and out lies.

    • Ed says:

      You have to watch the shows to find out who advertised on them and then boycott their products. Unfortunately this is the only real way to hurt them which requires knowing who spends advertising, and can only be verified by watching.

  31. Michael says:

    The F’n media is scum, liars, crooked as the day is long…they didnt get Trump to sign a document to keep kids and parents together..I heard Mr Trump say long before those liars in the Liberal media, that he didnt like the idea of separating them in the first place..My God are the lies CNN and NSNBC and the liberal rags tell ever going to STOP?

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