The last person Trump expected just made a jaw-dropping 2020 announcement

As the 2020 election creeps ever closer, there is no telling what curveballs will get thrown in.

With such weak Democrats currently in the field, anything could happen.

And the last person Trump expected just made a jaw-dropping 2020 announcement.

Polls currently show that President Trump will breeze through 2020 and be re-elected for four more years.

But there are many extremely powerful forces that are working overtime to change that.

And one of those seems to be Ed Stack, the CEO of Dick’s Sporting Goods, who is a longtime Republican donor.

The billionaire is reportedly testing the waters for a 2020 run as a third party candidate, using the fact that he removed so-called “assault weapons” at all of his stores.

Politico reports:

Ed Stack, the CEO of Dick’s Sporting Goods and a longtime Republican donor, is testing the waters for a possible third-party presidential bid that could scramble the dynamics of the 2020 general election.

Various messages were presented to a focus group in southern Wisconsin this week centering on the billionaire businessman, along with possible three-way match-ups against Donald Trump and Joe Biden or Elizabeth Warren.

The focus group, according to a source who took part in the testing, ran through varying themes involving Stack and heavily focused on his example of “showing leadership” by halting the sale of assault-style rifles at all of Dick’s Sporting Goods stores in the wake of the high school massacre in Parkland, Fla.

The prospect of a well-funded, third-party candidate could have a significant impact in a race where Trump is expected to be unable to win a majority of the popular vote. In 2016, Trump won just 46 percent against Hillary Clinton and has consistently scored below 50 percent in national polls.

If Stack chose to mount a third party run, it could be disastrous for President Trump.

While he currently enjoys a strong lead against his Democrat rivals in key states, Stack could take away just enough votes to doom him.

He has no way of winning, but if Stack pushes a conservative-enough message, while eschewing some of Trump’s major positions, he could pick off independents who would otherwise vote for Trump.


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100 Responses

  1. Chris says:

    Don’t be fooled by this Yahoo. He may have gotten rid of the Armalite weapons from his store but, he didn’t lose any money on them. That’s because he sold them through Field & Stream.

  2. Eileen Trent says:

    The real reason HUSSEIN called a meeting in a SCIF for a pre-emtive COUP, is he knows the Barr report is coming, and it will reveal ALL their criminal, illegal, and treasonous activity, aka illegally spying on Trump campaign.

    Their Meuller report was a DUD!!! And they needed a back-up plan.

    They initiated their plan by attacking Barr after the Mueller report was released, claiming Barr was surrepticiously with-holding VERY DAMNING evidence that would destroy Trump!!

    I saw that coming , like a mile away. LOL

    ALL they have left is to discredit Barr before-hand so when his report is released, they will howl—–politically motivated to discredit Mueller!

    I believe Mueller actually did that himself!! ROTFLOL!!!

    HUSSEIN is terrified of the Barr-Durham report, which will conclusively prove that HUSSEIN was directing everything!

    Hence, the SCIF meeting with Pelosi, Shiff, Shumer, et al.


    TRUMP 2Q2Q

  3. John Flynn says:

    You fail to mention in your article that ANY third-party candidate would be MUCH more likely to take votes away from the Dems, IMHO

  4. PO'd says:

    A 3rd party run as what. the sissy party?

  5. Eileen Trent says:

    HUSSEIN planned, organized and executed the spy-whistle-blower COUP in a SCIF, (former Pres. still have access to SCIF).

    He attempted to avoid surveillance…….EPIC FAIL!!!

    What agency can still COLLECT ALL FORMS OF DATA ?!

    Unfortunately for HUSSEIN , evidence is available.
    He even covered the wiindows to avoid any detection.

    TRUMP was aware of this attempted COUP from the beginning!

    Remember, it was Bolton that was the leaker in the White House, brought in by TRUMP and the NSA and military were monitoring ALL his coms, knowing Bolton was working for the Cabal.

