The January 6 Committee never saw this reaction to Donald Trump coming

Members of the January 6 Committee don’t even try to hide the fact that they see their goal as stopping Donald Trump from ever winning the Presidency again.

But the Committee members just got some bad news.

And the January 6 Committee never saw this reaction to Donald Trump coming.

One of the lies the corporate-controlled press, Democrats, and Never-Trumpers tell is that the Committee’s kangaroo court hearings eroded Donald Trump’s support in both the Republican Party and the country writ large.

The media promotes a false claim that Donald Trump cannot win the 2024 election and will lose to Joe Biden.

But that is not what the polls show.

The Real Clear Politics polling average shows Trump leading Biden 44.5 percent to 42.5 percent.

Fox News Channel’s The Five co-host Greg Gutfeld explained the January 6 Committee’s “show trial” actually boosted Trump’s support by making him look like the sympathetic victim of a witch hunt.

Gutfeld stated that the Committee failed to produce any direct evidence showing Trump planning a coup to overthrow the government.

“The discontent is getting louder because January 6th floundered, it ended up accidentally exonerating Trump,” Gutfeld said. “They showed no planned coup, no criminality, they had to move the goalpost into the parking lot.”

“Why is it that he seems more electable now? Is it because the public saw that it was a show trial and that they didn’t sympathize? They actually sympathized with the other side, with the Congress, they saw them as a bunch of drama queens?” Gutfeld concluded.

The January 6 Committee hearings come off as a hit piece.

Committee members hired a left-wing activist from the media to produce the hearings like a television show.

The hearings feature carefully selected witnesses who either never dissent from the Committee’s talking points or who never face adversarial questions that could introduce evidence or testimony that undercuts the hoax that Donald Trump masterminded a conspiracy to end democracy in America.

It’s transparently obvious what is going on here.

The Committee’s efforts to stop Donald Trump are falling flat, as evidenced by the available polling data.

Democrats looked at the Committee as the last best hope to stop Trump from winning re-election in 2024.

But instead, Joe Biden’s failures, combined with the Committee’s partisan overreach, have boomeranged on the Democrats.

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