The last Supreme Court Justice anyone expected just announced their retirement plans

For months, speculation floated around the Supreme Court surrounding one Justice’s retirement.

But then, out of left field, a Supreme Court Justice gave a clue as to when they would step down.

And it was the last Justice that anyone ever expected.

Clarence Thomas is a conservative stalwart on the Supreme Court.

Many conservatives think he is one of – if not – the best Supreme Court Justice ever because of his consistency in upholding the Constitution and original intent of the framers.

But he is 70-years-old, and some court watchers are wondering if he would step down so President Trump could appoint a younger replacement that could serve for the next 30 or 40 years.

Thomas – however – put all that talk to rest at an event at Pepperdine Law School where Thomas announced he wasn’t retiring anytime soon.

The Daily Caller reports:

Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas denied any interest in retirement this weekend, telling a friendly audience in Beverly Hills, California, that he has no plans to leave judicial service in the near future.

Speaking at Pepperdine University School of Law’s annual dinner, the 70-year-old Thomas emphatically denied speculation that he will leave the Supreme Court, as rumors abound that he may wish to leave the bench under President Donald Trump.

Professor James Allan Gash, Pepperdine’s incoming president and moderator of the Saturday evening talk, asked Thomas who he would like to speak at his retirement party 20 years hence, according to Law360.

“I’m not retiring,” Thomas replied.

Conservatives were happy to hear that news.

Even though they trust President Trump to pick his replacement, there is no guarantee that the next Supreme Court nominee will be as conservative or as fearless as Thomas.


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78 Responses

  1. Nunyer Binnis says:

    We need to retire those three commie bitches. Sooner rather than later.

  2. Mike says:

    We definitely could use some term limits in Congress, this is a BIG bipartisan swamp in need of draining. I really don’t think the founding fathers meant for representatives were to reside in congress for 40 years.

  3. Joe Connor says:

    Serving to age seventy-five should be the limit for Supreme Court Justices, congress and senators. Also term limits for congress 6 years and senators 12 years. Too many career politicians that fail to REPRESENT us CITIZENS . They are more concerned about more seniority and POWER. We need more commoners in congress, eg, barbers, cab drivers, letter carriers, electricians, plumbers, nurses, waiters, veterans, farmers, . etc. These folks have working experience. They may not have ,BA, BS, MS, or PHD after their name but they have life experience and common sense . Amen !

  4. Steveur says:

    I trust that President Trump will have one maybe two more appointments to make in the future. However, the disappointing Chief Justice , will no longer be trusted for stepping out of bounds in “rewriting” obama Kare, so it would pass muster and passed as law. Why there was no dissent from his fellow Jurists, most likely can be explained away, but his vote on Planned Parenthood, betrayed his trust with the majority. He is and will remain stained, not to be trusted.


  6. J says:

    Why the deceptive headline?
    Really irritates me!!!!!

    • Lance Laird says:

      Do you people even care that you lied in your heading! This is why the press is so loathed in the world! You are nothing more than gossiping slanderers that have no honor or integrity!!!!

  7. tony wise says:

    rbg and sotamayor should have never been on the bench to begin with

  8. Doug says:

    Love Justice Thomas, Ginsberg is Brain Dead, Staying only to Piss trump off, There must be an Age Limit Established for any judge that desires to stay on the Court Bench, After 70 years old the Human brain starts to go backwards, Ginsberg has been there for many years, Just collecting her Paycheck, Sotomayer is another must go person. Why must this be political appointments, ALL DECISIONS should be made on a Constitutional Basis, Not POLITICAL PARTY Preference, Just use Common Sense and Abide by our Constitution Only.

  9. John J says:

    We need a mandatory retirement age for ALL judges

  10. Steelie says:

    PP Meant Ginsberg.

  11. Martha says:

    Your stupid headlines are as bad as the main stream media. Is this what you have to do to get people to read your articles? I find it disgusting.

  12. leonard spiker says:

    how much time away from your duties as Supreme Court Justice does one get where is Ruth Bader Ginsberg is she still alive

  13. Ginger Caffee says:

    This isn’t the first time this bunch has used click bait to get me here. Nothing at all resembles the headline. Such a waste! I’m also ready to sign off for good.

