The largest police organization in America sent a message that Nike won’t like

Nike spat in the face of law enforcement with their newest ad campaign.

The ad features national anthem protester and ex-NFL QB Colin Kapernick with the words, “Believe in something. Even if it means sacrificing everything.”

But the largest police organization in the country just sent a message to Nike they won’t like.

The Fraternal Order of Police has a membership of more than 325,000 sworn law enforcement officers.

They took offense at Nike’s new Colin Kaepernick ad campaign and they issued this devastating statement:

“Colin Kaepernick and all Americans have the constitutional right to freely express their views, even if they are uninformed and inflammatory. Indeed, law enforcement officers have an obligation to defend these rights and we do so every day, even in those cases when the views expressed are hostile, hateful or offensive to the men and women of law enforcement.

“The Fraternal Order of Police has been called upon to boycott Nike for capitalizing on this former professional football player because he attracts controversy. In our experience, boycotts and similar exercises do not succeed and often serve only to enrich the company – which is not what we want to do. Our members, and, for that matter, any American citizen, understands when the law enforcement profession is being insulted – we have no doubt they will make their purchases with that insult in mind.

“If Nike chooses to create an ad campaign featuring a former quarterback who describes cops as ‘pigs’ and makes large donations to the family of a convicted cop killer and wanted fugitive, Joanne Chesimard, who murdered New Jersey State Trooper Werner Foerster in cold blood in 1973, they are free to do so.

“Since 2016, 381 officers have been killed in the line of duty. They believed in something and sacrificed everything, as did the families they left behind. All of the men and women in law enforcement believe in something and are prepared to sacrifice everything.

“Ultimately, this ad campaign will end and our nation will no longer associate ‘sacrifice’ and ‘sneakers.’ Instead, we will once again associate ‘sacrifice’ with our fellow Americans in our military and police departments who stand in harm’s way to protect the rest of us and our right to express ourselves.”

Colin Kaepernick famously wore socks to practice depicting cops as pigs.

His pro-Black Lives Matter national anthem protests have resulted in increased hostility towards law enforcement.

Now Nike is thumbing their nose in the face of law enforcement.

They thought it was a good idea to make Kaepernick the face of their massive new ad campaign, but that decision is backfiring on them.


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157 Responses

  1. zee says:

    Soooo, Nike Gladly takes ‘a hit’ in market shares
    FOR a TAX WRITE 0FF. 0k? that’s All this is.
    ie Drop stocks take a write 0ff & then Rebuy. Capish, no?
    > Now Levi Strauss prefers to follow suit.
    > This IS ‘stock market’ Stufff. & ‘using’ a Political Venue
    for ultimate GAIN. ADD Nike To Your Portfolio or 401K.

    • BwaHa says:

      I quit buying Nike, Levi, crap decades ago. I’ve been buying Carhartt jeans, shirts, etc. ever since. I don’t know, perhaps I saw all of this coming back when Nike bought most of the college teams sports programs in the Nation… errr, I mean funded them… no, no, dammit. My bad… I mean “outfitted” them. Either way, nike, Levi AND krappernickle can kiss my 65 yrs. old, 40+ yrs. retired cop’s arse!

    • Cliff says:

      No longer buying Nike and I stopped buying Levi’s years ago, I do not agree with eather one and won’t support them.

  2. Leon Donahue says:

    Krappernick calls the Police “PIGS” while he SLOPS AT THE TROUGH OF GREED!

  3. Mike Baumgartner says:

    Nike is appealing to its global market hoping to increase sales with anti American sentiment. Meanwhile here in the USA. I attended a community event yesterday of about 150 people. I saw 1 pair of Nikes. The kid wearing them was sitting with his feet crossed in an attempt to conceal the swoosh.

    • Ron Lowrider says:

      I think that a little Blue Flu should hit on Sunday morning, then let’s see who’s going to protect the millionaire car’s and their belongings.

  4. Pace Magnum says:

    Lets face it everyone, Kaepernick never really was a good professional football player. He is like those one hit wonder bands that just fade away. This is the only way he will get any attention, and probably the only way he will be able to make a living.

