The fallout from Pope Francis’ role in this sex scandal just went from bad to worse

Pope Francis is in big trouble.

The Holy Father was accused of knowing about horrific sexual abuse in the Church and not taking strong action to root out the abusers.

And the fallout from his involvement just went from bad to worse.

Pope Francis’ popularity is plummeting.

A new Gallup poll finds just 53 percent of American have a favorable view of the Pope.

That number plunged about 80 percent.

His approval rating with American Catholics also dropped over 10 percent.

The Daily Wire reports:

A Gallup poll out Tuesday shows Pope Francis’s favorability in the United States “down sharply” among both Catholics and Americans, generally.

The poll, which follows two weeks’ worth of bad press for the Pontiff as he ducks allegations that the Vatican protected Cardinal Theodore McCarrick, a serial sexual abuser, and even elevated him to the rank of a senior Papal adviser, shows Americans souring abruptly on the “kindler, gentler” Pope.

Just after starting his reign, Francis enjoyed a near-80% approval rating from Americans, and a near-90% approval rating from U.S. Catholics. After this month’s revelations, Americans report only a 53% approval rating, while US Catholics are hovering at around 79%.

The poll was taken, however, before Pope Francis responded to the allegations in a series of private homilies that seemed to blame victims for a Vatican “witch hunt” that threatens to undermine the credibility of bishops, cardinals, and clerics charged with leading the faithful.

Many conservatives do not like Pope Francis’ in your face liberalism.

He changed Church doctrine to give Priests the ability to forgive abortion.

But his handling of the abuse scandal involving Cardinal Theodore McCarrick is what has him in hot water.

He delivered homilies attacking the accusers and calling the allegations a witch hunt.

A Pennsylvania grand jury report found McCarrick responsible for abusing alter boys and seminarians over the course of decades.

Catholics and non-Catholics were appalled at Francis’ behavior.

And there are now growing calls for him to resign.


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87 Responses

  1. Frances, time to find another job. This one was too much for you. You didn’t hold up well. I think something simple like a paper route might be more too your skill set.

  2. EaglesFly. says:

    September 23, 2018 at 4:39 am

    Rose & e’0ne. This drjd. Is a ‘white lab coat’ By Admission. & Spreads
    ‘sneaky’ ink. ‘cherry picking ‘ & Convoluting ‘ info’. Include this RicB.

  3. mark says:

    No such thing as a “pope”. My wife’s Catholic Vatican ONE church doesn’t even believe in a “pope”.
    And not surprisingly, her church is on the SPLC’s HATE group list…LOL

  4. zee says:

    Frank said, during his recent trip ‘over seas’, “Pope John Paul was a Saint, i am the devil.”
    He was corrected immediately. “No, you are both Saints”.

  5. CCblogging says:

    The One World Religion Has Been Launched by the pope and Muslim leaders. I now believe that the false prophet of Revelations is this pope. I believe that the anti-Christ will be the Quran prophesied Muslim Mahdi. Watch this pope surrounded by Muslims at the Vatican say that we don’t need Jesus for forgiveness. I was raised as a protestant and I consider this pope’s words to be nothing short of blasphemy. The pope is an evil man.

  6. TA says:

    What about the millions of straight people who stand before God and promise to love each other until death , then leave and make the same promise over and over,? How do you judge these “christions ” broken Holy promises ? Is it really worse to stay with a same sex partner with out standing and making a holy promise like it’s just quoting the time of day? A sin is a sin, and cannot be made right by a man made law. So let’s quit trying to compare sins and leave the judging to a higher power as long as it isn’t hurting anyone except the consenting parties. This does not include pedophiles or rapist . All of us are searching för happiness and many of us sin in the search. So if YOU are withot sin, stack those rocks and let us know of your perfection. (I can remember when divorced women and their children were shunned by society, but of course not the men).

  7. mark says:

    No such thing as a “pope”, according to Vatican ONE Catholics.
    Especially not an IMMORAL one

  8. George Rowe says:

    I have wondered if a rule of celibacy is an excuse for perversion?

