The DNC gave a stunning response after this top Democrat got #MeToo’d

Deputy Chair of the Democrat National Committee, Rep. Keith Ellison (MN-5) has been accused of domestic abuse against his ex-girlfriend.

Rep. Ellison has denied the allegations.

But the way the DNC handled this #MeToo moment had everyone scratching their heads.

The Democrat Party has been quick to jump on the #MeToo bandwagon as long as it’s politically expedient for them.

But when one of their top party leaders was accused, they chose to remain silent.

The Daily Caller reports:

The Democratic National Committee (DNC) has elected to remain silent as its deputy chair, Minnesota Rep. Keith Ellison, battles allegations of domestic violence from an ex-girlfriend.

Sierra Club activist Karen Monahan and her son have accused Ellison of physically and emotionally abusing her during their relationship, which is said to have ended in 2016.

Monahan claims to have a video of Ellison dragging her off of a bed and yelling expletives at her. She told CNN that she misplaced the thumb drive with the video on it while moving, but three of her friends (who remained anonymous) said that Monahan told them about the alleged incident in the months after she moved out of his apartment.

Ellison, who is running for Minnesota attorney general and faces two opponents in Tuesday’s primary, has denied the allegations and said that the video doesn’t exist.

According to CNN’s Andrew Kaczynski, multiple friends have confirmed Monahan’s story.

It is certainly an inconvenient time for these allegations to surface for Rep. Ellison just days before his primary election.

Of course, Rep. Ellison could be completely innocent and this could be a case of a former lover getting payback.

But if the shoe was on the other foot and these claims were brought forth against a Republican, the Democrat Party couldn’t jump on them fast enough.

Democrats have played the #MeToo movement up for their political gain.

But it is backfiring on them as more Harvey Weinsteins, Bill Clintons, Eric Schneidermans, and Keith Ellisons are revealed for what they truly are.


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56 Responses

  1. Rob says:

    If you criminals backing that fraud Obama think that the Citizens are going to allow you to hurt our POTUS, you are in for a huge, surprise! Don’t wake a sleeping giant! You may have corrupted the law enforcement agencies in America, but by God, you will face a reckoning by the people!

  2. Rob says:

    The United States was attacked by a Bill Ayers plotted coup, to put an old family friend, foreign born, Obama into the People’s House!
    The cocky, chicken-George, (Obama) struttin his fraudulent stuff must be captured and held until his execution date! If the Law refuses, then the People must take matters into their hands!

  3. Rob says:

    Where is the resistance to the resistance? The Obama criminals are advancing without any resistance, odd? You betcha! Obama and his Deep Hate, has Hitlers playbook, down-pat!

  4. Rob says:

    The Criminals are investigating, the POTUS! Obama corrupted certain top leaders of the FBI, CIA, NSA, ATF, FEMA, and the IRS! There seems to be no limit on the criminal Mueller and his unorthodox investigation into Russian Collusion, yet nothing illegal about Collusion, as pointed out by Giuliani, so Mueller and his puppet masters are arresting anyone who knows President Trump! Obama was supposed to be into his third term but Trump derailed that!

  5. Rob says:

    There isn’t a criminal alive that doesn’t try to deflect, and or use whatever means possible to deny his/her crime! The MSM is a total disgrace, they have gone above and beyond with their support of the Kenyan born con man Obama! Any reason to believe the MSM after their descent from integrity? Hell no!
    Obama was put through Harvard as a foreign born student by Bill Ayers parents! Harvard has Obama listed as Kenyan born, Indonesia raised! His ties to Domestic Terrorists don’t end with Ayers, Eric Holder was a member of the SLA and according to Patricia Hearst, Holder tan guns for the group, that kidnapped her, and committed armed bank robberies!

  6. Rob says:

    The DNC is a Criminal Organization that committed treason by knowingly supporting an ineligible candidate, foreign born, Barrack Obama!
    Before we turn a criminal investigator with ties to the Corrupt Obama Administration, we need to deal with the Obama Presidency!

  7. Harold says:

    If American people don’t stop Muslimes now it will be too late soon. Their purpose is to come to a country, breed like rabbits until they have large numbers, enough to elect their own people, then it is too late to do something about it!

  8. Francisco Machado says:

    Having watched Ellison go into a rabid froth bloviating before Congress I have no problem believing the accusers. I would expect it of him. An important point, however, must be taken into account before promoting his dismissal from his House position or especially from the DNC: That it is very doubtful the Democrat party can replace him with anyone that’s not just as bad or worse, and their seeming near universal approval of this behavior among party members bears out that suspicion.

  9. N says:

    White people should vote for Trump and the Republicans for their own survival before It’s too late and you become extinct like the Liberals commie Nazi party want you to be. Post-haste!Refer to CNN for details!

  10. Marlopi says:

    Ellerson has always been a piece of trash. His loyalty is not to America and his nature is abhorrent. Any woman who takes that kind of abuse from a man is a fool. If a man really loves you, he is not going to abuse you and if he does he is not much of a man! You can do better.

