The January 6 Committee got some bad news that Nancy Pelosi will not want to hear

When Nancy Pelosi assembled the January 6 Committee, she had one purpose in mind.

That was to stop Donald Trump from running for President by hook or by crook.

But the January 6 Committee got some bad news that Nancy Pelosi will not want to hear.

The purpose of the January 6 Committee is to act like a third impeachment of Donald Trump and convince Republicans to block him from running for President again.

But the Committee’s Stalinist show trial is falling flat with its intended audience.

The hearings were a ratings flop, drawing such a small audience that it forced the Committee to move the vast majority of their hearings from primetime to daytime.

In addition, just eight Republican Senators are watching some or all of the hearings, with most dismissing the Committee’s partisan circus out of hand.

Raw Story reports:

Over the past month, beginning a couple of days ahead of the first public Jan. 6 hearing, I interviewed all 50 GOP members of the U.S. Senate. Only eight Republican senators report actively tuning in to some or all of the proceedings. Another 10 GOP senators told me they’re reading press clippings or plan to read the special committee’s report once they conclude their investigation. The other 32 Republican senators have actively tuned out the committee.

While some say they already heard House members present evidence in a formal impeachment trial after the attack on the Capitol, most dismiss the committee – including all the new evidence and witness testimony being released weekly by the committee – out of hand.

Democrats were counting on these Committee hearings to serve as a final Hail Mary attempt to not only stop Donald Trump from running for re-election in 2024, but to also reset the dynamic of the 2022 Midterm elections.

Polls show Joe Biden’s popularity is tanking.

They also show a Republican wave is forming that will almost assuredly hand the GOP the House of Representatives and make Republicans the favorite to win the Senate.

Republicans can tell the Committee is a one-sided farce that began their work with a predetermined narrative in mind.

Every move the Committee made was to minimize anything that contradicted the story they set out to tell.

And that is why no Republicans will watch these hearings or care about what the Committee produces.

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