    • ALAN says:

      The devil is the “excuse” for perversion. Jesus was celibate. 100 years after Fatima; 100 years when the heavens let the devil go…. and see how we fall. The easiest way to get man to sin is to tempt him with sex. Sex, money and power and…..POOF! The Sacrament is Holy Orders. The rule is chastity. Think about St. Joseph.
      One can not have two masters…… I think you know the rest.

  9. James says:

    This guy would not make a wart on Pope John Paul’s ass. jwstx

  10. frank says:

    I don’t think Pope’s retire, except the last one. They are there until they die, sort of like Ruth Ginsberg.

    • ALAN says:

      Then I say: To Dawn, Be sudden! To Eve, Be soon!

    • von Potter says:

      This has been going on in the Catholic Church since the 1960’s, at least that I know about…..From stories I have been told, it was done decades before that..

    • Karin Isbell says:

      Why not do away with the fundamentally false teaching in the RC church once an for all: Rather than erronously claiming that the church created Scripture admit that Scripture created the Church. With the false teaching gone, one could begin to concentrate on unity between Christian churches.

      • Your statement shows you know nothing about the RCChurch and Scripture.

        • ALAN says:

          O Come Holy Ghost. It is like a choir singing a song the way they think it sounds. Then the director tells them to study the score and read the friggin’ ink! People who are not Catholic think they know something. Trouble is: they do not. Read the history of Holy Mother and put away the FaceBook page!. And take the Novus Ordo jeks with you!!

        • ALAN says:

          Donald. sorry. Ambiguity is a bad thing. Your statement
          is 100% Gospel.
          Karin Isbell was the object of my tirade, not you.
          Pax tecum!

    • Rex Whitmer says:

      I agree!

  11. Dick says:

    This is what you get when large groups of people “Believe” total BS instead of learning what is reaslity. Once you get them believing the unbelievable, the rest is easy.

  12. dlmstl says:

    Don’t forget the Vatican Bank, which serves as the financial conduit for this criminal enterprise. It has untold BILLIONS, maybe TRILLIONS in assets.and has its own sordid history of questionable activities. How else could they have made all those settlements with the abuse victims. and have virtually no fiscal fallout. Nothing has changed or will change at the Vatican. Far too much is at stake for these ecclesiastical reprobates in dresses to do otherwise.

  13. ALAN says:

    One: Frank can not change Church Doctrine. Church Doctrine remains unchanged just like Jesus Christ.
    Two: The sin of abortion can be forgiven when one seeks the Sacrament of Penance.
    Three: Frank Must resign and take with him all is homosexual friends and followers and progressive liberals. And while he is at it: take the Novus Ordo group with him and shove them up his ……..cassock!

    • Petercat says:

      Hi Alan, I happen to be an argentinian, living in Buenos Aires all my life during eight decades, therefore I can truly speak of the seriously wrotten and immoral catholic chruch in my country. At present we have yet another scandal ongoing (of the many, many we’ve had during past decades) and it entails a school known as the “School for Deaf and Dumb Children, run bay priests and nuns. The scandal is really terrible, since kids between ages of 6 thru 18 have been found that were raped and treated like slaves, not only by priests but also by nuns. The School’s name opertes under the official name of “ESCUELAS PROVOLO. You can look it up in Google and all argentinian newspaper.
      Should Francis ever come back to his own country he will NOT have a nice welcome, I am certain.

      • ALAN says:

        Petercat, I am so sorry to hear about this tragedy. Things seem bad all over the world. In Chicago, we have an idiot (they have an idiot) for Cardinal named (Stupid) Cupich. (They even added him to the Urban Dictionary as a person who makes stupid and dumb remarks.) My guy is Cardinal Burke. My hero! Cupich and Frank and the rest of the gang of Jesuits and queers need to tie a millstone…. and jump. But what is so shocking, Petercat: you guys had a Eucharistic Miracle while Frank was the bishop. What is Jesus trying to tell us? Pray for me; I’ll pray for you…. and the children.