    • SweetOlBob says:

      It seems to me that his “girlfriend” has an awful lot of influence on his decisions.
      Could it be that he is just a trifle “Kitty” whipped ?
      Sure looks like it !

  5. Joe says:

    The NFL can go to HELL! And take Nike and Levies with them!

  6. James G. Mothes says:

    I voted no to removing the ad. Let the idiots keep on running it and maybe, hopefully, they will lose enough money to replace the morons that made this decision with people who appreciate this country.

    • JAMES360 says:


  7. Cactus Cleve says:

    Nuck Fike.

  8. Linda says:

    Kaepernick needs to go to Iran, NOW!
    They love him and what he stands for
    He is disgusting! He has all kind of excuses but how do you explain off everything he has done against the American People and our great Police force (Pigs!? Really?)? He and Nike (Converse and all other brands owned by Nike) needs to leave our country they have shown disrespect for! RESPECT THE OFFICE and ALL of the American public he and his followers have insulted!
    And when his fellow Blacks rob or injure him or his family, let him call in Iran to help him!

  9. Linda says:

    Thank God for our Police! They do a great service for us and they get very little thanks for risking their lives for meager wages.
    Where would we be without them?

  10. Richard Daugherty says:

    The NFL is history!

  11. Joe says:

    The NFL can go to HELL!

    • Nancy says:

      Yes, and take Nike and Levis with them. Anyone who opposes what this country is all about can all take their Nike’s and “take a hike” right out of here to some other country, or as you said, Hell.

  12. n wilson oliver says:

    The irony behind Nike’s “brilliant” decision to honor Kaepernick for his sacrifice, blah, blah, is akin to crediting an employee knowing he or she is about to be fired, “telling off” the boss. He had ABSOLUTELY NOTHING to lose–had no one drawn attention to his inane disrespectful gesture, he would have lost NOTHING. As it has turned out, the Left and Leftist Uber-limolib giants like the all-wise Nike have raised this third-rate jock to sainthood–


    • SweetOlBob says:

      n wilson:
      Crapernick is a perfect example of a third string anything. The owners of the NFL need to lose a bunch of money because of their fear of peeing off some of their big, aboriginal, stars and allowing their teams names to be associated with such a farce. The concussion prone jerks can protest all they want, but when they insult the United States of America, or her anthem, they can go to Somalia or hell . Take their pick.

  13. Charlie says:

    I’m part of the 2% who said don’t pull the add. Anyone who believes in the add doesn’t vote my way so f###them anyway. The add may just push some to vote my way in November.

  14. Rob says:

    I stand with Law Enforcement, and the PBOP!

    • Rob says:

      My bad,it’s the IUPA!

    • von Potter says:


    • Ronald Tyler says:

      I just posted a reference to this on my Facebook page, and Facebook immediately took it down for Offensive Violent content.
      I have now posted the following:
      Facebook just deleted a post I made that was a direct quote from the National Fraternal Order of Police because it reflected violent behavior. No where in the post did it have anything to do with Violent behavior. It was about Colin Kaepernick! My gosh. So if someone disagrees with Kneeling for the flag, you get your posts deleted, I have serious problems with this.
      This is NOT the first time Facebook has done this. I am now on the phone with my attorney!
      Facebook, be advised, I am about to file a civil lawsuit against you for harassment and violation of my First Amendment Rights! I am FED UP with the censorship that Facebook is and has done. When they hear from my attorney, you WILL have to pay me some major bucks for censoring me and people like me! I am done with the illegal censorship by this organization! My rights have been violated!

      • Nancy says:

        Ronald Tyler, I wish you all the best. Go get them. I have had several things turned down without any reason given. I’m almost certain it’s because they were GOOD things about our President. I hope you win.

      • jack says:

        Facebook is a private business so the first amendment doesn’t apply. They are free to control what is posted whether we like it or not.

        • They are a private business engaged in Interstate and International Commerce via Federally Regulated Utilities, i.e. Cable Television companies and Telephone companies. As such, they are required o adhere to certain rights of Individuals as described in the U.S. Constitution, to wit; Equal Access and Equal Treatment under Policy. jack, do you WORK for these assholes?

