The latest poll on Trump just crushed the Democrats’ hopes and dreams

The 2018 Midterm elections are right around the corner.

Democrats are still predicting a “Blue Wave” will hand them control of Congress.

But Trump’s latest poll numbers were just released and it was bad news for Democrats.

Rasmussen’s polling shows Donald Trump’s Presidential Approval Index is 10 points above Barack Obama’s ratings at this point in his term.

This is in spite of the constant attacks by the fake news media President Trump faces on a daily basis.

The Daily Caller reports:

President Donald Trump’s Presidential Approval Index may be in the negative numbers, but he still has a double-digit lead on the rating former President Barack Obama had earned on the same day in his presidency.

According to Rasmussen’s daily tracking data, on Friday President Trump’s numbers were as follows:

36 percent Strongly Approve of the president
43 percent Strongly Disapprove of the president

Trump’s Presidential Approval Index rating, found by subtracting the disapproval rating from the approval rating, is -7.

President Barack Obama, on this day in his second year in office, had much lower approval numbers.

26 percent Strongly Approve of the president
45 percent Strongly Disapprove of the president

His Presidential Approval Index was -19.

Traditionally, the party that is in power during the first term of a new President will lose roughly 20-30 House seats and potentially a few Senate seats.

But in Barack Obama’s first Midterm election, Democrats were routed – losing 63 House seats.

Republicans are still expected to lose ground in the House, but these poll numbers suggest it won’t be the doomsday scenario so-called “experts” are predicting.

Not only that, but Republicans could potentially gain seats in the Senate.

Missouri, Indiana, Montana, West Virginia, and Florida have two things in common.

They each have a Democrat Senator up for election and Donald Trump won each state in 2016.

It will all come down to turnout on election day.

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