    • Rose says:

      @Alan…. AND YOU are a follower of Christ and the Church.. Shame be on you. !

      • ALAN says:

        @Rose. Yes, I am a member of the Holy Roman Catholic Church; I am a far right wing conservative and I do not bow to political correctness or mumbo-jumbo about liberals wanting permission.
        Frank is wrong and if he does not clean up his act he is going to HELL! Yes, Virginia, there is a HELL! And all complicit with Frank and Cupich and queers and homos, et al: Are gonna go to Hell, too. 1962-1963 was the hard attack. But one thing remains: There is One Church; One God; One religion’ and One Rite. So if you are a Novus Ordo catholic (sic) SHAME ON YOU! Jesus told Pilate: I am here to testify to the TRUTH. Rose, figure out what is truth. Pax tecum.

  14. Diane says:

    When you offer this poll, should include a question about their current religion. This is truly awful and Pope John Paul XXIII is rolling in his grave. How in the world can we refer to him as “Holy Father.? Can’t do it. That makes him useless

  15. David says:

    The Vatican should have gotten the same treatment that the rest of Rome got in WW2 and the Vatican and the catholic church should have never received all of the special treatment that they have received from so many of the countries in the world.

    • Karin Isbell says:

      Did you know that during WWI the Vatican had a so-called concordate(agreement) with Hitler: ” Leave us alone and we’ll leave you alone”.

  16. Joe says:

    These are the ” Fruits of Vatican 2″. A disaster that started in 1965!

    • Lesslie says:

      When the Papacy became the stepchild of the Priory d Sion, and was sullied by P2, its legitimacy as the descendant of St. Peter and Christ was destroyed. The Sacred Heart was torn asunder.

  17. Lynn says:

    This POPE has placed himself in politics as well as being a complicit participant in this sexual tragedy in the Church.
    Read the book: THE DICTATOR POPE by Marcantonio Colonna.

    And be you an American Catholic or not, note that he used PETER’S PENCE monies, the donations of the faithful to the Holy See, to aid the funding of Hilary Clinton ‘s 2016 presidential campaign.
    It is said he was told there was no way of Trump winning by a Cardinal Parolin.
    So on the Pope’s orders “the Administration of the Patrimony of the Apostolic See helped finance Hilary Clinton ‘s presidential campaign.”
    The election of Donald Trump shattered the assumptions on which Francis’s political strategy was based.” (P.188)
    It is outrageous that he involved himself , and hence the Church, in American politics…and by using Peter’s Pence money…monies used for charitable purposes , from donations made by the faithful.
    Yes, he should resign as the crook he is…read this book…and we suggest book to be retitled…THE PIMP POPE.

  18. mike6080 says:

    hes playing democrat – delay and deny

  19. Secora says:

    Beware of false profits ,wolf in sheep’s clothing,think about it

  20. Craig Murphy says:

    As a Catholic, I never liked him because I thought he was a South American Marxist revolutionary. I still think so.

    • Stephanie Toman says:

      I believe he’s a Marxist revolutionary as well and has no place in the Seat of Peter! As a Catholic, I find his liberal progressivism and outright altering of the Catholic Catechism repulsive and disgusting!

  21. Harriet Schlueter says:

    Why is the church hanging on to this outdated ruling of church leaders not being able to marry. The reason for this ruling has been long gone……..

  22. I vividly remember coming home from Vietnam: 68-70, and finding out that the beloved Catholic church was guilty of some wrongdoing, and I thought to myself, ‘Well, maybe it just that ONE thing which was wrong… but then the whole can of worms was flooded with the Truth of the KJV Bible….duh’ Practical wisdom is: “If someone is guilty of ONE crime– they are probably guilty of other crimes.’ And so it is. Sorry. –I also found out that it was the same as our own Gov’t., guys and gals. However, the Truth of the Bible is REAL. And, “God cannot lie.” –Titus 1: 2. “Gott Kann Nicht Lugen.” [German]. –Disabled Vietnam Veteran: 68-70. My humble Blog: TOM’S JOURNAL.