        • tom anderson says:

          Have you heard of the Bakers in Oregon. The 1st amendment applies to anything said in the USA, except endangering the public. I guess you work for google or facebook to have this mis-information ingrained in your brain.

      • sheldon Nadler says:

        Facebook has deleted almost all my posts that deal with the moronic Demcrats and thier BS! Nike and the NFL can go f–k themselves. I stopped watching in 2016 and my felloe Vietnam vet friends have also tuned out the NFL games!

    • Janine says:

      I do too I stand with the blue’s . Law Enforcement

  15. Rob says:

    Censorship by this site is unconstitutional and a lawsuit, is in this case, necessary to be a deterrent for future censorship!

  16. Herbert G. Chapman says:

    I would vote no on Nike to pull kaepernick’s ad. Keep the ad and maybe it would hopefully bankrupt them

  17. Mott says:

    It’s a little late to pull the ad. I for one the damage is done and will never buy Nike! items!

  18. You all are full of __ IT ! It was not only a protest and why not ! AND Leave NIKE OUT OF IT ! We kneel when we propose ! We kneel when we accept Holy Communion ! What is wrong with the Overdone Rash Judgement ?? IT HADNOTHING TO DO WITH THE NATIONAL ANTHEM OR NIKE ! Get you all’s HEAD OUT OF YOU KNOW WHERE !!!

    • M says:

      Spellman lll, You are just another deaf, dumb, blind, liberal, making excuses for a bunch of panseys not respecting our national tradition, law enforcement, military, flag, anthem, etc. You’re trying to justify with the examples in your comment is comparing apples to oranges. You Dems don’t even believe what you promote much less anybody else. Shame on you!

    • Michael Thayer says:

      You obviously haven’t listen to what that overpaid crybaby said about his reason for the protest. And as far as Nike goes, maybe they have a “courageoous” employee who wants to destroy them, because they surely can’t think that alienating half the country is going to earn them MORE business. So Adios, Nike, keep hoping your foreign market keeps you afloat.

    • Mott says:

      Really? It has EVERYTHING to do with the anthem, Taking a knee when it is played is a slap in the face to Americans and her armed forces. But I guess you have not served and would not understand anyway.

    • tom anderson says:

      You are entitled to state what you believe, mr. spill man lll, but so are we and apparently you are in the very slim minority. So just piss off. These overpaid performers ARE DISRESPECTING our Flag and should not be doing it on our time. Let them do whatever they would like on their own time.

  19. PULSE POLL: Should Nike pull its Colin Kaepernick ad campaign?

    Who gives a sh*t about Nike or Colin Kaepernick anymore? They’re done.

  20. Cactus Cleve says:

    I voted NO in the poll. Let Nike continue to show the world what leftist globalist scum they are. Maybe there are a few people with brains who will get thier heads out and see what’s what.
    That picture looks like a stinking muzz terrorist.

    • ERIC MILLER says:

      I also voted NO. Let Nike lose as much as it wants to. Personally I have better things to do with my money than buy overpriced footwear. Great letter from th police association.

      • Rex Whitmer says:

        Nike makes the largest selling athletic shoe that is sold in the USA! They use foreign worker, paying them a ridiculously cheap wage, then turn their product around and sell it at the highest price of any athletic shoe on the market. it’s about time trump put a tariff on their wares~

    • gator1246 says:

      I will never buy nike again , and i do mean never . no matter what change’s they make after this . There are some not so nice people in law enforcement , maybe 1 or 2 per cent , but i know a lot of the officer’s where i live and they are good people doing a hard job , and i respect all of them , even the one’s who have wrote me ticket’s , ( just doing their job ) . My point is don’t throw out the whole bushel of apples just because you found a bad one , and that is what i think nike is doing . To all police officer’s in this country , GOD BLESS AND STAND YOUR GROUND .

    • Joanne Thauberger says:

      It isn’t a very flattering shot; is it? It has a sinister look about it. I think it is in the eyes.

  21. KJHanover says:

    great letter from the police association.

    • Jay says:

      Agree ! All these democrats that have turned on the police should never call on them for help. They have ruined their right to have protection etc from the police.

      How dumb are these democrats? Honestly, do they forget about the many times the police have risked their lives for the sake of the American people.

