The Fake News media just lost all credibility with this insane accusation against Trump

The fake news media has made wild accusations about President Trump and his administration.

Many of these accusations have no evidence or are from so-called “anonymous” sources simply made up to mislead the public.

And the fake news media’s latest line of attack on Trump was its most outrageous yet.

The Washington Post published an article blaming President Trump for Hurricane Florence.

Their Trump Derangement Syndrome is at level 1000.

The Washington Post reports:

YET AGAIN, a massive hurricane feeding off unusually warm ocean water has the potential to stall over heavily populated areas, menacing millions of people. Last year Hurricane Harvey battered Houston. Now, Hurricane Florence threatens to drench already waterlogged swaths of the East Coast, including the nation’s capital…

President Trump issued several warnings on his Twitter feed Monday, counseling those in Florence’s projected path to prepare and listen to local officials. That was good advice.

Yet when it comes to extreme weather, Mr. Trump is complicit. He plays down humans’ role in increasing the risks, and he continues to dismantle efforts to address those risks. It is hard to attribute any single weather event to climate change. But there is no reasonable doubt that humans are priming the Earth’s systems to produce disasters.

When Trump entered office, he made it clear that he would immediately stop Obama’s out of control EPA and environmental regulations.

Radical environmentalists lost their minds.

President Trump has been in office for less than two years.

Any move he could’ve made to fight back against so-called “global warming” would have no bearing on hurricane Florence.

Every rational person knows that.

But the fake news media needs to come up with a new line of attack on Trump every day.

And now they’re preying on Americans who are in the path of this potentially devastating storm to push their agenda.

Staff at Patriot Pulse are praying for the safety of all those who will be affected by hurricane Florence.


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70 Responses

  1. Ernst says:

    The earth is generally in a warming trend, but anthropogenic forces are not the reason. An increase in solar output and our position in the Milankovitch cycle are causing the warming. Government accusations of human causes are excuses for bringing more of industry under government control. Anthropogenic global warming is a debunked myth. One has only to see the original Al Gore movie, the one that got an Academy Award, to realize what crap it is.

      • Rick O says:

        Hey Richard, the earth has been around for hundreds of millions of years and has recovered from 5 extinctions. Humans have been recording weather for a couple hundred years. So I’m going to say the jury is still out and probably will be for years, these meteorologists are wrong eight out of ten times, not exactly credible. According to them we are doomed. I think we need about a million years of following earths weather patterns and a better track record before we panic.

      • Bruce says:

        Mother nature takes care of herself. Man does not have a lot to do with it. There is proof of warming and cooling of Earth proven before mankind even existed. Stop blaming humans for it.

    • gator1246 says:

      Name me one person on this earth who can control the weather and I will then show you who can control the climate . You can spend every dollar you make , do what every money grubing environmentalist tell you to do , and guess what , ( nothing ) . all you can do is treat the earth as best you can . You can not control mother nature , the earth will continue to change and all way’s will . that dear people is a fact .

      • usmc says:

        gator1246, You might want to investigate the “HAARP” program. It is not science fiction… the weather can be controlled and is being controlled. Please Google HAARP and spend a few days learning what is really going on with weather. This HAARP program is fined tuned to create droughts, too full on floods and everything in between, with pin point accuracy around the globe.

  2. zee says:

    WaPO Said POTUS was “complicit” & blamed him for Hurricane Florence, when
    it was a CAT 4 HIGH in the Sky. Now Florence IS Approaching Less than CAT 1,
    >Then someone Said,
    GIVE CREDIT to POTUS for Putting his Hands 0N & Controlling Florence to a Lesser Status.
    >That remark was from a caller on a Top Radio show. I chuckled. WAPO should ink a
    ‘follow up’ story. Haha.

  3. Fr Tom Martin says:

    The main stream media in my opinion has had no credibility since Obama began his campaign. They did not ask or demand answers to Obama’s past history they would have asked other candidates. Their agenda was to elect the First Black President, They settle for half White/Black. They did not care about college grades, to clear up the question of birth, they did not want to look into his cocaine use in college, but tried in the past to make an issue of a candidate marijuana use, they stayed away from the fact a mafia figure helped him buy his home in Chicago and I never heard of any significant thing he accomplish as a social worker or whatever he was.

