The final ratings are in and NFL execs are pulling their hair out

The NFL has tried to downplay its problem with national anthem protesters.

With the regular season coming to a close, executives thought they were out of the woods.

But the ratings came in and it was historically bad.

The final Monday Night Football game of the season between the Denver Broncos and Oakland Raiders drew a record low rating of 5.4.

That was five percent lower than the previous record low for any Monday Night Football game.

NBC Sports reports:

Christmas Eve plus a game between two non-playoff teams equals bad ratings.

How bad? Broncos-Raiders generated an all-time low for Monday Night Football.

According to Austin Karp of SportsBusiness Journal, the 5.4 rating came in five percent lower than the previous record low for the prime-time Monday package. That number, a 5.7, came in 2016, when a contest between the Falcons and Saints competed with (and lost badly to) the first Clinton-Trump debate.

The NFL once thought it could do no wrong.

But then Colin Kaepernick ignited national anthem protests.

And anti-American kneeling during the anthem took the league by storm.

Many loyal fans turned off their TVs and even burned old jerseys to show they stand with our servicemen and women.

Now the NFL has a crisis on its hands as advertisers will be knocking on their doors.

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118 Responses

  1. SD of AZ says:

    Banruptcy is what happens when you lose the fans and the owners missed that fact in their attempts to placate their PC babies. Those over entitled players who must think they have been abused. Seems like if they did want to help it would be with their millions to help kids in trouble. But no, they want the rest of the country to bail out their race only.

  2. Tunamister says:

    …negro. fellon.. league..!!! Got NO NEED FOR THEM ..!!! THEY BY AVE NARVHED DOEN THE DEAD END ROAD JUST LIKE , obozo & blm & issis…..!!! … GOOD RIDDINS TO ALL OF THEM…!!!.. TOILOT FLUSHED…!!!

  3. Tunamister says:

    …negro. fellon.. league..!!! Got NO NEED FOR THEM ..!!! THEY BY AVE NARVHED DOEN THE DEAD END ROAD JUST LIKE , obozo & blm & issis…..!!! … GOOD RIDDINS TO ALL OF THEM…!!!.. TOILOT FLUSHED…!!!

  4. To bad for the nfl. Eagles fan all my life until they kneeled on the skulls of our fallen heroes. I heard rumors that the Eagles felt they had played in a superbowl pile of trash. If so the game is void. The players that stand should be critical of the weaklings who kneel. Bankruptcy is the touch down I’m looking for.

  5. G says:

    Nothing left to do now but throw out the TV completely, huge waste of time and money.

  6. Frank says:

    Hey Jesus, You don’t sound like the Jesus I know. He doesn’t use the words you just did, but he does know the correct punctuation and where to put it. Did someone else write that garbage for you? You don’t appear to be anyone who would know the meaning of all those foul words, unless, of course, they have been applied to you before. So, Have a Happy New Year. I can put that in because, as a Supreme White person, I am not offended by your stupidity, I’m simply amused that you could get on the internet.

  7. angelo babbo says:

    hey Jesus, you’re’ Mexican, right?

  8. Rusty says:

    NFL = National Felons League

  9. Randy L Decker says:

    I got rid of my FACEBOOK page and I am done with FOOTBALL forever. More time with family and other hobbies to pursue.. I will olive a much richer life away from the tele and save a lot of cash not going to games. Will take the family to see Mt. Rushmore and other great places instead. Glad this happened.!

  10. Excellent comments, could,
    not have said it better myself.

  11. Gerry says:

    Nice thought Steve but it will never happen. There are way too many weak dirtbags that couldn’t care less about this country and will continue to go to games or watch them on tv. I still run into way too many people who think just because they live in this country they are entitled. I left an organization because I was running into people who asked — what’s this organization going to do for me — NOT — what can I do for this organization, like it used to be.

  12. Frank says:

    Taping the games and watching them later is still supporting these anti-American creeps. By the way, you just became one of them, ’cause you sure as hell ain’t one of us. So what do you talk about around the office water cooler on Mondays? And who do you talk to? If you talked about those games io my office, no one would be talking to you. . . . EVER

  13. Chris says:

    I am boycotting sports in general at all levels. They are making way too much money and believe somehow that this gives them the right to tell us what to do and how to think. They have NOT been elected to anything. I also, am boycotting Nike, several of the major hotel chains, Nestle’s, Facebook, Google, Dick’s Sporting Goods, and several others. After about five years these folks are going to realize that playing politics is bad for business and they will stop, or go out of business and I couldn’t care less which it is.

  14. Tom Rogers says:

    Sell out sellout sellout

  15. Terry L says:

    Actually I never turned it on in the first place.

    First off they think these ACTIONS that defy and disrespect our nation is some sort of PROTEST but can not even come up with a clear reason most cite the fact they DISAGREE with evidence in certain cases of self defense for it.

    Second they have FIRED people for far less examples are anyone who displayed even harmless affirmations if someone complained because they recognized it as originating in religious literature.

    Yet the act as if the ACTIONS of disrespecting this entire nation over PERCEIVED injustice they can provide no valid evidence of (disagreeing with evidence and a court ruling based on that evidence is not evidence of injustice).

  16. Judith Davis says:


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