    When Bolton was fired by TRUMP, the Cabal lost their leaker.

    That’s when the CIA “spy”whistle-blower was activated, even though he heard nothing. POTUS knows who the “spy” is. The Trump NSC sent him packing before the Ukraine phone call

    That’s why the intel comm. had to gut the 1st.-hand-whistleblower knowledge and back-date it.

    So sad, the NSA has collected ……

    Pelosi lied on GMA, that Schiff did not fabricate Trump’s phone call transcript…even Stephanopolous couldn’t believe that.

    Sciff made up the entire thing…sounded like a Mafia boss!!!

    Since Pelosi lied to back up Schiff’s lies, can Pres. Trump sue her for defamation?

    That would be one-heck-of -a court hearing. Trial of the century!!!
    Televised for all the country to see…..what would a SCIF meeting with a former Pres. look like?!!

    Where would POTUS start?

    Seth Rich murder?

    Scalia murder?

    Clinton Foundation crimes against children?

    Uranium 1 ?

    Russia-gate hoax?

    Tarmac meeting?

    Hillary emails? ( POTUS has them).

    DNC server? ( POTUS has it).


    HUSSEIN going down, Hillary going down, Brennan going down, et al


    TRUMP 2Q2Q W W G 1 W G A

    • Jonathan Conover says:

      Eileen, where do you get that opium your smoking? That has to be the real sh*t.

      • Eileen Trent says:

        Sorry Jonathan, never smoked, drank or touched an illegal drug in my life. Not even marijuana!!! LOL I WIN!!

        TRUMP 2Q2Q

    • Bender says:

      Eileen wow you covered every debunked conspiracy theory you are well read in bs. You forgot pizzagate, 9/11, and Sandy Hook.

      • Eileen Trent says:

        I told u in many posts past, that Bolton was working with the Cabal.

        Pres. Trump brought him in , knowing he was compromised by his past, which the Cabal has held over him since 2005.

        Pres. Trump gave him a chance to be a part of his team, but he chose to work with the Cabal.

        I told u the NSA and the military was monitoring ALL Bolton’s comms., including his private and public twitter accounts—they all have them!

        Now, who is out there speaking against TRUMP—–OH, IT’S BOLTON!!!

        I Don’t think Bolton knows he was played by TRUMP……..and everything he did was monitored…….even his clandestine meetings with said Cabal. I wonder who else was at said meetings?!! Just sayin….

        Debunked? Conspiracy…..not so much!!!

        I didn’t even get to the other crimes!

        Pelosi’s $29 million in Singapore!

        Schumer’s $ millions in Israel!

        HRC and BC’s $15 million in BANCO DE MEXICO!

        Epstien’s LOLITA ISLAND—-blood-supply lanes!

        Schiff incident in STANDARD HOTLEL—-Alison Mack talking!!

        I told u the NSA still collects ALL FORMS OF DATA!!

        HUSSEIN is CIA and so is the other guy he’s married too LOL

        HUSSEIN isn’t as bright as he believes he is……organizing a SCIF meeting and Pelosi attended!!

        HELLO NSA!!

        Want more?!!


        POTUS HAS IT ALL!!

        TRUMP 2Q2Q

      • Mark says:

        Debunked by who? CNN? Clinton Crime Network. Everything Eileen covered us coming to lite now. Theyre all going down. Eileen keep calling these koolaid drinking liars out! You rock! They live under rocks in sewers!

  6. Cliff says:

    Ed Stack lost the confidence of the American people when he took his personal anti 2nd amendment stance. That totally destroyed any chance he could have possibly had. Most of the Republican voters he hopes to win over already hope he goes out of business solely because of his 2nd amendment position. If Ed Stack has any smarts left he will realize his error and continue to support the Republican party. I appreciate Dicks and Wally World’s new position as it will help the little guy (all the mom and pop gun local stores).

  7. BHR says:

    He is not a republican. He is another liberal trying to destroy Trump.