  11. B Taylor says:

    He is good for a laugh and please keep him around and the People’s Republic of Minnesota deserves his kind in office.

  12. cathylovesyou says:

    Andrew Cuomo = Crook, Communist,hater of America, all out phony, boring speaker, lousy Governor. Wrong for America , right for Venezuela, Russia, Cuba et,al

  13. Herbert G. Chapman says:

    I would like to see him go out in disgrace !

    • Oscar says:

      Not ME! I want to have him and his evil DISPLAYED before the American Public during this election, and THEN banished in disgrace! Judge Roy Moore, Mr. Herman Cain and Justice Clarence Thomas were FALSELY accused, yet suffered MASSIVELY during elections and appointments. Ellison should be stripped of any and ALL stature, but AFTER he makes a fool of himself in front of EVERYONE!

    • Oscar Williams says:

      Not ME! I want to have him and his evil DISPLAYED before the American Public during this election, and THEN banished in disgrace! Judge Roy Moore, Mr. Herman Cain and Justice Clarence Thomas were FALSELY accused, yet suffered MASSIVELY during elections and appointments. Ellison should be stripped of any and ALL stature, but AFTER he makes a fool of himself in front of EVERYONE!

    • John says:

      Yes he has never been right and his Racist Islamic Beliefs do not now nor ever have supported strong moral and tollerance values.

  14. Sue Jackson says:

    Keith Ellison has been in leadership positions within the Democrat Party for many, many years. His practice of abusing women did not just begin with this accuser. Men who commit acts of domestic violence against women and children are predisposed to react in this manner, usually by having been exposed to the same behavior during their childhood. There are cases in which people might develop an overbearing attitude after gaining positions of power, as Mr. Ellison has done while climbing the political ladder. Most women who are abused do not speak out until the fear of being killed by their abuser replaces the fear of exposure. I believe Ms. Monahan and her son who have made the claim of physical and mental abuse by Keith Ellison, mainly because of his arrogant response. When you hear him making a statement that allows you to read between the lines, he is actually saying ‘yeah I did it, so what, do you know who I am’.

  15. john says:

    Go to the polls and vote, intelligent people can eliminate this threat! Another example of a disgusting democrat who should NOT be elected.

  16. ONTIME says:

    Before I would elect to condemn Ellison, as much as I dislike the weasel, the evidence needs to show up and the public gets to see if it is valid……I already want to say he did it and for good reason, he is a cult islam and being a elite DNC Jackass thinks he is immune to the laws that govern all others, so beating up this woman does sound probable and a modus of his ilk….

    • Barbie0409 says:


    • Charles says:

      He and his cult believe that women are inferior and it is acceptable to mistreat and beat them at will; this is what a lot of people will vote for thinking maybe she put herself in a mans place and it was ok? Ignorance from the past in still ignorance; peaceful religion, this only applies to the ones that are administering the whippings, the receiving end of this is still a victim any way you could look at it!!

  17. Rob says:

    We spent 8 long years of hell on earth while a fraudulent Kenyan ran our Country into the dirt, the Obama Presidency was a Coup that didn’t get finished but the DNC over confidence cost them the finale! HRC’s Presidency would really have been windo dressing for Obama’s third term! Bill Ayers and Bernadine Dorn kicked off Obama’s Presidency from their home, plotted everything, two 60’s Domestic Terrorists!
    It’s plain as day what they have done! Still nobody does anything!
    I’d stay off Facebook if I were you, what it actually is, is a system to monitor everyone in America, the Jews had to sign a register but they know Americans won’t, so they came up with a system getting everyone to volunteer! The CIA, the Vatican, and Rockefeller put up the money for Facebook!

  18. Rob says:

    Well, we are, WE THE PEOPLE, and it’s up to us to carry the torch, the progressive treasonous DNC knowingly backed a foreign born candidate for POTUS!
    Obama has been spouting off about being the first foreign born POTUS, Obama put a 1970’s Domestic Terrorist in office as AG Eric Holder was SLA member they kidnapped Patty Hearst, committed armed bank robberies that resulted in murder! We see nothing being done, yet we remain passive! Nobody’s fault but ours!

  19. Proud vet says:

    If you’re waiting for the communist a.k.a. Democrat party to give up that racist/Farrakhan white hating SOS ,you’re waiting for a lifetime, as they will net will never happen. The Communist Party sticks together unless one across the party, not like the scum bag cowards in the Republican Party even though part of them are really communist a.k.a. Democrats with Republican clothes on

  20. Chuck says:

    Head scratching, are we really that stupid on the right? There’s no mystery here, it’s classic CYA, circle the wagons mode for the Dems. They know if the only sources reporting this are on the right, their mind numb drones won’t buy it and Ellison will get away with it. The only way this does damage a la Wiener or Spitzer, is if the kid releases the video and they’ve probably already gotten to him with either $ or death threats for him and his stupid slut mother who mongrelized with that sand n****r.