  22. Marlo says:

    Please stop subjecting us to this ugly American??? and his evil eyes.

  23. Tony says:

    All this boycott talk by LE means nothing. If they truly want to take a stand they should refuse to work NFL and NBA games. “If you believe in something take a stand. Even if it means Sacrificing everything” Well LE take a stand and sacrifice your jobs if you have to. But you won’t you’ll go to games and watch these a holes kneel and you’ll protect them. While they give you and the military the finger. Boycotts are easy they cost nothing.

    • Buddy says:

      Cops make a very meager salery to put themselves in harm’s way. If they didn’t work the games to make extra pay the games would look like European socker games. Don’t buy Nike.

      • Joanne Thauberger says:

        Actors get paid more money for playing the part of a police officer, without any of the risks and a script to follow, than the police officer does in his whole career. How does that work?

    • Mott says:

      I understand what you are saying, But the “Boy’s in blue” feel they are there to do a job, Even if some don’t like them they will protect them also.

  24. Bill says:

    What is the big deal? Nike spends .17 cents to make a pair of sneakers then turn’s around and sells them for a couple of hundred. Besides he did wear PIGS in uniform socks and did not get fined from Goodell

    • Donald Tucker says:

      What has he actually sacrificed. He continued to be paid by Nike.

    • T-pac says:

      F Godell AND F Nike and the rest of these AMERICA HATING POS. Just hope the NIKE GOES BELLY UP FROM THIS LUNICY

    • Cliff says:

      The Employees for Nike should walk out!!!!!

    • SweetOlBob says:

      The whole thing has blown up and it’s the Owners fault. If some of these “heroes”had been fired, as they should have been, the ridiculous, false protest would have died.
      But the owners were afraid to fire one of their no-neck, concussion prone, troglodytes because it may have given an advantage to the teams that let the hulks show their azz.
      These kneeling jerks are not more than performers. The are not any more heroes than the nut banging his head on the wall back at “The Home” !
      I don’t want to watch either one of them. And anyone who supports their childish, insulting, unpatriotic display is also off the table with me.

  25. Dennis B says:

    My Sincere Thanks to The Fraternal Order Of Police, for their Service ! their Commitment! and their Sacrifice! their True 24/7 day after day! without hesitation Commitment and Sacrifice…God Bless you and your families.
    As for Nike…They’ve shown where their Commitment and Allegiance lies, which makes it very easy for us to say ‘Goodbye Nike’…We have been loyal Nike customers, for
    decades…but we are done!!

    • Alby Thumm says:

      Wouldn’t it be COMICAL if Kapernick were killed in a drive-by , by the THUGS he supports !

    • Jay says:

      It wouldn’t be so pathetic had Nike picked someone that truly believed in something other than themselves. Clearly, this loser doesn’t care about any cause, it was a last ditch to reignite his football career. Sorry Colin, you were never that good.

      In stark contrast, had they picked a policeman, a veteran, a teacher etc, I think they would have received an entirely different response. A positive and enthusiastic response.

    • Cliff says:

      GOD BLESS our military and Police 24/7✝️✡️????????????

  26. Matthew G Zatkalik says:

    Nike and Colin Kapernick are not the only ones who can enter the group of those who “Believe in something. Even if it means sacrificing everything.” However, to believe is more than a thought – it involves action. If belief does not lead anyone to an action then it is nothing more than a catch phrase, a slogan. Action means acting on your belief – no abusive, unlawful, or obscene actions benefit “Believe in something. Even if it means sacrificing everything.”

  27. JoLa says:

    NIKE has a huge influence on “College Sports” in Oregon — Particularly in Eugene, where the city is virtually Nike Town. — All “never Nike” people need to avoid spending money in Eugene. — Rather spend time and money just east of Eugene in Springfield – very welcoming town.

  28. Schulte says:

    Nice job Nike you are trying too make Colin a hero when he is a traitor. Go back to wherever you came from because you do not respect this country. Good bless our country, our police force and our president.

  29. Maryann Delisio says:

    I didn’t answer because it’s too late for Nike. Even if they pull away from the slime Kaepernick, I won’t buy Nike. I stand with American Patriots. God bless our police.

