The media got caught running this fake news and now Donald Trump is furious

The media celebrated a victory when Donald Trump changed his immigration policy about separating families at the border.

Their joy didn’t last long.

A picture that proved the turning point in the immigration debate was exposed as fake news and now Donald Trump is furious.

A photograph of a two year-old Honduran girl crying galvanized the opposition to Trump’s zero tolerance border policy.

The picture supposedly showed the girl in tears after border patrol agents hauled her mother off.

Time magazine even used the picture of the girl juxtaposed against a towering Trump on the cover of their latest issue to portray Trump as a heartless Nazi.

But it was fake news.

The real girl and her mother were never separated.

After the picture was taken, the border patrol put the mother and child in a van and took them off for processing.

Additionally, the mother swiped the girl from their home in the middle of the night and hired a smuggler to lead them to America.

The only family separation that occurred was when the mother took the daughter away from her father and siblings to make the journey to America.

To cap off the story, the mother was previously deported for illegally crossing the border in 2013.

Trump realized the media pulled a fast one and fired off a tweet blasting the left for using fake news in the immigration debate and renewing his promise to secure the border.

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44 Responses

  1. Phyllis says:

    I know of 2 real journalists. Two women.. What ever happened to the men..there is no example set..somebody has to be the lead and show these pimpled faced drooling little boys how to do the job. They are a horrible disappointment to America

  2. It’s important that Mr. Trump have a thicker skin and choose to ignore many of the democrat insinuations. No one in their real mind listens to this nonsense, why should the President? And worse, react to it.

  3. michael says:

    as i said before the only fake news that is published is by donald trump himself!!

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