  14. metoo says:

    I’d like to know how to get a message to this news site. This isn’t the first time that they’ve had a misleading headliner. Guess I could un subscribe and perhaps they’ll have a section to fill in as to why I’m leaving.

  15. Earl says:

    Ditto on fake news from this website.
    This spam.

    • White Beard says:

      EXACTLY, Earl! The headline was like a hook to indicate someone was retiring when they are not. In a way, ALL the SCOTUS judges have a retirement plan of “NOT retiring at this time”! This website is getting irritating in its “fake news,” bait and switch techniques!

    • Norm Wayland says:

      Fake Fake Fake headline. Next time…. You are gone.

  16. Phyllis says:

    This was a very deceptive headline. I plan to unsubscribe. I am relieved, however, that Justice Thomas has no plans to retire in the near future.

    • White Beard says:

      I am close to doing the same thing, Phyllis! If they don’t quit this stuff, I will unsubscribe when they do it again.

  17. Leonard Johnson. says:

    ” . . . Supreme Court justice (singular) announces their (plural) retirement plans.”
    Why butcher English grammar in the course of doing so?

    • No, Leonard, you’re missing the point – “THEIR” here is used in the SINGULAR SENSE as a devise to discuss an INDIVIDUAL without revealing THEIR GENDER… THAT IS, UNTIL THE AUTHOR(S) ARE PREPARED TO REVEAL IT! It was employed here to keep you reading DEEP INTO THE ARTICLE, at which point – WITH THE REVEAL THAT IT’S ACTUALLY CLARENCE THOMAS – you are much-more likely TO FINISH READING IT! As a “CLICK-BAIT” PLOY, it appears to have served its’ PURPOSE quite well… HASN’T IT?

      This use of “THEIR”, as a SINGULAR PRONOUN, is the same, damned “P.C.”, SOCIETAL/CULTURAL “REVISIONIST”-TACTIC used by the “LGBTQ…RSTUVWXYZ Community” to DECEIVE a gulible section of the population into thinking/believing that there are more than the God-decreed MALE and FEMALE, as found in REAL WORLD BIOLOGY, as opposed to THEIR (YES, used in the PLURAL-FORM here!) sick, twisted FAIRY (sic)-TALE-LAND! — “EXCELSIOR!!”, W.F.B.

  18. Arizona Don says:

    Patriot Pulse = FAKE NEWS

    I really don’t this so I guess I’ll cancel

  19. jane says:

    That corpse Ruth needs to be put back in her pine box and buried.

  20. Nel Blu says:

    What a crappy headline. Talk about FAKE NEWS!

    • mspidgeMZB5 Joseph says:

      It sure was, I will never open another one, they are ALL that way!!!!!

    • Helga says:

      That was exactly my reaction. This is very deceptive and I believed that SOTUS THomas is planning to retire. Don’t appreciate this Fakery!

      • Patty Olsen says:

        I would rather Justice Thomas retire now so a conservative could be installed before President Trump is no longer in office.

  21. Luella Presley says:

    So glad that Justice Thomas is staying, now if they could just make it a law for Congress to leave our Social Security alone. I know it is probably not in your realm of decisions, but wish it was.

  22. Robert Lee Benson says:

    How does one delete from this?

  23. CaptGene says:

    You keep showing these bovine excrement headlines and I am going to UNSUBSCRIBE from your web site. If I want to hear lies and half-truths [is there a difference?] I would subscribe to the Communist Newsless Network, the American Bolshevik Communists, the New Bolshevik Commies, the Marx-Stalin New Bolshevik Communists, Novi Pravda Radio or America’s fish wrapper of record, the New York Times. Seriously, stop with this crap or you will start losing people left and right.

  24. TheMadMan says:

    Dear Justice Thomas, Please do not Retire. President Trump and all the Real Americans need you to stay in office at least until President Trump Gets voted back into the White House. We The People need you. Please do not Retire.

  25. Your fake headline is not becoming. If you want to close your website doing this kind of misleading headline you’re on your way. No one needs false and misleading crap that you put out.. What did you do hire a CNN
    headline writer to do your headlines. I spit on you phoney pieces of sh-it!