  30. Al says:

    I guess I am being censured for making more than one comment. As the liberals are taking over the voice of America we can put them out of business to. WAKE up AMERICA, who will be next to be banned our President. Try that one and I see what happens.
    I shall ever turn my back on nick, any and all products associated with them. I have not watched nfl for several years and will not do so again for many years to come. This type of exploitation is shameful. We lift up the police, firefighters, and all the armed forces for their TRUE and DEDICATED service to ALL people. THEIR sacrifice is neither greedy or selfish. I cannot say the same for the GREEDY and SHAMEFUL nick group and the disgusting people that participate in their practices. Again, shame on them……

    • Jerry says:

      I am a family member of the “Top Cop” three times. He was my cousins husband. I have not met a finer man. He died of an unexpected heart attack. He hated racism and spoke out against it. But racism was not present in the police department he represented as a Mississippi State Police officer. And a no name former NFL football player wishes to disparage his name. So Colin you can go jump off the bridge, or move anywhere in the world outside the United States. Since you obviously despise the country that has made you a millionaire, I value as an extreme low life, ungrateful, hate monger. No matter whether the NFL brings you back in or not, I will not buy a Nike product, nor watch any NFL game for as long as I live.

      • Jerry says:

        I want Colin to remain toxic, so whatever he does, I will not participate in unless he apologizes to the entire nation and especially the police officers.

  31. Al says:

    I shall ever turn my back on nick, any and all products associated with them. I have not watched nfl for several years and will not do so again for many years to come. This type of exploitation is shameful. We lift up the police, firefighters, and all the armed forces for their TRUE and DEDICATED service to ALL people. THEIR sacrifice is neither greedy or selfish. I cannot say the same for the GREEDY and SHAMEFUL nick group and the disgusting people that participate in their practices. Again, shame on them……

  32. Oscar Pearson says:

    I will support the police before I ever even think about giving Kaepernick an audience! Muslim jerks like him shows just had sick people and companies are getting in this country!

  33. Jan13 says:

    The thing that gets me about the Nike ad, is they have an American Flag in it. I wonder if Colin knelt first.
    A week ago before this crap came out, I bought a pair of Nike sandals, first Nike product I’ve purchased in 25 years, they will be going into a “ good will “ box tomorrow.

  34. DB says:

    Take their Swoosh! Another unAmerican Company gone! I don’t care if they guy is white, black, red, yellow, or greeen. You live and enjoy the freedoms in America. Act like an American, get treated like an American, and you will be an American. Act like a spoiled, arrogant, idiotic, crybaby and nobody gives a S–t and would just as soon see you burn like a bag of dog s–t on a porch gag.

  35. Kenneth Boyd says:

    Kap… started out to be a great quarterback . Too bad he turned into such a horrible ni–er !

  36. K says:

    NIKE, like all of us, they have the right to say what they want & choose who they want as their new mascot. Personally, I won’t buy the NIKE brand or any other brand they own. Many brands you wouldn’t even realize are owned by NIKE but you can research to find out the true owner, this is common in business. They’re obviously being run by Anti-American leaders & I find that ironic since they provide products for some of the most AMERICAN sports like baseball, loser NFL teams & many others. Hopefully, with this leadership, they will begin to implode and ruin their own company.

    • Oscar Pearson says:


    • C L Cassim says:

      nike makes it a “point” to hire criminals, arrogant ignorant nincompoops. Remeber michael vick, the dog abuser, torturer and murderer. Yeah, he did a little time…but as soon as he got out, they snatched him up as their new spokes person. Hiw Friggin Sick is That? Hate nike and refuse to purchase any of their products.

  37. Harvey D Schneider says:

    Hope that a Fireman’s Association joins the Fraternal Order Of Police and writes an open letter to Nike and joins the boycott.

  38. June Boyer says:

    I do not care what Nike does even if they pull their ad I will never spend a dime with them ever again anymore than I will ever watch another NFL game. too little to late. they made their bed now they can lie in it

  39. deerflyguy says:

    Of course, it stands to reason that Nike sought out this frizzy haired punk to do this commercial for them………and…………..they paid him to do it!
    I wonder how much it costs to hire an unpatriotic, trouble making, a$$hole like him, and just how low does a company have to dip to believe that this terrible decision was going to increase sales and promote national accord?

