The January 6 Committee got caught in a major lie that has all hell breaking loose

The January 6 Committee held its final hearing for the summer.

It began in scandal and disgrace and never recovered.

And the January 6 Committee got caught in a major lie that has all hell breaking loose.

Since Committee Chairman Bennie Thompson tested positive for COVID and could not appear in person for the panel’s final hearing – a made for TV primetime farce featuring more cherry-picked testimony, video propaganda, and hearsay – he delivered his opening and closing remarks via video.

But in Thompson’s remarks, he amplified The Big Lie that Trump supporters beat Capitol Hill Police Officers to death that day.

Thompson stated:

For 187 minutes on January 6th, this man of unbridled destructive energy could not be moved. Not by his aides, not by his allies, not by the violent chants of rioters, or the desperate pleas of those facing down the riot. And more tellingly, Donald Trump ignored and disregarded the desperate pleas of his own family, including Ivanka and Don Jr. Even though he was the only person in the world who could call off the mob he sent to the Capitol [sic] he could not be moved to rise from his dining room table and walk a few steps down the White House hallway into the press briefing room, where cameras were anxiously and desperately waiting to carry his message to the armed and violent mob savagely beating and killing law enforcement officers revenging the Capitol and hunting down the Vice President and various members of Congress. He could not be moved.

That is a lie.

No police officer died on the day of January 6 or because of injuries sustained at the hands of Trump supporters.

In fact, the one person who was killed that day was Ashli Babbitt.

Ashli Babbitt was an unarmed, female Air Force veteran and Trump supporter.

A Capitol Hill police officer with a history of reckless conduct shot and killed Babbitt.

Bennie Thompson is a hypocrite who owns a casual relationship with the truth.

Thompson voted against certifying the 2004 election in a direct attack on the foundation of free and fair elections in America.

The January 6 Committee was a sham from the start.

And it was fitting that its final hearing opened with a lie.

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