  23. Father Chris says:

    Leaving the Catholic Church which has been entrusted with the Truth is holy and beautiful. The Catholic Church, as in all churches, have sinful and imperfect people. It’s the sin within the Church that is the problem; not the Catholic Church itself. The saints have proven this over and over again. They kept their focus on the Sacraments which Jesus instituted, they had a living prayer life to remain in oneness with God through Jesus with the accompanying of the Holy Spirit. They did not run away. They fought evil and did not allow Satan to control their lives by the scandalous behavior of others within the Church. This also a great opportunity and stepping stone to understand the psychological impact what shame, guilt, fear of being hated by God and others when a person discovers during adolescence that he/she may have same-sex attraction. Oppression and suppression can cause psycho-sexual arrestment only to cause isolation, hunger for affection, to be touched to be loved and to live authentically. It doesn’t take a brain surgeon to figure this out. But those who persecute gay people do need a frontal lobotomy. This is an opportunity to understand more about the mystery of sexual orientations and to admit what has been understood in the teachings of the Catholic Church about sexual orientations have missed the mark halfway. Homosexual orientation is a mystery of life but this doesn’t mean we cannot know anything about it. We know much about this and it is NOT due to original sin. -Peace-

    • Becky says:

      False statement if I ever heard it!

      • Eyeball says:

        Probably futile, but here goes. The Catholic Church doesn’t JUDGE. God condemns the ACT of Homosexuality, just as He does adultery and fornication. There are those in ANY church who are sexual sinners. Muslims even JUSTIFY this because of a “sexual crisis” a Muslim man may be “having”. There are men and women who have sexual attraction to the same gender and DO NOT pursue it. Please clarify what part of the statement is FALSE.

    • Mike says:

      Really, I truly wonder what God you serve, or what written word of God have you been reading.
      To lie down with the same sex is a sin, God created male and female, not Adam and Steve, or Eve and Eva, go read the word of God and be corrected

      • Ric B says:

        Are you an expert on the Bible – – a Biblical scholar or at least have gone to a seminary? And why do so many judgmental people who call themselves Christian run back to cherry pick things out of the old Testament or covenant, when it has been replaced by the higher teachings of Jesus in the New Covenant?

        • Teragram says:

          Oh, I must have missed that passage where Jesus blessed the Sodomites. Don’t think so.

        • Graystone says:

          How do you differentiate between the sinners in the Church (which BTW are believers) and the Catholic Church? The Catholic Church (any church, actually) only exists because it is made up of sinners who are it’s membership.
          Sorry but in your attempt to explain homosexuality you give suspect to your own orientation/leaning.

        • Graystone says:

          You don’t need to be a Bible Scholar or have gone to a seminary to read and understand what the Bible says about homosexuality.
          Perhaps you should read this for yourself instead of letting someone read and give you their interpretation of it.

        • snark says:

          ricB & You Are an Expert in 0pinion re the Bible ???
          > Your posts indicate ‘lack of ‘conscience’.
          & Self – serving ‘ego’__

    • Graystone says:

      How do you differentiate between the sinners in the Church (which BTW are believers) and the Catholic Church? The Catholic Church (any church, actually) only exists because it is made up of sinners who are it’s membership.
      Sorry but in your attempt to explain homosexuality you give suspect to your own orientation/leaning.

  24. Guenther says:

    Leave the pope alone don’t try to drag the pope into politics. Yes there where some problems, I am sure he will correct it. Suggest to let the priests marry that may help

    • trapperwv1 says:

      Never ever should have given the Vatican Diplomatic status if you wanted to keep them out of politics.

