The fallout from Pope Francis’ role in this sex scandal just went from bad to worse

Pope Francis is in big trouble.

The Holy Father was accused of knowing about horrific sexual abuse in the Church and not taking strong action to root out the abusers.

And the fallout from his involvement just went from bad to worse.

Pope Francis’ popularity is plummeting.

A new Gallup poll finds just 53 percent of American have a favorable view of the Pope.

That number plunged about 80 percent.

His approval rating with American Catholics also dropped over 10 percent.

The Daily Wire reports:

A Gallup poll out Tuesday shows Pope Francis’s favorability in the United States “down sharply” among both Catholics and Americans, generally.

The poll, which follows two weeks’ worth of bad press for the Pontiff as he ducks allegations that the Vatican protected Cardinal Theodore McCarrick, a serial sexual abuser, and even elevated him to the rank of a senior Papal adviser, shows Americans souring abruptly on the “kindler, gentler” Pope.

Just after starting his reign, Francis enjoyed a near-80% approval rating from Americans, and a near-90% approval rating from U.S. Catholics. After this month’s revelations, Americans report only a 53% approval rating, while US Catholics are hovering at around 79%.

The poll was taken, however, before Pope Francis responded to the allegations in a series of private homilies that seemed to blame victims for a Vatican “witch hunt” that threatens to undermine the credibility of bishops, cardinals, and clerics charged with leading the faithful.

Many conservatives do not like Pope Francis’ in your face liberalism.

He changed Church doctrine to give Priests the ability to forgive abortion.

But his handling of the abuse scandal involving Cardinal Theodore McCarrick is what has him in hot water.

He delivered homilies attacking the accusers and calling the allegations a witch hunt.

A Pennsylvania grand jury report found McCarrick responsible for abusing alter boys and seminarians over the course of decades.

Catholics and non-Catholics were appalled at Francis’ behavior.

And there are now growing calls for him to resign.

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  1. snark says:

    ricB & You Are an Expert in 0pinion re the Bible ???
    > Your posts indicate ‘lack of ‘conscience’.
    & Self – serving ‘ego’__

  2. Frances, time to find another job. This one was too much for you. You didn’t hold up well. I think something simple like a paper route might be more too your skill set.

  3. EaglesFly. says:

    September 23, 2018 at 4:39 am

    Rose & e’0ne. This drjd. Is a ‘white lab coat’ By Admission. & Spreads
    ‘sneaky’ ink. ‘cherry picking ‘ & Convoluting ‘ info’. Include this RicB.

  4. EaglesFly. says:

    Rose & e’0ne. This drjd. Is a ‘white lab coat’ By Admission. & Spreads
    ‘sneaky’ ink. ‘cherry picking ‘ & Convoluting ‘ info’.

  5. ALAN says:

    Even Protestants don’t like liars and traitors.
    Frank and the Prophet: next on OAF_FRA!

  6. ALAN says:

    @Rose. Yes, I am a member of the Holy Roman Catholic Church; I am a far right wing conservative and I do not bow to political correctness or mumbo-jumbo about liberals wanting permission.
    Frank is wrong and if he does not clean up his act he is going to HELL! Yes, Virginia, there is a HELL! And all complicit with Frank and Cupich and queers and homos, et al: Are gonna go to Hell, too. 1962-1963 was the hard attack. But one thing remains: There is One Church; One God; One religion’ and One Rite. So if you are a Novus Ordo catholic (sic) SHAME ON YOU! Jesus told Pilate: I am here to testify to the TRUTH. Rose, figure out what is truth. Pax tecum.

  7. mark says:

    No such thing as a “pope”. My wife’s Catholic Vatican ONE church doesn’t even believe in a “pope”.
    And not surprisingly, her church is on the SPLC’s HATE group list…LOL

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