  8. Cecelia Henderson says:

    Ed Stack is too late, too weak and too inexperienced to even try to run. He’s a one-issue man and that issue is a violation of our 2nd Amendment rights. Heck, Ed Stack can’t even hold his customers, much less voters.

  9. Truckman says:

    I will not support an anti 2nd amendment Have never been one of the dickless stores and will not now

  10. baron s says:

    As a third party candidate, I feel he would draw from the Democrats. They would love him if for no other reason than he got rid of those “hated” AR-15s!

  11. Blue says:

    Judge ruled DOJ has to turn over evidence from Muller investigation. Now we will see how crooked Barr is also. Can’t wait to see how you guys defend cadet bone spurs next. Stay tuned it should be ridiculous.

    • Eileen Trent says:

      Flynn soon to be vindicated……….LOL

      A complete set-up Gen. Flynn. about to be revealed, aka ambush.

      Judicial Watch report: Prosecutorial abuse re: Manafort LOL

      Mueller report falling apart—piece-by-piece LOL

      Stay tuned. It’s going to be ridiculous….

      TRUMP 2Q2Q
      W W G 1 W G A

      • Jonathan Conover says:

        It’s been ridiculous since Jan 20, 2017.

      • VGF says:

        Eileen T. So many Folks Don`t take into Consideration How Important It Really IS…to Take Notes AND Keep them Handy and Catagorized !>>> Keeping in mind that MANY Who ARe so Gungho to throw lies out here to back up Their previous Lies,, THINK The ” So-called ‘ deplorables’ they are attempting to LEAD THEIR WAY… Forget That We are not So DUMB >For as LONG AS He can Stand !!
        HE IS Strictly FOR AMERICA First !!

  12. Blue says:

    It’s a sporting goods store I’m sure you people’s boycott is really hurting them. Shooting up schools and churches is not a sport people. Glad Dicks is sticking to golf clubs and baseball mitts and actually protecting our children.

    • Chenz says:

      Oh yeah blue people ate only killed by gums???

    • SFC RET D says:

      Hay, those of us who obey the laws do not sooth up schools and churches, don’t put me in to those psychos. Were do they get there guns? black market. If those of us who obey the laws were aloud to carry at school there would be no shoots. Where do these psychos go to murder? 99% gun free zones so gun free zones do not stop the shoots. Allow our off duty police, Military combat veterans to donate time guarding our schools with there weapons and most if not all shoots well stop as these psychos are basically cowards

  13. Anne Gerrard says:

    This guy thinks he can win by taking all rifles from his stores. Has he been not reading about all the people who keep their guns. This guy is no Republican he is a democrat sympathizer.

  14. LOL says:

    Well, when Trump gets impeached and removed because of his legion of crimes, then the election might get down to Pence and Stack. We would have to choose between Dick’s and dickless.

    • KIROJ says:

      LOL YOU ARE LOL !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • Richard Rust says:

        Another bark eating brainless wonder. LOL must need laughs to make a comment like that. KIROJ , you got that right. Dems are so I f-$ing stupid. It’s fine by me to see all these democratic canidates running, & I sencerely hope they stay in the fight to the end, cuz Democraps// liberal votes will be scattered all over, All while conservatives votes will be centered on Reelecting TRUMP.
        NOW, let’s wait and see how soon the CEO of Walmarts chain jumps into the fight, seeings how they too got rid of a majority of guns & related Amo. Most anti gun idiots don’t relize there are over 6 Million NRA members, (wife & I included) plus millions of other pro-gun & CCW people that are Pro-gun 2nd amendment followers that will back TRUMP in 2020.

        • facts says:

          Richard, you failed to include the role of never Trumpers, and so conservatives will NOT just be centered on re-electing Trump. There are many, many more anti-Trumpers who may not say so outloud, but in private want to dump Trump. Among the independe nts, they are more favorable for having Trump impeached or removed. The only ones who don’t favor it are republicans.