  40. Bob says:

    Nike is done. Good job burning down a multi-billion dollar business.

  41. Alice Cokefair says:

    We ARE FOP, and agree completely with their stand. Yes, everyone in this nation has a right to state whatever they believe, in public, without consequence (currently NOT TRUE for conservatives in this country). They DO NOT, however, have the right to disrupt their workplace to express these views. The NFL is dead wrong on this- if players have a right to protest on the field of play, do police and fire have the right to take a knee when help is needed?

  42. PHIL TRIMMER says:

    Threw out everything NIKE and will never buy again………..NO MATTER WHAT. There are consequences.

  43. steve says:

    Well as a AMERICAN, MARINE, and a family man I do not agree with the NFL NIKE or the ex quarter but I strongly agree that EVERONE has a right to there opinion as long as they r ready to suffer the consequence from it I WILL STAND A POST AND DEFEND THE RIGHTS FOR EVERYONE I just don’t have to agree with them…..

  44. Tom Frye says:

    I support ALL first responders AND our military, so won’t recover ground you folks already have. All I’ll say is
    ya got a company here that controls about 30% of the footwear market in the world…strictly using near
    enough to slave labor to make it scary…and we have a left here who doesn’t really care much for the big
    corporations and their making of profits…but those nitwits sure seem to want to support Niki. What’s
    wrong with this picture.

  45. no more nike products for me.

  46. R B says:

    Nike should be an expert on sacrifice, but it isn’t the kind of sacrifice they say that Kaepernick has experienced. And it certainly isn’t the kind of sacrifice that our police, first responders, and military experience, when they put their lives on the line everyday.
    The kind of sacrifice that Nike knows about is the children who work for 20 cents an hour in China and SE Asia producing their product so that Nike can charge hundreds of dollars for a pair of sneakers.
    Kaepernick knows sacrifice too, the sacrifice that our young soldiers made when they died to allow a grown man to be paid millions of dollars to play the game of football while he shows his contempt for the country that has given him so much.
    One form of sacrifice that I hope is experienced is when Nike watches their profits sink. That wouldn’t really be a sacrifice, that would be justice.

  47. Mike W says:

    The NFL and NIke seem to enjoy digging their own grave, So Be it.

  48. Buddy says:

    So sad, is America so dead that people can’t see the difference between right and wrong anymore? Do we now glorify the thugs of the world? In the 60s on up thru the 90s the prevailing law was if you get killed in the commission of a crime then it’s Your fault! Shame on Nike and shame on the NFL. But most of all shame on you Colin Kapernick!

    • Cp123 says:

      Only democrats revere criminals. I don’t understand how eliminating a tradition like the anthem at games helps any pro-Black agenda. All these black players are millionaires. They should give some away!

  49. Peter says:

    This is all out war. Good against despicable.

  50. Mary Allen says:

    Evil thinking people cannot appreciate what President Trump has done to increase the economy of our country by lowering taxes for corporations and all businesses but they are willing to “slap” him in the face by using people who are un-American against him. No gratitude using such an evil looking face at Colin’s.

  51. Thomas Goss says:

    SCREW nike and this sorry son of a bitch, I hope nike goes out of business because of this bastard.

  52. Ron says:

    Even if Nike pulls it’s ad because of falling business they have already shown how they feel about America. and our first responders. NEVER buy nike again .

  53. LT says:

    Why doesn’t this disgraceful roach go over and fight in the middle east?? Why doesn’t this COWARD enlist and help our troops? Why? Because he is nothing but a loud mouth piece of garbage who needs to be disgraced out of ANY business he associates with. DISGUSTING… NIKE – You’re done! Anyone who embraces this disgusting filth deserves to go out of business. Millions of dollars for an anti-American creep – but he’s SO being discriminated against… Please, get a life you roach.

    • Christiann Revere says:

      Time to reinstate the draft!!