    • russell remmert says:

      we need to ship him cod to Kenya

    • jim says:

      I take exception to the BIG ZERO being black,,,,HE IS MULATTO, neither black nor white,,,,Those that voted for him for that reason, were as mistaken as they were stupid. He is not PROUD of where he was born, even lied about that! He recently stood on his home-ground and BRAGGED about being the FIRST CITIZEN FROM THERE TO BE PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES> The man is a LIAR, and cannot stay out of the “LIME-LIGHT” as previous presidents have done, as a COURTESY and RESPECT for his successor! THE MAN HAS NO “COUTHS”!!! Former president BUSH is now speaking at functions, not as a president stepping on the “toes” of his successor! He had the respect and personal integrity to not break precedent of 200 years of tradition and respect!

      • zee says:

        Rite Jim. any ‘former’ Pres. BREAKING (unspoken)’Protocol’. ie ‘trashing’
        a Current POTUS & Internationally IS Totally Beyond the Pale.

  4. Carl T. says:

    The earth is in a warming trend , exacerbated by all of mankind’s use of fossil fuels. The poles are melting , the oceans are rising , Hurricanes are progressively worse, blizzards are longer and cold is progressively colder. Eight (plus) Billion people are stressing the resources of the entire planet, and drinkable water is progressively harder to find. Not in Crazyland, but in the rest of the World outside the D.C. Beltway. And all the insults by the Trump faithful cannot change that. It is easy to listen to all the truth that FAXE News provides. When they sign on , and when they sign off. Insofar as “Demorats” continuing “to harm our President”. No need to – Trump is destroying his own Adminstration and his place in History by all his screwball actions. Hopefully , he will be removed as a Raving Lunatic, under the 25th Amendment.

    • Bob says:

      while it is true the earth is warming, it is not inconsistent with our past history of temperature cycles. We are very near the peak temperature that has occurred about every 100,000 years. So, mankind may be adding a bit to the temperature, but it is negligible compared to what we have seen in history.

    • zee says:

      Carl T. Did Humans Affect the Stone Age, Bronze Age, Ice Age & On & 0n.
      0y vay.

  5. Patrick says:

    i hear trump all the time talking fake news syndrome but i also recall him saying only a truly guilty take the fifth amendment and a couple days later his son did. On top of it you listen to him he blames the democrats for everything but you also realize that a working relationship with all areas of the government and yes that includes working with democrats which he shows a perfect example of someone not even willing to try to work with them , to busy accusing them for everything which is a prime example of why he shouldn’t be doing this job because he discriminating against them from before he came into office and there are more then just race discrimination . There needs to be a means to coop.

    • M says:

      Patrick, There is so much untruth to your comment to even try to find a starting point. I will just say, NOT, DJT has tried to deal with them on many things but Shumer is a NO GO man when it comes to dealing with President Trump. Obstruct and delay is the only game he plays.
      As usual all liberals suffer from selective memory recall or short term memory loss, whichever.

      • Eric Granberg says:

        What I’m looking forward to is when the Democrats take over Congress and Trump does a hard left to meet with them. Your head will explode.

  6. Raymond says:

    They not only lost all credibility,but they lost their minds as well.The Radical Left Wing Media has gone absolutely insane.Have no credibility nor any sense of reality.In other words,They are absolutely “Insane Lunatics”

  7. Jan says:

    Main Steam Media is the Libtard Democrook Fake News Portal. They Lose and they Lie. … Put a stop to it NOW… VOTE!!! Republican across the board in the November mid term elections… Let’s stop this ignorant Liberal Snowflake Protester Fake News Lying Nonsense…. VOTE VOTE VOTE!!!…TRUMP 2018 -2020

  8. Bryce Thompson says:

    The only thing that will bring us out of this depression is free energy, hydrogen from water, have this as your debate, you can make all the hydrogen, as you drive from a tank of water, you know our space shuttles,are powered by hydrogen / oxygen made from water, tell every one not buy a new car / truck, to boycott the auto company’s, when they can’t sell their pieces of junk low mileage vehicles, they will have to bring out water to hydrogen powered vehicles, and kits to change the vehicles now that we have, just think what our world would be like with free energy. Do you want your world back? spread the word boycott the auto company’s that are destroying our world. the inventor of the water to hydrogen auto was murdered by our Democrat Government, get mad get real mad of the Democrats.

    Also audit all the Senator’s and representatives, they have wasted, and stole our money, make them repay all, and tax them.
    Do these 2 things, and the Demo rats will be finished, don’t do this and the civil war, will escalate, and the economy will collapse

    • Fran says:

      How are we suppose to audit and stop these idiots from all the wasted money when they can’t even prosecute these damn sick liberal demoRats for all their crimes against our country. I don’t thing our beloved President has the power to stop this. Please enlighten me.