          • Ms. Munchkin says:

            Facts, you failed to account for those who don’t claim a party affiliation, who still support our second amendment rights and think Trump is doing a great job. Our economy is better than it ever was under Obama, unemployment is at it’s lowest rate in decades and businesses are coming back to the USA. There are many, many of us as well! You want facts, here are the facts, NOT ONE PERSON IN THE WORLD CAN TELL HOW ANOTHER IS GOING TO VOTE ON ELECTION DAY! The fact is, many people aren’t sure until they get into that booth or up to that computer ON election day. Now those ARE FACTS!

          • VGF says:

            FACT !! There are MANY More American Citizens Who Refuse to EVEN SAY who THEY are Going to VOTE FOR ! But. 95% of these ONES ARE voting for TRUMP !! ( I Can`t Wait to SEE What a BIG ‘surprise”these naysayors are IN FOR !!’ ) What STUPIDITY It Is Displaying To the Citizens of This Great Nation… TO see >>At least twenty- Plus Wannabes Up there Running their Mouths Against OUR President… ( And so busy Dogging Those Who are Also in the “line-up With them !’ ) Kinda Dumb, Don’t YOU think ?? SO..In the Long run.. How on earth Could Even One of Them ‘ ‘Cop enough votes ” TO Matter AT ALL ?? TRUMP Is THE ONLY ONE For THE Republican Party..Running. AND HE Could only matter What OR Who Was in that ” BIg LineUP !! SEE the Utter Stupidity of THAT Left-behind-bunch-of SOURED-on-The-vine Grapes ?? WEll. at least..WE Deplorables Have Something TO amuse us..In this LONG Tedious Time AHEAD !!! IN The MEANTIME, OUR President Keeps Busy Being OUR LEADER>>AND Working FOR America !!! YAAA !!

        • Jonathan Conover says:

          The 6 million illegals and the dead people that vote over and over will offset the NRA voters.

  15. Dr. J.D. says:

    Those of us who choose the career of researchers/scientists, get really perturbed when articles like this put out outright LIES and FALSEHOODS, with them knowing it is false. An example of this is two lines of this propaganda article:
    . . . . .1. With such weak Democrats currently in the field, anything could happen, and
    ………..2. Polls currently show that President Trump will breeze through 2020 and be re-elected f
    ……………..or four more years.

    Last month this (and OTHER) polls have indicated that the top FIVE democratic candidates would
    beat Trump in a head-to-head contest:
    Biden…………55%…(plus 15%)……………….40%
    Sanders………52%…(plus 9%)………………..43%
    Warren………51%…(plus 7%)…………………44%
    Harris…………50%…(plus 7%)………………..43%
    Buttigieg…….47%…(plus 4%)…………………43%

    Second, all the latest polls indicate that the support of Trump has gone DOWN as the support for Trump’s impeachment and removal has increased to a majority of Americans. Trump is clearly behind in three important “blue” states he won in 2016 by DOUBLE DIGITS, and Trump is hehind in another four or five states he also won in 2016. Texas is a “toss up” right now and if Texas goes for the Democrat, Trump stand no chance of winning even if he wins those states he did in 2016.

    This does not mean Trump will lose, and take, for example, the role of a third party candidate could make a lot of difference. But this article is deliberately pushing falsehoods and the sad thing is that many of the people who post here are caught up in falsehoods that don’t match the EVIDENCE. Science is about inductive logic, generalizations that come from the evidence, not making up stories to mislead people.

    • Truckman says:

      I don,t know where your numbers come from when others show the opposite

      • RIchard Rust says:

        TRUCKMAN—I’ve read just the other day, that so many that are included in these so called polls, are college kids. And 90% of The younger college kids are brain washed by the Liberal instructors. For example in 1800 that were polled 800 were college kids, the rest were Dems, republican & independant. ( don’t remember the #,s, but was split up as low as 7% had no oppinions. So these polls are as misleading as Hell. Let’s see how the polls would be if they were done in states like Idaho, Montana, mostly red states.