    • Jim Banes says:

      This jerk should join the terrorist armies so he can be on the receiving end of a good old fashioned American made bullet to end his oppressed cry-baby existance. Nike, I boycotted you a long time ago. Now I hope millions more Americans will hasten your demise. One thing about Americans, when you cross us we have long lasting memories so dumping your poster boy is not likely to bail you out.

  54. diamondjaw says:

    The purpose of the NFL player kneeling protest was to encourage fans to support pressuring law enforcement to be less violent in dealing with black criminals. Has it work? Of course not. All they have done is pissed off their friends. Now Nike has joined this farce. Lots of luck swoosh, you’ll need it!

    • ERIC MILLER says:

      Funny thing about all this is that kneeling is basically a sign of respect. Sitting on your butt is a sign of disrespect – (disabled people excepted).

  55. Art Ward, Jr. says:

    Good Bye Nike! Our entire extended family (74 Folks) will never, ever, buy another Nike Product. What was Nike thinking? If they are this stupid, how did they ever get to where they are, or were? I was a Corporate Guy for many years with IBM and Exxon … I cannot imagine a mistake of this magnitude, made by a group of goofy Sales and Marketing types! This awful example of corporate stupidity and recklessness will likely be a Business School model of what not to do … ever! A public apology would be appropriate and should be forthcoming.

  56. James Bullock says:

    To many Police Officers and military personnel have made the ultimate sacrifice. Kaepernick hasn’t the slightest idea about what real sacrifice is. He made his choices about where his allegiance is and if it is with groups that support Cop killers we don’t need him. Maybe he should go overseas where NIKE has their items manufactured. They show where their allegiance is too.

  57. Wayne says:

    I am a retired law enforcement officer and retired U. S. Marine. These babies that are protesting against law enforcement officers and our flag, are nothing more than mindless idiots. They have no concept of either country or law enforcement. Most have never worked a day in their entire life and never had to sacrifice anything. So, please give me a break Kapperdink, stop feeling sorry for yourself, put on your big boy pants and GO TO WORK FOR A CHANGE!!!

  58. The American veteran fought so that the American people have the right to stand for our constitution!
    They did not fight for idiots and traitors to stand against it!



  60. Mae Davis says:

    I will never buy Nike again. My shoe business will go to New Balance, Sketchers, Converse, ANYBODY BUT NIKE!!! I do not support anything or anyone that gives money to a cop killer’s family and speaks of police as pigs!! He is a disrespectful prick and does not need to be hailed as a hero or admired by anyone in their right mind. Too many people and companies are trying to push this left wing agenda on everyone. At some point it will backfire and when it does, look out, companies will fall and others will lose their jobs like NIKE CEO!!!

    • Karen says:

      Just to let you know, I believe Converse is owned by Nike. I think New Balance or Under Armour are the best way to go. At least New Balance are American made.

  61. howard says:

    I have two really nice golf hats that were given to me. I guess that i will just have to burn them too. Damn, it hurts to be a real patriot sometimes!! Also remember that Dicks Sporting Goods supports trashing the 2nd Amendment! Haven’t purchased anything there all summer either! Without Law Enforcement , evil will prevail and Kapricorn there is just another punk privileged beyond his real worthiness.

  62. Lois says:

    I fully support the Fraternal Order of Police in their boycott of all things Nike. Too bad the NFL doesn’t have the courage to follow suit and cancel their contract with Nike.

  63. R. W. Huber says:

    Maybe a more appropriate choice by NIKE of a person who “Believe in something. Even if it means sacrificing everything,” would have been ARIZONA CARDINAL CORNERBACK TILLMAN!!! He turned down a lucrative NFL contract to join the military and was killed serving his country! Hey NIKE, Tillman over Kapernick is a “no brainer!!”

    • db says:

      The company that runs that company using child slave labor is not bright enough to recognize real sacrifice by someone who gave it all but rather aligns itself with idiots that are causing an complete industry to grind down hill as more and more realize that NFL really means NO FOOTBALL LEAGUE.



    • John says:

      Unfortunately, all the sympathizers and BLM types will be buying Nike products as a badge of honor.

      I think that it will make these dirtbags real easy to recognize. The swoosh will be their mark.