  21. ANC says:


  22. Earl says:

    What’s good for the goose is good for the gander means if it’s okay for one person to do something, then it’s okay for someone else to do it too.
    First time I have posted this.
    Is this censorship?

  23. Earl says:

    What’s good for the goose is good for the gander means if it’s okay for one person to do something, then it’s okay for someone else to do it too.
    First time I have posted this.

  24. Earl says:

    What’s good for the goose is good for the gander means if it’s okay for one person to do something, then it’s okay for someone else to do it too.

  25. Tony says:

    Ellison will say it was an honor beating, because she disobeyed him and didn’t take out the trash. He could be the next O.J. and get away with abusing women or killing them since it’s permissible in Radical Islam.

    • Mimi says:

      It may be of interest to know that another woman has come forward with the same allegations and she says she has proof as well. Perhaps we will get to see this awful man get his just deserts. I certainly hope so.

    • Carlos says:

      Which is the dominant religion in stupid, PC Minnesota!

      • Sheldon Nadler says:

        Now I know for sure, just how many stupid and ignorant Democrats there are in the Democratic party. I think they must be Muslim and have given Ellison the green light to abuse as many women as he can.

  26. Grizz Mann says:

    Who better to wage the Democrat War On Women than a good Muslim. Muslims know how to handle uppity women.

  27. Felipe Gomez Jr. says:

    With all these Looney Toon Demonrat’s in the limelight? Saying and doing nutty rubber room crap! While at the same time not paying the price for their criminal actions and getting away with their crime’s? While Conservative’s are drug across the coals and rung through the ringer! This Muslim criminal woman beater! Should be put in jail and lose his job! Or put his resignation in! The same for all the rest caught committing criminal act’s themselves!

  28. Oscar Pearson says:

    He is a Muslim so beating his wife is ok according to what they teach!

  29. Cactus Cleve says:

    Leftists must HANG.

  30. Rick says:

    Snowflakes are never wrong. They lie lie lie. Then when there caught they lie a lot more. Thank God for President Trump. God bless America. Build the wall.

  31. The traveller says:

    Ellison is a friggin muzzie, so what do you expect from a muzzie who has been taught all his life that it’s okay to beat women for ANY reason!

  32. Keith D says:

    Is the hypocrisy clear enough yet??? This has always been the case and unfortunately it isn’t just Demon Rats!! It has always been dirty in politice but the 24 hour 7 days a week news cycle and blogs begin to make me sick!! I’m all for a due process but Keith Ellison has more dirt than this his association with RACIST ANTI SMITE BUDDY LOUIS Farrakhan should have been THE SIGN !!! DECADES AGO!!!

  33. johnmark says:

    Dems have and always be hypocrites and out and out liars!

  34. Kirk says:

    It’s kinda strange how when Roy Moore of Alabama did all this sex stuff the Democrats where all over it, but when one of their own does it, it is alright

    • Kep says:

      Judge Moore was an example straight from the communist playbook. Trot out a bunch of women that claim sexual misconduct, then once that candidate pulls himself from the race over these false alligations, all those women fade away and nothing more. Happens during near every election cycle.

      • Carlos says:

        Sean Hannity has proven it’s possible to lawyer up and fight it successfully. Moore had lotsa baggage and was an awful candidate.

    • THAT’S why THEY are being called HYPOCRITES….They ARE the HYPOCRITES, just like they PASSED the LAW to separate the children at the border from their parents TRYING to ILLEGALLY entering the U.S.A. Crying FOUL now as President Trump is ENFORCING their OWN laws….!!!!! They are NOT only the HYPOCRITES but are STUPID too….Just DON’T understand that soooooooooo MANY people VOTE FOR STUPID/DERANGED…..!!!!!!

  35. Shelba J. Holmes says:

    If ever there was evidence that the Democratic Party does not have the conscious, morals, standards of a moth this is it. They carry on and on and on when it is Harvey Wweinstein but when it is Ellison not so much.

    What a spineless bunch of losers. Ellison needs to resign ALL of his post immediately and remove himself from theAttorney General election as well. COnsistency matters.

  36. James P Hutchins says:

    Hey ellison do America a favor and resign you scumbag woman abuser you don’t deserve to be in office.

    • OLD VET says:

      you have to understand ,he is muslim so to abuse people is allowed .they are allowed to do that ,women are nothing .they are beneith him just like all christians .OLD VET

  37. M says:

    Yes, Where did the #MeToo go? Oh silly me, that doesn’t apply to Democrat politicians, does it?

  38. Tim Torian says:

    This is hilarious!!! It should be a good way to get rid of a liar. He’s a liar because he can’t be true Muslim and swear to defend the constitution simultaneously. He must choose one or the other. It’s got nothing to do with religious freedom since Islam is a theocracy, in other words, religious politics, worship this way or we force you to. Or Kill you. Like a man once said, “it doesn’t make any difference what the average Muslim tell what jihad means, it is what ISIS and other lunatic groups tell you it means”.

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