    • Teragram says:

      Sorry Guenther, the pope jumped right into the political arena right off the bat. He openly embraced leftist causes and surrounded himself with supporters of sodomy. Nobody dragged him into politics, he did that himself, with relish.

  25. n says:

    The Pope is a pedophile and a NAZI Commie Liberal Demoncrat. He most definitely needs to resign!!!!!!!!!

    • Ric B says:

      Oh JESUS, N, you call everyone “a Nazi Commie Liberal Democrat – -you are like a broken records. No one said HE was a pedophile, there are just pedophiles within the Catholic Clergy, which, to be fair, he has spoken out about on several occasions. The Pope is NOT a Democrat, that title does not even mean squat in the Vatican in Italy. And no matter how people try to explain you have created a mumbo-jumbo of terms that do not even fit, you just keep that ignorant, conspiracy laden BS going, without listening.

  26. This Jesuit Pope honors Satan!!!

    • Eyeball says:

      “n”, You are a person of low intelligence and high ignorance. Remember, the Nazis condemned Catholics and Jews. Much like what YOU are doing with your pitiful statement.

      • Graystone says:

        Eyeball. Ah, and that’s why the Nazis allowed the Vatican to remain – untouched – during the “occupation “of Italy !

  27. Becky says:

    Don’t understand how a pope can give priests the ability to forgive abortion! This is murder and the pope cannot change God’s word. The catholic church is the great whore, Babylon, that the Bible speaks of. More crimes are sure to be found out.

    • Teragram says:

      WRONG! A priest has the faculties to forgive a truly repentant person, in the name of Christ. There is no sin that cannot be forgiven, except the sin against the Holy Spirit. You should attend a scripture study on the book of Revelation. The great whore of Babylon is code for the Roman Empire. The Catholic Church is the Mystical Body of Christ, with Christ as its head. From scripture: “Thou art Peter and upon this rock I will build my Church, and the gates of Hell shall not prevail against it.” This is the Truth of God, which is why the church has prevailed since its inception and will continue to do so because it is lead by the Holy Spirit. Humanity sins, but God’s Word prevails.

  28. Steve says:

    This so-called “pope” is on the same side as the NWO liberal criminals & sucks up to islam ,,,, “Advice ” he gives will only get his brainwashed ” flock” raped , tortured & murdered . He is the direct opposite of Pope Urban II that launched the crusades AGAINST islam .

    • Rose says:

      Dr. DJ… I see your spreading your hate here also. Please take your hatred to the POLITICAL AREA. You are showing your ignorance… now be gone or follow the topic here.

      • EaglesFly. says:

        Rose & e’0ne. This drjd. Is a ‘white lab coat’ By Admission. & Spreads
        ‘sneaky’ ink. ‘cherry picking ‘ & Convoluting ‘ info’.

  29. Dr. J.D. says:

    The article said that a new Gallup poll finds just 53 percent of American have a favorable view of the Pope; and 91% of the respondents in this poll said he should resign. Well, take a look at Pres. Trump’s approval which is tanking to just 36% (or less) of Americans have a favorable view of Trump: Overall, just 36% approve of the way the President is handling his job, down from 42% in August. Among independents, the drop has been sharper, from 47% approval last month to 31% now. That’s 4 points below his previous 2018 low of 35% approval among political independents in CNN polling, and 1 point below his previous all-time low among independents in polling, reached in November 2017.

    Maybe he should resign since he has the lowest ratings of any American president, lower than Nixon before he resigned. Besides, Trump makes Nixon looks like a choir boy – – latest news is that his former lawyer, Cohen, has been talking a lot to the special counsels office, mostly about Trump’s in volvement in collusion or conspiracy with Russia.

    • Becky says:

      You’re listening to liberal reporting! Your statements are untrue! And what does this have to do with Trump??? He has done nothing like this. He’s the best president we’ve ever had. You’re just a whiney liberal who still can’t get over the fact that Killary lost!