  64. Cesar De Los Reyes says:

    Never NIKE, Never Made In China or PROC (same thing) … going BROOKS and other true American Made !!!!!

  65. Bill McMorrow says:

    i have never bought anything with a nike logo on it for the simple reason that i saw they were destroy young sports with there payoffs to coach’s who put that annoying logo on children’s uniforms. then they come out with $500 dollar sneakers and kids of family’s would not or could not buy them were furious sometime’s killing for them. i’ll bet old barry has 50 pair in his closet.

  66. No, I don’t think Niki should pull their ad. If that’s the way they feel about our Country and its Flag, then I want to know it. I like to know who my enemy’s are. The NFL being one, Dicks, Niki, CNN, NYT, WAPO, Hollywood and a whole host of other blood suckers who love the Americans money and business, but hate us and what we stand for.

  67. Mark r says:

    Bye bye nike ,you put a racist as the face of your product ,you will get no money from myself or my family and friends.

  68. Laverne Shimanek says:

    I will never buy Mike again! I’m advising my 3 children,
    8 GrandChildren & 16 Great GrandChildren to not buy from a treasonous company like Nike!

  69. Paul says:

    At this point it does not matter I will never buy from Nike again.

  70. Debra Cluiss says:

    I voted “Yes” the add should be pulled. But it’s too late for Nike. They’ve fired their shot. And the true colors of their flag have been flown. They are part of the far left: anti-authority, anti-military, anti-police, ANTI-American.

  71. Mark says:

    Japan bombing Pearl Harbor. Coca Cola going to a “new” taste. Choosing Sam Bowie over Michael Jordan in the NBA draft. Boston Red Sox selling Babe Ruth to the Yankees. Welcome aboard the dumb train Nike!

  72. John says:

    He sacrificed everything, give me a friggin break, he can take his anti- American Ass outta here. With all of the rest of you, I or anyone I have spoken to will ever buy their crap again.

  73. Xiomara Golen says:

    Our Fraternal Order of Police are putting their lives on the line for all of us. People, you should be grateful. You’re not the one leaving your family, friends, etc. to protect us. Grow up!!!

  74. Henry Knodel says:

    The Thin Blue Line speaks up!!! Go get them guys!!! I support you 100%. Stay the course!!

  75. M says:

    No one I know will ever buy the Nike brand again. I am appalled that Nike chose this anti American, anti-law enforcement idiot as their spokesperson or whatever he is. The very idea they would choose someone who wore socks with pigs dressed as policemen on the football field makes me sick to my stomach. Every time I saw Kappernick’s stupid socks or somebody mentioned them, I saw blm holding that banner in a parade while chanting “pigs in a blanket fry ’em like
    bacon”. Then we get around to mentioning Kappernick is the father of NFL football players disrespecting our nation’s flag and national anthem! There is no need to try and defend them by saying they are not being disrepectful, they are no matter what the say their reason is! Would
    somebody tell me how Nike justifies
    hiring this puke to be their representative?

  76. Sheldon Nadler says:

    I for one will not purchase any more Nike apparel! If a company supports someone with the IQ of a moron and upholds ideals that tarnish police officers, I do not want anything to do with them!

    • Jo says:


  77. Towerlady says:

    What a perfect response from the Fraternal Order of Police!

  78. Walter says:

    I’m glad you policeman are boycotting them you have a lot of people behind you I’m a father of 6 sons and I buy a lot of sneakers but they won’t be Nike. My sons and I already burned them.

    • Diana Mangum says:

      My family is proud of you and we will do the same. Libs are trying to take our country by force…by any means, they are counting on the youth pulling rank and demanding Nike. Over my dead body.

  79. Tom Anderson says:

    Police and Fire men and women put their lives on the line every day because they believe they are doing something good. The NFL, with its indecision on the Anthem problem, and now Nike, with this reprehensible ad campaign, have left America with a dirty feeling. Companies have faced up to their mistakes and taken corrective action immediately, I can only hope that Nike will see their error and remove this ad.

  80. Morty says:

    I won’t support any company who spits at our country.. screw them all.

  81. Linda says:

    Thank you! the Fraternal Order of Police for bringing to the surface of the sludge the truth!

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