    • SFC RET D says:

      Polls can not be trusted they said Trump would lose in 2016, plus polls generally as on or about 1,000 people and depending on where you place you polls and which party they belong to well get you what ever numbers you like. So as a researcher/scientist am I right or wrong?

      • Dr. J.D. says:

        Mostly wrong SFC RET D. top tiered polls done by reputable agencies like Gallup etc. always take a sample that is representative of the general population, with the same proportion of of Dems , ind and Reps, males and females, and general income levels. Now, some polls are set up to be biased, and the key is watching to see if there is a vested interest in the outcome (i.e. I would not trust oil and gas industry to do a study on climate change). It has become such an established methodology that those that don’t follow it become outcasts and lose their reputations and often contracts (income).

        One of the ways the general public misunderstands polls is to see them as one dimensional (i.e who are you voting for or whom do you prefer?). People’s choices and preferences change over time and one thing that is key on political polls is who ends up voting. One feature in 2016 was that Hillary supporters were not strongly attached to Hillary, and so some went instead to Jill Stein in kind of a protest. Dems tend to win when they show up and vote – -if you noticed in 2018, Dems were motivated and flipped over 40 seats. I fully expect them to be very motivated in 2020.

    • KATHYKOOL says:


      • Dr. J.D. says:

        You are just going on your wishes – – the evidence has shown in several polls that the top 4 Dems could and probably would beat Trump. You are only looking at the general direction – – when you compared it to other data, you see that 56% of Americans disapprove of Trump and most of those Strongly disapprove of Trump. You remind me of many who posted on patriot pulse in 2018 who said there was going to be a big red tsunami, when it was just the opposite.

        I saw all Democratic debates, and very little of the time was spent on Trump. Most of the time was criticizing each other, and talking about health care and expenses.

        So, since you are so sure Trump will win by a landslide, provide some evidence to back up that idea, because virtually everything I have seen points the opposite direction. If the election was held today, I would expect the Democrat would get at least 278 or more electoral votes, when it takes 270 to win. That does not mean things might change by Nov. 2020.

    • Ms. Munchkin says:

      Dr. J.D. Now, as a scientist, you, of all people, should know and understand the fallacies with polls. They are scientifically flawed. You know, I presume, how polls work. But, for those reading this comment, let’s explain. Polls work off of the presumption that a small group can predict what a larger group thinks or feels. Now this is where the test is flawed. A focus group would be formed, but they use variables to select their focus group. They may decide to poll person’s from a certain age group, a certain region, a certain sex or ethnicity. This would be the “control group”. Now, the control group is inherently flawed immediately. Why? It is proven that certain age groups, regions, sexes or ethnicities share similar thought patterns on certain subjects. “Like people like to be with others of their kind.” So let’s say a poller chooses males 20-30 years old, from the west coast region, no specific race. Logically, you can assume that the majority will be Democratic leaning, with a few Republican anomalies in the mix. You see how the more specifications you add to the control group, how the outcome can be easily predicted or even MANIPULATED to be the desired outcome for the pollsters. Now, due to the fact that ALL news sources and universities in the US are politically biased, there is NO legitimate polling left in the United States of America. Science is about more than inductive logic, once a fact has been disproven, you then must deduce that it be EXCLUDED! Polls have been proven to be unsound scientifically, and therefore must be excluded in determining the outcome of political elections.

  16. Gregory Sullivan says:

    At least I know where NOT to buy stuff for my fishing gear. They should rename the stores calling them dickheads sporting goods instead.

  17. Alan Wright says:

    Thank you Mr. Henson, me as well!

  18. Robert Terry Moore says:

    Trump has been the best President since Ronald Reagan

    • KATHYKOOL says:


  19. Michael A. Gilliam says:

    I always wondered who the “Dick” was in Dick’s Sporting Goods. Now we know it’s Ed Stack.