      • Dr. JD says:

        No Becky, calm down. The information I quoted comes from several national polls, including the Gallup Poll , quoted in this article. Show me how these numbers are untrue. Many people centuries ago believed the earth was flat and said that it being round was untrue – -therefore that makes claims, without evidence to back it up just worthless. And as far as getting over that Hillary lost, she was not my candidate and I positioned myself against her in the past. But, if all you have is tired old cultist lines, you are not saying much.

        • mijsenrab says:

          Hey Dr. JD,

          Are these the same National Pollsters that predicted that Clintoon would win the Presidency by a land slide? Just as the liberals have screwed up everything else in Washington it appears they have paid off the Pollsters as well. The only poll that matters is how the people vote.

          • Dr. JD says:

            Actually, they never predicted a landslide. They showed clearly that Hillary was gaining momentum, up to the point that Comey re-opened the missing email investigation, about 11 days before the election . . . and did not state that they found nothing until right before the election, after some people had already voted. But you are correct, the key is who goes to the polls . . . and there are a lot of factors that affect that – – one is weather, another is if your vote does not count in your particular state since it so heavily is loaded in one direction, and another is how there are a lot of polling places in middle-class and above areas and much longer lines and fewer places for working class and poor neighborhoods. We will see in about 40 days how accurate are these polls. I would also predict this SCOTUS nomination process will affect the election.

      • Rose says:

        @dr.DJ… This is not the time nor the place for your B.S. You are starting to sound much like a psycho and sick puppy ranting on about politics. Just in-case you missed the topic it is on the Vatican. Take the time to read the Heading on this discussion and then the article !

    • Alice says:

      Fake news! CNN doesn’t report news. It makes up fantasy! They lost their mind when The 80% poll for Hillary to win the election proved it! More people watch Sponge Bob than CNN.

    • S says:

      You are the most misinformed person commenting here.

  30. Christiann says:

    The pope is just a man and certainly NOT THE HOLY FATHER!! The Catholic Church is an apostate church and catholicism is NOT BIBLICAL!!

  31. DSC says:

    Mike, what about the President and Kavanaugh? Speak up if you have something to say. I am sure we would live to hear it.

  32. Fr Tom Martin says:

    I do not want him to resign. I want him to stop blaming the victims. I want him to clean. up the mess he and those before him in the Vatican tried to cover up. I want him and the Bishops to confess before the people of the Church they were wrong. I want them to ask the people for forgiveness. They are totally responsible for this crime and it is a crime and not a scandal as the hierarchy refers to it. They participated in destroying life’s and damaging the Church. They are the guilty ones.

    • Polly Ester says:

      Excellent comment

    • Karl says:

      I disagree with you saying that they should apologize to the public. No, if they are guilti of cocommitting this crime should be jailed, like the regular child molester are. They should be banished like everybody else. They are not above the law or above the rest of the human.
      Some of these preachers are no just child predator, they are evil.
      Childrens that lives on Church camps are push around, quick a d force to do thing , and if not they treat you like an animal.

      • Dr. J.D. says:

        One of THE most disgusting incidents is Father Murphy, of the Catholic school for the deaf. He would go around the boys dorms most nights and pick the child he would molest for that night. Since these were deaf students, and Father Murphy knew sign, they could not directly communicate with authorities who could not sign. Murphy did this for years, and got away with it, with the Catholic church protecting him and financing him. He died a few years ago. I don’t think any confessional could wipe away his reaping what he sowed.

  33. Mike says:

    What about the president and his Supreme Court nominee?

    • Wikileaker says:

      We would probably have to look into your past, too. I am sure it is not pure. I believe DiFi can get a letter on you, too.

    • Mike says:

      I remember when Clarence Thomas was appointed, a black woman accusing him wrongly and that did not work, now we have s White woman accusing this nominated person to the supreme Court, it’s just more of the same, first time black trash, this time it’s white trash.

  34. James P Hutchins says:

    This priest needs to resign from office he is a enabler who lets the pervert priests do what they want I’m disgusted by this pope.

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