The government took CNN off the air for this shocking reason

CNN has long faced allegations of being fake news.

Their biased reporting eroded their credibility and led to millions of Americans distrusting the so-called “mainstream” media.

Now, this government just took CNN off the air for a shocking reason.

In Venezuela, socialist President Nicolas Maduro is on the ropes.

Opposition leader Juan Guaido – who is the legitimate President based on the results of the last election – called for the military to restore him to his rightful place as leader of Veneuzela.

Maduro’s socialist policies – mirror images of those supported by Bernie Sanders – bankrupted the nation and led to mass protests.

But Maduro – who is backed by both the Chinese and Russian governments -refuses to leave power.

And in a desperate bid to hang on, Maduro ordered CNN and other media outlets taken off the air to suppress support for Guaido and his political movement.

The Daily Caller reports:

Venezuela’s government has kicked CNN International off the air in Venezuela as President Nicolas Maduro attempts to quell an armed revolt led by opposition leader Juan Guaido.

Conatel, the Venezuelan agency responsible for regulating telecom companies, orderedDirecTV, Net Uno, Intercable and Telefónica to cut CNN International in English off the air Tuesday. CNN International had already been cut off months ago, Mediaite reports.

Conatel also targeted the British network BBC with its blackout order, according to reports.

A local radio station in Caracas, the capital of Venezuela, announced on Twitter that regulators from Conatel had ordered it to stop broadcasting Tuesday morning.

The Trump administration wants Maduro gone.

The socialist government in Venezuela is destabilizing the region, encouraging migrant caravans, and is in bed with hostile governments in Beijing and Moscow.

Maduro sees the writing on the wall and is ordering increasingly harsh tactics in a desperate final attempt to put down Guaido’s opposition and maintain his grip on power.

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  1. Barbara says:

    The city in Venezuela looked like Portland Oregon.

  2. Jimmie Chesser says:

    Yes they have so has Fox abc., Fox, and Cbs.

  3. Jimmie Chesser says:

    That was suppose to say TALIB.

  4. Jimmie Chesser says:

    And raisin they are both worthless pos Muslims why are they here OBAMA.

  5. Mark S. says:

    Only if you’re a demoncrat. Conservatives and Christians aren’t allowed to use their Constitutional Rights of Free Speech. Double standards abound. Orwell had it right, just the wrong year.

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