  26. Sherry L Chase says:

    Where is Ruth? Did she pass? Nancy is buddies with her! And we know Nancy doesn’t want the President to put anyone in Ruth’s slot…. I’d like to see proof that she’s a live. Can’t be at the job! Retire or be fired….

  27. Jose says:

    Funny, I thought I’m the only one noticing the odd headlines now and then. Is it possible that the chiefs editor
    -in-chief of this page could be aRINO????!!!!!

  28. Dewey Bowser says:

    Democrats counting down days until all good old boys are gone, then Democrats will go full throttle destroy America, I hope Judge Thomas works another 50 years at least

  29. John Galt says:

    This article was not what I expected. It would appear from the headline that a justice was announcing a surprise retirement. The article was nothing like that. Glad to hear that Thomas is not retiring, however. Ginsberg needs to go.

    • White Beard says:

      I think we need to face some facts, which is A.A. men do not have the best life expectancy . . . in fact it is one of the lowest of all groups. It is white women, like Ginsberg, who tend to live longest. But one never knows because some healthy people who jog and eat properly, die young.

  30. Okay, I have about had it with this website. Always a headline that turns out to be false. May have to unsubscribe if this continues. Why not use the truth as the headline? Surely don’t understand this.

  31. MargaretLtnn Fewell says:

    I have tried to unsubscribe from this site but it appears to be a waste of time! I am tired of fake headlines for an uninteresting article!

  32. Jerry says:

    Justice Thomas will make the decision when to retire and no sooner. We need this man to continue his allegiance to the Constitution and all it means to this country. The millennials are going down the path to destroying our country and ideals. And as long as we have a man like him he will make the correct decision to protect our democracy.

  33. Sandra Ghost says:


  34. Michael Brown says:

    I’m just a little more than pissed at the author of this piece. Why frame this article to make it appear that Thomas is retiring? This is non news. I don’t need to have my time wasted by trickery.

  35. Holly says:

    This is really a non story.
    No one is announcing retirement.
    Just let me know when RBG announces.

    • Mikey says:

      She won’t. They’ll be carrying her out of the Supreme Court building feet first.

    • Ric B says:

      No, she will when a Democrat wins the Presidency in 2020, and hopefully they will also win the Senate. Then Ruth will resign and the court will again get many liberal and reasonable judges who do not drink heavily and assault women.

  36. Margaret says:

    What is with all these misleading headlines!! So aggravating!!!

    • DianePenn says:

      I am so tired of these ‘teaser’ headlines. I have started to unsubscribe from sites that play that game. This one is close to just that.
      If Ginsberg or any of the other libs were leaving I would be jumping for joy.

  37. Bill Beveridge says:

    Here we go again. Somebody send Diane Feinstein to moon before she can start her circus up again.

  38. Justice Thomas should not retire until he feels its time, if justice Ginsberg can stay another 5 years with her medical conditions,Justice Thomas has another 20 or so…

  39. Debra Lambert says:

    RBG should go. John Roberts should step down.JR is compremissed.

  40. Nathan Paris says:

    If Ginsburg thinks she has another 5 years?, Thomas can go another 20!

  41. Karin says:

    Whew! Man I thought when they said Clarence Thomas, I about choked. Thank goodness that it is not true. Thank you Justice Thomas, for clearing up any rumors.

  42. Jerusha says:

    RBG goes back to the “burn-your-bra” movement along with GS and the start of the “women’s movement….how the hell did she worm her way to a supreme court position??????

    • Ron Calvert says:

      What is with these “grabber” headlines? That may be OK for a high school newspaper but not here. Knock it off or I am done.

  43. William Riley says:

    Judge Thomas is a great Constitutionalist and he listens intently as the oral arguments are presented .

    • Zeke says:

      HE READS magazines and does not listen to the oral arguments. Most of the time his mind is made up before the case even starts. He is the laziest judge of them all.

  44. Hal Lemoyne says:

    Should Clarence Thomas retire from the Supreme Court??

    NO, but if our honorable US SCJ Clarence Thomas

    feels his need to do so

    then by all means retire your Honor Thomas, please don’t get burned out

    retire happy & peacefully your Honor Thomas
    Amen & Amen!!!

  45. Mark Pearson says:

    Justice Thomas is national treasure. If and when he wishes to retire he should. However, RBG can go any time and Sotamayor can go tomorrow

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