The latest box office numbers sent Hollywood execs running for the hills

Hollywood’s hatred of America has reached new heights.

They get on their high horse to bash Trump and everyday Americans.

But the latest numbers showed that’s backfiring in a big way.

Hollywood’s North American box office revenue was down 15 percent in January since last year.

It was the worst showing in six years.

Hollywood executives tried to write it off by blaming none other than President Trump.

They claim he caused the government shutdown, which negatively affected ticket sales.

The Hollywood Reporter reports:

Super Bowl LIII is likely to sack moviegoing this weekend, following a dismal January at the domestic box office.

The weekend of the big football game is traditionally slow at the mulitplex, and 2019 isn’t expected to be an exception as February gets underway.

Following a record year at the North American box office, revenue slipped sharply in January to an estimated $810 million, the worst showing in six years and down by as much as 15 percent over January 2018.

“January is never known as a barn burner and this year was particularly slow and, despite the holdover strength of 2018’s Aquaman, there has never been a breakout newcomer of a grouping of holdovers substantial enough to breathe some much-needed energy into the month,” says box office analyst Paul Dergarabedian of Comscore.

2018 was a record year for the North American box office in terms of revenue.

But that is largely due to an increase in ticket prices.

The number of tickets sold has been trending down for well over a decade and is down over 17 percent since 2002 according to Statista.

While Hollywood points the blame at Trump for their declining ticket sales, more Americans are turned off by the tired remakes and cliché anti-America movies they continue to pump out.

Do you think Trump is to blame for declining ticket sales?

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