  9. PHIL TRIMMER says:

    Lets call it what it is! The main stream media is so F-ing liberal that there is no credibility to their reporting at all. If it were non-bias then they would report on the people who are really pulling the country apart: Maxine Waters with the speeches to confront ALL TRUMP STAFFERS AND SUPPORTERS with harassment and violence. If t was a conservative that was lashing out at all the liberals in public and attacking them then they would be jailed for creating a riot type situation and creating a hostile environment; and we get that from the BLACK GOVERNMENT OFFICIALS that are STILL WORKING and not in jail. This has got to stop or the true Americans are going to take matters in their own hands which will not be good for the relations and togetherness which we so badly need. Also, still waiting for an apology from AL SHARPTON for the Tawanda Brawley incident. Lets go on national TV and defame the whites and it turned out to be her BLACK UNCLE. Gee. SORRY AL. YOU LOOSE……….ALL CREDIBILITY.

  10. N says:

    CNN=Clueless Network News! Centralized NAZI News!Communist Network News.AKA: Fake News! MSM=Fake News, Fox News!The Pravda Commie newspapers and their propaganda machine at full throttle! Vote republican to save the country from swamp news! No RINOs, pls!

  11. tony jaffe says:

    You may be right about climate, but Trump is the most corrupt president in history, and he was a most corrupt businessman as well, stiffing his contractors and workman. I know. I was one of them. After the phony Trump University, where he took money from people and gave them bs real estate info, he still makes a ton of money off of his DC hotel and staying at his golf course retreats with his whole staff to mention a few of his scams. It’s against the law folks!!! He’s nominated a judge for the supreme court who has lied under oath as well, when there are plenty of other conservative judges out there. I’ve been a conservative Republican all my life, but this vile stupid lying president has got to go. At least we’ll have congress and the court. Its time for us to wake up about this “man” who never served his country or done a damned thing for us. BTW, I’m an Air Force veteran.

    • Ben says:

      How very stupid and uninformed you are. Where is your proof for any of the lies you are spreading? Barry and his administration will be recorded in history as the most corrupt ever (volumes of PROOF turning up each day)! President Trump’s achievements while in office surpass any President in history — that is FACT.

  12. Brad Tipton says:

    Pundits and too many people are so stupid. Don’t they realize that the Earth has had climate change ever since Earth accumulated a climate eons ago? Deposits of coal, oil, natural gas, limestone, shale among other things bear witness to the phenomenon.

  13. tony jaffe says:

    You may be right about climate, but Trump is the most corrupt president in history, and he was the most corrupt businessman as well. After the phony Trump University, where he took money frompeople like myself and gave them us bs real estate info, he still makes a ton off of his DC hotel and staying at his golf course retreats with his whole staff to mention a few of his scams. It’s against the law folks!!! He’s nominated a judge for the supreme court who has lied under oath as well, when there are plenty of other conservative judges out there. I’ve been a conservative Republican all my life, but this vile stupid president has got to go. At least we’ll have congress and the court.

    • von Potter says:

      Liberals are the most inane & empty headed that breathe our air…….THANK GOD that we have PRESIDENT TRUMP and not that vile and empty headed fool HC……..Even tho she is a liar, turned muslim, killed our Benghazi men, adultress, corrupt, and a thief, the empty headed liberals kiss her rump.

    • Vincent Cane Jr says:


    • Larry Bowers says:

      He’s corrupt because the libs and the fake media have so indoctrinated you. Bet you were indoctrinated by a sweet liberal college professor. President Trump is the best in my lifetime. I was around for WWII. I hope I have offended your uneducated sensibilities.

  14. LT says:

    I’m surprised they aren’t blaming President Trump for the great flood with Noah! DRAIN THE SWAMP …The Fake News Media is demented and needs to be stopped! This is pure insanity.

  15. TooLateNow says:

    The MSM “never” had full credibility. Even during the Viet Nam War, the MSM was undermining the Military. I almost can’t keep from laughing, every time I read, in the MSM, that the Crazy Demokratz are going to take back the Government. I hope ICE parks a car in front of every Polling Place! ROTFLMAO! MAGA!