  20. Gun Moll says:

    Yay! A real Republican! Finally! Could the end of racist, xenophobic misogyny be near?

    • Michael A. Gilliam says:

      It’s no wonder you don’t use your name and I’m sure you’re just as much of a Republican as you are pretty.

    • Sharon says:

      You are TOTALLY right about them being misogynists – – – I have seen more vulgar words about women, objectifying us as objects, excuses for sexual assault of women on this conservative post than any place ever. I am telling all my female friends to vote against Trump and his sexist supporters.

  21. My2Cents says:

    Appropriate name for the owners and management of the company. Anti gun anti Trump. Lose ,lose.


    The Head of DIck’s is not a likely candidate, as he is attacking the Second Amendment. I stopped shopping at his stores simply because he does not allow anyone to carry a gun into his store whether a person has a Concealed Carry Permit or not. ” Fugheddaboudit !”

    • ih8reps says:

      Then why aren’t people aloud to carry into a chump Ralley?

      • ABC says:

        I would imagine that people are not allowed to carry guns at Mar-O-Lago or most of Trump’s golf courses either or at Republican conventions. And why don’t they allow them to be carried by passengers on airplanes too??

      • Carole H says:

        I should think you would know the answer to that because you seem like such a smart ass. Obviously, the Secret Service doesn’t allow weapons in a building where the President is on stage. Firearms were not allowed when President Trump spoke to the NRA either.

  23. 2WarAbnVet says:

    Ed Stack ran Dick’s Sporting Goods into the ground. That might qualify him as a Democrat, but it’s a mighty poor endorsement for a Republican.

    • Alas says:

      Trump ran the Taj Mahal and several other businesses into the ground, but Daddy Fred Trump kept saving his son, Donnie to keep him from drowning. Many of Trump golf courses are not doing well, like Doral, his one in Scotland, and his Trump “university” scam was a complete fraud and he was forced to pay his victims back. Trump has cheated many subcontractors, lawyers and bankers, and American banks, for the most part have refused to do business with him. That is why Trump gets his money from Deutschbank, which is propped up by Russia mafia money. This may be one reason that Trump is compromised and does Putin’s bidding.

      Is that a good endorsement for a Republican???

  24. SeanM says:

    I was a supporter of Dicks however the store in Schaumburg IL started to loose my business because they didnt sell pistols and had a limited supply of rifles. They said they were going to expand the gun department to include pistols and a better selection of rifles, but they never made it happen. They lost a ton of business when Obama was in office since they didnt have a decent selection. Then they destroyed the AR 15s from other stores. I quit shopping there when they betrayed us and made that move. There are plenty of other options to exercise our rights and freedoms. No way would I vote for Ed. And he lost a customer who shopped there weekly.

  25. Patricia says:

    Just because he is attacking our 2nd ammendent this will doom him! We have the right to have guns for our protection and we have never heard of this jerk! We want Trump 2020 and that iss who we the people will have!

    • George says:

      Like totally agree with you. When big industry gets involved in stepping on our Constitutional Rights time to remove them from the United States.

      • Amen says:

        But it is OK when you Trumpers step on other people’s constitutional rights? Do you want to force Dick’s to carry guns, like making a gay baker bake a cake for a heterosexual couple?

  26. Michael says:

    This guy just wants to pull votes toward the democrat’s. Near the end he will drop out leaving all the brainless to panic and jump to whoever is leading in the Democratic poles.

