The January 6 Committee has one scary plan to stop Donald Trump from running in 2024

Nancy Pelosi organized the January 6 Committee with one goal in mind.

That was to destroy Donald Trump.

And now the January 6 Committee has one scary plan to stop Donald Trump from running in 2024.

Maryland Congressman Jamie Raskin is one of the most deranged Trump haters in Congress.

Raskin, who served as a House Manager in the Democrats’ second impeachment hoax against Trump, now sits on the January 6 Committee.

In an interview with’s Dean Obeidallah, Raskin promised criminal charges against Donald Trump.

Raskin explained that Democrats could pressure the Attorney General to indict Donald Trump the same way the Left successfully forced Merrick Garland to bring seditious conspiracy charges against Trump supporters over the events of January 6.

“People were on [Merrick] Garland’s case for the fact that there had been no indictments for seditious conspiracy,” Raskin told Obeidallah. “And then there was a huge indictment on seditious conspiracy against the Oath Keepers and presumably more to come.”

Raskin baselessly claimed Trump was at the center of a conspiracy to disrupt the peaceful transfer of power and overthrow the government of the United States.

“There was this overlapping conspiracy to knock over the capitol and take down the government,” Raskin added. “I mean that was the interruption of the peaceful transfer of power for the first time in American history for four or five hours.”

Raskin promised leftists that Donald Trump would go to jail.

“Trump will get his comeuppance,” Raskin exclaimed. “I know how maddening and frustrating it is to people, I share that feeling. I’ve been an impeachment manager. He’s guilty as sin. He’s a one man crime wave.”

“It’s amazing his dad’s money and his pack of lawyers he travels with have been able to get him off everything up until now,” Raskin concluded.

The January 6 Committee is not a law-enforcement entity.

But members of the Committee make it abundantly clear that they see their job as recommending criminal charges for Donald Trump.

That calls into question the Constitutionality of the committee, which is supposed to have a legitimate legislative purpose and not drift into a criminal investigative body.

Democrat partisans may cheer Congressman Raskin’s remarks.

But they may come back to haunt Democrats in some of the legal battles over the Committee’s authority.

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