  16. Mentor says:

    The WAPO must be managed by a group of Brain Dead Air Heads. Frankly I support climate change. If it were NOT for climate change I wouldn’t be writing this today. WHY, because we’d still be in the Ice Age. So, who were the humans that contributed to the great thaw ?

  17. Mike W says:

    My anonymous source tells me MIchelle Obama may have testicular cancer.

    • Chuck says:

      Knew she was a dyke.

    • Debra says:

      That is where HE would have it. AKA, Michelle Obama is a man, always has been, his name is Micheal Robertson. Anyone that wants to know, can get the info on him off the internet. It’s all on there. I found it when obama was running for his first term. I could look at Micheal/Michelle and tell he was a man and not a female. That was their first lie they told us. And then many many more lies followed. Thank God we made it thru obama’s terms, Cause it was touch and go at times.

  18. Hydro says:

    I’ve never said that it appears we have a Democrat or a RHINO deciding what can and cannot be said. Unlike you I attempt to state facts and not from an anonymous source. You folks should be proud of restricting the first amendment.

  19. k says:

    I’m surprised that Hussein Obama hasn’t tried to take credit for the Hurricane yet, he has tried to take credit for the many accomplishments of Our Great President, DJT!
    The media has been systematically losing their collective minds. They can’t stand the successes Pres Trump has had & every time they bash him, it blows up squarely in their faces. Yes, Pres Trump is a great and mighty President but even he can’t create a weather event. If he could, I suspect he would already have obliterated CA.!

  20. Barbara Cook says:

    With this Hurricane that is coming this way, the FAKE STREAM MEDIA, does not need to blame this on President Trump.

    When a storm starts out in the ocean over extremely warm waters, there are going to be Hurricanes to develop and the FAKE MEDIA, should not be blaming anyone for these Hurricanes, because, these Hurricanes has to do with Mother Nature herself, and God also has some influence on the rain and our weather as well.

    So, I guess, the FAKE MAINSTREAM MEDIA, would want to blame God as well? No one is to blame for these hurricanes that develop out in the oceans, even though it makes no difference which ocean they get started in.

    All President Trump can do, is give advise for every American citizen to listen to their Governor, even, though we might not like our Governor.

    President Trump is always supplying all of the resources that is available the every State after a horrible Hurricane has come through our State, and he is always there to give his support to the American citizen of every State as well.

    So, the MAIN STREAM MEDIA needs to keep their dumb and stupid comments to themselves, because, I don’t see them going out to help people after a hurricane has came through. The MAIN STREAM MEDIA, thinks they are above themselves for going out of their way to help someone that has been this type of disaster.

    • T-pac says:

      JUST THE MSM PECKER HEADs MENTALLITY. Their ship is sinking and ANYONE who believes this BS is either on DRUGS or needs THEIR heads examined

    • Mikw says:

      No one is “blaming” Don for the hurricane. They are stating that there is a correlation between the extreme weather events and global warming. That Don wants to ignore global warming as a human contributed problem.
      What you ignore, Barbara, is that a degree or two change in ocean temps can radically change the formulation and intensity of hurricanes.

      • Steff says:

        Yes but “climate change” has been going on for centuries. Only an idiot would write such an article. Even among major scientists, there is broad disagreement. The majority says no facts to prove that we are creating it.

  21. Joseph Hughey says:

    You are as dumb as a rock asshat. Trump is the greatest President we have ever had. If you don’t like our President move your ass to the middle east

  22. Margo Watson says:

    We stopped watching all MSM. We value conservative news websites which is why the Media conglomerates are in collusion to shut them down. Still watch select Fox people.
    Laughing as I remember when Al Gore was ranting and raving about global warming the MSM crucified him. …they don’t get it and they will never get it.

  23. Janet says:

    When a friend told me “Donald Trump was deemed responsible for Hurricane Florence,” I laughed sincerely believing he was joking! Then I found out the accusation had been made! If they continue to make fools of themselves and convey that our President causes everything, then they’ll have to respond to the fact that Americans are thriving, so “Donald” must be the reason for that, also!

    • Mike says:

      you are the “fool” to believe that anyone “deemed Don responsible” for the hurricane. The point of the article is that the intensity of these storms and the duration is changing for the worse. Where Don has contributed to future disasters is ignoring our part in the global warning process. We can and should be focused on reducing greenhouse gases. Don has done some things that stimulated the economy but added $2 trillion to our debt. If a Democrat is elected in 2020, these blogs will once again be crazy about the debt. With Don, he gets a free pass on that issue.