  27. Archangel III says:

    This is just another tactic by the left to try to screw president Trump…They just keep on coming. This idiot knows he won’t win but it could definitely take votes away from Trump. Even though Stack is a republican donor, he is doing this as a left wing tactic to try and undo President Trump’s chances of winning so the Dems can… Republican or not, that makes him a lefty… Ed Stack will lie through his teeth… What will he run on that trump hasn’t already accomplished? Lowering taxes? Souring economy? Lowest unemployment rate since 1969? Millions off of food stamps, millions out of poverty, 17% decrease in welfare claims since the election? Are we really going to let this left wing plant nobody take votes away from our president? Again it will be up to us… Remember that he is a plant by the left to destroy Trumps chances of re-election. It has nothing to do with Ed stack wanting to become president at all, and why vote for someone who is not prepared to be President of the United States, and doesn’t want to be? … We need to expose Ed Stack for the fraWe we all know he will be should he make the grave mistake of trying to run as a third party candidate… Let’s all 70 million of us take a deep breath and understand that we can’t let this fraud or anyone else destroy Trumps chances of re-election. Ed Stack might be the first, but may not be the last… The Dems are trying everything and anything and they just won’t stop, especially the closer it gets to 2020… We need to be ready.

    • Patricia says:

      Don’t worry, stupid Kasich and McMullin pulled the same crap and Trump still won besides I fully believe that none other than God Himself has chosen Trump for two terms!

      • R.C. says:

        No, God chose Obama and other presidents for two terms. God is not happy with Donnie Trump because of his lies (13,000+ recorded to date (Satan is the lord of lies), and his criminal acts like all Trump’s obstructions of justice, crimes with Cohen, and soliciting help three times from foreign powers to interfere in our elections. God also does not like Trump’s infidelity and how he has funneled over $100 million from taxpayer money into his own pockets. Or maybe, Patricia, you worship a “god” that does not care about the ten commandments?

        • Archangel III says:

          What is with this made up “13,000”lies crap I keep hearing about from you liberal morons? I don’t normally resort to name calling but that just sounds stupid… President Trump kept every one of the promises he has made to the American people other than what the unhinged Democrats were able to stop… He promised the biggest tax cut and deregulations ever and made it happen… Trump promised jobs and we just hit the 7 million new jobs mark in just under 3 years according to the US Bureau of labor statistics which also just announced a week and a half ago a new drop in the unemployment rate of 3.5%, lowest since 1969, (care to dispute those facts RC?) … He promised a great economy. We once again, for the 7th straight quarter, hit 3% GDP growth or higher with a rousing 3.2% GDP this last quarter according to the BEA (Bureau of Economic Analysis), which determines the growth rate of our Gross Domestic Product each quarter, (see RC… more facts… Care to engage?)… All lies right RC?… How about 6.8 million Americans now off of food stamps according to SNAP, (Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program)… 4.8 million out of poverty and a 19% drop in welfare claims over the last 2 and a half years according to the CENSUS Buearu… RC, These are the federal programs that have given us these stats monthly, quarterly, and anually for decades… Unless you can find different stats from other sources other than the Democrats, the Communist News Network, and MSLSD, (AKA… The Mainstream Mafia) filling your head with the level of hateful lies, phony propaganda and Coup attempts by these people that, as you and the entire country has sat back and watched, hasn’t and will never work… Trump is way too out in the open and transparent and every hateful lie and false accusation made by your party and their partners in crime, the MS Mafia move him closer to re-election and retaking the House… It’s a shame RC… These are the people you support… The “CCC”… (Coup-Clux-Clan).

          • Archangel III says:

            Are you starting to get the picture RC, or would you like me to keep going? Don’t worry… I won’t get into the many other promises president Trump has kept like promising historically record low unemplyment for African Americans, Hispanic Americans, Asian Americans, and Women, and actually delivered. Again according to the US labor and statistics Buearu, (look it up bro… it’s ok, it won’t bite) … I also won’t get into his promise and succeeding of building back the greatest and strongest military in the world…or his commitment build the wall to control the flow of illegals, drug and human trafficking, gangs like MS13, rapists, murders and possibly terrorist cells all of which Trump is already ridding of this country… And I certainly won’t bore you further with Trump securing the borders, something the people you support are desperately against with no regard for the above mentioned possibilities should the people you support actually win… We won’t talk about the VA policies he implemented 2 years ago giving our veterans more health care choices out side the VA, and still get the same government benefits, with new VA employment policies that created shorter wait times and much better treatment of our Vets… And last but extremely far from least, I won’t mention the “Trump Energy Doctrine ” Policies that have made America the largest exporter of natural gas and oil and has finally made America the most energy independent country in the world…And please… Don’t get me started on your parties fake Communist impeachment farce because that’s just what it is… a farce…. So If you got anything better RC we’re all ears………………………………..
            Still waiting……………………… That’s what we thought… Have a good night…

        • Eileen Trent says:

          Excuuuuuuse me!! Is that why all the devil worshippers will be holding another “spell casting” ceremony in their covens on …..Oct. 31st…..u just can’t make this stuff up!!….to wail, and convulse, and impale their voodoo dolls of Pres. Trump?

          Bubble, bubble, toil and trouble—eye of newt and wing of bat—or some such crap!!

          Got it? DEVILS HATE TRUMP!!!

          Conversely, they were no where to be seen or heard when HUSSEIN was systematically and deliberately destroying our country!!

          U see…..devils recognize ……THEIR OWN!!!!


          TRUMP 2Q2Q

      • Jonathan Conover says:

        I seriously doubt that God is affiliated with any political party.

  28. dprato says:

    Well if he runs he will hurt Democrats more than Republicans because he will simply draw the anti gun crowd whichare predominantly Democrats, Liberals and the Left. Given the lack of traction on anti gun moves at the moment this guy will be a big help to President Trump running on an anti gun crusade as a demonstration of leadership. Just another fly on and elephants butt.

    • David says:

      I totally agree – no REAL Republican will even consider voting for this RINO. He’ll just take away votes from the Dems.

  29. Mark C Hannigan says:

    Yep he is the head of dicks

  30. renato says:


  31. Cg says:

    He already lost by removing weapons from store!Easy peas y.

  32. Pupeperson says:

    A vote for this guy would be a vote for Pelosi, Schumer, Nadler, Schiff, The squad and all of the other leftist DemWits in DC. Congratulations! Cowtowing to a 16 year old activist who is responding to a position taken by George Soros and removing one of the most popular firearms in America from your stores isn’t exactly the type of strong leader anybody’s looking for. STAND DOWN is my advice for Stack.

  33. Richard Robinett says:

    Because Stack is running DJT is “DOOMED” Please give us a break PP. Your fear-mongering is ridiculous.

  34. Come on Ed put your name in the race. There has to be a better person for the republican party than that crook trump.

    • Hurley Henson says:

      But any crooked Republican is still hugely better than any sick democrat Nadine.

    • Lee Nixon says:

      You are an idiot, President Trump has done more for the American People than any other president.

      • Amen says:

        wow, you are certainly living in an unreal world, Lee. Trump is about to take us from prosperity to a big recession soon, the majority of economists think. He TOTALLY screwed up in Syria and gave the power to his master, Putin. He will not stand up to Putin, of Kim Jong Un, to Erdogan of Turkey or the Saudi Prince. He has funneled huge amounts of taxpayer money into his own pockets, and bragged his race for president was for “the world’s biggest infomencial” for himself!!

    • Shirley says:

      Why don’t you run idiot? You’d fit right in with the Dem dopes.

  35. Don says:

    A third party run could hurt “both” Democrats and Republicans but even if there is a third party run I think it will hurt the democrats “more” than Trump.

  36. bill says:

    I will not buy anything from Dick’s now

  37. Ed Stack is a “LIAR”. PERIOD

  38. jj says:

    Oh great….. Not

  39. Benjamin Blumberg says:

    C’mon Ed Stack, don’t do to Trump what Ross Perot did to GHW Bush, who was all in all a very fine man and not a bad President except for one little thing – he won a war and left the enemy commander in charge of the field. If you are doing this just to spite Trump, you might very well find that NOBODY will ever buy ANYTHING anymore at Dick’s.

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