  24. M says:

    People, I knew our President was good but, if he can control the weather he’s even better than we realized. I know it must be true because the liberal commie MSM said so.
    Keep up the good work MSM , you are making Republicans midterm election victories easier and easier.
    #WalkAway to the Republican party,
    we want and need you!

  25. Gordie says:

    It good to know that the old guard, hard line conservatives will soon be leaving this earth for a younger generation that has enough common sense to realise that ignoring something doesnt make it go away. Climate change is real people,. Justt because you’ve lived a full life and dont have a future to look forward to, doesnt mean the younger generation shouldn’t take this seriously. You can say libtards all day long, doesnt change the fact that climate change is real.

    • Douglas Hungerford says:

      yes climate change is real, but it’s been changing for millions of years. Granted man might have a small impact but I just don’t believe the hype.

    • Hydro says:

      You need to look at the statistics kept for hundred years and studied by some of the best scientists in this world. They disagree with you – it was promoted for Al Gore to get a Peace Prize and reap Millions – our weather is cyclic and has been proven so – facts not opinions are the determining factor. Your welcome to yours as much as I’m welcome to mine.

    • Ccc says:

      Climate change has been going on for 4.5 billion years, up until about a million years ago, according to evolutionary scientists, there were no humans of any kind on the planet, therefore humans did not have anything to do with climate change. In the early 1970’s a scientist wrote an article on global warming and on global cooling, as I remember the articles were identical, with the exception of the words warming and cooling, these articles are what todays global climate change is based on. Climate has been going on, is going on and will continue to go on until the earth is swallowed by the sun and humans have little if anything to do with it!

  26. Nony Abrajano says:

    Why are we got consumed with stories without any truth or evidence to support such stories or articles. Yes, these are all FAKE NEWS as sources are unknown. There may be one or two that meet such truth but the majority may be all phonies. Why bother to discuss all of these or try to make something out of it? DON’T WASTE OUR TIME LISTENING TO THESE INUENDOES. No meat to it, no need to spread and discuss any of the fake news that keep us getting drowned everyday. Otherwise, you are not giving yourself a favor but a relayer of fake news like the rest of them.

  27. Rob says:

    All the media drop dead they are all useless
    Fox news is my channel day and nite
    When are they going to learn fake news don’t work for the Americans ,ONLY FACTS which you guys have none

  28. Rodney Orr says:

    I am not a Scientist, but I have lived lone enough to see things happen!!! In California, every 7 to 10 years, they go through a drought!!!! It has also been proven that the earth is tipping on it’s axis!!!!!! But elephant ears started all of the pain and suffering that we are going through at this time!!!! That jackass is no longer the president and should never even be called that at all!!!!! I don’t understand how it and killery are in the news everyday and nothing in the msn is bad!!!!! But President Trump is bad mouthed every day!!!! WHY????????

    • Joseph Hughey says:

      You are as dumb as a rock asshat. Trump is the greatest President we have ever had. If you don’t like our President move your ass to the middle east

    • Hydro says:

      That’s easy Rodney – you have a 2 year old child mentality in the Democratic Party and the pre-vailing Rhinos in the Republicans house. They have been told no and are throwing a tantrum. Learned after 8 children and 16 grandchildren as long as they have your attention they will continue their tantrum — pay them no attention and once they realize they aren’t getting anywhere they will quit. I’m sorry the Democrat’s and Rhino’s don’t have the sense of a two year old therefore the tirad will most likely go on.

  29. Rodney says:

    My faith in an unbiased media was gone shortly after Barack Hussein Obama was elected. How they portrayed children being taught to sing praises to Obama as cute, how they prompted citizens to show their fall down love for Barry. It was all sickening and reminiscent of forced idol praise such as Adolph Hitler or any number of other dictators.

  30. Retired Marine says:

    How damn stupid are the libtards? The global warming caused by mankind is a LIE and a damn joke. One single volcanic event eclipses what man has done since the stone age. Hell, the fumes emitted by Gore and Moore would more likely be the cause. Stop with the leftist BS, go back to Obama and do what you do best, you damn fruitcakes.

  31. Fran says:

    I only listen to the honest and accurate news from Fox and News MX. I won waste my time listening to these hateful sick liberal demoRats who continue to harm our President constantly. I hope everyone remembers these crazies when it’s time to vote. Get rid of all the corruption and continue to drain the swamp.

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